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Things People Forget When Moving

things people forget when moving

We’ve been moving homes, businesses, and college students for 22 years now, so we’ve seen it all! Sometimes our customers don’t have everything packed in time, or they have to keep delaying their move because of issues closing on their house, or they forget to label all their boxes and don’t know where to find anything in their new home. Here are the most common mistakes we see (and how to avoid them!) when it’s time to make your move.

Having an unorganized packing process.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers packing servicesPacking definitely takes more effort than most people assume it will when it comes time to prepare for Moving Day.  We always recommend that you begin packing up your home about a month prior to your moving date.  At that point, you may feel like you have plenty of time to get organized, but the process can be much more involved than you expect.

A few things to remember while packing:

  • You’ll want to use professional packing supplies as opposed to the “free” boxes you can pick up from grocery stores. These boxes can be dirty, contain pests, and be weakened from previous use during shipping.
  • You should also keep Moving Day necessities, such as outfits for the next week and phone chargers, separate from your other packed belongings.  The last thing you want to discover after a long day of moving is that you can’t find your toothbrush and bed sheets!
  • There are plenty of belongings you can pack weeks ahead of your moving date, such as out-of-season clothing and holiday decorations.  Sometimes packing way before you think you need to start can even help your house sell quickly.  Prospective home buyers want the homes they tour to feel open and accessible, so boxing up clutter on your bookshelves and in your toy room can make your home feel more spacious.
  • TWO MEN AND A TRUCK packing tipsLabel as you go, instead of waiting to pack everything first!  Sometimes it feels easier to wait until you’ve packed up a whole room before uncapping your Sharpie and labeling each box.  However, you may find that you have to move the boxes around to reach all corners of the room and accidentally mix up your belongings.  It’s definitely better to label as you go, preferably with different colors of permanent markers or stickers that help you easily identify which room each box belongs in.
  • If you get tired of packing, let the professionals do it for you!  Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 to set up your packing services.

Forgetting unseen items.

Packing and moving is such a long, stressful process that it’s easy to forget about belongings that usually hide in storage closets, kitchen cabinets, and extra attic space.  About a week before your movers come to move everything, check these places in your home so you won’t leave anything behind.  We’ll often see customers forget about the top shelves in their closets, yard furniture, and their kitchen pantry.

Running out of time to clean.

You don’t want to lose your security deposit or have a new homeowner upset about moving into a mess!  Many of our customers forget to block out time in their schedules to clean their old home after the movers have transferred their belongings to the new space.  It doesn’t make sense to clean before the move because dirt and dust can stir within the house after movers walk in and out multiple times.

Another tip to consider is setting aside your cleaning supplies in one closet that you ask the movers not to load on their truck.  Keep your floor cleaner, broom and mop, glass cleaner, etc., all in this closet so you won’t have to go out and buy more or drive out to your new home to retrieve these supplies when it comes time to clean.

Not arranging elevator and parking logistics.

When you live in a congested part of town, such as The Gulch or in a high rise downtown, you may need to speak with your property manager about a parking plan for your moving truck.  Keep in mind that standard moving trucks have a 26-foot box, so you’ll want about 35-40 feet of space for them to park, roll out their ramp, and maneuver furniture.  Some buildings also require you to reserve an elevator and properly pad the elevator prior to Moving Day to avoid causing delays for other tenants or damaging the elevator’s interior.

Not scheduling caregivers.

Moving with kidsHave you considered where your children and pets will stay during the hustle and bustle of Moving Day?  If you don’t have friends or family members in town who can watch the kids and critters, be sure you don’t wait until the last minute to schedule sitters.  We also recommend that adult children who are moving their aging parents arrange a caregiver for the day, especially if your parents are suffering from memory issues that can cause extra confusion during the relocation.

Failing to schedule vendor changes.

When you’re moving your home, be sure to call your electric, gas, and water companies prior to the move so you can avoid being overcharged for utilities you no longer need at your old residence.  This is also important because you may end up moving into a dark home if you forget to set up utilities in your new place!

While you set up these essentials, be sure to also notify your Internet service provider and the Post Office about your change of address and scheduled moving date.  This is also a great time to figure out your new trash and recycling pick-up schedule.  If you move within Metro Nashville, you can set up reminders for these pick-up days until you get into a new routine.

If you’re getting ready to move your business rather than your home, you’ll also want to make sure all customers and vendors know about your move.  Post a banner announcement on your website, add a highlighted line in your email signature, and set up an auto attendant message on your phone so customers will know about the change.  Also think through all the vendors you use for regular deliveries so you can notify them of your moving date for their records.

Waiting too late to schedule the movers.

two men and a truck nashvilleUsually, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can accommodate last-minute moving requests…but sometimes waiting too late can cause our prices to rise as the schedule gets packed!  A good rule of thumb is calling 1-2 weeks prior to the date you wish to move.  This way, you may have more flexibility to take advantage of discounted days and other seasonal specials.  Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 for a free quote, or check out our website for other moving information!

So You’re Moving to 12th South…

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's guide to the 12th South Neighborhood of Nashville

So you’re moving to 12th South–what a fun and trendy neighborhood to be a part of! ​With plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and events popping up every day, you’ll surely never get tired of this hip area. But moving to a new place can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to a growing city like Nashville. Let us make your transition easier with some of our favorite places to frequent in 12th South!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's recommendations for coffee in 12th SouthMorning Java: First, coffee, so you have energy to explore the rest of the neighborhood. Our top pick is Frothy Monkey, and their first ever location is right in the heart of 12th South. With its comfy atmosphere and variety of yummy foods and drinks, you can’t go wrong with this place. But if you just want a quiet place to read or study alone, grab a cup o’ joe at Portland Brew. This tiny little coffee shop offers a calmer atmosphere, inspired by the northwest.

Best Playground: No matter the age of your kids, they will love Sevier Park. With the new addition of the Sevier Park Community Center, this place is always bustling with people joining in a variety of fitness classes. The park features lots of picnic tables, plenty of green space for people and pets to enjoy, and a fun-filled play set for your kiddos. And be sure to check out the Farmers Market, hosted at the park from May through October to get the best fresh veggies, fruits, and flowers.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's recommendations for casual food in the 12th South neighborhood of NashvilleCasual Eats: There are so much good food in the 12th South neighborhood! For your taco craving, hop in line at Taqueria Del Sol  and get some delicious fish tacos…and you might even spot Ben Rector or Dierks Bentley there! If your family is full of barbecue lovers, hit up the original location of Edley’s BBQ. Finally, for those of you with sweet tooth, you must try the newest location of Five Daughters Bakery! Five Daughters is great because they offer lots of options for people who have any type of allergies.

Family Fun: When it’s warm and sunny outside, we highly recommend Las Paletas all-natural, handmade popsicles. The friendly folks at this small restaurant offer dozens of flavors with the option of chocolate dipping, and even have special popsicle holders to keep sticky, melting liquid off your kids’ fingers. On a rainy day, get the kids to Adventure Science Center! They will love playing with all the interactive games while also learning about science.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's recommendations for fun in the 12th South neighborhood of nashvilleGrown-Up Fun: So you’ve worked at a desk all day–you deserve a little fun now! Every Thursday night, grab a table at Flipside for Trivia Night and enjoy some good, clean fun. Get there early and eat some delicious fried chicken prepared every way imaginable or just settle for the loaded tater tots (YUM!). Another great place to expel your stress is 12th South Yoga, the only yoga studio in Nashville offering Iyengar yoga. And you can’t forget Zanies, a local comedy club which offers plenty of laughs as you wind down from your day.

Staycation Attractions: So you’ve finally got that long weekend that you’ve been waiting for…what is there to do? Get your shopping shoes on, because this area is loaded with cute little shops to browse. Whites Mercantile not only offers an eclectic collection of Southern items, but is also owned by Hank Williams Jr.’s daughter, local singer-songwriter Holly Williams. Draper James is the next celebrity-owned stop on the list. Reese Witherspoon’s store offers beautiful clothes in your typical Southern Belle style. And when you really need to feel like you’ve escaped from home, check out Embers Ski Lodge, the new bar in Nashville which truly feels like a trip to the snowy slopes.

Unique spots in 12th South Nashville neighborhoodUnique Spots: Everything is so vibrant and alive in the distinctive 12th South neighborhood! For example, Fork’s Drum Closet is a one-of-a-kind music store selling drum sets, cymbals from China, and snares of all sorts. You also have to check out Sprinkles to get some on-demand cupcakes… If you have never heard of Sprinkles, you are missing out! It’s this amazing cupcake vending machine (yes, you read that correctly) right next to Draper James, and you can get cupcakes 24 hours per day. And your new neighborhood happens to have some of the best Instagram photo opps in Nashville, with iconic exterior murals like the I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE flag, raining donuts next to Five Daughters Bakery, and the brightly colored walls of Draper James.

Moving Help: And of course, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is always here to make you move as easy as possible! Don’t be shy and give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 to request your free moving quote. We would love to help and make 12th South your home sweet home!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers in Nashville

Moving Tips for Mom (and Dad!)

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving tips for moms and dads

We’re in the middle of our fourth annual Movers for Moms charity drive benefiting local moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter! These moms are going through a very emotional transition as they move from Safe Haven into affordable, long-term housing with their families. But this transition isn’t just taxing on Safe Haven’s moms–it can be very stressful for any parent moving with kids to a new home! Since we’re Nashville’s professional moving company, we want to share our top tips for making a move easier on you and the kiddos.

Before Your Move

One of the most important things for you to do before moving is to make sure your children feel comfortable, not anxious, about the upcoming relocation. As you prepare to find your new home, be direct with your kids about the change that’s coming up, and make sure they know the expected timeline you plan to follow. Otherwise, it can be scary for kids to know that big events are coming up without knowing exactly what steps will be taken and when. During your conversations about moving, make sure you show them with your facial expressions and tone of voice that the change is a positive one for your family, and not something to be afraid of.

Another way you can get your kids excited about their new home is by talking about specific things they can look forward to. Will they get to pick the color of their new room? Will they graduate to a new “big girl” or “big boy” bed as a result of the move? Are there landmarks like parks or fun stores that you’ll be able to frequent in the new neighborhood? Setting happy expectations for them will help alleviate uncertainty about what’s to come.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's tips to moving with kidsDon’t be afraid to get the kids involved in the packing process! While you’re packing up their rooms, you can carefully wrap the breakable items and let them stuff clothing and stuffed animals in the cracks to keep everything snug. We also encourage parents to purchase a “Truckie’s Treasure Chest” moving box, which is smaller than a normal box, includes a handle, and is easy to open and close for little hands. Kids can pack all their favorite books, toys, and pajamas for the first night in the new house into this treasure chest. Then they’ll know exactly where their comfort items are located after the move.

It’s also a great idea to let your children be involved in the purging process. Have them help you pack up old clothing and toys that will be donated to other kids in need as you get rid of old belongings that don’t need to be moved. Explain which charity you’ll be donating these items to, and what type of children you’re supporting. For example, your donations to Safe Haven Family Shelter help local Middle Tennessee families who have lost their homes because of natural disasters or unhealthy domestic situations.

On Moving Day

When Moving Day comes, your attention will likely be pulled in a hundred different directions. You may want to consider having children stay at a grandparent or friend’s house so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about your kids getting underfoot of the movers or straying too far from the new home.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving with kidsIf this isn’t an option, plan a special Moving Day activity or two which will keep the kids’ attention for an extended period of time. This could be making crafts to decorate their new bedrooms, or organizing their books onto shelves in the new home.

If you’re moving with older children who you trust with your tablet or smartphone, this could be a good time for them to get acquainted with the new neighborhood. Challenge them find three or four local activities they want to check out near your new home after the dust settles from moving. These could include visiting the nearest Jeni’s Ice Cream store, biking a nearby greenway trail, or joining a fun class at the local YMCA branch.

After Your Move

You can make a fort out of old TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesKeep the kids involved at this point, even though it’s going to be a busy couple weeks getting everything unpacked. In fact, they can be helpful as you get settled in! You can turn unpacking into a fun activity by making a scavenger hunt game or bingo board out of the belongings they can find and put away in their own rooms. Kids also love using the unpacked boxes to build forts and make other fun crafts as you work to clear out the used cardboard.

You also want to make sure your children get adjusted to their new neighborhood in a reasonable amount of time, so they won’t feel anxious about their new neighbors, school, and extracurricular activities. You can help them feel at ease by taking them for a walk on a Saturday morning, when neighbors may be out to say hello as they do yardwork or drink coffee on the porch. Drive them up to their new school and walk around the play set so they can get excited about new friends and recess. And consider enrolling them in a local class, such as swimming lessons or a little league team, so they can meet other children in the area.

Are you ready to get a free moving quote from us, or do you need to buy fort–I mean packing–supplies? Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 or visit us online to email us!

6 Tips for Bad Weather Moving Days

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK tips for moving during bad weather

That age-old saying about April showers is all too true for the Middle Tennessee region! Unfortunately, when you have a moving schedule which revolves around your closing date or lease restrictions, it can be difficult to try and wait for the storm to pass. Here are our tips for moving during inclement weather–from rain to wind and snow!

First, be prepared for all the foot traffic! Your moving day will see a high volume of back-and-forth footsteps across your floors. If most of your floors are vinyl, laminate, or another material which is easily cleaned, this may not be an issue for you. However, you want to be sure you pick a moving company which has floor runners on all their trucks so any sensitive carpeting in your home won’t get stained from mud.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK parking on the streetTry to have your movers park close to your door. If your driveway has been poured at least a week before your moving date and doesn’t have a risk of sinking, you may want to have your moving company back their truck into your driveway instead of having them park on the curb. Some customers are worried about having the truck make tire tracks on their driveway, but rain or a hose will easily wash these tracks away. Parking closer to the door allows your movers to efficiently load and unload your belongings before they spend too much time in the rain.

… But don’t have them get TOO close! Many customers have asked us to park directly in their front yard to cut down on time walking between the truck and their home. However, you have to keep the weather in mind when making these requests. A truck has a big chance of getting stuck in a muddy yard and may even require a tow truck to get out, especially once it’s been weighted down with all your belongings.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving a couchPrepare your belongings for the rain. Most of your things will be packed into boxes, and boxes won’t be soaked through very easily unless your boxes have been previously used, like in a grocery store. The items you really need to worry about are your furniture. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK sells inexpensive mattress bags at $6 per piece, and these protect against rain, bugs, and other dirt that comes along with moving. We also take the extra precaution of shrink-wrapping our furniture pads around each piece, so the pads won’t slide off or allow water through to the furniture. Be sure you ask your moving company whether they offer these helpful tools for you.

Take note of the quality of your moving truck. Many moving companies don’t own their trucks, and simply rent them each morning before driving out to their customers. When the company doesn’t own the truck, they aren’t able to keep track of maintenance history–specifically, whether the truck’s roof has been punctured. Over time, the tops of trucks will need to be regularly patched and replaced as tree branches scrape through the roof. Rental companies often won’t make these repairs, and rain will leak through to the customers’ things.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers in NashvilleTake care of any safety issues at the beginning of the day. Does your wooden porch get slippery when it’s wet? Does water tend to pool in any areas of your floor? Make sure your movers know this information before they begin moving so everyone can avoid injuries and damage to your items. And when it’s snowing or icy outside, be sure your outdoor walkways are shoveled and salted. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers are happy to take care of the shoveling for you, but please know they will be on the clock during this time!

Do you have any other concerns about your upcoming move? Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit us online to ask your questions and get a free moving quote!

5 Tips for Planning Your Business Move

five tips for your upcoming business move from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville

As Nashville’s professional business movers, we’ve seen it all! From law offices to recording studios to sports stadiums, we’ve helped move businesses from all different industries. Although every business is unique in the way they operate and serve customers, we’ve compiled a few key tips that can help you with your upcoming commercial move.

Give everyone plenty of notice about your relocation.

To avoid any confusion or chaos among your employees, customers, and vendors, you should start letting everyone know about your upcoming move at least 60 days in advance. If your business is larger than just a couple offices, you’ll want to schedule an on-site estimate with your moving company so they can provide an accurate quote for the cost and length of your move. Additionally, you want to ensure your employees have time to order updated business cards and inform their clients of the upcoming move. Don’t forget to notify the post office of your new address, update your website and Google/social media listings, and any vendors with whom you place regular or recurring orders.

Create a moving timeline and checklist.

To keep yourself organized, make a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the big move, and add these deadlines to your planner or electronic calendar. Be sure to include items such as disconnecting computers and machines, scheduling delivery of new office furniture, and hooking up new phone lines and internet routers.

Choose the right moving company for your business.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville moves businessesJust like your business is different from every other, each moving company has their own set of strengths and benefits. Before scheduling your move with someone, be sure to ask questions relevant to your company. For example, if you’re moving into a Nashville high rise, does your moving company offer to add the building to their Certificate of Insurance? What rating do your movers have with the Better Business Bureau? Can your moving company schedule your move outside of business hours to avoid disrupting the flow of your company? You can also ask to see a copy of your moving company’s customer paperwork before booking your move to ensure your relocation is in good hands.

Make sure everyone de-clutters well before the move!

Do you have any outdated paperwork, unneeded office supplies, or other clutter taking up space in your office? Chances are, your employees do too. Before your company begins the packing process, have everyone de-clutter their work spaces and consolidate extra office supplies into one spot. Otherwise, you may end up with boxes full of unneeded stuff that will end up in storage for months after your move.

Create a labeling and numbering system for your packed supplies.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can pack for your business moveTo ensure your movers place each box and piece of equipment in the correct department, come up with a labeling system before your employees begin packing everything. Assign each department or office with a separate number and color, then use a marker or post-it note of the same color to label each box. Label a floor plan of your new building with the same numbers and colors and give this to your lead mover on the day of the move. This way, your movers will know exactly where to place each box.

What other questions do you have about your upcoming business move? We’re here to give you answers! For a free cost estimate of your commercial relocation, give us a call or text at 615-248-6288. You can also visit our website for further information.

Your “Moving Out” Checklist

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's checklist for moving out of a house or apartment

Finding a new home is so exciting–it’s your chance to transform a new space into your familiar, cozy abode. But whether you’re selling your old home to a new family or just want to avoid paying a cleaning fee with your soon-to-be ex-landlord, it’s important to make sure you leave your old place spic and span. Here are some tips we’ve learned over our last two decades in business about moving out of a house or apartment:

1. Clean, clean, clean!

If regular cleaning wasn’t your strong suit in your old home, you’ll want to be sure to perform a deep clean on your space before handing your keys over to the new owner or landlord. And even if you did keep up with daily and weekly cleaning tasks, we have some great tips for adding some extra shine in overlooked and hard-to-reach places. Check out our previous blog post on cleaning your home with household objects you already have in your closet.

2. Make your walls look like new.

It’s almost impossible to keep your walls hole- and scuff-free in a place you’ve been living for several years. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fill in nail and hook holes with wall putty from your local hardware store. Also, most scuff marks on your wall can usually be removed with a Magic Eraser product.

3. Check your exterior spaces.

You don’t want to accidentally leave mail in the mailbox or belongings in your garage or shed! Make sure you take all of your porch and patio furniture, and clean these exterior areas as you make last-minute checks. Remove any bugs from your lighting fixtures and sweep up storage spaces.

4. Take a final walk-through.

When you think you’re finally ready to leave for good, take a few minutes to walk through your home one last time. Check your closets and cabinets to ensure you haven’t left anything behind. Make sure you’ve taken out the trash and removed your cleaning products. Finally, if you’re leaving behind a rented space, take time-stamped photos of each room in case you need proof that you left the home in good order.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers packing servicesWhen everything is done, make sure you take time to celebrate your move! Treat yourself to some take out and spend a day or two relaxing before you worry about unpacking everything in your new place. And remember, if you need help with staging your heavy furniture in your new home or even packing up your belongings before your move, we’re always here to help! Give us a call or text at (615) 248-6288, or visit our website for a free moving estimate.

7 Books for Kids Who Are Moving

seven books about moving for kids

As Nashville’s professional movers, we know it can be really tough on young children when their family is getting ready to move to a new town.  They may have to get ready to leave their first friends, their school community, their church group, and any sports or scouts groups they’re a part of.  But, as you know, moving on doesn’t have to be scary–it can be exciting!

Our company is super dedicated to supporting a non-profit in Nashville called Book’em because this organization provides free books to local children living in poverty.  As part of our partnership with Book’em, we regularly visit classes at Dodson Elementary and Park Avenue Elementary to read books before we give brand new books away to their students.  This semester, we decided to read some books to the kids about moving, and now we want to share our favorites with you!

Who Will Be My Friends? by Syd Hoff

Books about moving for childrenLet’s just skip straight to one of children’s biggest fears that accompanies a big move: how will they make friends in their new town?  This is a great book for new readers.  Each page has big pictures with easy-to-read character expressions, and only one or two sentences per page turn.  Freddy, the little boy in the story, first gets acquainted with his new town and the grown-ups who he’ll interact with on a regular basis.  Then he tries to make friends with some other kids who are playing together.  When they won’t immediately accept him into their group, Freddy decides to play by himself in the same playground as the other children.  The children end up begging him to join their games after they see how much fun he’s having!

Bella and Stella Come Home by Anika Denise and Christopher Denise

Books about moving for kidsThis heartwarming story is great for newer readers who want to read to you, or for young children who may just want to hear you read aloud to them.  Bella and her stuffed elephant Stella explore their new home together.  Searching the house room-by-room, Bella and Stella recognize that they’ll be leaving behind some of the favorite parts of their old life, but will also be keeping the most important parts of home.  At the end, they even make friends with the next door neighbor and his stuffed giraffe.  One of the fun parts of this book is the pictures; Anika and Christopher Denise really capture the childlike perspective of Bella by turning Stella into a real elephant friend–not just a lifeless stuffed animal.

Henry and Mudge and Annie’s Good Move by Cynthia Ryland (Pictures by Suzie Stevenson)

Books about moving for kidsWe love this charming book from the well-known “Henry and Mudge” series!  Great for first and second grade readers, this book offers a different perspective on moving which encourages kids to think outside of their often egocentric world.  Instead of having Henry and his dog move, author Cynthia Rylant tells the story of how Henry encourages his anxious cousin Annie through her move to a new neighborhood.  Henry not only calms her nervousness on Moving Day by teaching her a coping trick, but also goes the extra mile to bring her treats and even have her family’s professional mover reassure her that he’ll take good care of her favorite belongings.

The Moogees Move House by Leslie McGuirk

Moving books for kidsThis Dr. Seuss-esque story is a very fun one to read aloud or “popcorn read” with your child.  A family of “moogees” go on an adventure around town with a real estate agent, looking at house after house for their new dream home.  While the mom and dad moogees find something wrong with each house, the moogee children chime in with the same silly chorus after each showing: “Waa waa moogee doogee wee wee low lum!”  (When our marketer Jenni read it to her Book’em class of first graders, they all cracked up hysterically after each home.)  The family finally does find their dream home, but the story ends by reminding readers that the most important part of a home is the family living inside of it.

Alexander, Who’s Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move by Judith Viorst (Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser)

books about moving for kidsFor parents of more strong-willed children who are especially concerned about the challenges that come with moving, this Judith Viorst book is wonderful.  Beware of the higher reading level of this book, as it may be best for a read-aloud session.  The familiar character of Alexander has a tough time accepting that he needs to pack his belongings, visit his favorite places for the last time, and say goodbye to his favorite people before his family moves across the country.  He finally becomes reassured that the move won’t be disastrous, as his loving parents and brothers do their best to make Alexander feel comfortable in his new home.

Arto’s Big Move by Monica Arnaldo

books about moving for kidsAnother great read-aloud for children who are especially apprehensive about Moving Day is this story from Monica Arnaldo.  Arto, a northerner, is having to move south because of a temporary job relocation for his mom.  In an act of stubbornness, Arto refuses to wear anything less than a sweater, winter coat, winter socks, boots, and a knit hat…even though it’s very warm in the south.  However, after he meets a classmate who frequently moves because of her mom’s job, Arto begins to open up to the idea of meeting new friends and enjoying the new scenery of the south.  When Arto’s mom is ready to move back up north again at the end of her temporary relocation assignment, Arto is much more relaxed about the prospect of moving.

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle

books about moving for kidsAny good children’s book list must include an Eric Carle book!  In this classic story, the main character Hermit Crab needs to find a new home because his old shell has become too small.  At first, Hermit Crab’s new, larger shell isn’t very home-y.  But when Hermit Crab explores the ocean, he starts making new friends and picking up “decorations,” such as a sprig of coral reef and a sea urchin.  He has his home perfectly decorated and full of friends just as he realizes he needs to find yet another new, bigger shell.  This symbolic story teaches children the positive side of change and encourages readers to find their own treasures in their new state of life.

Our favorite thing about all of these books is that they’re all available at the Nashville Public Library!  Nashville’s library has branches located all over the Greater Nashville region, and you can reserve whichever books you want through their online database, to be picked up at the most convenient branch to you.  Have fun reading, Nashville!

Is your family getting ready to move?  Give us a call or text us at (615) 248-6288 for a free moving quote from the Movers Who Care.  Or visit us online by clicking here!

How to Make a Senior Move Easier

5 tips for moving a senior

Over the 21 years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen Nashville transition into becoming a hot spot for seniors to settle into their retirement.  Every year, the number of seniors we move increases!  So we want to share some of the knowledge we’ve picked up about how to make the stress, and sometimes the trauma, of senior moving easier to handle.

Charity move for Nashville Rescue MissionFirst, while you prepare for the big relocation, lighten your to-do list by making a meaningful donation.  Donating unneeded furniture and belongings will be especially helpful if your senior friend or family member is downsizing significantly.  He can feel good about contributing to a cause close to his heart, while simultaneously saving time and money to move everything out of his old home.  Depending on the type of charity the senior wishes to support, he may even be able to have these belongings picked up for free.  Here’s a partial list of some of the local Nashville non-profits that are willing to provide free pick-up of large donations:

  • Safe Haven Family Shelter — One of our favorite non-profit partners, and the only homeless shelter in Middle Tennessee that is able to accept whole families, without splitting them up among Men’s and Women’s & Children’s shelters.
  • ThriftSmart — Another one of our partners, ThriftSmart is a local thrift store that donates all of its profits to local non-profit organizations serving the Nashville area.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore — The ReStore is also a thrift store, exclusively selling furniture and decor items, and all of its profits benefit the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers packing servicesIf the senior being moved has extreme physical limitations, consider hiring a company to pack her belongings instead of having her pack everything herself.  Even though most seniors can take care of themselves without issue during a normal day, packing everything she owns into boxes during a limited period of time can be tiring or even painful.  Think about how much bending, stretching, kneeling, and lifting can be involved in such a job.  Most professional moving companies will also offer packing services.  In fact, if you schedule our company to complete the packing for your friend or family member, our packing rates are all-inclusive of the supplies our movers need to pack everything.

Appoint an on-site representative the day of the moveWhen planning the move, consider the option of appointing an on-site representative for Moving Day, instead of having your senior friend or family member take charge.  This is especially important when a senior is making a major transition away from the home he’s been living in for decades, is being forced to move due to new health limitations, or is undergoing a dramatic downsizing.  Having his adult child or another representative coordinate the activities of Moving Day can allow him some time to process and accept the life change taking place.

And while you’re making all the move arrangements, be sure to coordinate with the new community the senior is moving into.  She may not be moving into an assisted living community, hospice care, or any other sort of “retirement community,” but even Nashville’s condo and high-rise apartment complexes appreciate your communication while scheduling moving plans.  In our experience, assisted living communities prefer that move-ins only take place outside of meal times, so movers won’t block the elevators from transporting residents to the dining area.  Many complexes have a cut-off time in the afternoon/evening, after which the rest of the move must be delayed until the next day.  Some communities located in more congested areas of town have certain places they need moving trucks to be parked, and certain high-rise buildings require you to schedule the block of time you wish to use their elevator for the move.

Moving into an assisted living facilityFinally, when it’s time to schedule the movers, be sure to communicate all of the senior’s needs and preferences.  If there are any special arrangements that he’ll need made, it’s best to let the moving company know as you book the move so the movers can be prepared when they show up on Moving Day.  During your scheduling phone call, you should also ask if the moving company is qualified to move seniors and if they have any special accommodations they provide for such moves.  For example, our company requires every mover to go through a Senior Sensitivity Training program before beginning to work in the field, all movers are background-checked and drug-tested, and we offer a senior pricing discount.

If you have any other questions regarding your senior friend or family member’s move, please give us a call at (615) 248-6288, or check out our website.

Staging Your Home to Sell

10 Steps to Staging Your Home

Nashville has been called “the IT City,” and we’ve all been hearing about how Nashville’s housing market is booming as people from around the country flock to move here!  But putting your house on the market can still be nerve-wracking, and you want to sell quickly for a great price.  One of the best ways to achieve a fast sale at your preferred price is through prepping your home before placing it on the market.  In fact, the National Association of Realtors® found that staging your home helps buyers envision the space as their own and motivates them to schedule a walkthrough after seeing photos online.  So to get you started, we’ve called in the experts and compiled a 10-point checklist for your house-prepping!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can take care of your packing for you.1. Start packing early.  Realtors will tell you that you need to remove all clutter from your home; even if your home is technically clean, it can look dirty if miscellaneous items are strewn about a room.  By starting your packing process early on, you can begin sorting items into Trash, Donate, and Keep categories that will help cut down on the clutter.  Getting some packing out of the way beforehand can also help prepare you to move sooner when you get the word that you have a buyer!

2. Remove personal items.  If you have valuables, family heirlooms, or anything else personally important to you, remove them from your home before your Open House and walkthrough appointments.  Realtors recommend taking these items away from the home completely, instead of just hiding them in drawers, because potential buyers can sometimes be nosy.  Additionally, if some decor items feel more personal in nature, buyers may have trouble picturing themselves in the home.  An example of personal decorations are family photos.

3. Clean, clean, clean!  This seems obvious, but you’ll want to double- and triple-check your chore list because it can be easy to forget places you often skip over.  For example, dust ceiling fans and the tops of picture frames, wipe down your baseboards, and deep-clean your bathroom.  Also be sure the exterior of your home looks clean–do you need to power wash any of the walls or trim the hedges?

4. Paint, if needed.  Check the interior and exterior of your home for any needed touch-ups; if buyers see peeling or scratched paint, they may believe repairs have not been kept up in your home.  You may also want to paint over any bold-colored walls with a warm, neutral tone that is less likely to put off any buyers.  Even though paint colors are easy to change, you want your buyers to feel as comfortable in your home as possible.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can move your furniture items.5. Arrange your furniture.  Walk through your home with the mind of a buyer and try to look at each room as an objective bystander.  Does the furniture feel crowded?  Are there too many small accessories on the shelves?  Is there a clear focal point in the main rooms?  Are all pathways accessible?

6. Add some light.  Light plays a key role in emotion.  In the same way that we feel happier and more energetic on a sunny day than on a cloudy one, your buyers will feel more welcome and relaxed if your rooms are well-lit.  Make sure natural light from windows is not being blocked, and consider adding some lamps to brighten corners and other dim spaces.

7. Add some flowers!  House plants, both inside and outside, can help a house feel like a home.  The advantage to plants as decor is that they are natural, rather than personal, and they make a room feel more alive.

8. Consider decor arrangements.  Many homeowners like to keep their wall hangings and shelf decorations in a straight row, instead of experimenting with different levels and groupings.  Consider hanging frames at different heights, and grouping your shelf accessories in a triangular fashion.

Be sure to arrange for your pets to be out of your home.9. Don’t leave your pets.  At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville, we all love our fur babies and we think everyone else should love them too.  Unfortunately, not everyone likes the idea of having fur all over a room or a dog barking in the backyard.  Before letting buyers into your home, try to remove traces of pet hair and make plans outside the home for your pets.  If you can’t bring them with you, arrange for a friend or a “doggy daycare” to keep them for the day.

10. Get help when you need it!  If you don’t have time to deep-clean your home, consider hiring a professional maid before your Open House.  If you’re unsure about your decor choices or furniture arrangements, you can hire certified staging professionals to assist.  These professionals can even bring in their own staging furniture if you need to further depersonalize a room.  And our trained, licensed moving team can take over packing and rearranging furniture for you to save you time and physical exhaustion.  Give us a call (or text) at 615-248-6288 or check out our website for more information!

With this checklist, you’ll be on the way to home-selling success.  Don’t forget to enjoy the experience of finding a brand new home to make memories in!

Moving In Together…for the First Time

Moving in together for the first time

Whether you’re getting ready to move in with your significant other, your bestie, or a new college roommate you’ve never met before, you want the transition to go as smoothly as possible.  Some factors you’ll need to consider are how you’ll combine your furniture and decor, who has which appliances, and the things neither of you may have.  This can seem a little overwhelming, so let us give you some tips to get you started!

First of all, get on the same page with your new roomie about your combined inventory.  It may seem like a boring, tedious task to make a really long list of every item you both own, but you can take a few shortcuts.  Work on your inventory list by going through each room of the house, and only include necessities that you’ll both want in your home.  For example, when listing your kitchen items, your housemate will want you to mention that you have a microwave and full set of flatware; they probably won’t care whether you have four or six (or any) of those matching flowery placemats.

Make a list of all your kitchen cookware and diningware.Once you compare lists, figure out which necessities you’re both lacking.  If you get a nagging feeling that there’s a utensil missing from your combined cookware set, try using a wedding registry checklist as a loose guide.  Find one of these checklists on a major retailer’s website (such as Target) or in a cute Pinterest infographic.  Examining your combined inventory will also let you know of which pieces you have duplicates, and help you both avoid hauling two full dining sets to your new home.

If you’re planning to order anything for your new home, be sure you have it shipped to your new address, rather than your current home.  This way, you won’t have to figure out how to pack one more item into yet another box.  Additionally, be sure to schedule the shipping date to take place a few days after your move-in date, just in case your plans get delayed due to bad weather, missed flights, or any other worst case scenario.

When moving day comes, be ready to compromise!  Chances are, you won’t love every single piece of furniture your new co-inhabitant brings with them.  But if you don’t absolutely hate those curtains and you don’t have any of your own to which you’re super-attached, you should consider choosing not to fight that particular battle.  Living with someone, and especially with a new spouse, is all about compromise and learning to open yourself up to new habits and styles.  If there is a specific piece of furniture you really don’t like, find a non-combative way to bring up the topic.

Finally, lTWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can move your furniture items.eave the heavy lifting to professional movers.  Even though moving in with your best friend is really exciting in theory, the planning process can be stressful and exhausting.  You can avoid worrying about playing Tetris with a rental truck and risking furniture damages by hiring a professional team who can offer furniture padding, wrapping, dis-assembly, and re-assembly with their services.  Additionally, reputable moving companies offer free insurance coverage of their services so you can know that all of your belongings are safe.  For more information on local Nashville moving services, check out our website.

Have fun moving in with your old or new friend!  If you have any other packing or moving questions, please feel free to give our team a call at 615-248-6288.