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Sales Manager Chris Makes a Career Move

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville operations managerComing back from our Labor Day Weekend holiday, we have some exciting news to share about growth in our company! Our Sales Manager Chris has just earned his latest promotion to become our new Operations Manager at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville. Chris has been working with our company for over three years now, and we’re so proud of all his accomplishments as part of our team.

Chris started working with us as a Mover in 2014 after moving here from his home in New Jersey. Our General Manager Nick was very impressed with Chris’s ability to plan ahead and prevent potential issues on the job site, so Chris was quickly promoted to our Driver Team Lead position. As a Driver, he was responsible not just for leading each move, but also for inspecting his truck every morning, walking customers through their moving day paperwork, and communicating with the dispatcher in our office throughout his jobs. Chris was a great communicator and always received high customer satisfaction scores, so one year later, Nick offered him a position as a full-time Sales Representative in the office.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville salesChris’s experience in the field as a mover helped him relate to customers as they called in to schedule their move and ask for moving advice. The rest of the sales team naturally started asking Chris for help when unusual moving circumstances arose, and he became the “go-to” sales person for working through complicated situations. A few months after his transition into the office, Nick promoted Chris again to the position of Sales Lead. We weren’t surprised to see Chris really take ownership of his new role and prove his leadership and training capabilities! Everyone saw his next promotion coming in 2016 when he was named the Sales Manager.

Throughout his time as Sales Manager, Chris continued working closely with our Operations team to ensure every customer’s move went smoothly in the field. He would volunteer to help out in the dispatch office when we were incredibly busy during the summer moving season, and he stayed late several evenings to make sure moving crews arrived safe after their last jobs. We all know Chris will do great as he takes over responsibility of all our Mover and Drivers’ training, safety procedures, and dispatching duties. Congratulations Chris!

If you’re looking for an exciting, customer-facing job with room for career growth, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK may be the place for you! Visit our careers page to see our current opportunities, or call or text us at 615-248-6288 with your questions. We look forward to adding you to the team!

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Career Move Month: How Our General Manager “Moved” Up in Our Company!

This March, we’re celebrating Two Men and a Truck’s 4th annual Career Move Month!  All month we’ll be highlighting great stories from our team members about how they “moved” their career forward at Nashville’s Two Men and a Truck and tell you about our current career opportunities.

Nick General ManagerThis week, we want to tell you about our General Manager, Nick.  Nick found Two Men Nashville in 2010 after working as the General Manager of another company for several years.  He was unhappy with the industry he was in and needed a change.  While browsing for other management opportunities online, Nick found a Two Men Nashville ad for an Inside Sales Representative position.  “I honestly thought it would be a job I only kept for 6 months to a year.  I saw it as a job for the transition until I could find another managing job,” he remembers.

But then Nick realized he really liked the company and position he was in.  “I could honestly sell the service because I believe in it–I felt good about the product.”  Nick saw the way Two Men and a Truck would follow up with every single customer after their moves to be sure everything went smoothly, and the level of accountability placed on each team member.  He explains, “I’ve always been able to work hard and move up in every company I’ve worked for, so I figured I could do the same thing here.”

After a year of hard work as a Sales Representative, Nick was promoted to the Sales Lead position.  When the managers saw his ability to foresee issues in scheduling and his past management experience, they moved him over to the Operations Department into a Move Manager position.  Each year, he received another promotion, until he finally became the General Manager of the company in 2014.

Two Men and a Truck is a global companyNick hopes job seekers realize that Two Men and a Truck is a huge network–“We’re not just all over the country; we also have locations in Canada and even across the pond in the UK,” he says.  “And the majority of our managers and owners started at Two Men in front line positions.  As long as you’re willing to work hard, there’s always room for advancement.”

How can we “move” your career forward?  Right now, we’re hiring Movers, Drivers, a Marketing Assistant, and Marketing Interns!  Apply for one of these positions here or give us a call at 615-248-6288 for further information!

Are you looking to book a move with our company?  Give us a call at 615-248-6288 for a free estimate, or click here to visit our website for more moving information!

Meet Nick, Our Manager

IMG_0586Five years ago, our current manager Nick started working here as a Customer Service Representative.  “I was a general manager for another company, and I was looking for a new opportunity,” he explains.

He didn’t see himself staying with Two Men in the long term, but he was already familiar with the furniture industry.  I asked him what convinced him that this would turn into a long-term career.  “I liked how we helped people.  About a month after I first started, the big Nashville floor happened.  We dedicated a lot of our trucks to flood relief and only charged half our normal rate.  I liked that we went the extra mile to help people.”  Nick tells me that his favorite part about working here is the fact that “we make people’s day.  Moving is the most stressful time of people’s lives, because they’ll be in the middle of a house closing, or eight months pregnant, or in a bad situation.  We get to go in there and give them a sense of ease during that time.”

And after being here for five years, Nick has seen every type of situation.  He tells me a story about a move from last year when two men were working on moving a company out of its old office building.  The movers called him to let him know that the move was going to take longer than originally estimated, so Nick said they would have to finish the rest of the move the next day.  Unfortunately, moving the next day wasn’t an option…  “The company’s staff hadn’t told us there were bulldozers on the way to demolish their building.”  Nick said they were only able to finish the move because he had every mover go to the building when they finished their earlier jobs.  “They didn’t finish the move until almost midnight.”

Another time, Nick had already left the office to go home when two moving teams called him from a customer’s storage unit.  “There were two trucks at a storage unit after hours, so you had to punch in a code to get the gate to open.  The woman left during the middle of the move, so the guys were locked in.  They were asking me what to do because she wasn’t answering their phone calls or text messages.”  Nick joked that they would have to sleep in the back of the trucks that night on the furniture pads.  “The guy on the phone didn’t know I was joking, and he started panicking on the other end of the phone because he needed to get home to his wife.”  But it all worked out okay…  “About twenty minutes later, the woman called back and got them out of there.”