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8 Easy Ways to have a more Eco-Friendly Home

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville tips to make your home eco friendly for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day coming up this weekend, we wanted to share some easy ways you can make your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient! We love living in a city that’s pretty progressive in green housing. These are eight quick-and-easy tactics we’ve seen locally that you can use to celebrate Earth Day at your home!

1. Reuse your moving boxes.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's dish pack boxes have adjustable inserts to protect your dishes.Instead of letting your boxes end up in a landfill after your move, you can find some really useful ways to reuse them in your home. One of our favorite boxes, the Dish Barrel, comes with lots of adjustable inserts to keep your dishes separated and safe during your move. These inserts are really handy as drawer organizers!

You can also use the cardboard from boxes to make custom photo frames, play forts for your kids, and much more. One of my personal favorites is using the boxes to make custom organizers, like these magazine files from the Apartment Therapy blog.

2. Tuck a composting pail into your kitchen.

Composting pails are great for smaller living spaces, such as apartments and condos, because they allow you to compost fruit peels, egg shells, and other natural waste without the need of a huge compost pile outside. But they’re also nice for houses because you can avoid visiting your compost pile multiple times per day–instead, you can just empty it periodically when it gets full. (And you know what else is compostable, outside of food waste? Broken up cardboard boxes!)

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK tips to make an eco friendly home3. Take advantage of cotton products.

Cotton is non-toxic and is used without manmade products, so it’s very eco-friendly and safe. It’s also a great material to use in your home because it works as a great insulator. Thick cotton drapes can help your home block heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter, which lowers your energy bills. It’s also a cozy material for bed and bath linens!

4. Change your lightbulbs.

It may seem like a hassle to go through your home and replace every lighbulb in the ceiling, lamps, under-cabinet lighting… But LED bulbs are inexpensive and use way less energy than traditional bulbs. They can last years longer than alternatives, allowing you to hold off longer on buying new ones.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK tips on natural home cleaning5. Replace your chemical cleaning solutions with cheap, natural alternatives.

The next time you need to buy cleaning products, stay away from harmful formulas. Your kitchen is probably already stocked with lots of gentle, effective cleaning supplies, like apple cider vinegar, regular white vinegar, and baking soda.  Check out some of our favorite, inexpensive ways to clean your home.

6. Use natural air fresheners.

Those artificial spray scents may smell good, but they don’t actually clean the air in your home. Instead, spray dispensers emit tiny drops of scented chemicals which cling to the hairs inside your nose, covering your ability to smell the air around you. As an alternative, consider purifying your air with nature’s freshener–plants! We really like Apartment Therapy’s guide to air purifying house plants, which not only keep your air clean, but also add a fresh look and feel to your home.

7. Invest in a shoe rack.

Wearing your shoes throughout your house is inviting the grime of the world to track through your home. This is an especially bad habit when you have carpeting throughout your home, because carpet clings to dirt and chemicals more than smooth, non-porous surfaces. Leaving your shoes by the door will help you spend less time cleaning harmful substances from your floors.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK recommendations about dishes8. Stop microwaving plastic dishes.

Even plastic compounds which are labeled “microwave-safe” still lose form over time and can release their harmful compounds into your food at high temperatures. It’s safer to invest in glass, which lasts longer than plastic anyway and is safer for the environment if you need to throw it away in the future.

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Your “Moving Out” Checklist

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's checklist for moving out of a house or apartment

Finding a new home is so exciting–it’s your chance to transform a new space into your familiar, cozy abode. But whether you’re selling your old home to a new family or just want to avoid paying a cleaning fee with your soon-to-be ex-landlord, it’s important to make sure you leave your old place spic and span. Here are some tips we’ve learned over our last two decades in business about moving out of a house or apartment:

1. Clean, clean, clean!

If regular cleaning wasn’t your strong suit in your old home, you’ll want to be sure to perform a deep clean on your space before handing your keys over to the new owner or landlord. And even if you did keep up with daily and weekly cleaning tasks, we have some great tips for adding some extra shine in overlooked and hard-to-reach places. Check out our previous blog post on cleaning your home with household objects you already have in your closet.

2. Make your walls look like new.

It’s almost impossible to keep your walls hole- and scuff-free in a place you’ve been living for several years. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fill in nail and hook holes with wall putty from your local hardware store. Also, most scuff marks on your wall can usually be removed with a Magic Eraser product.

3. Check your exterior spaces.

You don’t want to accidentally leave mail in the mailbox or belongings in your garage or shed! Make sure you take all of your porch and patio furniture, and clean these exterior areas as you make last-minute checks. Remove any bugs from your lighting fixtures and sweep up storage spaces.

4. Take a final walk-through.

When you think you’re finally ready to leave for good, take a few minutes to walk through your home one last time. Check your closets and cabinets to ensure you haven’t left anything behind. Make sure you’ve taken out the trash and removed your cleaning products. Finally, if you’re leaving behind a rented space, take time-stamped photos of each room in case you need proof that you left the home in good order.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers packing servicesWhen everything is done, make sure you take time to celebrate your move! Treat yourself to some take out and spend a day or two relaxing before you worry about unpacking everything in your new place. And remember, if you need help with staging your heavy furniture in your new home or even packing up your belongings before your move, we’re always here to help! Give us a call or text at (615) 248-6288, or visit our website for a free moving estimate.

Organize Your Home in the New Year

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's checklist for organizing your home this new year

If your New Year’s resolution is to finally get your home clean and clutter-free, you’re not alone! Last year, Nielsen surveyed Americans about our top New Year’s resolutions, and almost 1 in 5 people said they hoped to get organized. Don’t worry, we have some tips to help you get started in your organization endeavors:

1. Clean out your storage spaces.

You may have a cluttered home because you don’t have enough closet or storage space in your home for loose odds and ends that don’t need to be out in main areas. But are your storage spaces filled with stuff you don’t really need anymore?

This year, work on clearing out clothes you don’t use from your bedroom closets and wardrobes. You can obviously remove anything you know you haven’t worn for a while, but sometimes there are favorite pieces you don’t even realize you don’t wear anymore. To solve this dilemma, turn all of your closet hangers in one direction. When you wear each clothing article for the first time this year, turn its hanger around. After a few months, you’ll be able to tell which hangers and clothes aren’t being touched.

Use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxes to store clutter until after your holiday guests leaveAnd does your garage, attic, or outdoor storage shed contain any sealed boxes? Odds are, if there are boxed items being stored in your home, you probably haven’t used those things in a while. Go through your boxes and toss out anything you haven’t missed in the past year.

Finally, get rid of miscellaneous junk and bulk stashes of items. For example, your kitchen junk drawer doesn’t really need more than two pens, a huge cluster of chip clips, or that stack of expired coupons you keep forgetting to use. Your hall closet doesn’t need to keep housing ten bottles of hand soap that you keep forgetting about either.

2. Organize your drawers and cabinets.

I hate those mornings when I’m running late for work and can’t find two socks that match in my dresser, and I also hate having to stack my collection of coffee mugs inside my ever-shrinking kitchen cabinet. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid these issues by using inexpensive hardware and sorting objects.

To keep your drawers organized, you can find cheap, divided trays in the office or home sections of your favorite store. Use these trays in your bathroom drawers to keep your toiletries separated, in your accessory drawers to keep your jewelry organized, and in your kitchen drawers to separate each type of cooking utensil.

You can use the inserts from a dish pack box to organize your drawersFor drawers that contain larger items, such as my messy sock drawer, you can make your own inserts out of old moving boxes. I actually used the inserts from a dish pack box for my dresser drawers because the pieces already interlock and stand firm. However, another way to organize your undergarments, socks, tights, pantyhose, and scarves is to invest in some inexpensive, clear plastic shoe hangers. This way, many of your accessories can all hang in one straight panel in your closet and free up an entire drawer of your dresser.

Cabinets can be organized with inexpensive hooks, found in the home improvement section of your store, and adjustable shelves, found in the kitchen section. Hooks can hang your tea cups and mugs from the bottom of each cabinet shelf, and nearly double your storage space. You can also use low, adjustable shelves to accommodate cabinets of any width and easily sort your cereal and soup bowls, or your dessert plates and dinner plates. I also love the small shelves that look like tiny staircases, which you can find in the kitchen section of your favorite store. I use these in my spice cabinet so I can see the name of each spice without digging through the whole cabinet, as well as in my pantry to organize all my soup cans.

3. Clear your floors.

Between my two dogs’ toys and bones, my husband’s and my shoes, and accessories to our collection of electronics, it can be difficult for me to keep my floors free of clutter! Recently though, we’ve been able to keep most of these items off the floor with some new organizational containers.

Marketer Christian with a dog from Nashville Humane AssociationFor the dog toys (or maybe for your child’s toys), you can easily re-purpose a container you already have in your home, such as a decorative planter or basket. I ended up using a decorative gift basket in the corner of my living room, which works with our decor and is still easy for the dogs to dig through for their toys. You can also consider investing in a shoe rack, an over-the-door shoe hanger, or some single drawers that would fit under your bed to store shoes that often end up scattered around the floor.

If you have some extra money to spare on your organization project, consider buying a few storage ottomans that double as seating solutions. These ottomans are great for storing remote controls, your candle collection, or out-of-season decorations you want to save for next year.

4. Remember that you have unique organization needs.

Like I mentioned earlier, dog toys were a huge issue for me before I found a good way to store them. My husband’s organizational downfall was keeping unneeded overstock of items that he felt we would eventually use, such as tons of cleaning supplies and bulk nonperishable foods. But your family and house will have completely different organizational challenges to face!

The easiest way to combat these issues is to walk through an entire day with organization on your mind. What are some annoying messes you constantly see pop up in your home? Do you constantly find pieces of mail on your coffee table? Are electrical cords taking over your home office? Figure out which type of clutter is always in your home, and then decide the best way to contain it.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving a couchTWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville is here to help you when it’s time to make a big donation of your unneeded belongings, or even to re-stage your living room if you feel like your furniture isn’t in the most convenient position. Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 or visit our website for information on our moving services and packing supplies!

How Movers Make the Holidays Easier

4 ways TWO MEN AND A TRUCK makes the holiday season easier

As you prepare for your great Thanksgiving feast, Christmas celebration, and out-of-town guests, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! But don’t worry–we’re here to alleviate some of the stress that comes with the holiday season. Check out the top 4 ways our movers can help make your party prep easy this year:

Cleaning Out the Storage Space

Sometimes having house guests can cause a need to temporarily stuff your closets with non-essential decor items or household clutter. From wardrobe boxes that can hold shoes and out-of-season clothing to dish barrels that keep each piece of kitchenware safe, we have the supplies you need! We even offer free delivery of moving supplies when your order totals $50 or more.

Re-staging Your Furniture

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can move your furniture to make room for holiday directionsDo your out-of-town loved ones all want to stay with you for the holidays? It can be time-consuming to rearrange multiple rooms of furniture to fit in air mattresses, luggage, and that extra dining room table leaf. Fortunately, you can hire our movers to move all of your extraneous furniture into the attic or storage space for you! We offer complimentary disassembly and reassembly of furniture that comes apart, such as bed frames and display hutches. We can even provide disposable moving pads to keep your furniture clean and special mirror/picture boxes to prevent your fragile wall hangings from breaking.

Bringing Out the Holiday Decorations

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK carefully packs ornaments into a dish pack boxIf you’re like us, we keep our Christmas garlands and ornaments tucked away in the attic or basement for 10-11 months out of the year. Instead of making multiple trips up and down the ladder or stairs, let our movers bring out your holiday decorations this year. We can also carefully pack and store your decorations away after Christmas is over as well!

Taking Advantage of Holiday Sales

Do you wait until Black Friday to purchase all the new appliances you want for your home? Or maybe wait for those Christmas-themed sales? Our movers are experienced in picking up large purchases from stores, delivering them to your home, and setting them exactly where you want them inside.

Whatever you need help doing to prepare for the holidays, our movers can probably assist! Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit our website for more information!

Staging Your Home to Sell

10 Steps to Staging Your Home

Nashville has been called “the IT City,” and we’ve all been hearing about how Nashville’s housing market is booming as people from around the country flock to move here!  But putting your house on the market can still be nerve-wracking, and you want to sell quickly for a great price.  One of the best ways to achieve a fast sale at your preferred price is through prepping your home before placing it on the market.  In fact, the National Association of Realtors® found that staging your home helps buyers envision the space as their own and motivates them to schedule a walkthrough after seeing photos online.  So to get you started, we’ve called in the experts and compiled a 10-point checklist for your house-prepping!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can take care of your packing for you.1. Start packing early.  Realtors will tell you that you need to remove all clutter from your home; even if your home is technically clean, it can look dirty if miscellaneous items are strewn about a room.  By starting your packing process early on, you can begin sorting items into Trash, Donate, and Keep categories that will help cut down on the clutter.  Getting some packing out of the way beforehand can also help prepare you to move sooner when you get the word that you have a buyer!

2. Remove personal items.  If you have valuables, family heirlooms, or anything else personally important to you, remove them from your home before your Open House and walkthrough appointments.  Realtors recommend taking these items away from the home completely, instead of just hiding them in drawers, because potential buyers can sometimes be nosy.  Additionally, if some decor items feel more personal in nature, buyers may have trouble picturing themselves in the home.  An example of personal decorations are family photos.

3. Clean, clean, clean!  This seems obvious, but you’ll want to double- and triple-check your chore list because it can be easy to forget places you often skip over.  For example, dust ceiling fans and the tops of picture frames, wipe down your baseboards, and deep-clean your bathroom.  Also be sure the exterior of your home looks clean–do you need to power wash any of the walls or trim the hedges?

4. Paint, if needed.  Check the interior and exterior of your home for any needed touch-ups; if buyers see peeling or scratched paint, they may believe repairs have not been kept up in your home.  You may also want to paint over any bold-colored walls with a warm, neutral tone that is less likely to put off any buyers.  Even though paint colors are easy to change, you want your buyers to feel as comfortable in your home as possible.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can move your furniture items.5. Arrange your furniture.  Walk through your home with the mind of a buyer and try to look at each room as an objective bystander.  Does the furniture feel crowded?  Are there too many small accessories on the shelves?  Is there a clear focal point in the main rooms?  Are all pathways accessible?

6. Add some light.  Light plays a key role in emotion.  In the same way that we feel happier and more energetic on a sunny day than on a cloudy one, your buyers will feel more welcome and relaxed if your rooms are well-lit.  Make sure natural light from windows is not being blocked, and consider adding some lamps to brighten corners and other dim spaces.

7. Add some flowers!  House plants, both inside and outside, can help a house feel like a home.  The advantage to plants as decor is that they are natural, rather than personal, and they make a room feel more alive.

8. Consider decor arrangements.  Many homeowners like to keep their wall hangings and shelf decorations in a straight row, instead of experimenting with different levels and groupings.  Consider hanging frames at different heights, and grouping your shelf accessories in a triangular fashion.

Be sure to arrange for your pets to be out of your home.9. Don’t leave your pets.  At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville, we all love our fur babies and we think everyone else should love them too.  Unfortunately, not everyone likes the idea of having fur all over a room or a dog barking in the backyard.  Before letting buyers into your home, try to remove traces of pet hair and make plans outside the home for your pets.  If you can’t bring them with you, arrange for a friend or a “doggy daycare” to keep them for the day.

10. Get help when you need it!  If you don’t have time to deep-clean your home, consider hiring a professional maid before your Open House.  If you’re unsure about your decor choices or furniture arrangements, you can hire certified staging professionals to assist.  These professionals can even bring in their own staging furniture if you need to further depersonalize a room.  And our trained, licensed moving team can take over packing and rearranging furniture for you to save you time and physical exhaustion.  Give us a call (or text) at 615-248-6288 or check out our website for more information!

With this checklist, you’ll be on the way to home-selling success.  Don’t forget to enjoy the experience of finding a brand new home to make memories in!