Moving with KIDS!

We all understand how stressful moving can be, but don’t forget about the kids! Moving can be a huge lifestyle change for a family and can be a really scary process for kids if they are unprepared. Although your schedule is going to look a little hectic, make sure to read the rest of the article to find helpful ways to move with kids.

Before The Move

Conduct a family meeting! In this meeting you should let everyone know what to expect the day of the move, answer any questions, and create mini fun jobs to keep the kids productively occupied. The day of your move, there is going to be a lot going on so being well prepared is going to be an important key!

During The Move

Keep it fun! Your move doesn’t have to be a mundane process of just lifting boxes and loading the truck. You can always play upbeat music, have each kid decorate their own box that goes to their rooms, or create a game to keep the family on their toes! If you created mini jobs for your kids, make sure that they get those accomplished, but allow for them to have fun!

After The Move

If you hired professional movers, they should create an easy move experience for your family. That should save time on moving heavy furniture, with a little bit of extra time to spare, explore the neighborhood! The best way to learn to love your neighborhood is by exploring what it has to offer. Don’t be scared to get a little lost or meet new neighbors in your community.

There are also books that you can read with your children to help make the move a little less stressful, so make sure to check out Children’s Books About Moving. As movers who care, we make it our mission to create a positive and stress-free experience for you and your family.

First Night Survival Kit!

This survival kit, or as other people have called it “first night box”, contains all the items you need once you move into your new home and that is easy to access. After scheduling your move, packing your entire home, and actually moving, once you get to your new home you just want to relax and that’s when a “first night survival kit” comes in handy!

In your first night survival kit, we recommend packing a few items necessary from each major part of your home. By having these items available on hand, it will save you so much time from trying to go through numerous boxes just to find one thing.


It’s always a great idea to keep very important documents with you at all times during a move. This includes checkbooks, passports, birth certificates, social security cards, etc. Documents are very easy to lose and nearly impossible to find. And let’s be honest, the process of even getting a new or replacement document is another mundane process in itself.


Bring a few days’ worth of clothes with you. We recommend bringing an outfit for work, sleep, and everyday. By having a variety of clothes available, not only will it be easy for you to get ready for work, but it will also make setting up your new closet easier.


It’s safe to say, that having a dead phone is probably one of the worse feelings to have, ever! Make sure to pack your reliable chargers, laptops, tablets, and all other forms of electronics safely in your box.


Being able to take a shower after a long day of moving into your new home can definitely make you feel like you have official moved in! It’s a relaxing feeling, but make sure to carry some important toiletries in your survival kit to really enjoy your shower. Don’t forget to pack the bathroom essentials: toilet paper, towels, first aid kid, medications, and shower curtain/rod/rings if necessary.

Kitchen Supplies

You do need to eat but unpacking an entire kitchen just sounds like a weekend project. So until then, we advise that you have plastic utensils, plastic plates, and garbage bags in your first night box. Until you unpack your entire kitchen, you might be going out to eat the first few nights you move in.

Now, every move is different. Since this is going to be your first night survivor kit, you can add whatever items you want to help your move in go easily. If you have children, you can add some baby supplies and toys to keep them occupied. Some people will add an air mattress, scissors, tape, etc. Whatever will make your move in process easier is what we are all about!

Celebrating The 4th in NoVA and D.C.

Independence day celebrates the 4th of July in 1776, where the 13 colonies united and declared independence from Great Britain. That happened 241 years ago, and today we are still celebrating with parades and festivals. Many people travel to the area to celebrate at the Nation’s capital and there are so many events going on that you don’t want to miss! We are going to give you some great insight on what to do for this upcoming holiday, whether you are planning on spending the day in Northern Virginia or in Washington D.C.!

In Northern Virginia (NoVA), there are plenty of ways for you and your family to enjoy Independence day. In Fairfax County and Arlington County you have a variety of festivals and parades that you can attend for free!

The city of Fairfax will be celebrating it’s 51st Annual Independence Day Celebration! This all day event will be held in downtown Fairfax, kicking off with a parade and day full of activities such as tours of the Fairfax Museum, visitor center, and Ratcliffe-Allison House. There will also be evening shows by local bands and artists, followed by a fireworks display.

July 4th Celebration at Long Bridge Park will be held from 5-10 pm! Located in Arlington, this event is free with a beautiful view of Washington D.C. fireworks display. Make sure to bring chairs and blankets! At the Long Bridge Park, you can enjoy a day at the park playing games and sports. They will also be offering free shuttles from Pentagon City and Cystal City metro stations!

To find more events near your city for Independence day, we recommend checking out Dulles Moms and Fairfax Family Fun for places to go for parades, festivals, and activities that you can do with your family!

If you are in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area there are a lot of events you can particiapte in for Independence day!

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is a free event held at the National Mall. This year will mark the 50th anniversary for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and the theme is “Circus Arts”. This annual festival brings various cultures, people, artwork, food, and businesses together for a grand celebration. The festival begins June 29th to July 4th, as well as July 6th-9th. To see the current schedule make sure to go to check here.

If you are more interested in catching a classic game of baseball, you can watch the Nationals play against the New York Mets at the Nationals Park. Every year the Washington Nationals play on Independence day at 11:05am to accommodate the festivities going on throughout the day in Washington D.C. At the MLB league game you can expect to watch a good game, enjoy the beautiful weather, and maybe win some cool prizes! To see the schedule and look up the tickets, click here!

On July 4th,  you can watch the annual  National Independence Day Parade on Constitution Avenue between 7th and 17th streets! The parade begins at 11:45 am and runs until 2 pm! The National Independence Day Parade is an incredible event that somehow tops the previous years! If you are going to the parade or into Washington D.C. for the holiday, we recommend taking the metro because driving your car will result in a lot of time spent looking for parking and a lot of money spent for parking garages.

At Two Men And A Truck we are so excited for the upcoming holiday! We hope that your family enjoys this beautiful day and weather.



Your Shopping List After Your Move!

This might sound like a random topic, but think about it “What food should you buy for your new kitchen?”.

Our Busiest Move Weekend was a complete success, but we are still in our busy season. While we are preparing for the next move, you are at your new home with an empty kitchen. Think of all the possibilities you can do with a new empty kitchen! After decorating, the hardest part that follows is stocking your new kitchen. You know that you have to get the basics, but you can’t survive off of eggs, butter, milk, and cereal. With our help, we will give you some great advice on how to stock your kitchen after a move!

First thing you need to do is create a grocery list! When you are taking the time to create your list make 4 categories: condiments and spices, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. When you make the effort to create an organized grocery list, you can expect to save time and money! Your list will save you time from getting lost in a new grocery store and keep you on track to only buy the items you need so that you don’t spend money on frivolous items. With a list you can expect to save time and save money.

Even though this will be your first trip to the grocery store, it definitely will not be your last. For your first trip, grab the essentials, but also know what you will be eating that week! Meal prepping for a week’s worth of meals is a great time saver, not only will you be saving money from not going out to eat but you will also be able to have a very simple grocery list. Keeping in mind what you want to eat or cook during the week will make the trip to the grocery store go a little bit smoother. The first week you start cooking in your new home, we recommend cooking easy meals so that you can get comfortable cooking in your new kitchen and getting into the habit.

Our favorite grocery list for your first week in your new home can be seen on Kitchn.  Kitchn also offers a full range of meal planning ideas that can get you started. After you get into the swing of things in your new home, you should feel more comfortable with cooking in your new kitchen and grocery shopping. Maybe comfortable enough to start using coupons, but that is for another day!






Summer Moving Tips!

The first official day of summer is June 21st, which brings beautiful weather, fun festivals, and positive vibes. Along with all the great things that are associated with summer, there is also the stress of moving in this heat! Moving during the summer could best be described as a one day full body workout. Summer is considered one of the busiest seasons for Two Men And A Truck. As professional movers, we have created a list of tips that will keep you cool!

Start Early

Instead of moving in the afternoon, try to move as early as possible. There are plenty of benefits to moving in the morning, such as cooler temperatures and completing your move at an earlier time. Temperatures tend to rise in the afternoon, so beginning your move around the hottest time of the day will make the process feel exhausting.

Wear the right clothing

Make sure to wear the right clothes the day of your move. This includes wearing sneakers and lightweight breathable clothing. Wearing comfortable clothing will give you one less thing to worry about. Avoid wearing black heavy clothing, this can cause you to sweat more which leads to becoming very dehydrated.

Stay Hydrated

The day before your move, make sure to fill your cooler with ice and water (or sports drinks) to keep you, your family, and your moving crew hydrated. Staying hydrated during a move or intense heat is very important, be sure to be aware of dehydration symptoms.

Stay cool

A cool blast of air is always refreshing during the summertime. Make sure to turn your A/C units on.  Another great tip to stay cool, is to throw a towel in the freezer or in your cooler. This great tip will be a quick way for you to feel refreshed on such a hot day!

Be careful of what you pack

If you are moving on a very hot day, make sure to keep close attention to what you pack and where you place them. The temperatures inside of a moving truck can rise to over 100 degrees. Items that melt easily (crayons, candles, etc.) should be placed in their own box in a separate car to avoid them from easily melting and leaving a mess.

Summer is Two Men And A Truck’s busiest seasons, so our professional team is able to make your move experience stress-free and positive. We hope that you find these tips helpful. Within no time, you will be relaxing in your new home ready for the summer activities to begin!


Downsizing before your move!

We never really know how much items we have, until we start packing for our move! Whether you are moving to a new location or just trying to make more space, downsizing is very important. It’s a daily struggle that we hear far too often, but it’s okay because by the time you are done reading this article you will be a professional at downsizing! We recommend starting with something small, like a closet, and then working your way to larger areas throughout your home (kitchen, bathroom, or basement). Once you accomplish downsizing your closet, you will feel more optimistic and knowledgeable about finishing a larger area in your home.


First, create four piles or boxes!


If you have items that are new or in great condition, selling them would be your best bet. There are a lot of free apps where you can sell your items. Depending on what you are selling, it might sell quickly or take a little while for someone to buy it.


There are plenty of ways that you can donate your items for a good cause. You have a preference on where you want to donate your items to, so if there is a cause or charity that you strongly believe in feel free to donate your items to them! At Two Men And A Truck we are known as the “Movers Who Care”, so we partner with multiple local shelters and organizations throughout the year to assist those in need.

Throw Away

It’s okay to throw out items you know you won’t keep, sell, or donate! These items are damaged beyond repair, such as clothes with holes, kitchen appliances that don’t have a purpose or are broken, etc. A very important note is to always recycle your electronics! When you don’t recycle or properly dispose your electronics you are contributing to e-waste.

By creating 3 separate piles, this makes it easier for you to organize your items and decide on what to do with them.

Second, before your throw any of the items inside the boxes/piles, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you worn/used it in the past 6 months?
  • Does it have sentimental value?
  • Is it broken? If yes, is it fixable?
  • Do I own more than one?

Once you start sorting through your items, some items you will immediately know what to do with other items and other will need a little help. By asking these questions, it will make the declutter and downsizing process easier. There are many benefits for downsizing your home. With the clutter out of the way you are able to become more organized, make a little bit of extra money, and create more space for your home!




Fair Lakes Spring Fest!

At Two Men And A Truck®, we love participating in local community events! One June 3rd, we had a fantastic time at Spring Fest hanging out with families, local businesses, and some great characters!

While at the festival, Two Men And A Truck® had a great opportunity to introduce one of our smaller trucks the Promaster, teach kids how to play corn hole, and win some great prizes. Our team was also able to take some great pictures with the George Mason Patriot and some great Star Wars characters.

Spring Fest is a free annual festival held in the Fair Lakes area of Fairfax, VA. This festival is held to celebrate the beautiful Spring weather and for local businesses to come together to create a fun day for families!






Movers Who Blog!

Movers Who Blog!

Of course we will always be known as the “Movers Who Care”, we take great pride in our core values and mission statement! With our busy season quickly approaching, we want you to personally get to know your Two Men And A Truck NoVA team. We also want you to be fully prepared for your move, whether it’s with the best moving company (Two Men And A Truck),  another company, or if you’re doing it by yourself.

From our new blog, you can expect to find some great information that’ll keep you on your toes! After all, Arlington, VA and Springfield, VA did rank top 5 in New York Times Best and Worst cities for Millennials! Our new blog will be posting great moving/packing tips, our team on the field, upcoming events, and plenty more! We also love partnering up with local businesses and giving back to the community. Make sure to follow our blog to keep up-to-date with all the great things we will be doing!