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As we begin a new year, it’s time to get after those goals and resolutions. Many people will have some of sort of fitness goal, but how do we accomplish these goals when we work a 9-5? So many times we make too many excuses or make it hard for ourselves to accomplish the goals we set, but it is so much easier to achieve those goals if we set ourselves up for success.  I want to share with you some helpful office workout tips to achieve your fitness goals whether you’re sitting at your desk, standing at the printer, or on your lunch break.

At Your Desk Workouts

Sitting at a desk can create a lot of muscle strains on your eyes, neck, shoulders and legs. To relieve those muscles, here are some easy and quick workouts and stretches to do while you’re at your desk. Be mindful of how much inactivity we experience each day and take extra measures to be more active while sitting at the computer.

For your eyes: Take a few minutes and look out the window. Looking at a computer screen can create a lot of eye strain. By looking at a fresh scenery, it relaxes those particular eye muscles used for short distance vision. For your neck: Tilt your head forward and go to the left and then to the right. Our necks have a huge job of holding our heads up straight, which can create a lot of strain as we sit at a desk and stare at a screen all day. For your shoulders: Shrug your shoulders up and rotate them in a 180-degree motion. Desk jobs involve so much typing and dealing with constant office stress, which can create a lot of tension in the shoulders; this easy workout will help to relax your shoulders. For your Legs: Lift your legs from the ground, hold it for 5 seconds, and then let them down. Sitting at a computer comprise the majority of our work day, but we can put those legs to work by doing this super simple workout.

Standing at the Printer Workouts

While standing at the printer or talking with a coworker, here are some simple workout to get those restless legs moving and flowing.

Glute kicks: Lift your legs one by one and kick your buttocks. Hold on to the printer to stabilize while you wait for your prints. Take terms with each leg. Calf raises: Stand straight and lift your heels from the ground like you are trying to reach something on the high shelf. Repeat the motion up and down continuously while standing.

On your Lunch Break Workout

Lunch breaks are such a wonderful time to recharge and refuel. I recommend packing some healthy and yummy lunches that you look forward to eating, such as carrots with hummus or a BLT sandwich with an apple. When you set yourself up for success, you will not be tempted to eat out. After eating your healthy packed lunch, I would suggest taking a nice stroll around the neighborhood. This will not only refresh your mind, but it will also help your body get some physical activity to conquer that afternoon slump.

Now it’s time to get after those New Year’s resolution, be intentional about each work day and you will surely succeed. As the MOVERS WHO CARE, we would love to hear your feedbacks about these office workout tips and would love to hear additional tips you found helpful. Leave us a message or call us at 615-248-6288, we would love to hear about how you’re achieving your goals.