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Moving your college stuff into summer storage

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers a special College Student Package in Nashville

Can you believe the school year is almost over?  It can feel so overwhelming to study for your finals, make vacation plans, schedule your courses for the fall, AND plan for summer storage all at the same time!  To make your life a little easier, we came up with our brand new College Student Package to do all the heavy lifting for you.  For one flat price, we can move all your school stuff into storage, and then deliver it all to your new dorm once the summer is over.  You may be thinking, “This magical, stress-free system exists?  How does that even work?”

This is what we include in our College Student Package:

  • Packing supplies are included in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's college student packageWe’ll provide 5 moving boxes, tape, and a marker.
  • On the date of your choice, we send two background-checked and trained full-time movers to your on-campus residence to pick up your 5 full boxes, plus up to 3 bulky items you don’t want to pack into your boxes.  (This can include a mini-fridge, futon, etc.  If you have additional boxes or bulky items, we can add those onto your move for just $50 each.)  We’ll move these items into any storage unit of your choice within five miles of your campus.
  • Once fall comes back around, our movers will move your items out of storage and deliver them to your new dorm, campus housing, or off-campus apartment up to five miles away from the storage unit.  This delivery date will also be on the day most convenient for you!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has special moving services for studentsWhen you use our College Student Package, you’ll avoid having to calculate hourly rates, mileage or gas fees, and weight-based quotes that come from other moving companies.  You’ll also only need to make one phone call to schedule both your move-out and move-in dates without worrying about our schedule filling up over the summer.

We make the whole process as affordable as possible: Everything listed above costs a one-time flat rate of $450!

Do you have questions about this package?  Or are you ready to schedule your moves?  Give us a call or text at (615) 248-6288 or visit our website for more information!

Moving In Together…for the First Time

Moving in together for the first time

Whether you’re getting ready to move in with your significant other, your bestie, or a new college roommate you’ve never met before, you want the transition to go as smoothly as possible.  Some factors you’ll need to consider are how you’ll combine your furniture and decor, who has which appliances, and the things neither of you may have.  This can seem a little overwhelming, so let us give you some tips to get you started!

First of all, get on the same page with your new roomie about your combined inventory.  It may seem like a boring, tedious task to make a really long list of every item you both own, but you can take a few shortcuts.  Work on your inventory list by going through each room of the house, and only include necessities that you’ll both want in your home.  For example, when listing your kitchen items, your housemate will want you to mention that you have a microwave and full set of flatware; they probably won’t care whether you have four or six (or any) of those matching flowery placemats.

Make a list of all your kitchen cookware and diningware.Once you compare lists, figure out which necessities you’re both lacking.  If you get a nagging feeling that there’s a utensil missing from your combined cookware set, try using a wedding registry checklist as a loose guide.  Find one of these checklists on a major retailer’s website (such as Target) or in a cute Pinterest infographic.  Examining your combined inventory will also let you know of which pieces you have duplicates, and help you both avoid hauling two full dining sets to your new home.

If you’re planning to order anything for your new home, be sure you have it shipped to your new address, rather than your current home.  This way, you won’t have to figure out how to pack one more item into yet another box.  Additionally, be sure to schedule the shipping date to take place a few days after your move-in date, just in case your plans get delayed due to bad weather, missed flights, or any other worst case scenario.

When moving day comes, be ready to compromise!  Chances are, you won’t love every single piece of furniture your new co-inhabitant brings with them.  But if you don’t absolutely hate those curtains and you don’t have any of your own to which you’re super-attached, you should consider choosing not to fight that particular battle.  Living with someone, and especially with a new spouse, is all about compromise and learning to open yourself up to new habits and styles.  If there is a specific piece of furniture you really don’t like, find a non-combative way to bring up the topic.

Finally, lTWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can move your furniture items.eave the heavy lifting to professional movers.  Even though moving in with your best friend is really exciting in theory, the planning process can be stressful and exhausting.  You can avoid worrying about playing Tetris with a rental truck and risking furniture damages by hiring a professional team who can offer furniture padding, wrapping, dis-assembly, and re-assembly with their services.  Additionally, reputable moving companies offer free insurance coverage of their services so you can know that all of your belongings are safe.  For more information on local Nashville moving services, check out our website.

Have fun moving in with your old or new friend!  If you have any other packing or moving questions, please feel free to give our team a call at 615-248-6288.