Tips for Senior Moving

Moving your elderly parents into a retirement home or assisted living is not as easy as it sounds. Once you and your family decide that it is the right time to place your loved ones into a home and once your parents agree, preparing for the move is the next big step. We will review tips that will make the process as stress free and easy as possible.

  • Communication

    It can be a tough conversation to have with your parents, but let them know about your concerns and how this move will be beneficial for not just them but for everyone else in the family. Don’t do this alone, recruit some of your other adult siblings or family members to assist you. Seniors are emotionally vested in their home, and we completely understand why, so allow your parents to share their thoughts, listen to their choices, and always keep the conversation positive. Positive energy is contagious, by keeping positive your parents will be more likely interested in their upcoming move.

  • Plan 

    After you and your parents find the perfect retirement community, the next step is to plan! Having a plan will eliminated unnecessary stress and make sure that everyone (including your movers) know what to expect on the day of the move and work efficiently! When creating a to-do list, make sure to start with your move date and work backwards that way you can follow a specific timeline of actions that needs to be accomplished before the move. Last, get a layout of your parents new home and with them, figure out which pieces will be placed throughout their new home. This can be a fun experience that allows you and your parents to decorate their new space.

  • Organize

    Moving a senior, most likely means that you can expect downsizing. Check out our previous post “Downsizing before your move!” to learn some quick tips on how to downsize a home. Remember that you are packing a lot of memories, so try to pack parts of the house that your senior parents have little to no emotionally attachment to like the bathroom, closets, etc. Be very patient with your senior parents when it comes to what to keep, donate, or throw away.

  • Get professional help 

    When moving day is quickly approaching, hiring professional movers will actually make the move a lot faster and less stressful. As Movers Who Care, we have specialized services to assist you and your family with this transition. Our professional movers will make sure that your valuable items are treated as if it was our own and our Grandma Rule makes sure that our team treats everyone as they would treat their grandma.

The transition from a home that you have lived in for decades into a new assisted living or retirement community is not easy. Even after the move, you will have to make sure that your senior parents are engaging in activities, being taken care of by the staff, and socializing with other people in the retirement community. At Two Men And A Truck, our goal is to create a positive and stress-free move experience for you and your family, and we will always be happy to lend a helping hand!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more when you mentioned hiring a professional mover as one way to prepare for your parents’ relocation to a senior facility. You may want to do some research to check which moving company is reputable in your area. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about transporting your loved one’s belongings yourself. Instead, you would be able to spend more time with them while you carefully communicate the advantages and benefits of living in a senior home. If I ever have to put my parents in a senior facility, I would make sure to take this into account. Thanks.

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