Your Shopping List After Your Move!

This might sound like a random topic, but think about it “What food should you buy for your new kitchen?”.

Our Busiest Move Weekend was a complete success, but we are still in our busy season. While we are preparing for the next move, you are at your new home with an empty kitchen. Think of all the possibilities you can do with a new empty kitchen! After decorating, the hardest part that follows is stocking your new kitchen. You know that you have to get the basics, but you can’t survive off of eggs, butter, milk, and cereal. With our help, we will give you some great advice on how to stock your kitchen after a move!

First thing you need to do is create a grocery list! When you are taking the time to create your list make 4 categories: condiments and spices, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. When you make the effort to create an organized grocery list, you can expect to save time and money! Your list will save you time from getting lost in a new grocery store and keep you on track to only buy the items you need so that you don’t spend money on frivolous items. With a list you can expect to save time and save money.

Even though this will be your first trip to the grocery store, it definitely will not be your last. For your first trip, grab the essentials, but also know what you will be eating that week! Meal prepping for a week’s worth of meals is a great time saver, not only will you be saving money from not going out to eat but you will also be able to have a very simple grocery list. Keeping in mind what you want to eat or cook during the week will make the trip to the grocery store go a little bit smoother. The first week you start cooking in your new home, we recommend cooking easy meals so that you can get comfortable cooking in your new kitchen and getting into the habit.

Our favorite grocery list for your first week in your new home can be seen on Kitchn.  Kitchn also offers a full range of meal planning ideas that can get you started. After you get into the swing of things in your new home, you should feel more comfortable with cooking in your new kitchen and grocery shopping. Maybe comfortable enough to start using coupons, but that is for another day!






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