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Christmas in July Coat Drive

Christmas in July Coat Drive

We’re getting ready for our second annual Christmas in July Coat Drive! When Nashville starts to get chilly in the winter, many local parents aren’t able to afford new jackets to properly fit their children. A couple years ago, we decided we wanted to host a coat drive to specifically benefit the students at Park Avenue Elementary who are living in poverty. Unfortunately, coat drives usually take place in the middle of winter after the kids are already in need of clothing to keep them warm. So last July, we decided to host a “Christmas in July” coat drive to collect jackets, coats, and sweaters ahead of time to prepare Park Avenue ahead of the winter season.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK hosts the Christmas in July Coat DriveOur 2016 coat drive was so successful that we decided to make it an annual tradition! We hope you’ll keep supporting these local children in need by coming to this year’s Christmas in July celebration on July 8th from 9 am-11 am! Our goal is to fill a 16-foot moving truck with new and gently-used coats, jackets, and sweaters for these K through 4th grade students. We’ll be parked in front of the Nashville location of Thriftsmart on Nolensville Road to take your donations.

This year, everyone (18+ years old) can enter to win a pair of tickets to one of the Nashville Ballet‘s December performances of The Nutcracker! We’re so excited about this raffle prize, which is valued at $148 and really helps us get into the Christmas spirit.

And that’s not all! Thriftsmart has generously offered (again!) to give a voucher for 50% off your next purchase at their store to everyone who makes a donation! Plus, we’ll be making kid-friendly DIY crafts out of moving boxes so your child can bring home a keepsake from the event. We’ll also be joined by our friends at The BIG 98 for our party music and prizes for your family.

Help us fill our truck with coats for these students in need! If you have any questions, please call or text us at 615-248-6288!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's Christmas in July Coat Drive

How we’ll be celebrating Christmas this year

How the staff at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville will celebrate the holidays

Although the staff at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Nashville is pretty diverse and we come from a variety of different cultures and traditions, we all celebrate Christmas during the holiday season. Since we won’t be in the office over the weekend of the 24th and 25th, we wanted to share about what we’ll be doing over our holiday break!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's Quality Control Manager loves boiled custard around the holidays.While most of our team members relax at home for the holidays, our Quality Control Manager makes it a point to go out of town each year for Christmas with his wife. Keith spends Christmas Eve with his whole family to drink boiled custard and exchange gifts, then takes a mini-vacation to enjoy nature. Some of his recent trips have taken him as close to home as Gatlinburg and as far away as St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our Sales Representative Marc usually spends the Christmas season with his Hispanic family. In his family, Christmas Eve is just as important as Christmas Day, so they have huge feasts with the whole family on both nights. They eat lechon, a dish similar to American pulled pork, and all kinds of side dishes similar to traditional Thanksgiving food. Marc also loves spending time with his friends and family because they play tons of music throughout their parties.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's sales representative Zach enjoys Laotian cuisine such as pho on ChristmasAnother one of our Sales Representatives, Zach, gets to enjoy multicultural festivities as well! One of his uncles was born in Laos, and he brings his whole family, plus some Laotian cuisine, to their annual get-together. Zach and his family spend Christmas Eve with another aunt and uncle, then spend Christmas Day with his cousins, and have one more day of celebration with his grandparents. In addition to enjoying piles of food and plenty of jokes, Zach and his siblings also make a tradition of watching the Die Hard series every year.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville staff wearing their Ugly Christmas Sweaters!But before we each celebrate the season with our own traditions, we bring our whole office together for our annual Christmas Party! Our office has been decked out in holiday cards and ornaments for weeks now, but this year we’re also competing in a Cardboard Tree Craft-Off to see who can turn an old moving box into the best Christmas tree! We’ll also be breaking out our ugly Christmas sweaters and some fun gag gifts for this year’s Dirty Santa gift exchange. Plus, an office party wouldn’t be complete with some sugary Christmas cookies.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville at the 2016 Donelson Hermitage Christmas Parade

From all of us at TWO MEN Nashville, we wish you a happy holiday season with your loved ones! If you would like some help rearranging your furniture or putting away the holiday decorations after your parties are over, please give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 for a free moving quote!

Quick-and-Easy Cardboard Holiday Crafts

Five easy holiday crafts made from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes

One of the best parts about this time of year is the anticipation of our big celebrations… While we wait for the party to begin, we can bake cookies, decorate the house, and get crafty! Since we at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK always have access to tons of moving boxes, we wanted to show you how to DIY some easy crafts with old cardboard you may have lying around your house. Also, all of these crafts are kid-friendly! (*Just be sure there’s an adult around to monitor any hot glue gun or crafting knife usage.)

Holiday Wreaths

Make a Christmas wreath out of an old moving box from TWO MEN AND A TRUCKMake a unique wreath in fifteen minutes with an old moving box!  Here’s what you’ll need:

A moving box
Craft/scrapbooking paper
Glue stick and scissors
Hole puncher
Crafting knife*

To make your holiday wreath, you’ll first need to trace two concentric circles onto the side of your flattened box. We used a plate and a bowl to trace our circles. Then cut out your wreath frame with a crafting knife.

Use your scissors to cut out holly leaves, small circles, or any other seasonal shape you like from your craft paper! Then glue your paper shapes around your cardboard wreath frame. Once your wreath is decorated, just punch a hole to string your ribbon, and presto! You have a unique, handmade wreath!

Personalized Gift Tags

Make special Christmas gift tags out of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxesOne great part about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s moving boxes is that they’re white–perfect as a blank canvas! Here’s what you’ll need to make some special name tags for your presents this year:

A moving box
Paint and paintbrush
Hole Puncher
Crafting knife*

Simply trace your favorite holiday shapes onto clean, white parts of your moving box. Use your crafting knife to cut along the traced edges, and use paint to customize your name tags! You can use any type of marker to write the names of your gift recipients, as well as thoughtful notes to go along with your presents.

Holiday Card Display

Make a DIY Christmas card holder out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxInstead of having your holiday cards cover your refrigerator this year, why not display them in your entryway or living room? Here’s what you’ll need for this craft:

A large moving box
Mini clothespins
Felt (we used the kind with adhesive on the back)
Hot glue gun*
Crafting knife*

Use your crafting knife to cut out fun holiday shape from your moving box. (If you’re creatively challenged like us, you can simply cut out a tall triangle with a rectangle at the bottom for a simple tree shape.) The apply your colored felt to the front of your tree or other shape and use scissors to trim the edges that hang off the sides.

Carefully wrap your ribbon around your cardboard tree, gluing it to the back of your box to hold it in place. Be careful not to wrap the ribbon too loosely, or your cards will weigh down the strand and cause it to sag in front. You can also glue an extra loop of ribbon to the back if you’d like to hang your tree from a wall! Then use your mini clothespins to hang your cards along the ribbon in front.

Modern Trees

Make a DIY Christmas display out of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesThis one is especially fun for kids because of the lights involved! It’s another super easy display to create even for the craft-challenged. Here’s what you’ll need:

A couple moving boxes
String of Christmas lights
Crafting knife*

First, cut large, tall triangles out of your moving boxes. To create a piece with two dimensions and some visual contrast, we used the front and back of our boxes to create both brown and white trees.

Then have your child (or you!) poke some holes into the boxes with your pencil tip. Be sure to poke these from the “back” of the triangles so the lights will fit in easier. Then just push the tiny bulbs into each hole and set your trees against the wall you want to decorate. If you want to embellish your display, you can purchase some small greenery or other knick knacks to go along with your cardboard forest.

Versatile Garland

Make some holiday garland strings out of old TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxesThis garland can be used in place of tinsel along your tree, hung from your holiday mantel, or used to add some DIY flair to your table centerpiece. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

Leftover cardboard scraps from the other crafts above
Hole puncher
Paint, sequins, or glitter glue
Crafting knife*

First, trace out the holiday shapes you want to include in your garland from your moving box pieces. You can trace holiday cookie cutters or just images you’ve printed from your computer. Carefully cut these out with your crafting knife.

Next, decorate your cut-outs in any way you please! You can make them colorful and fancy or keep them simple and classy. When you’re done decorating, use your hole puncher to help string your favorite ribbon through each piece.  Hang wherever you like in your house!


We hope you’ll have fun with these holiday crafts! If you need any moving (or crafting!) supplies, give us a call or text at 615-248-6288. You can also visit our website for help with your move or craft session. We even offer free delivery when you order $50 or more in moving supplies!

Your Survival Guide for Holiday Home Prep

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's tips for prepping your home for the holidays

If you’re anything like us, you’re rushing to prepare your home to survive the holiday season uproar! Out-of-town guests are coming to stay for days or weeks at a time, and the house is in desperate need to be spotless. Don’t worry–we’ve made easy steps to prepare for the upcoming holiday house work!

Step One: Priorities first

The day before guests arrive is no time to pull apart junk drawers and clean out linen closets! The best way to start is by de-cluttering guest rooms and areas where your guests will be most often. These areas may include the foyer, kitchen, living room, den, and dining room. Remove any non-essential items from counter tops, coffee tables, and ottomans; if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

Use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxes to store clutter until after your holiday guests leaveIf you run short on time, box up the clutter and store it in your attic, basement, or closets. Don’t worry about hardcore organization until after your guests leave. And if you need extra boxes, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK sells boxes in different sizes, perfect for any size of items.  You can use a small box to easily store books for extra shelf space, or larger boxes to help clear up miscellaneous children’s toys.

Step Two: Go room by room

After the initial de-clutter, set up a day of cleaning for each room:
Monday – Den
Tuesday – Kitchen
Wednesday – Bedroom
Thursday – Living Room
Friday – Dining Room
Saturday – Foyer
Sunday – Bathrooms and Closets

We suggest using a full day to clean each room; this lets you focus on one area without getting burnt out, and makes it easier to go at your own pace. This process also gives you extra time to dust, vacuum, and clean the base boards. And while cleaning out closets that your guests might be using, remember that we sell wardrobe boxes to easily clean out jackets and old apparel that you no longer wear.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can move your furniture to make room for holiday directionsIf you have major adjustments to make in your home, such as creating additional seating or opening more space where your guests tends to gather, you can hire our trained movers to rearrange your furniture for you.  We can even pick up new furniture directly from the store to bring to your home and haul holiday decorations out of your storage areas.

Step Three: Day-of final touches

Realtors bake chocolate chip cookies right before their open houses to make homes smell more invitingIt’s finally D-Day, and guests are about to arrive from their long day of travel! Now’s the time to do the last-minute prep work. One of the biggest overlooked details is the smell of your house. The easiest way to control this factor is by lighting a candle in a central location of your home to let the scent travel throughout. If you have time, bake chocolate chip cookies. The cookie trick is actually a common practice with Realtors and their open houses–there is nothing better or more inviting than coming to a home that smells like cookies!

These easy steps give you the perfect amount of time to finish housework without getting overwhelmed! Your guests may never know the amount of time you spent cleaning up, or if you used moving help. Enjoy your guests and the holiday season!

If you would like us to help with your de-cluttering, in-home staging, or interior design project, we’re available by phone and email!

Give back this holiday season…without even trying!

ways to give back this season without even trying

It may sound cheesy, but we really do our best to live by our slogan of “Movers Who Care”!  Every holiday season, we try to find ways to support the community by doing things we would do anyway…  We know we’re going to decorate Christmas trees and buy gifts for our loved ones, so why not help local non-profits at the same time?  This year, we decided to fill you in on the top five ways we’ll be giving back to those in need so you can get some inspiration for your own holiday activities!

Buy your Christmas tree…and help single moms in need.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can move your furniture to make room for holiday directionsIt’s pretty much required this time of year to pick out a Christmas tree with your kids, then decorate as a family while you snack on cookies and sing Christmas tunes.  Instead of going out to a normal Christmas tree farm this year, pick out your tree with Nashville Giving Tree!  This awesome non-profit has found a way to make sure 100% of the sales from these trees benefit young, single moms in Nashville who are still working on obtaining their high school diploma.  By working with farmers, trucking companies, and local businesses, every penny goes back to the ones who really need it.

Decorate your tree…and pay for children’s cancer treatments.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK sponsors the St Jude Radiothon on The Big 98One of our favorite non-profit partners is the St Jude Research Hospital, which offers free treatment, free meals, free EVERYTHING to families whose children are suffering from cancer.  We are honored to sponsor their radio-thon every year on the Big 98 radio station.  We also love ordering new Christmas ornaments through their online gift shop!  Not only do the sales of these ornaments benefit their patients, but they were also designed by the children who are being treated at the hospital!

Send holiday cards…and support retired seniors.

Our company is dedicated to supporting Nashville seniors, and we actually partnered with local non-profits and senior communities to develop the county’s very first Senior Sensitivity Training for movers.  One of those non-profits is FiftyForward, and we still do all we can to support their mission of eliminating isolation and depression among retired seniors in Middle Tennessee.  When you’re ready to buy holiday cards to send to your loved ones, consider purchasing handmade cards from the “Card Crusaders” club at the FiftyForward Martin Center!  All profits from card sales go back to the non-profit, and every card is made by their clients.  They even have a holiday card special going on right now, where you can get a discount for purchasing more than 24 cards.

Make your holiday dinner…and earn cash for your favorite local charity.

If you have a Kroger rewards card, you can make sure every grocery run earns money to be donated to the local school, church, or non-profit organization of your choice through their awesome Community Rewards program.  All you have to do is log into your Kroger account online, go to your Account Settings page, and enroll in the Community Rewards on behalf of your preferred organization.  While not every school, church, and local non-profit has chosen to be a partner of Kroger’s program, you can support almost any worthy cause you desire!

Get gifts for the kids…and benefit young hospital patients.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville supports the Monroe Carrel Jr Childrens Hospital at VanderbiltWe absolutely love the local Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, which treats hundreds of thousands of children every year for everything from common colds to cancer.  In fact, we also sponsor their annual radio-thon on The River radio station every year!  This season, when you purchase Kohl’s Cares books and stuffed animals, all profits benefit children being treated at Vanderbilt.  To make sure your purchase benefits our local hospital, be sure to pick up your order from your local Kohl’s store, either through online ordering + in-store pickup or during your next visit to Kohl’s.

Get gifts for your friends…and help low-income families buy homes.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK donated free moves to the Habitat for Humanity Women Build 2015A little known fact about Habitat for Humanity is that they don’t simply give away homes to the homeless–they actually require eligible low-income families to purchase Habitat homes with a zero-interest loan, and only after they complete mandatory financial classes and sweat equity.  We support Habitat by donating free moving services to their largest families in need!  And this holiday season, you can help their families too, by purchasing home goods and decor gifts for your friends at the Habitat ReStore.  The ReStore sells furniture and decor items which were overstocked retail merchandise, slightly damaged retail merchandise, or gently used donations from the community at bargains you can’t resist.  All sales directly benefit the Habitat mission!

Get gifts for that person who has everything…and support volunteerism.

Although many people know they’re passionate about certain causes, such as animal rights or homelessness, it can be difficult to know how to find a good way to get involved.  To help spread awareness about various non-profit opportunities, Doing Good TV documents the efforts and positive change of different volunteer efforts around America.  We love donating free moves to Doing Good, and you can donate to them too this holiday season by purchasing a ZapCard! The ZapCard offers over 3,000 digital coupons (accessible by smartphone) to popular stores such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Macy’s, Hertz, and Walmart.  Perfect for your friend who already owns everything, and over 50% of the sales support Doing Good!

Buy your gifts from Amazon…and donate to your favorite local charity.

Amazon Smile lets you buy Christmas presents while donating part of your purchase to your favorite Nashville charity.Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville, we are huge Amazon fans.  If you have an Amazon account that you use regularly, you can have a percentage of every purchase you make benefit the charity of your choice!  Simply go to your Amazon Smile account preferences and set the charity you would like to benefit.  When you’re ready to start filling up your online cart, just make sure you visit smile.amazon.com instead of the normal amazon.com homepage to find the items you want to purchase.

Happy shopping, Nashville!  When you’re ready to haul your tree or new furniture home, be sure to give us a call, text, or email for a free moving quote!

How Movers Make the Holidays Easier

4 ways TWO MEN AND A TRUCK makes the holiday season easier

As you prepare for your great Thanksgiving feast, Christmas celebration, and out-of-town guests, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! But don’t worry–we’re here to alleviate some of the stress that comes with the holiday season. Check out the top 4 ways our movers can help make your party prep easy this year:

Cleaning Out the Storage Space

Sometimes having house guests can cause a need to temporarily stuff your closets with non-essential decor items or household clutter. From wardrobe boxes that can hold shoes and out-of-season clothing to dish barrels that keep each piece of kitchenware safe, we have the supplies you need! We even offer free delivery of moving supplies when your order totals $50 or more.

Re-staging Your Furniture

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can move your furniture to make room for holiday directionsDo your out-of-town loved ones all want to stay with you for the holidays? It can be time-consuming to rearrange multiple rooms of furniture to fit in air mattresses, luggage, and that extra dining room table leaf. Fortunately, you can hire our movers to move all of your extraneous furniture into the attic or storage space for you! We offer complimentary disassembly and reassembly of furniture that comes apart, such as bed frames and display hutches. We can even provide disposable moving pads to keep your furniture clean and special mirror/picture boxes to prevent your fragile wall hangings from breaking.

Bringing Out the Holiday Decorations

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK carefully packs ornaments into a dish pack boxIf you’re like us, we keep our Christmas garlands and ornaments tucked away in the attic or basement for 10-11 months out of the year. Instead of making multiple trips up and down the ladder or stairs, let our movers bring out your holiday decorations this year. We can also carefully pack and store your decorations away after Christmas is over as well!

Taking Advantage of Holiday Sales

Do you wait until Black Friday to purchase all the new appliances you want for your home? Or maybe wait for those Christmas-themed sales? Our movers are experienced in picking up large purchases from stores, delivering them to your home, and setting them exactly where you want them inside.

Whatever you need help doing to prepare for the holidays, our movers can probably assist! Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit our website for more information!

Christmas in July Coat Drive

NOTE: This blog post is about the 2016 coat drive! For info about 2017’s event, please click here.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville is hosting a coat drive to benefit Park Avenue Elementary School!

Happy Summer, everyone!  We’re getting ready to celebrate the season change with our very first Christmas in July party!  We’re extra excited about this event because the party benefits Nashville children in need.

You’re Invited!

We hope you’ll join us as we collect new (or gently-used) coats and sweaters for local children in need!

When:  Saturday, July 23 from 10 am-2 pm

Where:  Thriftsmart, at 4890 Nolensville Road

Everyone who brings a coat or sweater donation will receive a $5 gift card from Thriftsmart and a $50 coupon for our moving services!  Plus we’ll be making fun kid-friendly DIY crafts out of moving boxes and have plenty of drawings, contests, and giveaways.

And if your family loves listening to Mix 92.9 on the radio, you’ll want to stop by during the 11 o’clock hour to hang out with the Mix 92.9 Street Team!  They’ll bring plenty of goodies to add to the party.

Who will receive these coats?

Nashville’s TWO MEN AND A TRUCK works with the PENCIL Foundation to support the lower income students of Park Avenue Elementary School.  Many of these students’ families are unable to afford new coats when their children grow bigger each winter, so we decided to host a coat drive to benefit Park Avenue’s kids!  Every coat and sweater collected at our Christmas in July party will either be given to a Park Avenue student this winter, or will be donated to  local non-profits benefiting the homeless (if the coat/sweater will not fit a child).

Help us spread the word!

You can RSVP for this event and invite your friends on Facebook by clicking here!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville is hosting a Coat Drive to benefit Park Avenue Elementary School!

For more information about Title I schools (like Park Avenue Elementary), click here.  If you have any further questions about the Christmas in July party, please give us a call (or text) at 615-248-6288!


How to Store Holiday Decorations with Moving Supplies

how to store holiday decorations with moving supplies

We’re not just Nashville’s moving experts…  We’re also trained extensively on how to properly pack items that can be easily broken or damaged!  Let us share some of the knowledge we’ve picked up over our 20 years in business to help you pack up your Christmas decorations this year:

Dish pack boxes can be used to pack fragile ornaments.Use a dish box for your ornaments.

Our dish pack boxes are double-insulated on the outer wall, making them thicker than a regular cardboard box.  They also come with adjustable inserts that can be moved around to perfectly fit each of your ornaments.  Buying one of these boxes from us can save you the hassle of having to individually wrap each of your fragile Christmas ornaments!

Label every box in detail.

You don’t want to have to search through every box for a particular wreath or ribbon next year.  Be sure to stick a label on at least two sides of each box to remind yourself what items are inside.  You can make easy labels by writing on our packing tape with a Sharpie.  These DIY labels are easily readable on top of our white-colored boxes.

Wrap each string of lights and garland around a separate piece of cardboardKeep your lights and garlands separated.

One of the most frustrating parts of decorating each winter is having to untangle strings of lights and garland without damaging them.  Avoid this problem next year by properly storing those items this year.  You can repurpose your discarded gift wrapping supplies by carefully wrapping each string of lights and garland around a different empty gift wrap tube or piece of cardboard from a gift box.  Then create more separation by placing a sheet of our packing paper between each wrapped string as you stack them into a box.

Keep your linens fresh.

Many people keep special tablecloths and other linens just for the holiday season.  Be sure you take the time to fold them properly, and place a laundry room dryer sheet between each linen when you stack them into your box.  The dryer sheet will keep the linens smelling fresh and discourage moths from damaging them.  You should also store your linens in a waterproof box, instead of a traditional cardboard box, to keep moisture from getting in.

Create a wrapping station out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK wardrobe box!Use a dish box as a wrapping paper station.

You don’t have to buy an expensive gift wrap station from a craft store.  Our dish boxes are the perfect length for storing tubes of your holiday gift wrap, and you can arrange the inserts to the ideal size for all of your rolls!  You can also adjust the inserts to fit clothing boxes, gift bags, and bows.

Ask for help when you need it.

Give us a call at 615-248-6288 or check out our website if you need help moving and storing any larger or more delicate holiday decor pieces.  All of our movers are full-time, trained employees who handle fragile items every day, and we would be glad to give you a hand!

How to Prep Your Home & Avoid Holiday Hosting Disasters

how to avoid holiday hosting disasters at your home

The holiday season is full of visiting family and friends, holiday parties, and huge meals.  The one thing in common with all these scenarios?  You host all of them in your home.  The last thing you want to face is a last-minute disaster, such as an unforeseen plumbing issue or suddenly losing your heat.  Here are some tips for avoiding these hosting hiccups:

Avoid: The oven won’t heat up!

Whether you’re planning to use the oven to roast your Christmas ham or just to bake some cookies for Santa, you definitely want to avoid a broken oven.  While your oven could break due to multiple reasons, you can help avoid this issue by waiting to self-clean your oven until after the holidays are over.  Self-cleaning can cause a fuse or thermostat to blow, and you’ll likely need a technician to come in and fix the problem.

Avoid: The sink clogging!

There are a few ways to steer clear of this issue.  First, never dispose of your fats and cooking oils in the kitchen sink.  Some cooks like to save old sauce jars to reuse as oil-holders as an alternate method of disposal.  Also, be sure to start running your garbage disposal before you drop food into it.  Never give your disposal fibrous or starchy foods to break down.  Finally, if your drain has already shown signs of being clogged, don’t pour drain-clearing chemicals that could further harm your pipes.  Instead, use a snake tool from your hardware store.

Avoid: The heat went out!

As a rule, try to regularly maintain your HVAC system.  Every three months, be sure to install a new furnace filter.  You should also regularly check on refrigerant lines leading into your home, and replace insulation on any lines that have missing or damaged insulation.

Avoid: The fridge isn’t cool!

An inexpensive way to regularly check your refrigerator is purchasing a thermometer for each shelf.  Be sure each thermometer always reads less than 40 degrees, and take note of any major temperature changes that occur.  You should also check to make sure the condenser coils on the back of (or beneath) the fridge unit are loose and able to freely circulate air.  Go ahead and clear off items on top of the fridge that block the coils, and clean the coils when they become dirty with dust.

From all of us here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville, we wish you a happy, stress-free holiday season!  Need help staging your home for the holidays?  Give us a call at 615-248-6288 to schedule your in-home moving services, or check out our website for more information!

5 Things to Remember When Moving Over the Holidays

5 Things to Remember When Moving Over the Holidays

Even if you didn’t expect to spend your holidays making the move of a lifetime, there are a ton of advantages to moving around Thanksgiving and Christmas…  You can move during your work holidays and avoid using extra vacation days, you won’t have to worry about moving during the heat of the summer, and you’ll have so much more flexibility in scheduling your move because our busiest moving season takes place before the fall!  However, the holiday season can be the busiest time of your year, so you’ll want to keep these five handy tips in mind:

1. Contact your moving company well in advance.

Keep in mind that your movers will also be given some sort of work holiday over the next couple months, so you’ll want to find out about their “off” days before you finalize your moving schedule.  Some companies may also have additional fees on holiday weekends to accommodate their moving staff, and you don’t want to be surprised by these charges.  To avoid having to change your plans later on, you’ll want to call your moving company about a month before you plan to move so you can discuss these details and be sure they know about all of your plans and deadlines.

2. Let everyone know you’re moving.

Another advantage that comes with moving over the holidays is that you can use holiday greeting cards or annual family newsletters to announce your move to relatives and friends.  Spreading the news over social media is definitely exciting, but incorporating an announcement through your traditional Christmas cards can add a seasonal touch.  And while you have mail on your mind, don’t forget to let your post office and other delivery services know about your move in advance.  This way, you won’t miss any important bills or gifts coming in from out-of-town family members.

3. Arrange your packing plans early.

The holidays inevitably bring additional hustle and bustle to your home with vacations, parties, traveling guests, and other holiday traditions.  You may want to go ahead and start thinking about how to keep your non-essentials organized and out of the way of holiday activities.  Start the purging process early, and think about charities that may need your unneeded home goods for their holiday initiatives.  Also decide where you want to keep your items that aren’t used on a daily basis until life starts to quiet down.  Keep in mind that you have the option of renting a storage unit for a couple months so you won’t have to worry about unpacking until after your festivities end in the new year.

4. Consider adjusting your decoration and celebration plans.

For many of us here at Two Men and a Truck Nashville, putting up Christmas decorations around the home is a way that we usher in the holidays with our families.  If you’re the same way, you definitely don’t want to neglect this fun tradition in your home.  However, it may be best to put off the more detail-oriented decorating until after your move has been completed, so you can avoid unnecessary packing and moving delays.  Additionally, you may want to think about going to a friend’s home, or a rented space such as a nearby cabin, for any large dinner celebrations you typically host at home.  This way, you can keep the holiday spirit alive without adding extra stress to your move.

5. Remember what’s important to you this season!

With all the responsibilities that come with moving, coupled with holiday tasks of shopping and entertaining, it can be challenging to remember the joy and spirit that comes with your holiday traditions.  Don’t forget that your usual gift giving, party planning, and decorating are just small details that come with a greater sense of family and celebration this time of year.  Find ways to remind yourself of the spirit of this season when things become stressful–bake some cookies with your spouse, watch a holiday movie with your kids, or take some time to read a favorite story snuggled under a blanket with your dog.  When you keep the bigger picture in mind, all of your smaller move details will fall into place!

Need any help planning your holiday move?  Give us a call at 615-248-6288 or check out our website for all the details about our schedule and pricing.