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Mother’s Day gifts you can make out of moving boxes

DIY Mother's Day Crafts you can make out of cardboard moving boxes

A question we run into a lot is what to do with moving boxes after your move is complete. We love getting creative to find new uses, like making this fun plinko game or dressing up for Halloween. But in honor of our Movers for Moms program, we wanted to show you a few ways to use some old moving boxes to make a Mother’s Day gift for the mom hero in your life!

Decorative Letters

Make a DIY Mother's Day gift out of moving boxes

This craft is very easy, and you can use the letters to make wall decor, a banner, or a door hanger.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A moving box
  • Crafting knife
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (only use with adult supervision!)

Make DIY Mother's Day crafts out of moving boxesStep One: Trace and cut out the letters you want to use.  We used “M – O – M,” but you may want to use your mom’s name or spell out “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Step Two: Use a dot of hot glue to secure the yarn to the top of each letter, and start wrapping! Occasionally add more dots of hot glue to keep the yarn straight.

Step Three: Add any extra decorations you want to use, such a charms, glitter, or ribbon.

Treat Toppers

Treat Toppers made out of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat that shows your appreciation and love? We made these treat toppers for a cake, but you can use them for a stack of pancakes for breakfast in bed, cupcakes in your mom’s favorite flavor, or just about anything else!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A moving box
  • Crafting knife
  • Craft paper, plus any decorations you want to use
  • Toothpicks or small dowels (depending on the food these will go into)
  • Scissors and glue

cake toppers made from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesStep One: Cut out your flower shapes (or another shape, like hearts!) from the moving box. If you have cookie cutters in these shapes, those make great stencils.

Step Two: Cover the cardboard shapes in your craft paper, and decorate with markers, stickers, and glitter.

Step Three: Push your toothpick or dowel into the bottom of your cardboard shapes. If you’re using dowels, you may want to use a hot glue gun to place two shapes back-to-back around the dowel.

Step Four: Stick the toppers into your treats and surprise your mama!

Photo Frames

DIY Photo Frame made with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes

We made these easy photo frames at our Movers for Moms Festival! We love them because they’re quick to make, inexpensive, and versatile. You can add some yarn at the top to turn them into door hangers, glue another piece of cardboard on the back so the frame will stand upright, or even stick an adhesive magnet on the back so the photo can stay on your fridge.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A moving box
  • Crafting knife
  • A sheet of patterned, adhesive shelf liner
  • Scissors

Step One: Trace a 6-inch by 8.5-inch rectangle onto your moving box. At one end, trace another rectangle within the larger one that has a 3/4″ space on three sides. (This smaller rectangle will be the window for your photo to peek through.)

Step Two: Carefully cut out the photo frame. Use your crafting knife to score down the center of the frame, where you’ll fold the frame in half to turn it into a 4″x6″ photo holder.

Step Three: Trace the shape of the frame onto the back of your shelf liner. Allow some extra space on the sides of the frame that will act as flaps to hold the frame together. Then cut out the shape from the shelf liner.

Step Four: Carefully peel off the back of the adhesive liner and stick it to the cardboard frame, using the two flaps to hold the frame together. Be sure to leave the top of the frame open so you can slide in a photo!

Moving Moms Forward for Mother’s Day

Movers for Moms collects Mother's Day donations for Safe Haven Family Shelter

Happy (early) Mother’s Day to every mom in Nashville!  Every year, we like to celebrate our local moms who need a little extra support from their community through our Movers for Moms campaign.  During Movers for Moms, we collect donations for the moms living at Safe Haven Family Shelter.  These moms have escaped domestic violence, suffered a loss of a family member, lost their home due to a natural disaster, or have experienced some other unexpected tragedy that has left their family without a home.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's first annual Movers for Moms Festival benefiting Safe Haven Family ShelterThis year was our fourth year running the Movers for Moms drive locally.  In 2016, the Nashville community came together and helped us collect over 3,700 donations for these deserving mothers.  We decided to set our sights high this year and aim for at least 5,000 donations!

Throughout March and April, we set up Movers for Moms donation boxes all over town at places like iLoveKickboxing, Zeitlin Realtors & Co, and Hermitage Kindercare where everyone could drop off their gifts for Safe Haven mamas.  But we took it a step further and hosted our first annual Movers for Moms Festival on April 22nd to raise even more money and collect more necessities!  The festival celebrated every mom in Nashville with free facials from Mary Kay, fun games for the kids, and tons of giveaways from our other festival vendors.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK delivers the Movers for Moms donations to Safe Haven Family Shelter in NashvilleWe knew we could count on you to make Safe Haven’s moms feel special, loved, and supported on their big day.  But as always, Nashville over-delivered…  You helped us collect over 9,000 donations of clothing items, diapers, bed sheets, and other necessities for moms who are starting their lives over at Safe Haven!  Thank you so much for your generous contributions!  We can’t wait to see what next year’s Movers for Moms drive will bring.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK delivers the 2017 Movers for Moms donations to Safe Haven Family Shelter

Save the Date: Movers for Moms Festival

Save the Date for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's Movers for Moms Festival in Nashville

We’ve had a blast hosting our fourth annual Movers for Moms collection this past month!  At the end of the donation drive, we’ll deliver the thousands of essential care items we’ve collected to the moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter in time for Mother’s Day weekend.  And this year, we want you to join us in celebrating moms all over Nashville.

In less than a month, we’ll be hosting our first ever Movers for Moms Festival at Dragon Park in Green Hills!  The event is free to attend, and takes place on April 22nd from 10 am-2 pm.  We hope you’ll bring the whole family to enjoy fun activities like:

  • Art activities hosted by The Frist Center, inspired by some of their current exhibits
  • Hugs and photos with fairytale princesses
  • Active games such as a relay race, parachute play, and kid yoga

Puppies in a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxAnd we can’t forget to pamper the moms in attendance.  All of Nashville’s mamas are invited to enjoy activities like:

We’re even prepared for lunch and snack times so you can stay at the park and play all day!  You and the whole fam can enjoy snacks and free samples from local food makers like Nut Butter Nation, Nashville Jam Company, and Professor Bailey’s Spicy Pimento Cheese.

Some of our games and attractions require tickets to participate, and all ticket sales directly benefit the moms at Safe Haven.  Plus, a portion of all food sales will go to Safe Haven as well!  And you’ll want to check out our silent auction, which includes Mother’s Day gift packages for the special mum in your life.

Check out the schedule below to make sure you don’t miss your favorite moments of the festival!  And if you want to see more details about who and what will be there, visit the festival website.

Schedule of Events for the Movers for Moms Festival in Nashville

Movers for Moms: Helping moms in need this Mother’s Day

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is helping moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter for Mother's Day

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK delivers the Movers for Moms donations at Safe Haven Family ShelterThis month, we’re officially kicking off our 4th annual Movers for Moms collection drive! Every year in honor of Mother’s Day, we collect essential care items for the moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter. Safe Haven is so important to our hearts because they are the only homeless shelter in the Middle Tennessee region which is equipped to accept whole families, instead of having to split them up among Men’s and Women’s & Children shelters. Last year, we collected over 3,800 donations for Safe Haven… This year our goal is to collect 5,000 donations by Mother’s Day!

We hope you’ll join us in helping this deserving moms by making a donation at one of 15 drop off boxes we have in different locations all over Nashville. Some of the donations we really need include:

  • Non-chemical cleaning products, like brooms and trash bags
  • Diapers and other baby products
  • Unused kitchen and cooking products
  • New linens and pillows for Full and Twin-sized beds
  • Toiletries and personal care items

Movers for Moms Festival will have lots of family friendly activities for the kidsWe also want to invite you to our first annual Movers for Moms Festival coming up on April 22nd at Dragon Park! The festival is open to anyone with free admission, but some activities will be ticketed to help us raise money for Safe Haven. Get ready to party with us during Art Activities with The Frist Center, Parachute Play with Gymboree, Storytime with local children’s book authors, and tons more! We’ll also have yummy snacks from King of Pops, Nut Butter Nation, and other local foodies. You can read all the festival details here.

If you’re looking for moving help, give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit our website! During your March or April move, you can give your movers a donation to Movers for Moms, and they’ll bring it to Safe Haven free of charge!

Movers for Moms Made Mother’s Day Special for Nashville Moms

Mary Ellen Sheets founded TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in 1985.Every spring, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK hosts our annual Movers for Moms campaign leading up to Mother’s Day to collect critical donations for moms in need.  This tradition started way back in 1985 when a mom in Lansing, MI founded TWO MEN AND A TRUCK with her two sons.  During her first year in business, this mom, Mary Ellen Sheets, made a profit of $1,000–an incredible accomplishment for a brand new, built-from-the-ground-up business!  Mary Ellen decided she wanted to support other moms in her community, so she donated all of her profits to local mothers who had fled domestic violence situations in their homes.

Thirty-one years later, Mary Ellen’s dream of supporting moms in need lives on as every TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise in America continues the tradition of making Mother’s Day special for mothers in shelters across the country!  Here in Nashville, our Movers for Moms campaign benefits the deserving mamas at Safe Haven Family Shelter who have become homeless due to domestic violence, natural disasters, or unexpected financial hardships.  We love supporting Safe Haven because they’re the only homeless shelter in Middle Tennessee that’s equipped to accept whole families, instead of splitting them up among different men’s and women’s & children’s shelters.

Our Quality Control Specialist, Keith, holding a Movers for Moms collection boxDuring the Movers for Moms collection, we try to collect essential care items, such as baby products, home goods, and toiletries, for Safe Haven moms in time for Mother’s Day.  Last year, we were able to collect 800 of these critical gifts!  We decided to be ambitious this year and set our 2016 goal at collecting 2,000 donations…  And we knew we wouldn’t be able to accomplish that feat by ourselves.  We partnered with over fifty businesses, organizations, and schools who helped us collect donations by hosting donation bins at their offices and hosting Movers for Moms events for us during March and April.  People all over Greater Nashville came together to help us support these moms, and it was so much fun seeing the donations pour in.

We were able to collect 3,700 donations for the moms at Safe Haven Family Shelter during the 2016 Movers for Moms campaign!On Cinco de Mayo, we planned to count and deliver all the donations to Safe Haven so they could have the gifts in time for Mother’s Day.  In the end, we found out that we didn’t collect our goal of 2,000 gifts…  We almost DOUBLED our goal and ended up collecting over 3,700 individual donations!  You can watch the live video of the donation delivery here.  Thank you, Nashville, for helping us make a difference in the lives of these moms and their families!  We can’t wait for next year’s campaign to do it all over again.

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of Safe Haven families too?  Click here for information on volunteering at the shelter.

Looking for a great moving company this summer?  We can help with that too!  Give us a call at 615-248-6288 or visit our website for moving information.

Movers for Moms Update: Halfway There!

In just three short weeks, our Movers for Moms collection will wrap up with one HUGE delivery of Mother’s Day gifts to the moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter!  As you may have heard, our goal this year is to collect 2,000 critical gifts for these moms by May 8th.  Well, since we’re about halfway through our charity campaign, we wanted to give you an update about how the collection is going!  Here are some of the highlights we’ve experienced so far over the past couple of weeks:

Sculpted Edge Hair Art filled up a Movers for Moms collection box in one night!The Sculpted Edge client appreciation event was a huge success!
Hannah Arn and Holley’s amazing clients pulled through and filled up an entire Movers for Moms collection box in one night!  Plus we all got to enjoy some delicious coffee from Just. Love. Coffee., networking with local professionals, and music from Hannah’s multi-talented clients.  Hannah even serenaded us a little bit herself!  And she’s not done yet–you can drop off a Movers for Moms donation in her second collection box anytime before May 4th.

The Atelier Upton Salon partnered with Art by Jessyca Myers to raise money and donations for Movers for Moms!The Atelier Upton Salon made us huge fans of Art by Jessyca Myers!
Until this month’s Wedgewood-Houston Art Crawl, we had no idea the Atelier Upton Salon also doubles as an art studio!  But when Amanda (the salon/studio owner) invited us to come check out Jessyca Myers’ work at the April crawl, who were we to turn her down?  Amanda asked her “crawlers” to bring Movers for Moms donations to fill up her box, and Jessyca Myers announced that 10% of her art sales in April would benefit the Movers for Moms cause!  Despite the windy night, our marketer Jenni had a blast sipping wine with these generous mamas at the crawl.

And some of our donation drop-off locations have already overflowed their first collection boxes!
Gymboree Play and Music collected Mondo Bloxx for Movers for Moms!FiftyForward at the J. L. Turner Center and Gymboree Play & Music filled up their first collection boxes right away, so we’ve already had to bring them new ones!  Plus Gymboree collected a ton of Mondo Bloxx that Safe Haven can use as educational tools (and toys!) with their children.  We also heard from our friends at the local non-profit Book’em that they filled up two boxes with 240 children’s books, ranging from books that Safe Haven can give to families with infants all the way up to teenagers.

TThe Nashville Mom's Birthday Bash brought in 442 donations for our Movers for Moms collection in Nashville!hen The Nashville Mom helped us collect donations at her blog’s 2nd annual Birthday Bash!
Last Saturday, The Nashville Mom hosted her second anniversary event for her blog, and invited us to collect donations for Safe Haven at our very own Movers for Moms tent.  Her amazing readers didn’t disappoint, and helped us collect 442 donations of baby products, toiletries, and paper products for these deserving mommas.  We also celebrated with a fun Movers for Moms Coloring Station and (Temporary) Tattoo Station for the kiddos!

So what’s the grand total of donations we’ve received so far?  Drumroll please…  We’ve collected 1,497 critical Mother’s Day gifts!  We’re over halfway to reaching our goal!  Here’s how you can help:

Option A:  Visit one of our 25+ collection sites sprawled across Greater Nashville.  Bring your donation along with you while you shop, work out, and get your hair done with small, local businesses!

Option B:  Come to one of our upcoming Movers for Moms events!  You can take yoga classes, network with local professionals, and win jewelry all while supporting these moms in need.

Option C:  Help us spread awareness on your social media!  You can download infographics talking about the campaign and upcoming Movers for Moms events from http://bit.ly/MoversforMoms.

Thank you for your support!  Check back with us after Mother’s Day to find out whether we reached our goal!

It All Started with a Mom: Celebrating Our Roots

Story Behind Movers for Moms

All month long, we’re collecting critical Mother’s Day gifts for the moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter through a campaign called Movers for Moms.  We’re asked all the time why we have such a huge charity campaign surrounding moms, so this week we wanted to tell the whole story!

The original TWO MEN AND A TRUCK pick-up truckAlthough TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is now an international company, we started out with very humble roots in the town of Lansing, Michigan.  Two brothers, Brig and Jon Sorber, started moving neighbors during high school with their pick-up truck to earn some extra money.  Their mom, Mary Ellen Sheets, hastily drew up a little logo of two stick-men in a cartoon truck, and they posted it in the community newsletter to help advertise their business.

Even after her sons left home for college, Mary Ellen continued receiving phone calls from prospective customers looking for some local movers.  In 1985, she decided to make the company official, so she bought a small 14-foot moving truck and hired two movers.  During her first year in business, Mary Ellen made a profit of $1,000, and she decided to give it back to moms in need in her community.  She split the profit equally among ten local non-profit organizations who supported women who had escaped from homelessness, domestic abuse, and other tragedies.

Four years later, a friend suggested that Mary Ellen grow the business through franchising.  After talking through the details with an attorney, she decided to award the first separate franchise to her daughter, Melanie Bergeron.  Melanie and and her mom worked together to grow the company to 39 franchises before Mary Ellen asked Melanie to take over her role as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s president.  Now, 30 years after our company’s founding, Melanie sits as the chair of the board.  Brig and Jon serve as executive chairman and executive vice president, respectively.

Our Quality Control Specialist, Keith, holding a Movers for Moms collection boxTWO MEN AND A TRUCK is larger now than Mary Ellen ever dreamed it would become!  But every franchise continues her mission of Moving People Forward, especially moms in need, every year through charity campaigns such as Movers for Moms.  The Nashville franchise is also committed to serving several other non-profit campaigns, such as educational efforts and our local humane association.  We hope you’ll help us reach our goal of collecting 2,000 critical donations for the moms at Safe Haven Family Shelter this Mother’s Day!

Movers for Moms in Nashville

What is Movers for Moms, and when is it happening this year?

We are SO excited about this year’s Movers for Moms campaign!  Most people don’t know that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was originally founded by the mom of the original “two men,” and we’ve always dedicated our organization to benefiting moms in need around the country.  Every year, every single United States TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location hosts Movers for Moms to benefit a local women’s or family shelter for Mother’s Day.

Locally, our Nashville Movers for Moms campaign aims to collect necessity items (such as toiletries, health products, baby products, etc.) for the deserving moms at Safe Haven Family Shelter.  This year, our goal is to collect 2,000 necessity items for Safe Haven moms between March 24 and May 4!  We’ll bring the final collection to Safe Haven the weekend of Mother’s Day.

Find out how many donations we ended up collecting by clicking here!

Where were the Movers for Moms collection boxes?

In April 2016, you could find a Movers for Moms box at all of the following locations:

Movers for Moms drop-off areasThe Gulch & Midtown

1. Barre3 (The Gulch) | 501 12th Avenue South

2. CrossFit Gulch | 602 9th Avenue South

3. Sculpted Edge Hair Art | 700 18th Avenue South

4. Ardon House Salon | 700 18th Avenue South

5. Atelier Upton Salon | 223 Chestnut Street

6. FiftyForward Knowles | 174 Rains Avenue

7. Nashville School of the Arts National Honor Society | 1250 Foster Avenue

The Nations & West Nashville

1. Yoga Harmony | 4920 Charlotte Pike

2. The Wilson Group | 304 42nd Avenue North

3. Barre3 (West) |  73 White Bridge Road #125

4. ILoveKickboxing | 73 White Bridge Road #118

5. Orangetheory (West Nashville) | 6720 Charlotte Pike

6. Gold’s Gym | 7062 Highway 70 South

7. Blooma Yoga | 4107 Charlotte Avenue

Green Hills & Berry Hill

1. Krank Nashville | 2148 Bandywood Drive

2. Gymboree Play & Music (Hillsboro) | 4004 Hillsboro Pike #180

3. Zeitlin | 4301 Hillsboro Pike #100

4. Tandem Realty | 2906 Berry Hill Drive

East Nashville

1. Serenite’ Fitness | 2038-A Greenwood Avenue

Donelson & Hermitage

1. Daymar College | 560 Royal Parkway

2. Wilson Bank & Trust | 217 Donelson Pike

3. Picture This | 3883 Lebanon Pike

4. Shank Insurance | 5760 Old Hickory Blvd #105

5. Donelson Hermitage Chamber of Commerce | 125 Donelson Pike

6. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Hermitage |


1. Antioch High School DECA Club | 1900 Hobson Pike

What local Nashville events benefitted Movers for Moms this year?

March 24 @ 7 pm: Sculpted Edge Hair Art‘s Client Appreciation Event | –INVITATION ONLY– Guests can bring a donation to Movers for Moms to cover admission, and 5% of Reference of Sweden product sales will benefit Safe Haven Family Shelter

Month of April: Yoga Harmony’s Community Classes | Instead of paying Yoga Harmony’s regular class rates, make a $10 minimum donation to Movers for Moms during April’s community classes

April 2 @ 6 pm: Wedgewood-Houston Art Crawl | Atelier Upton Salon (Stop S) will be collecting Movers for Moms donations for April’s crawl, and 10% of Art by Jessyca Myers sales will benefit Movers for Moms

April 16 @ 10 am: The Nashville Mom’s Birthday Bash | Bring a Movers for Moms donation in lieu of an admission fee

April 22 @ 11:30 am: DHCC Women in Business Lunch | Bring a Movers for Moms donation to the DHCC’s monthly WIB lunch, and enter to win Movers for Moms merchandise

May 3 @ 5 pm: Kendra Scott Shopping Party | Bring a Movers for Moms donation for a chance to win a special Kendra Scott jewelry set & Movers for Moms merchandise; 20% of the shopping party sales benefit Safe Haven

May 3 @ 5 pm: Picture This 20th Anniversary Event | Bring a Movers for Moms donation for a chance to win door prizes

How can I help spread the word about Movers for Moms in Nashville?

Thank you for helping us get the word out about this amazing cause!  Please download & share these infographics about Movers for Moms’ donations and events on your social media!

Nashville Movers for Moms collection locations     Events benefiting Movers for Moms in Nashville

I have other questions about Movers for Moms!

We’re so glad to hear that you’re excited about our Movers for Moms campaign!  For more information, please contact our Marketing Director, Jenni Hargrove, at jenni.hargrove@twomen.com.  You can also give us a call at 615-248-6288!

Meet Our Spring 2016 Intern, Amani!

Career Move Month bannerEven though it sounds a little cheesy, our mission at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville is “Moving People Forward” in our community.  One way we try to move people forward is through education, because having a great education really sets our students up for success through their career.  Some of the programs we support are Book’em and the PENCIL Partner program, but we also like to support Nashville college students through educational internships!  To give you an inside look at our internship program, we asked our current intern Amani to tell you all about her experience so far and what she’ll be working on this semester:

Marketing Intern AmaniHello everyone, my name is Amani and I am proud to be the newest Spring 2016 Marketing Intern for Two Men and a Truck! I moved from Knoxville, Tennessee to attend school at Tennessee State University, where I am currently a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Integrated Marketing.  Some fun facts about me:

1. My favorite color is Tiffany blue;

2. I am an avid collector of decorative and humorous mugs;

3. I have a twin brother who also attends TSU, and he even lives in the same dorm as I do, a floor beneath me.

I plan on using my degree and my passion of community service to work for a nonprofit, specifically in the marketing department, in order to boost the awareness, donations, volunteers, or recipients.

I came across Two Men and a Truck at a career fair at TSU in the fall of 2015. Most businesses were interested in business or science majors, or upperclassmen. I was feeling discouraged when Mrs. Jenni Hargrove, Two Men’s Marketing Director, stopped me and called me to the table. We exchanged information and after an interview, I was selected to start interning on January 25, 2016.

Marketing Intern AmaniDuring my internship so far, my main focus has been the Movers for Moms campaign that Two Men and a Truck spearheads in conjunction with the Safe Haven Family Shelter. I thoroughly enjoy earning the experience in cause marketing. Lately, I have been learning the skill of selling my product or idea and building business relationships by calling businesses to initiate charity partnerships. I also appreciate the experience earned outside of regular business hours. I have been invited to various meetings by Mrs. Hargrove as a means of networking and becoming familiar with other organizations around Nashville. For instance, last month I had the privilege of sitting in on a meeting for FiftyForward’s Junior Board. (FiftyForward is a place for adults 50 years of age and older to participate in activities with their peers such as exercise, games, and tutoring children.)

I am so excited to have this internship because this is a real life application of the concepts I learn about in the classroom. I am able to apply the information into real life situations, preparing me for a career in marketing. I look forward to contributing to the Movers for Moms campaign. It is an amazing cause that will help so many families, and that’s the fuel for the movement. Two Men and a Truck took a chance on me while I was young and inexperienced, and in turn has given me skills I will take with me to every classroom and career move beyond this.

Are you interested in becoming a Two Men Nashville Marketing Intern, or applying for another position in our company?  Click here to learn about our current career opportunities!

If you need information about our moving services, please click here to visit our website or give us a call at 615-248-6288 for a free moving estimate!

2016 career move month

7 Completely Amazing Non-Profits to Support on Giving Tuesday

7 Nashville Non Profits to Support on Giving Tuesday

In America, we love our shopping holidays!  We have Black Friday on November 27th, Cyber Monday on November 20th…  But Giving Tuesday on December 1st is the exact opposite of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, because instead of encouraging shopping, it celebrates the wonderful non-profit organizations that serve our community.  Have you decided which organization you’ll support on December 1st?  If not, let us highlight seven of our favorite local non-profit organizations for you!

Packing up donations for Movers for Moms 2015

1. Safe Haven Family Shelter

We first fell in love with Safe Haven’s mission in 2013, and since then, we’ve done all we can to support their great team.  Safe Haven is the only homeless shelter in all of Middle Tennessee that brings entire families into their care, rather than focusing on a specific type of individual such as women, youth, etc.  Their goal is to holistically care for up to ten families at a time while they find a new home to which they can relocate.  The organization provides free counseling, financial classes, health plans, tutors, and other help to the family members while it puts together a housing plan for each family.  Throughout the year, we love providing moving services to the shelter as they need pick-up services for furniture donations and move-in services for the families.  And every year for Mother’s Day, we run our Movers for Moms program to collect Mother’s Day gifts for the shelter’s moms.

Movers for Mutts with Teddy and Fluffy

2. Nashville Humane Association

Here at the office, we’re a bunch of pet-lovers, and we probably talk our pets more often than we talk about our human family members during the workday.  The majority of our movers, salespeople, and managers own rescue animals, and many of them are from the Nashville Humane Association.  This great non-profit works to find “fur-ever” families for homeless dogs and cats in Davidson County, provides healthcare services for these animals, and runs the PPAWS program with the Department of Corrections, Tennessee Prison for Women.  This year, we hosted our first Movers for Mutts program to raise awareness, funds, and wish list donations for the NHA!

Habitat for Humanity Women Build kick-off reception

3. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville

Another great rehousing group in Nashville is the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  This awesome group doesn’t just provide interest-free loans for new home buyers; it also walks each buyer through Dave Ramsey’s financial planning courses, facilitates an overwhelming support system for buyers’ families, and provides tools for the buyers to be able to lead sustainable lives.  Two Men and a Truck Nashville loves supporting our local Habitat chapter by providing two free moves per month to its families who need help finding moving services.  Additionally, our marketing coordinator, Jenni, serves on one of Habitat Nashville’s Women Build committees, and we provide gifts to the attendees of the annual Women Build Couture Construction event.

We treat the members of Family Forward the way we would treat our grandmothers.

4. FiftyForward

Did you know we’re the only moving company in Middle Tennessee that has a senior sensitivity training program for our moving staff?  The senior population in Middle Tennessee is growing as seniors relocate to Greater Nashville for retirement and as the fields of science and medicine make it possible for us to live longer.  FiftyForward is a non-profit that serves Tennesseans who are 50+ years old by providing community, purpose, and life-long learning to these individuals.  With all kinds of cool programs such as Meals on Wheels, hobby-related classes, and festive annual events, FiftyForward is always looking for volunteers as well as donations!  Jenni, our marketing coordinator, serves on FiftyForward’s “junior board,” FutureForward.

The Tennessee Respite Coalition's new office

5. Tennessee Respite Coalition

Respite is a topic with which many people are unfamiliar, but it basically refers to a temporary period of rest and relief from a specific burden.  The Tennessee Respite Coalition works to bring respite to caregivers across the state.  These caregivers include guardians of special needs children, adults who care full-time for an elderly relative, and anyone else who spends a significant portion of time taking care of an individual who has trouble taking care of him- or herself.  The TRC supports these caregivers by offering vouchers to cover the cost of their respite, providing volunteer companions to seniors to provide time for respite, and providing information about state resources designed to give respite.  Our company helps the TRC in various ways, including providing birthday cards the organization sends to caregivers, donating door prizes to the organization’s special events, and volunteering in different capacities.  Jenni also serves on the TRC’s Marketing Committee.

The sign on the door to Book'em's Reading is Fundamental program room

6. Book’em

There are all kinds of studies that show the benefits of learning to read as a child; literacy makes school, work, and even simple tasks like driving much easier throughout life.  Two Men and a Truck Nashville’s goal is to “Move People Forward,” so we love working with Book’em to encourage excitement about reading among Metro Nashville’s children.  Book’em provides free, brand-new books to at-risk populations of children, including students in low-income areas of Nashville, children of Habitat for Humanity recipients, and many other groups of kids.  We love supporting Book’em by making monthly visits to our assigned class of Metro Nashville first grade students to read to them and distribute free books.

On our way to a move for Doing Good TV

7. Doing Good TV

Local non-profits always appreciate monetary donations, but they also need volunteers to support their activities!  Doing Good TV promotes the spirit of volunteerism by highlighting local volunteers through its short video segments, providing resources to help discover volunteer opportunities you can be passionate about, and giving volunteer ideas to other non-profit organizations that want to better engage their volunteers.  Whenever Doing Good TV has a need to have equipment and other items moved around their office or between projects, we’re happy to donate moving hours to them!

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