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Happy Father’s Day to Our Resident Dad!

Stephen and WyattAs Father’s Day quickly approaches, we wanted to highlight one of the awesome dads in our business!  Meet Stephen, one of our Quality Control Specialists out in the field.  Stephen has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville for three years, and he actually started off working for us as a Mover.  Now he helps ensure top-quality service to our customers by training new movers, performing spot checks with our crews, and leading our moving teams on the job.

Stephen is the father to his adorable 16 month old son, Wyatt, and he has another baby on the way!  Stephen says his favorite part about having a son is getting home from work.  “Wyatt gets super excited when he hears the keys unlocking the front door,” Stephen explains.  He also loves learning so much by being a father.  Stephen feels like he’s become a more patient person since having a son, and he knows how to look at life from a new perspective.  “When Wyatt is throwing a temper tantrum, I have to remind myself that I’m trying to teach him all of these life lessons that I’ve already known for years.”

xbox controllerLike every child, Wyatt enjoys copying his dad’s actions.  “His favorite toy is a play baby laptop that he uses to pretend he’s typing.”  Stephen tells us that when he plays with the laptop, Wyatt always has to hand it to his dad to have Stephen turn it on for him.  But when it comes to the TV, that’s another story!  Stephen and his wife have no idea how, but “somehow Wyatt has learned to use the Xbox remote control to secretly watch Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons.”

Even though Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, Stephen says his family probably won’t do anything big to celebrate.  His wife’s birthday is so close to Father’s Day that they always end up celebrating her instead!  “But I feel like every day is Father’s Day for me because of how much joy I get from being Wyatt’s dad,” Stephen says.

When his son was born, Stephen felt happy, nervous, and worried about being a good dad.  But after these first sixteen months, he has some advice for new dads: “Do a lot of research, and Google!”

Happy Father’s Day, Stephen!


Stephen moving a washer for a customerAre you interested in finding a career like Stephen did?  Call or text us today at 615-248-6288 for information on making a career “move” with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville!