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Sales Manager Chris Makes a Career Move

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville operations managerComing back from our Labor Day Weekend holiday, we have some exciting news to share about growth in our company! Our Sales Manager Chris has just earned his latest promotion to become our new Operations Manager at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville. Chris has been working with our company for over three years now, and we’re so proud of all his accomplishments as part of our team.

Chris started working with us as a Mover in 2014 after moving here from his home in New Jersey. Our General Manager Nick was very impressed with Chris’s ability to plan ahead and prevent potential issues on the job site, so Chris was quickly promoted to our Driver Team Lead position. As a Driver, he was responsible not just for leading each move, but also for inspecting his truck every morning, walking customers through their moving day paperwork, and communicating with the dispatcher in our office throughout his jobs. Chris was a great communicator and always received high customer satisfaction scores, so one year later, Nick offered him a position as a full-time Sales Representative in the office.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville salesChris’s experience in the field as a mover helped him relate to customers as they called in to schedule their move and ask for moving advice. The rest of the sales team naturally started asking Chris for help when unusual moving circumstances arose, and he became the “go-to” sales person for working through complicated situations. A few months after his transition into the office, Nick promoted Chris again to the position of Sales Lead. We weren’t surprised to see Chris really take ownership of his new role and prove his leadership and training capabilities! Everyone saw his next promotion coming in 2016 when he was named the Sales Manager.

Throughout his time as Sales Manager, Chris continued working closely with our Operations team to ensure every customer’s move went smoothly in the field. He would volunteer to help out in the dispatch office when we were incredibly busy during the summer moving season, and he stayed late several evenings to make sure moving crews arrived safe after their last jobs. We all know Chris will do great as he takes over responsibility of all our Mover and Drivers’ training, safety procedures, and dispatching duties. Congratulations Chris!

If you’re looking for an exciting, customer-facing job with room for career growth, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK may be the place for you! Visit our careers page to see our current opportunities, or call or text us at 615-248-6288 with your questions. We look forward to adding you to the team!

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Career Move Month: Darrian “moves” up in the company

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's career move month

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's dispatcher DarrianEvery March, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK celebrates Career Move Month! We spend the whole month focused on hiring great new team members, and celebrating our current employees who have earned promotions in our company. To kick off Career Move Month 2017, we wanted to share the story of one of our Dispatchers, Darrian.

Darrian began working for us two years ago as a full-time Mover.  He immediately became well-liked by his colleagues because of his positive attitude and fun, competitive spirit.  His supervisor Keith says, “He was really good at taking direction from his team lead, but he was also a great leader when he needed to be.  Plus, he was just really strong.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK NashvilleAll of Darrian’s strengths as a Mover convinced Keith that he was ready for a bigger challenge.  He was promoted to be a Driver–the team lead of each job who not only directs the move, but also drives the truck, performs morning truck inspections, and handles the paperwork with our customers.  “He excelled even more as a Driver,” Keith says.  “He was great at training newer movers and he never complained, no matter how difficult or long a job was.”  Keith also remembers that Darrian was always able to predict whether a job would take longer than the originally estimated time, or whether the crew would need an extra truck to fit all of his customer’s belongings.

About a year and a half after Darrian first started working for us, Keith promoted him to a Dispatcher position in the office.  And Darrian continues to thrive with his latest promotion!  Every day he communicates with each crew to ensure no unexpected issues arise during their jobs, and he inspects each truck at the end of the work day.  Thanks to Darrian’s great attitude and diligence, our moving teams are able to accomplish their jobs without a hitch each day.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers in NashvilleIf you’re looking for a new career path, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK might be the right place for you!  Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit our hiring website to find out how you can contribute to our team.

Career Move Month: Interview Tips from Our Hiring Manager

Whether you’re getting ready to interview for a position at Two Men and a Truck Nashville or another company in town, you’ll want to be on the top of your game during the application and interview process!  To help you nail the interview, we asked our hiring manager, Nick, for his advice on how to make a great first impression.  Here’s what he had to say:

General Manager Nick1. Be sure to fill out your application completely.  Even though some company applications can be multiple pages long, each question is asked to get an idea of your previous experience and skill set.  An incomplete application not only looks unprofessional, but also gives the impression that the applicant won’t be willing to follow instructions on the job.

2. Arrive to your interview on time, if not early.  This reflects the type of employee you’ll be.  When you arrive early to your interview, I know I can count on you to arrive on time each morning.

3. When you arrive, pay attention to road signs.  Especially in a city, parking can be difficult because there are no parking zones, meters, reserved spots, and private garages.  Take this into account when you decide what time to leave for your interview.  If you park in a reserved spot in our parking lot, I’ll notice!

4. Bring a form of identification with you.  Businesses need to verify your identification, background, and work status before being able to hire you.  At Two Men and a Truck Nashville, we can usually hire you on the spot if you qualify for the position.  However, forgetting your ID can slow down the hiring process.

General Manager Nick with Quality Control Specialists5. Give a firm handshake.  You hear this all the time, but some applicants still forget that a handshake plays a big role in their first impression.

6. During your interview, keep eye contact with the hiring manager.  This lets me know that you’re listening, and shows your interest in the position.

7. Be engaging!  I’m looking to hire team members who are enthusiastic and personable in their jobs.  It sounds simple, but smiling is a great way to show your excitement for the job opportunity.  And it’s okay to ask questions about the job, too!

8. Leave food and drinks outside the office.  This seems obvious, but bringing your soda into an interview is extremely unprofessional.  Make sure you arrive hydrated and ready for your interview so you can feel comfortable.

How can we “move” your career forward?  Right now, we’re hiring Movers, Drivers, a Marketing Assistant, and Marketing Interns!  Apply for one of these positions here or give us a call at 615-248-6288 for further information!

Do you need to get a free estimate for your upcoming move?  Click here to visit our website or give us a call at 615-248-6288!

Career Move Month: Chris “Moves” to a New Department

This March is our company’s 4th annual Career Move Month!  All month, we’ll be highlighting stories from our company about how our employees have “moved up” in the ranks, and about career opportunities for you!  This week, we’re sharing the story of our Sales Lead, Chris.

Chris Sales LeadChris began working at Two Men Nashville in August 2014 after his friend, Vince, told him about an open Mover position.  After a month of hard work, Chris was able to pass our Drivers’ test and was promoted to being a Driver.  (The Driver position is the equivalent of a Team Lead in our company.)  “During that first year, I really liked the people I worked with and getting to work in the field.  It was nice meeting new people every day, and there was good pay,” Chris says.

In August 2015, our General Manager Nick needed to hire a new Inside Sales Representative.  Around the same time, Chris knew he needed to find a job that offered more consistent hours so he could have a better schedule for his family at home.  Nick says, “I saw potential in Chris.  The hardest part about training a new Sales Representative is teaching them how to estimate the time a move will take, and how to schedule a move.”  Because Chris had a year of experience in the field, Nick knew he would have no trouble translating that experience into scheduling duties.  “Chris was also always early, and he would always go the extra mile.”  So Nick transitioned Chris into the office position!

A couple short months later, Chris was promoted to the Sales Lead.  To earn the promotion, “I just came into work on time, took the initiative when tasks needed to be completed, and used my experience in the field to help customers with their moving expectations.”  Chris has really excelled as he’s grown into his position as the Sales Lead.  He wants job seekers to know, “I didn’t originally think of Two Men and a Truck as a career opportunity, but doors have really opened for me.  There’s room for growth and a career if you work hard.”

Team building at the Titans gameAre you interested in becoming a Two Men team member?  Right now, we’re hiring Movers, Drivers, a Marketing Assistant, and Marketing Interns!  Apply for one of these positions here or give us a call at 615-248-6288 for further information!

Do you need information about scheduling a move with us?  Click here to see our website or call for information at 615-248-6288!

Career Move Month: How Our General Manager “Moved” Up in Our Company!

This March, we’re celebrating Two Men and a Truck’s 4th annual Career Move Month!  All month we’ll be highlighting great stories from our team members about how they “moved” their career forward at Nashville’s Two Men and a Truck and tell you about our current career opportunities.

Nick General ManagerThis week, we want to tell you about our General Manager, Nick.  Nick found Two Men Nashville in 2010 after working as the General Manager of another company for several years.  He was unhappy with the industry he was in and needed a change.  While browsing for other management opportunities online, Nick found a Two Men Nashville ad for an Inside Sales Representative position.  “I honestly thought it would be a job I only kept for 6 months to a year.  I saw it as a job for the transition until I could find another managing job,” he remembers.

But then Nick realized he really liked the company and position he was in.  “I could honestly sell the service because I believe in it–I felt good about the product.”  Nick saw the way Two Men and a Truck would follow up with every single customer after their moves to be sure everything went smoothly, and the level of accountability placed on each team member.  He explains, “I’ve always been able to work hard and move up in every company I’ve worked for, so I figured I could do the same thing here.”

After a year of hard work as a Sales Representative, Nick was promoted to the Sales Lead position.  When the managers saw his ability to foresee issues in scheduling and his past management experience, they moved him over to the Operations Department into a Move Manager position.  Each year, he received another promotion, until he finally became the General Manager of the company in 2014.

Two Men and a Truck is a global companyNick hopes job seekers realize that Two Men and a Truck is a huge network–“We’re not just all over the country; we also have locations in Canada and even across the pond in the UK,” he says.  “And the majority of our managers and owners started at Two Men in front line positions.  As long as you’re willing to work hard, there’s always room for advancement.”

How can we “move” your career forward?  Right now, we’re hiring Movers, Drivers, a Marketing Assistant, and Marketing Interns!  Apply for one of these positions here or give us a call at 615-248-6288 for further information!

Are you looking to book a move with our company?  Give us a call at 615-248-6288 for a free estimate, or click here to visit our website for more moving information!

Meet Our Spring 2016 Intern, Amani!

Career Move Month bannerEven though it sounds a little cheesy, our mission at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville is “Moving People Forward” in our community.  One way we try to move people forward is through education, because having a great education really sets our students up for success through their career.  Some of the programs we support are Book’em and the PENCIL Partner program, but we also like to support Nashville college students through educational internships!  To give you an inside look at our internship program, we asked our current intern Amani to tell you all about her experience so far and what she’ll be working on this semester:

Marketing Intern AmaniHello everyone, my name is Amani and I am proud to be the newest Spring 2016 Marketing Intern for Two Men and a Truck! I moved from Knoxville, Tennessee to attend school at Tennessee State University, where I am currently a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Integrated Marketing.  Some fun facts about me:

1. My favorite color is Tiffany blue;

2. I am an avid collector of decorative and humorous mugs;

3. I have a twin brother who also attends TSU, and he even lives in the same dorm as I do, a floor beneath me.

I plan on using my degree and my passion of community service to work for a nonprofit, specifically in the marketing department, in order to boost the awareness, donations, volunteers, or recipients.

I came across Two Men and a Truck at a career fair at TSU in the fall of 2015. Most businesses were interested in business or science majors, or upperclassmen. I was feeling discouraged when Mrs. Jenni Hargrove, Two Men’s Marketing Director, stopped me and called me to the table. We exchanged information and after an interview, I was selected to start interning on January 25, 2016.

Marketing Intern AmaniDuring my internship so far, my main focus has been the Movers for Moms campaign that Two Men and a Truck spearheads in conjunction with the Safe Haven Family Shelter. I thoroughly enjoy earning the experience in cause marketing. Lately, I have been learning the skill of selling my product or idea and building business relationships by calling businesses to initiate charity partnerships. I also appreciate the experience earned outside of regular business hours. I have been invited to various meetings by Mrs. Hargrove as a means of networking and becoming familiar with other organizations around Nashville. For instance, last month I had the privilege of sitting in on a meeting for FiftyForward’s Junior Board. (FiftyForward is a place for adults 50 years of age and older to participate in activities with their peers such as exercise, games, and tutoring children.)

I am so excited to have this internship because this is a real life application of the concepts I learn about in the classroom. I am able to apply the information into real life situations, preparing me for a career in marketing. I look forward to contributing to the Movers for Moms campaign. It is an amazing cause that will help so many families, and that’s the fuel for the movement. Two Men and a Truck took a chance on me while I was young and inexperienced, and in turn has given me skills I will take with me to every classroom and career move beyond this.

Are you interested in becoming a Two Men Nashville Marketing Intern, or applying for another position in our company?  Click here to learn about our current career opportunities!

If you need information about our moving services, please click here to visit our website or give us a call at 615-248-6288 for a free moving estimate!

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Job Shadow Day with McGavock High School

Job Shadow Day at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville

Last week, we were one of the local Nashville businesses who participated in McGavock High School’s Job Shadow Day.  One senior (Trez) and one junior (Omar) came from the school’s Hospitality and Finance Academy to learn about all the roles that keep this moving company spinning on its axis.  We all had a blast teaching them about our Sales, Operations, and Marketing departments!

Trez and Omar, like most high schoolers, have a general idea of what they want to do once they graduate.  Trez plans to study business while playing baseball in college, and Omar is considering attending a police academy to become an officer.  However, both of them were attracted to McGavock’s Job Shadow Days so they could get a taste of other career options available to them.  Our biggest priority was letting these students see all the ins and outs of a moving company; even though moving may seem like a simple “Point A to Point B” process, there’s a ton that goes on behind the scenes!

Chris teaching Omar about being a Sales LeadFirst, Trez and Omar met our sales staff.  Our Sales Lead, Chris, explained that he’s responsible for ensuring top-notch customer service from the office, giving sales goals to the other Sales Representatives, and keeping paperwork organized before it gets handed off to the Operations department.  Then they each sat with one of our Sales Representatives to learn about our pricing, how to use the online moving schedule, and how many movers and hours each job will require.  We were really impressed by Trez and Omar’s great questions, like, “What makes up the service fee?” and “Can people call to get moved between states, or can you only move them locally?”

Justin teaching Trez and Omar how to check in a truckNext, we showed them our dispatch office, where all the Movers and Drivers check in and receive their job information every morning.  Justin, one of our Quality Control Specialists, explained our dispatch procedures, organization methods, and the basic breakdown of each job.  As if on cue, when Justin finished his explanation, one of our moving teams came back from a job in the field.  Justin brought Trez and Omar out to the truck to walk them through the team’s check-in procedure.  Both students were impressed by how organized the trucks are kept, and the long list of equipment that each truck needs to have stocked at all times in order to move, disassemble, and reassemble any furniture items a customer may own.

Once Trez and Omar had a sense of how our Operations department is managed, our marketer Jenni brought them into her office to talk about her favorite parts of marketing.  She gave them a basic description of our targeted customers, and explained how our company uses social media to interact with the community.  To explain the purpose of marketing, Jenni asked, “When you think of coffee shops, what’s the first name you think of?”  Both students answered immediately, “Starbucks!”  Jenni nodded and said, “Exactly.  We want to be the Starbucks of the moving industry.  When a family is ready to move, I want the first company they think of to be TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.”

Trez and Omar at Hattie B'sFinally, after a long day of experiential learning, it was time to get a real Nashville lunch!  We treated Trez and Omar to a Nashville classic: hot chicken from Hattie B’s right down the street.

By the end of Job Shadow Day, Trez and Omar both said they learned a lot, and were amazed at how much work goes behind just one moving job.  They’re looking forward to being a part of our Summer Program for college students, where they can come “earn while they burn” between the spring and fall semesters!


Do you need a free quote for your upcoming move, or want to learn more about our company?  Give us a call at 615-248-6288 or click here to visit our website.

If you’re looking for more information about the Academies of Nashville inside Metro Nashville’s public high schools, click here to read all about them.