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Paw Patrol Halloween Boxtumes

It’s that time of the year again, Halloween time. It’s time to dust off those fun costumes and bring out the yummy treats. Whether you prefer tricks or treats, it’s a fun time for everyone in the family to get out to make some new friends and load up on delicious treats.

We, at Two Men And A Truck, love Halloween because we get to showcase and participate in our annual tradition of making boxtumes! What might you ask is a boxtume? Well, it’s a costume make out of our boxes, of course! This year, we decided to make the Paw Patrol gang, Marshall, Chase, and Rocky.


Materials needed for boxtumes:
• Two Men And A Truck medium boxes
Multi-colored construction papers
• Glue sticks or spray glue
• Scissors
• Crafting knife
• Spray paint
• Foil
• Ribbons

Steps to make the boxtumes:
• First, I found some templates for the badges and the wheels
• Next, I found some inspirations online for ideas on how to make each of their accessories.
• Then, I moved onto cutting and trimming all the accessories to prepare for each of the costumes.
• Subsequently, I cut out the boxes for fit a person inside.
• Finally, I glued the accessories onto the boxtumes and added ribbons for the shoulder straps.

We can’t wait to show them off at one of the local Trunk and Treat next Friday. Meet us at Our Savior Lutheran Academy, October 27th from 5PM-7PM. We can’t wait to meet you and give you some yummy treats!

For your boxtume needs, feel free to give us a call at 615-248-6288. We will even deliver the boxes you need right to your doorsteps for free! We would love to help you out with any boxes or moving needs to make your holidays stress-free! Check out our website for more information on other services we offer.

Moving Tips for Mom (and Dad!)

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving tips for moms and dads

We’re in the middle of our fourth annual Movers for Moms charity drive benefiting local moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter! These moms are going through a very emotional transition as they move from Safe Haven into affordable, long-term housing with their families. But this transition isn’t just taxing on Safe Haven’s moms–it can be very stressful for any parent moving with kids to a new home! Since we’re Nashville’s professional moving company, we want to share our top tips for making a move easier on you and the kiddos.

Before Your Move

One of the most important things for you to do before moving is to make sure your children feel comfortable, not anxious, about the upcoming relocation. As you prepare to find your new home, be direct with your kids about the change that’s coming up, and make sure they know the expected timeline you plan to follow. Otherwise, it can be scary for kids to know that big events are coming up without knowing exactly what steps will be taken and when. During your conversations about moving, make sure you show them with your facial expressions and tone of voice that the change is a positive one for your family, and not something to be afraid of.

Another way you can get your kids excited about their new home is by talking about specific things they can look forward to. Will they get to pick the color of their new room? Will they graduate to a new “big girl” or “big boy” bed as a result of the move? Are there landmarks like parks or fun stores that you’ll be able to frequent in the new neighborhood? Setting happy expectations for them will help alleviate uncertainty about what’s to come.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's tips to moving with kidsDon’t be afraid to get the kids involved in the packing process! While you’re packing up their rooms, you can carefully wrap the breakable items and let them stuff clothing and stuffed animals in the cracks to keep everything snug. We also encourage parents to purchase a “Truckie’s Treasure Chest” moving box, which is smaller than a normal box, includes a handle, and is easy to open and close for little hands. Kids can pack all their favorite books, toys, and pajamas for the first night in the new house into this treasure chest. Then they’ll know exactly where their comfort items are located after the move.

It’s also a great idea to let your children be involved in the purging process. Have them help you pack up old clothing and toys that will be donated to other kids in need as you get rid of old belongings that don’t need to be moved. Explain which charity you’ll be donating these items to, and what type of children you’re supporting. For example, your donations to Safe Haven Family Shelter help local Middle Tennessee families who have lost their homes because of natural disasters or unhealthy domestic situations.

On Moving Day

When Moving Day comes, your attention will likely be pulled in a hundred different directions. You may want to consider having children stay at a grandparent or friend’s house so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about your kids getting underfoot of the movers or straying too far from the new home.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving with kidsIf this isn’t an option, plan a special Moving Day activity or two which will keep the kids’ attention for an extended period of time. This could be making crafts to decorate their new bedrooms, or organizing their books onto shelves in the new home.

If you’re moving with older children who you trust with your tablet or smartphone, this could be a good time for them to get acquainted with the new neighborhood. Challenge them find three or four local activities they want to check out near your new home after the dust settles from moving. These could include visiting the nearest Jeni’s Ice Cream store, biking a nearby greenway trail, or joining a fun class at the local YMCA branch.

After Your Move

You can make a fort out of old TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesKeep the kids involved at this point, even though it’s going to be a busy couple weeks getting everything unpacked. In fact, they can be helpful as you get settled in! You can turn unpacking into a fun activity by making a scavenger hunt game or bingo board out of the belongings they can find and put away in their own rooms. Kids also love using the unpacked boxes to build forts and make other fun crafts as you work to clear out the used cardboard.

You also want to make sure your children get adjusted to their new neighborhood in a reasonable amount of time, so they won’t feel anxious about their new neighbors, school, and extracurricular activities. You can help them feel at ease by taking them for a walk on a Saturday morning, when neighbors may be out to say hello as they do yardwork or drink coffee on the porch. Drive them up to their new school and walk around the play set so they can get excited about new friends and recess. And consider enrolling them in a local class, such as swimming lessons or a little league team, so they can meet other children in the area.

Are you ready to get a free moving quote from us, or do you need to buy fort–I mean packing–supplies? Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 or visit us online to email us!

Save the Date: Movers for Moms Festival

Save the Date for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's Movers for Moms Festival in Nashville

We’ve had a blast hosting our fourth annual Movers for Moms collection this past month!  At the end of the donation drive, we’ll deliver the thousands of essential care items we’ve collected to the moms in need at Safe Haven Family Shelter in time for Mother’s Day weekend.  And this year, we want you to join us in celebrating moms all over Nashville.

In less than a month, we’ll be hosting our first ever Movers for Moms Festival at Dragon Park in Green Hills!  The event is free to attend, and takes place on April 22nd from 10 am-2 pm.  We hope you’ll bring the whole family to enjoy fun activities like:

  • Art activities hosted by The Frist Center, inspired by some of their current exhibits
  • Hugs and photos with fairytale princesses
  • Active games such as a relay race, parachute play, and kid yoga

Puppies in a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxAnd we can’t forget to pamper the moms in attendance.  All of Nashville’s mamas are invited to enjoy activities like:

We’re even prepared for lunch and snack times so you can stay at the park and play all day!  You and the whole fam can enjoy snacks and free samples from local food makers like Nut Butter Nation, Nashville Jam Company, and Professor Bailey’s Spicy Pimento Cheese.

Some of our games and attractions require tickets to participate, and all ticket sales directly benefit the moms at Safe Haven.  Plus, a portion of all food sales will go to Safe Haven as well!  And you’ll want to check out our silent auction, which includes Mother’s Day gift packages for the special mum in your life.

Check out the schedule below to make sure you don’t miss your favorite moments of the festival!  And if you want to see more details about who and what will be there, visit the festival website.

Schedule of Events for the Movers for Moms Festival in Nashville

Strange-but-Amazing Packing Hacks

Packing Tips from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville

If you’re preparing for your first large move, you may feel overwhelmed with all the packing that needs to get done. Fortunately, we have over 20 years of packing experience under our belts, and we’re sharing our best DIY packing tips! These tips are perfect for a family who doesn’t have a budget to hire us for packing services, or for the hyper-organized personality who prefers to know where all of her belongings are at any given time.

By-the-Room Tips

Bedroom:  Instead of purchasing garment bags for your hanging clothes, you can turn a garbage bag upside down and use the tip of each hanger to poke a hole through the plastic.  And when you hang clothes in your wardrobe boxes, be sure you take advantage of all the space the boxes offer!  You can usually fit several pairs of shoes in the bottom of each box.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK packing dishesKitchen:  Be sure you don’t skimp on the packing supplies you use for dishes!  An unexpected bump in the road can easily break a handle off a loose cup or chip a plate.  Remember that dish boxes come with adjustable inserts to fit each dish snugly, and are double-insulated on the outside to add extra cushion.  If you do stack plates in a box, use disposable foam plates between each breakable one to act as shock absorbers.  You can also use soft items lying around your house, such as socks, stuffed animals, and hand towels, as cushioning in the empty spaces at the corners of the box.

Dining Room:  Most modern dining tables have detachable legs which easily come off with an Allen key/wrench.  If yours can be disassembled this way, you can easily wrap the tabletop in a blanket to avoid scratching the top during transit.  Whenever you disassemble any furniture in your home to move it, be sure to put the hardware and Allen keys in a small plastic zip bag and tape the bag to the furniture so you won’t lose any screws.

Den:  If you have a mirror hanging in your den, a glass tabletop on your coffee table, or any other sheets of glass in other parts of the house, you can use two strips of masking tape to make an “X” on the surface of each glass piece.  The tape will help prevent shattering and add strength.  Then place a piece of cardboard on each side of the sheet before thoroughly wrapping it in bubble wrap.

General Packing Hacks

Use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxes to store clutter until after your holiday guests leaveLabeling:  Pick a color for each room in your NEW home, and use corresponding colored markers to label the contents of your boxes.  Then color a floorplan of your new home with the same color system.  This way, you can easily instruct your movers on where each box goes.

Liquids:  First of all, be sure you carry any flammable liquids, such as bleach or other household cleaners, in your own car–not the moving truck!  Moving companies can’t take flammable chemicals on their trucks.  Next, when you pack up any bottled liquids such as shampoo or hand soap, place the bottles in large plastic zip bags before packing them into boxes.  This way, if one leaks, it won’t hurt the other contents of the boxes or weaken the integrity of the boxes themselves.

Day-of-Move Box:  On your first night in your new home, what will you absolutely need?  Charging cords, toilet paper, a change of clothes…?  Place these items in clear storage bins so you can easily see which items are in each bin and find necessities quickly.

Small Items:  When you’re packing up your knick knacks and small items you don’t want to lose inside a vacuous box, wrap each of these belongings in colored paper instead of regular packing paper.  This way, as you pile your packing paper into trash bags after the move, you won’t accidentally discard or overlook these things.

Packing with Kids

Packing with kids is completely different from packing by yourself, because you have to keep them engaged and entertained with a task at the same time.  Here are a few ways they can help:

  1. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving with kidsInstead of (or in addition to) using colored markers to label each box, let the kiddos use colored stickers to help you label where each box goes.  When you’re unpacking, remember that the used cardboard will serve as great forts or coloring canvases for them!
  2. Turn packing into a game.  Send the kids on a scavenger hunt to help you pack specific items, and let them play Stuffed Animal Basketball with the boxes their toys will go into.
  3. Turn cleaning into a game!  While you clean the home for the next homeowners or your landlord, see which child can clean their assigned room the fastest, or clean the most windows.

And finally, if you decide you’re burnt out on packing or have a specific room that seems like it’ll be a pain to pack up, give us a call!  We can pack up as little or as much as you’d like to make your moving experience easy.  Visit us online, or call/text us at 615-248-6288 for a free quote.

7 Books for Kids Who Are Moving

seven books about moving for kids

As Nashville’s professional movers, we know it can be really tough on young children when their family is getting ready to move to a new town.  They may have to get ready to leave their first friends, their school community, their church group, and any sports or scouts groups they’re a part of.  But, as you know, moving on doesn’t have to be scary–it can be exciting!

Our company is super dedicated to supporting a non-profit in Nashville called Book’em because this organization provides free books to local children living in poverty.  As part of our partnership with Book’em, we regularly visit classes at Dodson Elementary and Park Avenue Elementary to read books before we give brand new books away to their students.  This semester, we decided to read some books to the kids about moving, and now we want to share our favorites with you!

Who Will Be My Friends? by Syd Hoff

Books about moving for childrenLet’s just skip straight to one of children’s biggest fears that accompanies a big move: how will they make friends in their new town?  This is a great book for new readers.  Each page has big pictures with easy-to-read character expressions, and only one or two sentences per page turn.  Freddy, the little boy in the story, first gets acquainted with his new town and the grown-ups who he’ll interact with on a regular basis.  Then he tries to make friends with some other kids who are playing together.  When they won’t immediately accept him into their group, Freddy decides to play by himself in the same playground as the other children.  The children end up begging him to join their games after they see how much fun he’s having!

Bella and Stella Come Home by Anika Denise and Christopher Denise

Books about moving for kidsThis heartwarming story is great for newer readers who want to read to you, or for young children who may just want to hear you read aloud to them.  Bella and her stuffed elephant Stella explore their new home together.  Searching the house room-by-room, Bella and Stella recognize that they’ll be leaving behind some of the favorite parts of their old life, but will also be keeping the most important parts of home.  At the end, they even make friends with the next door neighbor and his stuffed giraffe.  One of the fun parts of this book is the pictures; Anika and Christopher Denise really capture the childlike perspective of Bella by turning Stella into a real elephant friend–not just a lifeless stuffed animal.

Henry and Mudge and Annie’s Good Move by Cynthia Ryland (Pictures by Suzie Stevenson)

Books about moving for kidsWe love this charming book from the well-known “Henry and Mudge” series!  Great for first and second grade readers, this book offers a different perspective on moving which encourages kids to think outside of their often egocentric world.  Instead of having Henry and his dog move, author Cynthia Rylant tells the story of how Henry encourages his anxious cousin Annie through her move to a new neighborhood.  Henry not only calms her nervousness on Moving Day by teaching her a coping trick, but also goes the extra mile to bring her treats and even have her family’s professional mover reassure her that he’ll take good care of her favorite belongings.

The Moogees Move House by Leslie McGuirk

Moving books for kidsThis Dr. Seuss-esque story is a very fun one to read aloud or “popcorn read” with your child.  A family of “moogees” go on an adventure around town with a real estate agent, looking at house after house for their new dream home.  While the mom and dad moogees find something wrong with each house, the moogee children chime in with the same silly chorus after each showing: “Waa waa moogee doogee wee wee low lum!”  (When our marketer Jenni read it to her Book’em class of first graders, they all cracked up hysterically after each home.)  The family finally does find their dream home, but the story ends by reminding readers that the most important part of a home is the family living inside of it.

Alexander, Who’s Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move by Judith Viorst (Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser)

books about moving for kidsFor parents of more strong-willed children who are especially concerned about the challenges that come with moving, this Judith Viorst book is wonderful.  Beware of the higher reading level of this book, as it may be best for a read-aloud session.  The familiar character of Alexander has a tough time accepting that he needs to pack his belongings, visit his favorite places for the last time, and say goodbye to his favorite people before his family moves across the country.  He finally becomes reassured that the move won’t be disastrous, as his loving parents and brothers do their best to make Alexander feel comfortable in his new home.

Arto’s Big Move by Monica Arnaldo

books about moving for kidsAnother great read-aloud for children who are especially apprehensive about Moving Day is this story from Monica Arnaldo.  Arto, a northerner, is having to move south because of a temporary job relocation for his mom.  In an act of stubbornness, Arto refuses to wear anything less than a sweater, winter coat, winter socks, boots, and a knit hat…even though it’s very warm in the south.  However, after he meets a classmate who frequently moves because of her mom’s job, Arto begins to open up to the idea of meeting new friends and enjoying the new scenery of the south.  When Arto’s mom is ready to move back up north again at the end of her temporary relocation assignment, Arto is much more relaxed about the prospect of moving.

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle

books about moving for kidsAny good children’s book list must include an Eric Carle book!  In this classic story, the main character Hermit Crab needs to find a new home because his old shell has become too small.  At first, Hermit Crab’s new, larger shell isn’t very home-y.  But when Hermit Crab explores the ocean, he starts making new friends and picking up “decorations,” such as a sprig of coral reef and a sea urchin.  He has his home perfectly decorated and full of friends just as he realizes he needs to find yet another new, bigger shell.  This symbolic story teaches children the positive side of change and encourages readers to find their own treasures in their new state of life.

Our favorite thing about all of these books is that they’re all available at the Nashville Public Library!  Nashville’s library has branches located all over the Greater Nashville region, and you can reserve whichever books you want through their online database, to be picked up at the most convenient branch to you.  Have fun reading, Nashville!

Is your family getting ready to move?  Give us a call or text us at (615) 248-6288 for a free moving quote from the Movers Who Care.  Or visit us online by clicking here!

Quick-and-Easy Cardboard Holiday Crafts

Five easy holiday crafts made from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes

One of the best parts about this time of year is the anticipation of our big celebrations… While we wait for the party to begin, we can bake cookies, decorate the house, and get crafty! Since we at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK always have access to tons of moving boxes, we wanted to show you how to DIY some easy crafts with old cardboard you may have lying around your house. Also, all of these crafts are kid-friendly! (*Just be sure there’s an adult around to monitor any hot glue gun or crafting knife usage.)

Holiday Wreaths

Make a Christmas wreath out of an old moving box from TWO MEN AND A TRUCKMake a unique wreath in fifteen minutes with an old moving box!  Here’s what you’ll need:

A moving box
Craft/scrapbooking paper
Glue stick and scissors
Hole puncher
Crafting knife*

To make your holiday wreath, you’ll first need to trace two concentric circles onto the side of your flattened box. We used a plate and a bowl to trace our circles. Then cut out your wreath frame with a crafting knife.

Use your scissors to cut out holly leaves, small circles, or any other seasonal shape you like from your craft paper! Then glue your paper shapes around your cardboard wreath frame. Once your wreath is decorated, just punch a hole to string your ribbon, and presto! You have a unique, handmade wreath!

Personalized Gift Tags

Make special Christmas gift tags out of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxesOne great part about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s moving boxes is that they’re white–perfect as a blank canvas! Here’s what you’ll need to make some special name tags for your presents this year:

A moving box
Paint and paintbrush
Hole Puncher
Crafting knife*

Simply trace your favorite holiday shapes onto clean, white parts of your moving box. Use your crafting knife to cut along the traced edges, and use paint to customize your name tags! You can use any type of marker to write the names of your gift recipients, as well as thoughtful notes to go along with your presents.

Holiday Card Display

Make a DIY Christmas card holder out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxInstead of having your holiday cards cover your refrigerator this year, why not display them in your entryway or living room? Here’s what you’ll need for this craft:

A large moving box
Mini clothespins
Felt (we used the kind with adhesive on the back)
Hot glue gun*
Crafting knife*

Use your crafting knife to cut out fun holiday shape from your moving box. (If you’re creatively challenged like us, you can simply cut out a tall triangle with a rectangle at the bottom for a simple tree shape.) The apply your colored felt to the front of your tree or other shape and use scissors to trim the edges that hang off the sides.

Carefully wrap your ribbon around your cardboard tree, gluing it to the back of your box to hold it in place. Be careful not to wrap the ribbon too loosely, or your cards will weigh down the strand and cause it to sag in front. You can also glue an extra loop of ribbon to the back if you’d like to hang your tree from a wall! Then use your mini clothespins to hang your cards along the ribbon in front.

Modern Trees

Make a DIY Christmas display out of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesThis one is especially fun for kids because of the lights involved! It’s another super easy display to create even for the craft-challenged. Here’s what you’ll need:

A couple moving boxes
String of Christmas lights
Crafting knife*

First, cut large, tall triangles out of your moving boxes. To create a piece with two dimensions and some visual contrast, we used the front and back of our boxes to create both brown and white trees.

Then have your child (or you!) poke some holes into the boxes with your pencil tip. Be sure to poke these from the “back” of the triangles so the lights will fit in easier. Then just push the tiny bulbs into each hole and set your trees against the wall you want to decorate. If you want to embellish your display, you can purchase some small greenery or other knick knacks to go along with your cardboard forest.

Versatile Garland

Make some holiday garland strings out of old TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesThis garland can be used in place of tinsel along your tree, hung from your holiday mantel, or used to add some DIY flair to your table centerpiece. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

Leftover cardboard scraps from the other crafts above
Hole puncher
Paint, sequins, or glitter glue
Crafting knife*

First, trace out the holiday shapes you want to include in your garland from your moving box pieces. You can trace holiday cookie cutters or just images you’ve printed from your computer. Carefully cut these out with your crafting knife.

Next, decorate your cut-outs in any way you please! You can make them colorful and fancy or keep them simple and classy. When you’re done decorating, use your hole puncher to help string your favorite ribbon through each piece.  Hang wherever you like in your house!


We hope you’ll have fun with these holiday crafts! If you need any moving (or crafting!) supplies, give us a call or text at 615-248-6288. You can also visit our website for help with your move or craft session. We even offer free delivery when you order $50 or more in moving supplies!

Give back this holiday season…without even trying!

ways to give back this season without even trying

It may sound cheesy, but we really do our best to live by our slogan of “Movers Who Care”!  Every holiday season, we try to find ways to support the community by doing things we would do anyway…  We know we’re going to decorate Christmas trees and buy gifts for our loved ones, so why not help local non-profits at the same time?  This year, we decided to fill you in on the top five ways we’ll be giving back to those in need so you can get some inspiration for your own holiday activities!

Buy your Christmas tree…and help single moms in need.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can move your furniture to make room for holiday directionsIt’s pretty much required this time of year to pick out a Christmas tree with your kids, then decorate as a family while you snack on cookies and sing Christmas tunes.  Instead of going out to a normal Christmas tree farm this year, pick out your tree with Nashville Giving Tree!  This awesome non-profit has found a way to make sure 100% of the sales from these trees benefit young, single moms in Nashville who are still working on obtaining their high school diploma.  By working with farmers, trucking companies, and local businesses, every penny goes back to the ones who really need it.

Decorate your tree…and pay for children’s cancer treatments.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK sponsors the St Jude Radiothon on The Big 98One of our favorite non-profit partners is the St Jude Research Hospital, which offers free treatment, free meals, free EVERYTHING to families whose children are suffering from cancer.  We are honored to sponsor their radio-thon every year on the Big 98 radio station.  We also love ordering new Christmas ornaments through their online gift shop!  Not only do the sales of these ornaments benefit their patients, but they were also designed by the children who are being treated at the hospital!

Send holiday cards…and support retired seniors.

Our company is dedicated to supporting Nashville seniors, and we actually partnered with local non-profits and senior communities to develop the county’s very first Senior Sensitivity Training for movers.  One of those non-profits is FiftyForward, and we still do all we can to support their mission of eliminating isolation and depression among retired seniors in Middle Tennessee.  When you’re ready to buy holiday cards to send to your loved ones, consider purchasing handmade cards from the “Card Crusaders” club at the FiftyForward Martin Center!  All profits from card sales go back to the non-profit, and every card is made by their clients.  They even have a holiday card special going on right now, where you can get a discount for purchasing more than 24 cards.

Make your holiday dinner…and earn cash for your favorite local charity.

If you have a Kroger rewards card, you can make sure every grocery run earns money to be donated to the local school, church, or non-profit organization of your choice through their awesome Community Rewards program.  All you have to do is log into your Kroger account online, go to your Account Settings page, and enroll in the Community Rewards on behalf of your preferred organization.  While not every school, church, and local non-profit has chosen to be a partner of Kroger’s program, you can support almost any worthy cause you desire!

Get gifts for the kids…and benefit young hospital patients.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville supports the Monroe Carrel Jr Childrens Hospital at VanderbiltWe absolutely love the local Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, which treats hundreds of thousands of children every year for everything from common colds to cancer.  In fact, we also sponsor their annual radio-thon on The River radio station every year!  This season, when you purchase Kohl’s Cares books and stuffed animals, all profits benefit children being treated at Vanderbilt.  To make sure your purchase benefits our local hospital, be sure to pick up your order from your local Kohl’s store, either through online ordering + in-store pickup or during your next visit to Kohl’s.

Get gifts for your friends…and help low-income families buy homes.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK donated free moves to the Habitat for Humanity Women Build 2015A little known fact about Habitat for Humanity is that they don’t simply give away homes to the homeless–they actually require eligible low-income families to purchase Habitat homes with a zero-interest loan, and only after they complete mandatory financial classes and sweat equity.  We support Habitat by donating free moving services to their largest families in need!  And this holiday season, you can help their families too, by purchasing home goods and decor gifts for your friends at the Habitat ReStore.  The ReStore sells furniture and decor items which were overstocked retail merchandise, slightly damaged retail merchandise, or gently used donations from the community at bargains you can’t resist.  All sales directly benefit the Habitat mission!

Get gifts for that person who has everything…and support volunteerism.

Although many people know they’re passionate about certain causes, such as animal rights or homelessness, it can be difficult to know how to find a good way to get involved.  To help spread awareness about various non-profit opportunities, Doing Good TV documents the efforts and positive change of different volunteer efforts around America.  We love donating free moves to Doing Good, and you can donate to them too this holiday season by purchasing a ZapCard! The ZapCard offers over 3,000 digital coupons (accessible by smartphone) to popular stores such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Macy’s, Hertz, and Walmart.  Perfect for your friend who already owns everything, and over 50% of the sales support Doing Good!

Buy your gifts from Amazon…and donate to your favorite local charity.

Amazon Smile lets you buy Christmas presents while donating part of your purchase to your favorite Nashville charity.Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville, we are huge Amazon fans.  If you have an Amazon account that you use regularly, you can have a percentage of every purchase you make benefit the charity of your choice!  Simply go to your Amazon Smile account preferences and set the charity you would like to benefit.  When you’re ready to start filling up your online cart, just make sure you visit smile.amazon.com instead of the normal amazon.com homepage to find the items you want to purchase.

Happy shopping, Nashville!  When you’re ready to haul your tree or new furniture home, be sure to give us a call, text, or email for a free moving quote!

How to Make Two More Box Costumes!

Two more easy box costumes you can DIY with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxes

During October, you’ll find our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK employees making tons and tons of creative “boxtumes,” or costumes made from our moving boxes.  We love boxtumes because they recycle old moving boxes, help parents avoid spending tons of money on generic costumes, and allow children to get involved in personalizing their costumes.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's boxtumes were featured on News Channel 5's midday show Talk of the Town

In the past, we’ve made everything from an aquarium costume to a Pokemon-inspired Pikachu out of boxes.  But now we want to teach you how to make two more fun “boxtumes” for your kids or even yourself!  Our local CBS station, News Channel 5, loved these costume ideas so much that they featured us on their midday show Talk of the Town!

Barbie Doll Box

The final TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Barbie boxtumeEvery kid should feel beautiful enough to be a doll–so let your daughter dress up as one of the most timeless dolls out there!  To transform into Barbie, you’ll need:

  • Your favorite, most glamorous outfit
  • A box big enough to stand in (we used a Medium box for our 3-year-old model)
  • Material for arm straps (we used ribbon)
  • A printed “Barbie” logo
  • Pink craft paper, wrapping paper, or spray paint*
  • A crafting knife*
  • Packing tape and/or hot glue*

* Spray paint, crafting knives, and hot glue should only be used by adult DIY-ers!

Step One: Mark the rectangular panel that you’ll cut from the front of your box.  Make sure you leave a couple inches on each side to help keep your boxtume intact during trick-or-treating!

Make a Barbie costume for Halloween out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxStep Two: Print and cut out your “Barbie” logo on a piece of cardstock paper.  Then trace the logo onto your box, centered near the bottom.  Make sure at least part of the logo overlaps with the bottom edge of your box, or it will be very hard to attach the “floating” section to the edge!

Step Three: Use your crafting knife to cut out the rectangular panel.  Don’t worry about cutting into your traced Barbie silhouette–we’ll reattach that later!  Once the rectangular panel is cut out, carefully cut the traced edge of your logo from the panel.  Use your packing tape to secure it back to the edge of your box from the front and back of the logo shape.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK box costumeStep Four: Prep your box for the arm straps that you’ll use to hold the box up when either you or your child is ready to get dressed.  There are many ways you can attach arm straps, but we used our craft knife made two vertical slits near the center of the back of the box.  We also kept the slits narrow so our ribbon wouldn’t slide around once we secured it inside.

Step Five: Time to wrap!  There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so long as you paper your inside with a simple pattern and the outside with a solid pink.  We did our best to minimize seams by using as few sheets of paper as possible.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's Barbie Box CostumeStep Six: Carefully poke through both layers of your craft or wrapping paper at the places where your arm strap slits lie underneath.  Then slide your straps into place and secure with packing tape or hot glue.

You can also use these steps to make a G. I. Joe, Monster High, or any other doll brand that your son or daughter might like to dress as for Halloween.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's LEGO man boxtume featured on News Channel 5's Talk of the Town showAnother fun and easy costume is a LEGO block or person!  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A box about the size of the wearer’s torso (we used a Small box for our 4-year-old model)
  • Six or seven round objects, such as round tupperware containers or paper bowls
  • Your favorite color of craft paper, wrapping paper, or spray paint*
  • If you want to add a LEGO head to your boxtume, you’ll also need a square box that’s a little larger than the wearer’s head and some yellow craft paper, wrapping paper, or spray paint*
  • A crafting knife*
  • Packing tape and/or hot glue*

* Spray paint, crafting knives, and hot glue should only be used by adult DIY-ers!

Step One: Figure out which sides of your box will end up being the top of your boxtume, the front, and the sides.  Once you have that situated, go ahead and cut out your arm holes from the two sides.  This is much easier to do while your box is still flat!

Step Two: Tape up your box and carefully cut a large head hole in the top.  Be generous with this one, because you won’t want the wearer to have a cardboard edge against their neck all night.  Also be sure that your costume-wearer can walk easily in their boxtume by cutting off any unneeded length at the end of the sides.  (Since our wearer was a short child, we just ended up cutting off all the folding flaps at the “bottom” of our boxtume!)

Step Three: Time to wrap!  When it comes to your box, just act like you’re wrapping a giant present for Christmas.

How to make a LEGO Boxtume out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxStep Four: Next come the bowls or tupperware you’ll be using to make the little bumps found on top of a LEGO piece.  If you’re using colored paper to decorate these, you’ll want to cut out a square for each bowl, allowing your squares to have a radius about 2-3 inches wider than the bowls.  Use packing tape to adhere the smaller side of your bowl to the back side of your paper square.  Then cut your paper into a starburst shape around the bowl.  Tape the end of each strip of your paper square to the top of your bowl, so you can see the colored side of your paper start to cover the bowl on the outside.  Repeat this process until you have six round, colored bumps to add to your costume!  Attach six of these to the front of your costume with either packing tape or hot glue.

Step Five: These next steps are optional if you’d like to create a LEGO head for your costume.  Take your flat, square box and trace eyes and a mouth onto the side you’ll use as the front of your mask.  Then use your crafting knife to cut out these pieces!

Step Six: Cut off the flaps at the bottom of your square box–otherwise you won’t be able to fit your head inside!  Then tape up the rest of the box to give it shape.

LEGO box costume made out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxStep Seven: Almost done! Wrap your mask in yellow paper (or color with spray paint) the same way you did with your main boxtume body.  Then wrap your final bowl or tupperware piece with yellow paper and secure to the top of your mask.

Do you need some boxes–er, craft supplies to make your Halloween boxtume?  Call or text us at 615-248-6288 to order some!  You can also visit our website for information about our moving services.

DIY Halloween Costumes made of Moving Boxes

It’s almost time for Halloween, and for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, that means it’s boxtume time!  What’s a boxtume?  It’s our version of a Halloween costume, made out of recycled moving boxes.  This year, we made three fun costumes, and we want to teach you how to make them too!

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To make a Pikachu costume, you’ll need:

  • A moving box (we used a Small box, but you’ll want to use a Medium if you’re making an adult costume)
  • Headband
  • Decorating supplies (we just used markers)
  • Packing tape or hot glue gun*
  • Yellow wrapping paper or spray paint*
  • Crafting knife, such as an Exacto knife*

*Hot glue gun, spray paint and crafting knife use should always be monitored by an adult!

Step One:  Cut your box down to the correct size for the boxtume wearer.  This part of the project will require your discretion about the wearer’s size.  For our boxtume model, we were able to make a cut all the way down the middle of the “back” of our box, fold the sides down to a width that felt comfortable to him, and then tape the back together by overlapping the two sides of the original “back.”  You can choose to use our overlap-and-tape method, or you can choose to just cut out your wearer’s overlapping panel and tape the new edges together in back.

Step Two:  Pencil in lines that you’ll use to cut head and arm space into your box.  Instead of fully removing the top folding flaps of our box, we actually left part of the two “side” flaps on our box to serve as “sleeves.”  Taping these partial flaps down to the top edges of the box also helps provide stability to the box’s shape.  Then we traced the opening of a big cup for our arm holes.  Finally, we made a small, vertical cut into the back of the box that we eventually used to hold Pikachu’s tail.

Step Three:  Cut out your Pikachu ears for your headband.  To reinforce the strength of your ears, trace a mirror image of each ear and cut out each ear plus its mirrored image in a single piece of cardboard.  Color the ears, or wrap them in your yellow paper.  Then fold the ears over your headband, with the headband resting in between each ear and its mirrored image, and tape/hot glue the ears to their mirrored images.  Now Pikachu’s ears will stay perked up all night long!

Step Four:  Cut out your tail, leaving extra length at the base to tuck into your box’s tail slit.  After decorating the tail and “body” to perfection, carefully slide the tail into the back of your main “body” box and secure with tape or hot glue.  Your tail should also be ready for a long evening of trick-or-treating!

Step Five:  Get ready to fill up your candy bag!  To really commit to the act, dress in a long-sleeved yellow shirt, yellow pants, and yellow slippers under your boxtume.  (Or use our shortcut and buy an inexpensive pair of cleaning gloves.)  You can also add some red Pikachu cheeks with some fun face paint or washable marker.

Hank the Septopus

How to make a Hank the Septopus costume out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving box

To make Dori’s friend, you’ll need:

  • Two moving boxes (we used a Day-of-Move box for the main “body”, but you’ll want to use a Small if you’re making it for an older child or a Medium if you’re making it for an adult)
  • Decorating supplies
  • Packing tape or hot glue gun*
  • Orange wrapping paper or spray paint*
  • Crafting knife, such as an Exacto knife*

*Hot glue gun, spray paint and crafting knife use should always be monitored by an adult!

Step One:  Cut your box down to the correct size for the boxtume wearer.  This part of the project will require your discretion about the wearer’s size.  For our boxtume model, we were able to make a cut all the way down the middle of the “back” of our box, fold the sides down to a width that felt comfortable to him, and then tape the back together by overlapping the two sides of the original “back.”  You can choose to use our overlap-and-tape method, or you can choose to just cut out your wearer’s overlapping panel and tape the new edges together in back.

Step Two:  Pencil in lines that you’ll use to cut head and arm space into your box.  Instead of fully removing the top folding flaps of our box, we actually left part of the two “side” flaps on our box to serve as “sleeves.”  Taping these partial flaps down to the top edges of the box also helps provide stability to the box’s shape.  Then we traced the opening of a cup for our arm holes.

septopus2Step Three:  Cut out Hank’s tentacles.  The costume wearer’s arms will actually become two of Hank’s tentacles, so you’ll only need to cut out five more from your second box.  We traced out curly-shaped tentacles, but yours can really be any shape you want!  Once you cut out the tentacles, make five slits in the sides of your “body” box where you’ll attach them.

Step Four:  Turn everything orange!  To make things easy, we just spray-painted our costume pieces orange.  However, if you prefer, you can also cover the costume in orange wrapping paper or craft paper instead.

Step Five:  Make your final touches.  Go ahead and attach Hank’s tentacles to his body by carefully slipping the tentacles into their slits.  We secured our tentacles further with hot glue, but you could also use packing tape.  Remember that the costume wearer’s arms act as two of Hank’s tentacles, so we recommend wearing a long-sleeved orange shirt underneath the boxtume.  You’re all set to collect some treats!

Presidential Election Ballot Box

Make a 2016 Presidential Election ballot box costume out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving box!

To show your national pride, you’ll need:

  • A moving box (we used a Small box, but you’ll want to use a Medium if you’re making it for an adult)
  • Arm straps (we used patriotic scarves, but you could also use cords or ribbon)
  • Decorating supplies
  • Packing tape or hot glue gun*
  • Red or blue wrapping paper or spray paint*
  • Crafting knife, such as an Exacto knife*

*Hot glue gun, spray paint and crafting knife use should always be monitored by an adult!

Step One:  Cut your box down to the correct size for the boxtume wearer.  This part of the project will require your discretion about the wearer’s size.  For our boxtume model, we were able to make a cut all the way down the middle of the “back” of our box, fold the sides down to a width that felt comfortable to him, and then tape the back together by overlapping the two sides of the original “back.”  You can choose to use our overlap-and-tape method, or you can choose to just cut out your wearer’s overlapping panel and tape the new edges together in back.

ballot box3Step Two:  Trim your box to shape it the way you like.  Now that we have electronic voting machines, ballot boxes mainly serve as symbols of the democratic process.  Fortunately for you, that leaves a lot of room for personal preference while your make your boxtume!  We wanted our ballot box to look more cubical than rectangular, so we cut off all of the box flaps except for the top “front” flap.  We used triangular cut outs from the two top “side” flaps to add stability to our tilted ballot slot in front.  But again, cut your box into the shape you want your ballot box to have!

Step Three:  Cut one or two small slits into each of the “arm sides” of your box to prep for arm straps.  Then, decorate your ballot box to your heart’s content before attaching the arm straps.  Starting with one side of the box, slip each end of your strap material into one of the small slits you made.  If you’ve used two slits on each side, decide how long you need to make the strap to keep the boxtume wearer comfortable, and then tie the two loose ends inside the box.  Cut the extra length off the tied ends.  We only used one slit on each side, and then tied the scarves up behind our costume wearer’s neck.

Step Four:  Get ready to fill up your candy bag!  To really commit to the act, dress in a red, white, and blue shirt, pants, and shoes under your boxtume.  You can also add face paint, a fun hat or wig, and anything else you think would show off your American spirit!

Boxtumes 2016

Win a DIY “Boxtume” Supply Kit!

This month, we’re partnering with our friends at Mix 92.9 to give away free supply kits that you can use to make your own “boxtume” at home!  These kits will include everything you need to make one of the three costumes described in this blog post.  To enter a drawing to win, you can attend any October event that the Mix 92.9 team will be visiting.  Find the big, blue Mix 92.9 tent to fill out your contest entry form!

Read Me Day 2016

Read Me Day 2016 with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville

One of our favorite local non-profit partners is Book’em, an organization with the mission of providing books to low-income children across the state of Tennessee.  Book’em has tons of awesome programs, such as the Reading Is Fundamental program that lets our marketer Jenni bring free, brand new books to first graders at Dodson Elementary School throughout the school year.  But today we want to tell you about one of their biggest annual events coming up this week on Friday the 26th: Read Me Day!

Book’em explains how Read Me Day began 30 years ago:

Read Me Day was started in 1986 by Frankie DeWees, a teacher at East Hickman Elementary School in Lyles, Tenn. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the importance of reading. The event was called “Read Me Day” because students, teachers and visiting readers were invited to wear a shirt, cap, or pin with a message on it so the children could “read the reader.” Book’em has celebrated Read Me Day since 1990.

Since Book’em became the official sponsor of Read Me Day, they’ve been inviting professionals from all sort of industries to come into Nashville elementary schools and read stories to students.  This year, we were so excited to be invited to help prepare for this fun day!

Hands On Nashville's annual book drive for Book'emThroughout January and the beginning of this month, Hands On Nashville hosted their annual book drive to benefit Book’em.  This year, students across Greater Nashville were able to collect over 3,700 books through this awesome drive!  Then over 40 high school student volunteers dedicated a Saturday to sorting the books at the Hands On Nashville headquarters.

Julia Green Elementary School's book drive for Book'emThis month, Ms. Stein’s fourth grade class at Julia Green Elementary School also decided they wanted to do something to help the community, and they came together to collect 1,600 more books for Read Me Day students!  Ms. Stein said her class announced the drive over the school announcements, wrote their own speeches to tell other classes about the campaign, and even volunteered their time on some of Nashville’s recent Snow Days to sort and box all the books.

After all this hard work put in by Nashville’s youth, it was the least we could do to round up their boxes of books and bring them to Book’em’s office!  It’s so exciting to know that we were able to be a small part of Read Me Day this year, and we can’t wait to keep volunteering with this great organization.

Julia Green Elementary School fourth graders

If you’re looking for information to book your next move, we would love the opportunity to serve you!  Please give us a call at 615-248-6288 or visit our website for a free moving estimate.