First Night Survival Kit!

This survival kit, or as other people have called it “first night box”, contains all the items you need once you move into your new home and that is easy to access. After scheduling your move, packing your entire home, and actually moving, once you get to your new home you just want to relax and that’s when a “first night survival kit” comes in handy!

In your first night survival kit, we recommend packing a few items necessary from each major part of your home. By having these items available on hand, it will save you so much time from trying to go through numerous boxes just to find one thing.


It’s always a great idea to keep very important documents with you at all times during a move. This includes checkbooks, passports, birth certificates, social security cards, etc. Documents are very easy to lose and nearly impossible to find. And let’s be honest, the process of even getting a new or replacement document is another mundane process in itself.


Bring a few days’ worth of clothes with you. We recommend bringing an outfit for work, sleep, and everyday. By having a variety of clothes available, not only will it be easy for you to get ready for work, but it will also make setting up your new closet easier.


It’s safe to say, that having a dead phone is probably one of the worse feelings to have, ever! Make sure to pack your reliable chargers, laptops, tablets, and all other forms of electronics safely in your box.


Being able to take a shower after a long day of moving into your new home can definitely make you feel like you have official moved in! It’s a relaxing feeling, but make sure to carry some important toiletries in your survival kit to really enjoy your shower. Don’t forget to pack the bathroom essentials: toilet paper, towels, first aid kid, medications, and shower curtain/rod/rings if necessary.

Kitchen Supplies

You do need to eat but unpacking an entire kitchen just sounds like a weekend project. So until then, we advise that you have plastic utensils, plastic plates, and garbage bags in your first night box. Until you unpack your entire kitchen, you might be going out to eat the first few nights you move in.

Now, every move is different. Since this is going to be your first night survivor kit, you can add whatever items you want to help your move in go easily. If you have children, you can add some baby supplies and toys to keep them occupied. Some people will add an air mattress, scissors, tape, etc. Whatever will make your move in process easier is what we are all about!

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