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Movers for Mutts 2017: Photo and Video Contest

Nashville Movers for Mutts 2017 photo video contest

Although Nashville is known as one of America’s most pet-friendly cities, there are still hundreds of homeless pets living in the Nashville Humane Association each year, just waiting to find their forever home.  At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we host an annual Movers for Mutts charity to collect needed supplies and donations for this amazing pet shelter! This year, we’ve decided to take advantage of our city’s natural creativity and artistry to host our first ever photo and video contest, where all the entry fee donations will benefit the NHA.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville Humane AssociationNashville Humane Association has a very special place in our hearts, not because they have adorable furry animals to cuddle and love, but also because they strive to protect the well-being of animals. Spay and neutering services can come at a very steep price, and adoption fees can also be a barrier to animals needing a forever home. We love supporting the NHA because they offer resources for pet owners to find affordable veterinary care for their fur babies, as well as regular discounts on their adoption fees. In their adoption cost, they include all mandatory vaccinations (such as the rabies vaccine) and spay/neuter services for pets who are old enough to receive them so you don’t have to worry about the veterinary costs piling up immediately.

We hope you’ll submit an entry to our Movers for Mutts Photo & Video contest and help us support this great organization! Our contest will run all throughout the month of September, and we will announce the winners on our social media networks on October 6th. The top three photo and video submissions will win luxury pet products from local businesses, including:

We want to see the funniest, most adorable, and bragging rights-worthy photo or video of your pet! Beginning September 1, here is how to enter and win:

Step 1: Visit bit.ly/NHAcontest (case-sensitive, so caps matter!) to make your entry fee donation.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of the confirmation page for your donation.

Step 3: Upload your screenshot and favorite photo or video on the submission page.

Step 4: Get your friends to vote, vote, vote!  Submissions and voting close at 11:59 pm on September 30!

If you have other questions about the contest or NHA’s amazing work in our community, give us a call or text at 615-248-6288.


How Movers for Mutts helped the Nashville Humane Association this year

This blog is about the 2016 Movers for Mutts campaign! Click here for information about 2017’s campaign!


The final results of Nashville's 2016 Movers for Mutts Drive benefiting Nashville Humane Association

Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, the vast majority of our employees have pets that they consider important parts of their family.  Unfortunately, in Middle Tennessee, there are so many pets living on the streets, without a permanent home.  In this 2015 report by the Nashville Scene, we learned that approximately 8,000 pets enter Nashville’s Metro animal shelter each year… and this figure doesn’t even include the dogs and cats who enter other non-government shelters, such as the Nashville Humane Association.

Marketer Christian with a dog from Nashville Humane AssociationMany of our employees have rescued their pets from the NHA and feel a special connection to the agency.  But we love supporting the NHA not only because they facilitate adoptions of dogs and cats in Greater Nashville; they also spread awareness about the need to spay and neuter pets to avoid adding to the homeless pet population.  So we decided to continue our annual Movers for Mutts collection drive to provide necessary pet items to Nashville Humane Association this fall.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK hosted a free Doga class to raise money for the Nashville Humane AssociationThis year, we hosted dog-friendly events, design and coloring contests, and, of course, a donation drive to support the NHA.  With fun activities like “doga” (dog-friendly yoga), a doggy photo booth, and festivals, we were able to support animals in need while having fun with the community.  At the end of it all, we collected over 10,400 donations, including wish list items from the NHA website and monetary contributions, for the shelter.

Thank you so much for helping us support the Nashville Humane Association this year!  We hope you’ll check back next summer for details about our next Movers for Mutts drive!

Are you looking for help with your upcoming move?  Visit us at our website for information on calling, texting, or emailing for a free quote.


How to DIY a Snoopy Doghouse

How to make a Snoopy Doghouse out of moving boxes

Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Nashville, we’re all about a fun DIY craft!  We especially love making crafts out of used moving boxes that we would otherwise have to throw away.  This time, we took inspiration from our Movers for Mutts charity campaign and made a Snoopy Doghouse.  Here’s how we did it:


  • Two moving boxes (we used a Large and a Medium, but you can use whichever sizes you have available)
  • Packing tape
  • Black marker
  • Exacto-style knife*
  • Red spray paint*

*For these last two supplies, make sure to have an adult supervising children who make this craft!

Step 1 for building a Snoopy doghouse out of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesStep 1: Cut out Snoopy’s doorway.

For this step, you’ll want to keep your box flattened on the floor to make tracing and cutting easy.  Pick one of the smaller sides of your box to be the “front” of the doghouse, and trace your arched doorway with a pencil.  Then use your crafting knife to cut the shape out.

Step 2: Cut a roof-shaped point in the front and back box flaps.

This step will also be easier if you leave your box flattened on the floor for now.  Using a yard stick or the edge of your second box, draw two diagonal lines starting from the bottom outer corners of each flap, ending at the midpoint of the top of the flap.  Then use your crafting knife to cut through these lines.

Step 3: Fold up Snoopy’s doghouse.

Now you’re ready to get the basic shape of your doghouse!  Fold up the bottom flaps and secure the edges with tape to hold them down.  These will make up the “floor” of the doghouse.  Next, tape the edges of your top flaps together.  Your doghouse should look nearly complete, and just a teeny bit leaky on top.

Step 4 of making a Snoopy Doghouse out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxStep 4: Make a roof with your second box.

Look at all sides of your second box, and decide which of the four side folds you’d like to serve as the top point of your roof.  Then use your crafting knife to cut off the non-adjacent sides of the box.  Fold and set the remaining two sides over your doghouse box to get an idea of what your roof will look like.  When we got to this step, we noticed that the roof was going to be much longer than we wanted, so we cut a few inches off the end.  Adjust your roof, too, to make it the size you want!

Step 5: Decorate!

The final productNow for the really fun part!  To decorate our Snoopy doghouse, we spray painted the outside walls and roof piece separately.  Then we used a permanent marker to add the “siding” and “roof slats,” and of course wrote in Snoopy’s name.  After all the coloring was done, we taped the roof piece down to the top to keep everything nice and secure.

That’s all!  This easy craft took us about two days to complete, just because we wanted to let paint completely dry between adding layers.  You can come see our Snoopy doghouse at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Nashville booth at the upcoming Dog Day Festival on September 17th!  And to take some free, cute photos of your pooch next to (or inside!) our masterpiece, just bring a donation for our Movers for Mutts charity collection.

If you’re in need of moving supplies for your upcoming relocation–or for your upcoming DIY project–give us a call or text at 615-248-6288.  For more information about our moving services, check out our website here!

Movers for Mutts in Nashville

This post is about the 2016 Movers for Mutts campaign! Please click here for information about this year!

What is Movers for Mutts, and when is it happening this year?

Movers for Mutts in NashvilleMovers for Mutts® is our annual charity campaign benefiting the Nashville Humane Association!  Every year, we collect donations from the NHA’s needed items “Wish List,” such as canned dog/cat food and dog collars.  This year, we’ll be collecting donations between August 1 and October 8!

There are plenty of ways to get involved with our 2016 Movers for Mutts® campaign!  Use the following navigational buttons to find out more about the fun dog-friendly events we’ll be hosting, our design and coloring contests, and more:

Donation “Wish List”

Some of the donations we’re looking for this year include:

  1. Old newspapers, blankets, and towels
  2. Paper towels
  3. Collars and leashes
  4. Nylon brooms
  5. Stainless steel feeding bowls
  6. Canned dog and cat food
  7. Milkbones

You can drop off a donation at one of our designated collection sites around town, or by bringing a donation to one of our upcoming Movers for Mutts® events!

Where can I drop off my donation?

If you aren’t available to attend a Movers for Mutts® event, you can drop off your donation at any of these Nashville locations!

  1. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville  |  4801 Alabama Ave.
  2. Wags and Whiskers West Nashville  |  3731 Charlotte Ave.
  3. Nashville Humane Association  |  213 Oceola Ave.
  4. Wags and Whiskers 12th South  |  2222 12th Ave. S.
  5. Wags and Whiskers East Nashville  |  1008 Forrest Ave.
  6. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Hermitage  |  4830 Old Hickory Blvd.

How can I win the Movers for Mutts Doggy Dream Home?

Win the Movers for Mutts Doggy Dream Home with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville and REALTOR Matthew HansenTogether, REALTOR® Matthew Hansen and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Nashville can even move your dog into his or her dream home!  Bring a donation to any of our Movers for Mutts® events, and you can enter to win our Doggy Dream Home.

This custom doghouse was actually hand-crafted from reclaimed wood by Matthew, who spends his spare time working on fun carpentry projects.  Although this weather-resistant doghouse is perfect for your porch and backyard, it can also make a stylish indoor dog bed when you insert your favorite dog pillow!  This house is 44″ wide x 29″ deep x 34.5″ high (all measurements include the roof).

What upcoming events benefit Movers for Mutts?

You can bring donations to any of the following events, plus enjoy the other activities and freebies at each one!

Month of August:  Enter the Movers for Mutts® poster design contest!  (Or, for the kiddos, enter the Movers for Mutts® coloring contest!)  Click here for details about these fun contests.

August 22:  Kendra Scott Shopping Party  |  Come out and shop for new accessories between 6-8 pm, and 20% of your purchase will go straight to the NHA!  Plus, bring your Movers for Mutts® donation and you’ll be entered to win a Kendra Scott jewelry set.

August 27:  “Doga” — Yoga with your Dog  |  Yoga instructor Olivia from Hot Yoga Plus will be teaching a doga class from 10-11 am on Centennial Park’s main lawn between 26th and 27th Aves.  Bring your donation in lieu of a class fee, and don’t forget your yoga mat and furry friend!

September 10:  Free Pet Portraits at Bellevue Animal Hospital  |  Local photographer Jonathan Hargrove will be at Bellevue Animal Hospital between 12:30 pm-2:30 pm.  Bring your donation and your pet to have Jonathan photograph your pet for free!

September 17:  Dog Day at Centennial Park  |  Visit the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK booth between 10 am-4 pm to make your donation and win some fun prizes for your own dog!  Plus, anyone who brings a donation can take a free photo of their pet in front of Snoopy’s doghouse in our DIY photo booth!

[NEW DATE] October 1:  Movers for Mutts® Day at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville  |  Show off your dog’s Halloween costume at our Nashville office between 10 am-2 pmTeddy’s Wagon, Mix 92.9, Bongo Java, other local vendors, and a surprise mascot guest will also be in attendance with giveaways, activities, and adoptable puppies.  For all the fun details, click here!
Bonus: Bring a donation to enter your dressed-up pooch into our costume contest for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Nashville Pet Products!

How can I enter the Movers for Mutts poster design/coloring contest?

Poster Design Contest
The NHA needs your help creating an 11″x14″ poster advertising next year’s (2017) Dog Day Festival!  The winning design will be announced this September at Dog Day.  For complete contest rules and information about prizes, please read our Dog Day Poster Design Contest Guidelines.  If you would like to use official NHA graphics in your submission, click the thumbnails below to download.

Nashville Humane Association logo     Black and white Nashville Humane Association logo     Fluffy     Rover

Coloring Contest for Kids
For our younger animal-loving friends, we’re also hosting a Movers for Mutts® coloring contest!  Download the Coloring Sheet, Rules, and Prizes!  The winning color-er will receive a fun Movers for Mutts®-themed Movie Party Supply Kit so you can host a celebratory movie night with your friends!

I have other questions about Movers for Mutts!

Movers for Mutts with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK NashvilleWe’re so glad you’re excited about our fall charity campaign!  For further information about Movers for Mutts®, please call us at 615-248-6288 or email christian.osaile@twomen.com!


7 Completely Amazing Non-Profits to Support on Giving Tuesday

7 Nashville Non Profits to Support on Giving Tuesday

In America, we love our shopping holidays!  We have Black Friday on November 27th, Cyber Monday on November 20th…  But Giving Tuesday on December 1st is the exact opposite of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, because instead of encouraging shopping, it celebrates the wonderful non-profit organizations that serve our community.  Have you decided which organization you’ll support on December 1st?  If not, let us highlight seven of our favorite local non-profit organizations for you!

Packing up donations for Movers for Moms 2015

1. Safe Haven Family Shelter

We first fell in love with Safe Haven’s mission in 2013, and since then, we’ve done all we can to support their great team.  Safe Haven is the only homeless shelter in all of Middle Tennessee that brings entire families into their care, rather than focusing on a specific type of individual such as women, youth, etc.  Their goal is to holistically care for up to ten families at a time while they find a new home to which they can relocate.  The organization provides free counseling, financial classes, health plans, tutors, and other help to the family members while it puts together a housing plan for each family.  Throughout the year, we love providing moving services to the shelter as they need pick-up services for furniture donations and move-in services for the families.  And every year for Mother’s Day, we run our Movers for Moms program to collect Mother’s Day gifts for the shelter’s moms.

Movers for Mutts with Teddy and Fluffy

2. Nashville Humane Association

Here at the office, we’re a bunch of pet-lovers, and we probably talk our pets more often than we talk about our human family members during the workday.  The majority of our movers, salespeople, and managers own rescue animals, and many of them are from the Nashville Humane Association.  This great non-profit works to find “fur-ever” families for homeless dogs and cats in Davidson County, provides healthcare services for these animals, and runs the PPAWS program with the Department of Corrections, Tennessee Prison for Women.  This year, we hosted our first Movers for Mutts program to raise awareness, funds, and wish list donations for the NHA!

Habitat for Humanity Women Build kick-off reception

3. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville

Another great rehousing group in Nashville is the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  This awesome group doesn’t just provide interest-free loans for new home buyers; it also walks each buyer through Dave Ramsey’s financial planning courses, facilitates an overwhelming support system for buyers’ families, and provides tools for the buyers to be able to lead sustainable lives.  Two Men and a Truck Nashville loves supporting our local Habitat chapter by providing two free moves per month to its families who need help finding moving services.  Additionally, our marketing coordinator, Jenni, serves on one of Habitat Nashville’s Women Build committees, and we provide gifts to the attendees of the annual Women Build Couture Construction event.

We treat the members of Family Forward the way we would treat our grandmothers.

4. FiftyForward

Did you know we’re the only moving company in Middle Tennessee that has a senior sensitivity training program for our moving staff?  The senior population in Middle Tennessee is growing as seniors relocate to Greater Nashville for retirement and as the fields of science and medicine make it possible for us to live longer.  FiftyForward is a non-profit that serves Tennesseans who are 50+ years old by providing community, purpose, and life-long learning to these individuals.  With all kinds of cool programs such as Meals on Wheels, hobby-related classes, and festive annual events, FiftyForward is always looking for volunteers as well as donations!  Jenni, our marketing coordinator, serves on FiftyForward’s “junior board,” FutureForward.

The Tennessee Respite Coalition's new office

5. Tennessee Respite Coalition

Respite is a topic with which many people are unfamiliar, but it basically refers to a temporary period of rest and relief from a specific burden.  The Tennessee Respite Coalition works to bring respite to caregivers across the state.  These caregivers include guardians of special needs children, adults who care full-time for an elderly relative, and anyone else who spends a significant portion of time taking care of an individual who has trouble taking care of him- or herself.  The TRC supports these caregivers by offering vouchers to cover the cost of their respite, providing volunteer companions to seniors to provide time for respite, and providing information about state resources designed to give respite.  Our company helps the TRC in various ways, including providing birthday cards the organization sends to caregivers, donating door prizes to the organization’s special events, and volunteering in different capacities.  Jenni also serves on the TRC’s Marketing Committee.

The sign on the door to Book'em's Reading is Fundamental program room

6. Book’em

There are all kinds of studies that show the benefits of learning to read as a child; literacy makes school, work, and even simple tasks like driving much easier throughout life.  Two Men and a Truck Nashville’s goal is to “Move People Forward,” so we love working with Book’em to encourage excitement about reading among Metro Nashville’s children.  Book’em provides free, brand-new books to at-risk populations of children, including students in low-income areas of Nashville, children of Habitat for Humanity recipients, and many other groups of kids.  We love supporting Book’em by making monthly visits to our assigned class of Metro Nashville first grade students to read to them and distribute free books.

On our way to a move for Doing Good TV

7. Doing Good TV

Local non-profits always appreciate monetary donations, but they also need volunteers to support their activities!  Doing Good TV promotes the spirit of volunteerism by highlighting local volunteers through its short video segments, providing resources to help discover volunteer opportunities you can be passionate about, and giving volunteer ideas to other non-profit organizations that want to better engage their volunteers.  Whenever Doing Good TV has a need to have equipment and other items moved around their office or between projects, we’re happy to donate moving hours to them!

Movers Who Care logo

Meet Our “Pupbassadors,” Jax and Hersh!

Jax and Hersh are our "pupbassadors" for the Tiny But Mighty Fund!

From November 12-December 12, we’re working with 39 other Pup Partners to see who can raise the most money for the Tiny But Mighty Fund!  At the end of the fundraiser, most of the total donations will be given to the Nashville Humane Association, with $1,000 of the donations going to an animal welfare nonprofit of the winning company’s choice.  As you know, we love the Nashville Humane Association, so we’re hoping to have all of the donations benefit that great organization!

Now, we could plaster pictures of our sweaty movers all over the internet to try to raise money, but goodness knows our movers’ puppies are a whole lot cuter to look at.  So please meet our new “Pupbassadors” for the Tiny But Mighty Fund…  Jax and Hersh!  After a brutal Facebook contest where our office staff’s dogs competed against one another for the Pupbassador title, we ended up having a tie for the most “likes” on Jax and Hersh’s pictures.  Instead of having a run-off election, we decided it would be fitting to have two representatives for our company–after all, we are TWO Men and a Truck Nashville!

Jax and Hersh belong to Donald, our Office Manager.  Although these pooches aren’t biologically related, they are definitely brothers and best buddies!  Donald and his wife adopted Hersh in May 2014 from Nashville’s Metro Animal Care and Control department.  Donald explains, “I got off work early one day and just went over there to see the dogs.  When I saw Hersh, I knew I had to take him home.  I called my wife right away!”

Just five short months later, Donald knew it was time to rescue another homeless pet.  They wanted Hersh to have someone to keep him company during the day and someone he could play with at the dog parks every weekend.  Donald and his wife went to the Nashville Humane Association and experienced “love at first sight” when they saw Jax.  “We had actually already introduced Hersh to about a dozen adoptable dogs, but he wasn’t having any of it,” Donald says.  But fortunately, “as soon as he saw Jax, he ran over and they started playing.”

We’re so glad these two fur babies found their Furrever Family!  Please join us in raising money for the Tiny But Mighty Fund so we can find homes for other homeless pets in our community!  Jax and Hersh may only be 3 feet tall, but they can make a huge impact on animal welfare in Nashville.  Please click here to make any donation amount to help our Pupbassadors prove they are tiny but mighty!

Hersh (left) and Jax (right), TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's new Pupbassadors

Marketer Jenni Tallies Up the 2015 “Movers For Mutts” Donations

Movers for Mutts donations

This summer was my first year organizing Nashville’s “Movers for Mutts” campaign.  My goals during Movers for Mutts were to raise awareness of the Nashville Humane Association, and to collect as many donations as possible for the non-profit.  To be honest, I was a little worried about starting the campaign…  If you’ve ever worked in the business world, you know it usually takes a few tries to get a new brand or event off the ground!  But I was definitely not disappointed by our community’s efforts in rallying around this awesome non-profit.

In total, we were able to collect 130 packages of the NHA’s Wish List items, and we had an estimated 300 individuals make monetary contributions to Movers for Mutts!  This is how we pulled it off:

Movers for Mutts kick-off

Phase One:  I knew I wanted to have a big kick-off event to announce the campaign to our Nashville community.  I didn’t want to rent out a facility for the event, because I wanted as much of our resources as possible to actually go to the Nashville Humane Association.  So I talked to the NHA, and they offered to actually bring Teddy’s Wagon to our office parking lot one Saturday!  The NHA also has a great connection to Hunt Brothers Pizza, and Hunt Brothers offered to come out that weekend and make free pizza for everyone who came to the event.  Plus we had five local businesses donate gift baskets for us to raffle off to everyone who brought donations to the event.  I was so excited!

I told our General Manager, Nick, about my wonderfully-brilliant-not-to-mention-ingenius-and-definitely-foolproof plans for the kick-off, and he brought up a really big issue that I’d completely overlooked: We’re a moving company, and Saturday is the most popular day of the week for people to book their moves.  If we held the event on a Saturday, in our parking lot, how would we get the moving trucks out to their jobs?  Whoops.

Fortunately, nearly every manager at Two Men and a Truck Nashville owns rescue pets, and I was able to tug on their heartstrings.  Nick, our Office Manager, and all three of our Move Managers all worked together to reroute our truck traffic around the parking lot for the whole day.  Thanks to their efforts (and the cooperation of our whole moving staff), the event went off without a hitch.

Movers for Mutts collection

Phase Two:  After the kick-off, I planned to collect donations for the NHA throughout the rest of the summer.  But we just have one office, and I knew that it wasn’t convenient for everyone in Davidson County to have to bring donations out to West Nashville.  Fortunately, Nashville is a city of dog-lovers, and a bunch of those dog-lovers own their own businesses.  I asked around town, and we were able to put out collection boxes for donations in 10 different locations around the county.  These businesses let us keep donation boxes in their offices and retail stores for three months until our wrap-up date of September 19th.

Dog Day festival

Phase Three: You may be wondering, why September 19th?  Well, the NHA hosts an annual festival every summer called Dog Day, and we thought Dog Day would be the perfect end for a Movers for Mutts campaign!  I planned to host a Two Men and a Truck booth at the festival so we could keep collecting donations until the very end.  I made a DIY Plink-O game out of one of our wardrobe boxes, and we asked everyone at the festival to make a minimum $1 donation to play.  Every single player was a winner–we brought collapsible water bowls, dog discs, tennis balls, and all kinds of treats to give away as prizes.  In the end, we had over 400 people visit our booth, and about 2/3 of them wanted to make donations!

Overall, I am so happy about everything we were able to collect for the Nashville Humane Association.  I absolutely cannot wait to host Movers for Mutts again next summer!

Need information about our moving services?  Check out our website or give us a call at 615-248-6288!

How to Make a DIY Plinko Game With Moving Boxes

Plinko game

This weekend, we’ll be at the Nashville Humane Association’s annual Dog Day festival in Centennial Park!  The festival takes place on the last day of our Movers for Mutts campaign, and we want to go out with a bang.  So we built a Movers for Mutts Plink-O game for our festival booth.  Anyone who makes a donation of $1 or more to Movers for Mutts will get a chance to win some great prizes from our Plink-O.

But we didn’t just go out and buy a Plink-O board…  We made one out of one of our moving boxes!  And you can make your own DIY Moving Box Plink-O game too.  Here’s how we did it:

Wardrobe boxFirst, you’ll want to collect your materials.  The essentials are a box (I used a wardrobe box, but you can use smaller boxes for smaller games), an Exact-O knife, packing tape, golf pegs, and some sort of disc (I used some leftover round container lids).  If you want to make your game more sturdy and fancy, you’ll want a glue gun and some craft supplies like construction paper, glitter, and paint.

Map out your trianglesNext, you’ll want to start measuring out your peg placement.  It’s important to mark where you want your pegs to pierce the cardboard before you start shaping your game, because right now your box is nice and flat on the floor.  The goal is to have your peg marks form the corners to invisible equilateral triangles.  Decide on the length of each triangle side based on the size of your disc.  You’ll want your disc to be able to fit inside each invisible triangle without having too much extra space around the circumference of the disc.  For my game, I used triangles with 5-in. sides.

Pro Tip: To keep your triangles and peg marks even, cut out the correct sized triangle from another piece of paper or cardboard.  You can move this real triangle around the box to mark its corners with peg marks.

Cut the sides to create a tiltYour third step is cutting an angle into the sides of your box to create a tilt for the Plink-O surface.  To do this, first decide where you want the Plink-O board to begin and end.  (I kept it simple and had my Plink-O game begin at the top crease of the box where the flap begins, and end at the bottom crease where the other flap begins.)  Then measure and mark the center point of the top of your Plink-O board on the side of the box adjacent to your peg marks.  (In my photo above, the peg marks are drawn on the side of the box with our company logo, so the adjacent side is the one with the arrows.)  Trace a line from that midpoint on top, down to the bottom corner touching your Plink-O board.

Perfect!  Now repeat the process with the other side of the box that is adjacent to the Plink-O board.  Draw a line from the midpoint of the top of the adjacent side, down to the bottom corner touching the board.  Then cut out the triangles that are formed by these lines.

Tape three sides of the boxNow you can tape up the back and two sides of your Plink-O game.  Tape the sides just like you’re taping a normal moving box.  The only side that will be taped up differently is your Plink-O board.

Bottom of the boxTape the bottom of your Plink-O board face into the three box sides.  Afterward, you’ll flip the board face up and tape the sides of the board to the diagonal sides of the box.

Taped-together Plink-O gameThis is what your box should look like when you tape the Plink-O face on the sides.  It’s a normal box, except the Plink-O board is tilted so the disc will slide down toward the prizes at the end!

Golf pegsNow you’ll put in your golf pegs.  To do this, I laid my box down on the ground with the Plink-O board face-up.  Since I used a wardrobe box, there were two levels of corrugated cardboard to poke through.  I used the golf peg to first poke through only the initial layer; then I used a hot glue gun to fill this small hole with hot glue before pushing the peg all the way through both levels of cardboard.  I used hot glue to keep the golf pegs super secure, but you won’t need to do this if you’re just using the Plink-O game for indoor fun or one-time use.

Final Plink-O gameFinally, decorate!  I used dog biscuits to line the sides of my Plink-O board so the disc won’t fall out of the pegged area.  You can use anything to border your board, based on the theme of the backyard party or indoor get-together you’re planning.  I also added pictures of our prizes in each of the four landing spots at the bottom of the board, but you can add numbers that represent points or your own versions of prizes.

I made this Plink-O game to help raise awareness for our Movers for Mutts program.  All donations will go directly to the Nashville Humane Association.  Thank you for your support!

Need information about our moving services or packing supplies?  Check out our website or give us a call at 615-248-6288!

How to Get Involved with Movers for Mutts

This blog is about the 2015 Movers for Mutts program! Read about this year’s program here!

If you weren’t able to make our kick-off event this past Saturday, you can still help us support the Nashville Humane Association!  Every summer, the NHA runs low on a few “wishlist items:” Paper Towels, Bleach, and Kitten Chow.  Our goal is to help them collect as many of these wishlist items as we can by the end of the summer.

If you’d like to make a wishlist donation, we’ve partnered with some great local businesses around town where you can drop off your gift:

drop off locations

We’ll also be hosting a booth at the NHA’s annual Dog Day festival on Saturday, September 19th at Centennial Park!  You can join in our Movers for Mutts campaign by stopping by our booth for some free giveaways and donation games.  For each $1 donation you make to Movers for Mutts, we’ll give you a chance to win prizes for your pooch in our Movers for Mutts Plink-O game.  (Plus, we’ll teach you how to make your own Plink-O game at home with your leftover moving boxes!)

Questions?  Want to find out how to do even more to help Movers for Mutts?  Give us a call at 615-248-6288.


Movers for Mutts Kick-Off: 3 Reasons to Be There

This blog is about the 2015 Movers for Mutts drive! Click here to read about the 2017 campaign!


Movers for Mutts

On Saturday, July 18th, we’ll be officially kicking off our Movers for Mutts campaign to benefit the Nashville Humane Association!  Our goal for Movers for Mutts is to collect the three items they need the most: Paper Towels, Bleach, and Kitten Chow.  (We’ll also, of course, accept monetary donations to turn into a Visa gift card at the end of the campaign.)  So why should you be at our awesome kick-off event?

1. You can meet adorable (and adoptable!) homeless pets.

Teddy’s Wagon will be camping out at our West Nashville location from 10 am-3 pm to show off some of the NHA’s most loveable dogs and cats.  You can stop by anytime to meet and play with your new fur friends.

Nashville Pet Products

2. You can get free goodies for yourself and your pets.

Who doesn’t love free dog treats, leashes, and other fun pet accessories?  Stop by for some freebies from Two Men and a Truck Nashville and a free copy of the latest Nashville Paw magazine issue.  Plus, if you bring ANY donation–even one roll of paper towels or a dollar–you’ll be entered to win one of our amazing raffle prizes:

— Nashville Paw has donated a gift package of a free 1-yr subscription of their magazine, a free t-shirt, and a new collar for your dog.

— See Spot Eat has donated a yummy treat package for your pooch.

— Nashville Pet Products has donated a $50 gift card, good at any of their locations.

— Pet Supermarket has donated a gift basket of pet goodies worth $150.

— And if you don’t have any pets, the Loveless Cafe has donated a Jammin’ Biscuits + Bacon gift basket to win!

Raffle Prize

3. You’ll be supporting an amazing organization.

This is the most important reason to come.  Movers for Mutts is raising awareness for the need to spay and neuter your pets, and for the many animals at the NHA who need forever families.  By coming out to the kick-off event with your family and friends, you’ll help us give donations and support for this great cause!

Did I convince you?  Click here for all the crucial event details.