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Summer Moving is Coming!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is ready for the Nashville summer

While many families around the country start preparing for their annual summer vacations and local students get out of school, the moving industry is preparing for its busiest season of the year! Our “busy season” always takes place during the summer, which officially begins on June 20 right before midnight. We’re already gearing up for this year’s Biggest Move Weekend, which is coming up in less than a month on June 23-24!

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming hustle and bustle, but we also realize moving can be stressful for families who don’t move day-in and day-out like we do. Here are our top tips for a successful move during the hottest season of the year:

Call TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville to schedule your upcoming moveSchedule Moving Day sooner rather than later.

Since June is by far our busiest month of moving, you’ll want to call and reserve your spot as soon as possible. When you give us a few weeks’ notice, we’re usually able to schedule you on a less expensive day or have more flexibility in fitting you into the time of day you prefer (morning or afternoon). Another benefit to scheduling your moving day early is that you get a better idea of how many days you have to pack everything up. Although you can hire us to pack your belongings the day prior to your move, we totally understand that many customers prefer to organize and box up their own things.

Make sure your new home is ready for you.

During the spring and fall months, it’s not a big deal to wait a couple days for your HVAC unit to get hooked up with our electric and gas companies. However, when June comes around, you will definitely want the A/C functioning when you move in! Be sure your internet, cable, water, and other utilities are up and running prior to Moving Day.

Understand your movers’ limitations.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK sells mirror boxes for wall hangingsOur movers are more than happy to move as much as your entire home to just a few pieces of furniture! But to avoid being caught off-guard, make sure you think through Moving Day before we arrive. There are some things we can’t move, such as aquariums full of water, prescription medications, lawn mowers full of gasoline, and valuable jewelry. We also can’t keep certain fragile items safe, like your TV screens and wall hangings, unless they’re inside specialty boxes made to fit snugly around these objects.  Be sure to ask your sales representative about any other restrictions that may pertain to your move when you call, text, or email them.

Additionally, there are some steps you can take the day before Moving Day to cut down on your hourly costs. For example, make sure your appliances are unhooked, and furniture is easy to get to before the movers arrive. This way, the movers won’t have to take extra time moving things around to reach the bigger items they need to load into the truck first. You can also use colored duct tape to create color-coded labels on each box and durable furniture piece. Write the name of the corresponding room on each label, and your movers will be able to quickly deliver each item to the correct room without having to constantly ask you for direction.

Beat the Nashville heat!

On strenuous, fast-paced days, it can be difficult to remember to sunscreen, especially when you plan to spend a large portion of the day outdoors. Tennessee weather is great because even on hot days, there are usually plenty of clouds in the sky to provide some shade from the sun. However, clouds also magnify the sun’s impact on your skin, so you still need protection. Make sure the sunscreen you choose provides a shield against both UVB and UVA rays–most popular brands only protect against UVB rays.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK summer movingAnd remember that the outside temperature is cooler than the inside of a car, and much cooler than the back of a moving truck. We’ll do our best to transport and unload your belongings efficiently, but you never know when we’ll get stuck in traffic or come across another unexpected issue. Plan for your things to be in 100+ degree conditions for at least a couple hours, and consider which sensitive items you may need to carry in your personal vehicle to keep them safe from melting during the transition.

Did we miss any answers you were hoping to find about summer moving? You can always call or text us at 615-248-6288 or  visit our website for all the moving information you need!

Moving your college stuff into summer storage

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers a special College Student Package in Nashville

Can you believe the school year is almost over?  It can feel so overwhelming to study for your finals, make vacation plans, schedule your courses for the fall, AND plan for summer storage all at the same time!  To make your life a little easier, we came up with our brand new College Student Package to do all the heavy lifting for you.  For one flat price, we can move all your school stuff into storage, and then deliver it all to your new dorm once the summer is over.  You may be thinking, “This magical, stress-free system exists?  How does that even work?”

This is what we include in our College Student Package:

  • Packing supplies are included in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's college student packageWe’ll provide 5 moving boxes, tape, and a marker.
  • On the date of your choice, we send two background-checked and trained full-time movers to your on-campus residence to pick up your 5 full boxes, plus up to 3 bulky items you don’t want to pack into your boxes.  (This can include a mini-fridge, futon, etc.  If you have additional boxes or bulky items, we can add those onto your move for just $50 each.)  We’ll move these items into any storage unit of your choice within five miles of your campus.
  • Once fall comes back around, our movers will move your items out of storage and deliver them to your new dorm, campus housing, or off-campus apartment up to five miles away from the storage unit.  This delivery date will also be on the day most convenient for you!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has special moving services for studentsWhen you use our College Student Package, you’ll avoid having to calculate hourly rates, mileage or gas fees, and weight-based quotes that come from other moving companies.  You’ll also only need to make one phone call to schedule both your move-out and move-in dates without worrying about our schedule filling up over the summer.

We make the whole process as affordable as possible: Everything listed above costs a one-time flat rate of $450!

Do you have questions about this package?  Or are you ready to schedule your moves?  Give us a call or text at (615) 248-6288 or visit our website for more information!

6 Tips for Bad Weather Moving Days

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK tips for moving during bad weather

That age-old saying about April showers is all too true for the Middle Tennessee region! Unfortunately, when you have a moving schedule which revolves around your closing date or lease restrictions, it can be difficult to try and wait for the storm to pass. Here are our tips for moving during inclement weather–from rain to wind and snow!

First, be prepared for all the foot traffic! Your moving day will see a high volume of back-and-forth footsteps across your floors. If most of your floors are vinyl, laminate, or another material which is easily cleaned, this may not be an issue for you. However, you want to be sure you pick a moving company which has floor runners on all their trucks so any sensitive carpeting in your home won’t get stained from mud.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK parking on the streetTry to have your movers park close to your door. If your driveway has been poured at least a week before your moving date and doesn’t have a risk of sinking, you may want to have your moving company back their truck into your driveway instead of having them park on the curb. Some customers are worried about having the truck make tire tracks on their driveway, but rain or a hose will easily wash these tracks away. Parking closer to the door allows your movers to efficiently load and unload your belongings before they spend too much time in the rain.

… But don’t have them get TOO close! Many customers have asked us to park directly in their front yard to cut down on time walking between the truck and their home. However, you have to keep the weather in mind when making these requests. A truck has a big chance of getting stuck in a muddy yard and may even require a tow truck to get out, especially once it’s been weighted down with all your belongings.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving a couchPrepare your belongings for the rain. Most of your things will be packed into boxes, and boxes won’t be soaked through very easily unless your boxes have been previously used, like in a grocery store. The items you really need to worry about are your furniture. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK sells inexpensive mattress bags at $6 per piece, and these protect against rain, bugs, and other dirt that comes along with moving. We also take the extra precaution of shrink-wrapping our furniture pads around each piece, so the pads won’t slide off or allow water through to the furniture. Be sure you ask your moving company whether they offer these helpful tools for you.

Take note of the quality of your moving truck. Many moving companies don’t own their trucks, and simply rent them each morning before driving out to their customers. When the company doesn’t own the truck, they aren’t able to keep track of maintenance history–specifically, whether the truck’s roof has been punctured. Over time, the tops of trucks will need to be regularly patched and replaced as tree branches scrape through the roof. Rental companies often won’t make these repairs, and rain will leak through to the customers’ things.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers in NashvilleTake care of any safety issues at the beginning of the day. Does your wooden porch get slippery when it’s wet? Does water tend to pool in any areas of your floor? Make sure your movers know this information before they begin moving so everyone can avoid injuries and damage to your items. And when it’s snowing or icy outside, be sure your outdoor walkways are shoveled and salted. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers are happy to take care of the shoveling for you, but please know they will be on the clock during this time!

Do you have any other concerns about your upcoming move? Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit us online to ask your questions and get a free moving quote!

Career Move Month: Darrian “moves” up in the company

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's career move month

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's dispatcher DarrianEvery March, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK celebrates Career Move Month! We spend the whole month focused on hiring great new team members, and celebrating our current employees who have earned promotions in our company. To kick off Career Move Month 2017, we wanted to share the story of one of our Dispatchers, Darrian.

Darrian began working for us two years ago as a full-time Mover.  He immediately became well-liked by his colleagues because of his positive attitude and fun, competitive spirit.  His supervisor Keith says, “He was really good at taking direction from his team lead, but he was also a great leader when he needed to be.  Plus, he was just really strong.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK NashvilleAll of Darrian’s strengths as a Mover convinced Keith that he was ready for a bigger challenge.  He was promoted to be a Driver–the team lead of each job who not only directs the move, but also drives the truck, performs morning truck inspections, and handles the paperwork with our customers.  “He excelled even more as a Driver,” Keith says.  “He was great at training newer movers and he never complained, no matter how difficult or long a job was.”  Keith also remembers that Darrian was always able to predict whether a job would take longer than the originally estimated time, or whether the crew would need an extra truck to fit all of his customer’s belongings.

About a year and a half after Darrian first started working for us, Keith promoted him to a Dispatcher position in the office.  And Darrian continues to thrive with his latest promotion!  Every day he communicates with each crew to ensure no unexpected issues arise during their jobs, and he inspects each truck at the end of the work day.  Thanks to Darrian’s great attitude and diligence, our moving teams are able to accomplish their jobs without a hitch each day.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers in NashvilleIf you’re looking for a new career path, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK might be the right place for you!  Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit our hiring website to find out how you can contribute to our team.

5 Tips for Planning Your Business Move

five tips for your upcoming business move from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville

As Nashville’s professional business movers, we’ve seen it all! From law offices to recording studios to sports stadiums, we’ve helped move businesses from all different industries. Although every business is unique in the way they operate and serve customers, we’ve compiled a few key tips that can help you with your upcoming commercial move.

Give everyone plenty of notice about your relocation.

To avoid any confusion or chaos among your employees, customers, and vendors, you should start letting everyone know about your upcoming move at least 60 days in advance. If your business is larger than just a couple offices, you’ll want to schedule an on-site estimate with your moving company so they can provide an accurate quote for the cost and length of your move. Additionally, you want to ensure your employees have time to order updated business cards and inform their clients of the upcoming move. Don’t forget to notify the post office of your new address, update your website and Google/social media listings, and any vendors with whom you place regular or recurring orders.

Create a moving timeline and checklist.

To keep yourself organized, make a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the big move, and add these deadlines to your planner or electronic calendar. Be sure to include items such as disconnecting computers and machines, scheduling delivery of new office furniture, and hooking up new phone lines and internet routers.

Choose the right moving company for your business.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville moves businessesJust like your business is different from every other, each moving company has their own set of strengths and benefits. Before scheduling your move with someone, be sure to ask questions relevant to your company. For example, if you’re moving into a Nashville high rise, does your moving company offer to add the building to their Certificate of Insurance? What rating do your movers have with the Better Business Bureau? Can your moving company schedule your move outside of business hours to avoid disrupting the flow of your company? You can also ask to see a copy of your moving company’s customer paperwork before booking your move to ensure your relocation is in good hands.

Make sure everyone de-clutters well before the move!

Do you have any outdated paperwork, unneeded office supplies, or other clutter taking up space in your office? Chances are, your employees do too. Before your company begins the packing process, have everyone de-clutter their work spaces and consolidate extra office supplies into one spot. Otherwise, you may end up with boxes full of unneeded stuff that will end up in storage for months after your move.

Create a labeling and numbering system for your packed supplies.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can pack for your business moveTo ensure your movers place each box and piece of equipment in the correct department, come up with a labeling system before your employees begin packing everything. Assign each department or office with a separate number and color, then use a marker or post-it note of the same color to label each box. Label a floor plan of your new building with the same numbers and colors and give this to your lead mover on the day of the move. This way, your movers will know exactly where to place each box.

What other questions do you have about your upcoming business move? We’re here to give you answers! For a free cost estimate of your commercial relocation, give us a call or text at 615-248-6288. You can also visit our website for further information.

New Year, New Me: Lose weight without the gym!

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

The holidays can be brutal when you’re trying to diet…you have Thanksgiving turkey with enough leftovers to last you till Christmas eve. There’s no telling when you’re going to be able to fit in time to go to the gym.  TWO MEN AND  A TRUCK® might be your best chance to have the best of both worlds!

While working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, moving residential and commercial businesses can be the perfect gym regimen. Vince, one of our former team leads, said that in his first 3 months with our company, he lost a total of 70 pounds. Now he competes in body building competitions!  Mathew, who began working with us as a driver, started working for us weighing 190 pounds. During one summer, he was able to lose 25 pounds. Now he has the muscle mass and flexibility to be a yoga instructor at a local fitness center. Maurice, a driver since September 2016, stated that since he’s been working with us, he’s quit his gym membership and lost a total of 20 pounds.

What’s making all our movers lose so much weight and get their perfect summer body shape early? The average workout for our movers can be compared to standard workouts that you might use at the gym.

Wardrobe Box Press: This works on the Triceps, Deltoids, and Lats.

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Lamp Box Press: Works on Lats, Rear Deltoid, and Upper Chest.

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Triceps extensions with stretch wrap

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

Work out by working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

This list can go on and on for the different workouts.  Our movers say their leg strength comes from all the cardio, stair climbs, and ramps they use each day.

According to US News & World Report, the average American pays $55 to join a gym in introduction fees, not including a $35 monthly fee. Then you should take into consideration the time you have to make to go to the gym. But becoming a mover at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® gives you the potential to earn an annual income of $35,000, not including tips and commissions! By joining the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®  team, you can consider saving the expense of a gym membership, make a weekly paycheck, and get a much fuller workout. Visit or give us a call or text at 615-248-6288 to find your next career move!

How Movers Make the Holidays Easier

4 ways TWO MEN AND A TRUCK makes the holiday season easier

As you prepare for your great Thanksgiving feast, Christmas celebration, and out-of-town guests, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! But don’t worry–we’re here to alleviate some of the stress that comes with the holiday season. Check out the top 4 ways our movers can help make your party prep easy this year:

Cleaning Out the Storage Space

Sometimes having house guests can cause a need to temporarily stuff your closets with non-essential decor items or household clutter. From wardrobe boxes that can hold shoes and out-of-season clothing to dish barrels that keep each piece of kitchenware safe, we have the supplies you need! We even offer free delivery of moving supplies when your order totals $50 or more.

Re-staging Your Furniture

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can move your furniture to make room for holiday directionsDo your out-of-town loved ones all want to stay with you for the holidays? It can be time-consuming to rearrange multiple rooms of furniture to fit in air mattresses, luggage, and that extra dining room table leaf. Fortunately, you can hire our movers to move all of your extraneous furniture into the attic or storage space for you! We offer complimentary disassembly and reassembly of furniture that comes apart, such as bed frames and display hutches. We can even provide disposable moving pads to keep your furniture clean and special mirror/picture boxes to prevent your fragile wall hangings from breaking.

Bringing Out the Holiday Decorations

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK carefully packs ornaments into a dish pack boxIf you’re like us, we keep our Christmas garlands and ornaments tucked away in the attic or basement for 10-11 months out of the year. Instead of making multiple trips up and down the ladder or stairs, let our movers bring out your holiday decorations this year. We can also carefully pack and store your decorations away after Christmas is over as well!

Taking Advantage of Holiday Sales

Do you wait until Black Friday to purchase all the new appliances you want for your home? Or maybe wait for those Christmas-themed sales? Our movers are experienced in picking up large purchases from stores, delivering them to your home, and setting them exactly where you want them inside.

Whatever you need help doing to prepare for the holidays, our movers can probably assist! Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit our website for more information!

How to Make a Senior Move Easier

5 tips for moving a senior

Over the 21 years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen Nashville transition into becoming a hot spot for seniors to settle into their retirement.  Every year, the number of seniors we move increases!  So we want to share some of the knowledge we’ve picked up about how to make the stress, and sometimes the trauma, of senior moving easier to handle.

Charity move for Nashville Rescue MissionFirst, while you prepare for the big relocation, lighten your to-do list by making a meaningful donation.  Donating unneeded furniture and belongings will be especially helpful if your senior friend or family member is downsizing significantly.  He can feel good about contributing to a cause close to his heart, while simultaneously saving time and money to move everything out of his old home.  Depending on the type of charity the senior wishes to support, he may even be able to have these belongings picked up for free.  Here’s a partial list of some of the local Nashville non-profits that are willing to provide free pick-up of large donations:

  • Safe Haven Family Shelter — One of our favorite non-profit partners, and the only homeless shelter in Middle Tennessee that is able to accept whole families, without splitting them up among Men’s and Women’s & Children’s shelters.
  • ThriftSmart — Another one of our partners, ThriftSmart is a local thrift store that donates all of its profits to local non-profit organizations serving the Nashville area.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore — The ReStore is also a thrift store, exclusively selling furniture and decor items, and all of its profits benefit the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers packing servicesIf the senior being moved has extreme physical limitations, consider hiring a company to pack her belongings instead of having her pack everything herself.  Even though most seniors can take care of themselves without issue during a normal day, packing everything she owns into boxes during a limited period of time can be tiring or even painful.  Think about how much bending, stretching, kneeling, and lifting can be involved in such a job.  Most professional moving companies will also offer packing services.  In fact, if you schedule our company to complete the packing for your friend or family member, our packing rates are all-inclusive of the supplies our movers need to pack everything.

Appoint an on-site representative the day of the moveWhen planning the move, consider the option of appointing an on-site representative for Moving Day, instead of having your senior friend or family member take charge.  This is especially important when a senior is making a major transition away from the home he’s been living in for decades, is being forced to move due to new health limitations, or is undergoing a dramatic downsizing.  Having his adult child or another representative coordinate the activities of Moving Day can allow him some time to process and accept the life change taking place.

And while you’re making all the move arrangements, be sure to coordinate with the new community the senior is moving into.  She may not be moving into an assisted living community, hospice care, or any other sort of “retirement community,” but even Nashville’s condo and high-rise apartment complexes appreciate your communication while scheduling moving plans.  In our experience, assisted living communities prefer that move-ins only take place outside of meal times, so movers won’t block the elevators from transporting residents to the dining area.  Many complexes have a cut-off time in the afternoon/evening, after which the rest of the move must be delayed until the next day.  Some communities located in more congested areas of town have certain places they need moving trucks to be parked, and certain high-rise buildings require you to schedule the block of time you wish to use their elevator for the move.

Moving into an assisted living facilityFinally, when it’s time to schedule the movers, be sure to communicate all of the senior’s needs and preferences.  If there are any special arrangements that he’ll need made, it’s best to let the moving company know as you book the move so the movers can be prepared when they show up on Moving Day.  During your scheduling phone call, you should also ask if the moving company is qualified to move seniors and if they have any special accommodations they provide for such moves.  For example, our company requires every mover to go through a Senior Sensitivity Training program before beginning to work in the field, all movers are background-checked and drug-tested, and we offer a senior pricing discount.

If you have any other questions regarding your senior friend or family member’s move, please give us a call at (615) 248-6288, or check out our website.

Non-Profits that Pick Up Donations for Free

6 local non-profits that pick up your bulk donations for you

Many families who are getting ready to move decide to use their relocation as an opportunity to purge all of their unneeded and outdated belongings.  We’re often asked by our customers if we can make an extra stop to a local non-profit or a waste facility before bringing the rest of their items to their new home.  And while we absolutely don’t mind adding a Point C to the moving day, we also know that scheduling that extra stop can be a pain.  Most Nashville charities require you to schedule an appointment to drop off a massive donation (or even just a few furniture pieces), and most waste facilities do not appreciate or allow free junk drop-offs.

To help your family get rid of these items on your timetable, and to support Nashville non-profits who could use your donations, we decided to compile a list of our favorite charities that offer free pick-up of bulk donations!

1. Safe Haven Family Shelter

Every year, we host a Movers for Moms charity drive benefiting the moms at Safe Haven Family ShelterWe LOVE Safe Haven!  (In fact, we love them so much, we host a giant charity drive called Movers for Moms for them every spring leading up to Mother’s Day.)  Safe Haven is the only family homeless shelter in Middle Tennessee; the other homeless shelters are unfortunately unequipped to accept whole families, and must separate them into Men’s and Women’s & Children’s shelters when they arrive.  Not only does Safe Haven work to find these families new and affordable housing, but this organization also provides assistance in finding employment for the parents, tutoring for the children, counseling services, financial training from the Dave Ramsey program, and basic furniture when the families are ready to move into new housing, all at no cost to the homeless families who enter the shelter.

2. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK donates free moving services to families in need with Habitat for HumanityHabitat is another great partner of ours.  While most believe that Habitat for Humanity provides free houses to deserving homeless families, the organization actually provides a zero-interest loan for the families to purchase houses built by Habitat volunteers.  The families are also required to have employment, have adequate earnings to make house payments, go through financial training courses, and participate in the building process before being able to own one of the homes.  The ReStore is a thrift store operated by Habitat volunteers, and all profits support Habitat for Humanity of Middle Tennessee.

3. Catholic Charities of Tennessee

Many of our managers and employees are Catholic, and we love being able to support Catholic Charities’ many amazing local programs that help those in need in Nashville.  While we will often transport donations for Catholic Charities by appointment, they also complete pick-ups every Wednesday morning at no cost!


Christmas in July Coat Drive4. ThriftSmart

Our first time working with ThriftSmart was this past July during our Christmas in July Coat Drive!  ThriftSmart is another thrift store, but they sell all types of goods outside of just the furniture and home decor accepted by the ReStore.  All of ThriftSmart’s profits are donated to support Nashville-based charities.  The supported non-profit organizations serve a range of needs, from training Christian leaders in Africa to bringing healthcare to Belize to providing various resources to Middle Tennessee kids in need.  You can find a list of the organizations supported by ThriftSmart here.

5. The Arc Davidson County & Greater Nashville

family7As huge proponents of education in Davidson County, we also appreciate The Arc’s work in our community.  The Arc’s mission is to provide support and advocate for those who suffer from intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We especially love that The Arc works with Metro Nashville Public Schools to provide education of soft skills to students suffering from educational disabilities.

6. World Relief Nashville

This refugee support organization provides invaluable support of families who have escaped hardship in other countries by coming to Nashville.  World Relief provides housing placement, employment services, and youth programs to help refugee families settle as quickly and seamlessly as possible in the Greater Nashville area.

office47. Goodwill of Middle Tennessee

While most people are aware of Goodwill’s thrift stores, fewer know about the Goodwill’s mission as a non-profit organization.  All of the thrift stores’ profits support Goodwill’s Career Solutions Centers, which strive to find employment opportunities for anyone facing barriers to the workforce.  These job applicants could have language barriers, physical or mental disabilities, criminal records, or simply need assistance finding job opportunities and learning job skills.

If none of these non-profit organizations seem to fit your philanthropic goals, or if you have some items to give away that aren’t usable to the organizations listed above, please give us a call!  We would love to help you with any moving needs that come up, including disposal and recycling of items you don’t need anymore.  For further information, please visit our website or give us a call or text at 615-248-6288!

How Movers Make Remodeling Easier!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville makes remodeling easier

Fall is the perfect time to start remodeling and redecorating your home!  The weather isn’t ridiculously hot anymore, and your schedule has calmed down from your vacation-filled summer.  While you get ready to give your home a facelift, we wanted to let you know that we can help make your remodel easier.  Here are five ways we can give you a hand:

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK delivers and stages your furniture for you1.  Staging your furniture

It can be such a pain to move your new couch into position, back up to make sure it’s centered with the fireplace, move it another five inches to the right, back up again to check how it looks…  So let us do the heavy moving work for you!  Many local home staging and interior design companies trust us with their staging needs, and we’re happy to keep re-positioning each piece until you’re satisfied.

2.  Furniture delivery

We can also save you a trip to your furniture store and go pick up any new furniture you’ve ordered for your redecorating project!  Once we arrive at your home with your new treasures, we’ll also assemble and stage your furniture exactly to your liking.

3.  Donating old pieces

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville delivers donations to Safe Haven Family ShelterIf you’re replacing practical furniture pieces that someone less fortunate could enjoy, we would love to help you donate your old belongings.  We especially like to donate to Safe Haven Family Shelter, and we can probably pick up and deliver your Safe Haven donation for free!  Additionally, Thriftsmart and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore are great local charities that are able to pick up your furniture donations if they’re in need of the type of pieces you’re giving away.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville pads and wraps all of your furniture before moving4.  In-home moving

For remodelers who are replacing their floors or repainting walls, we love to help out with moving furniture out of the way!  We can move your things into a storage unit, garage, or basement during your redecorating process and move it all back when you’re done.  This is also a great option for families who have to restore their homes after a flood or leak in the roof/pipes.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville can pack up your cabinets or shelves5.  Packing shelves and cabinets

Finally, let us save you the hassle of packing up all of your kitchen cabinets before you upgrade to the newest fashion.  We can also pack up the items on your old shelves that you plan to replace.  Then, once your new cabinetry and shelving is in place, we can unpack your items for you!

Are you ready to schedule your remodeling-friendly movers?  Give us a call or text at 615-248-6288, or visit our website for more information!

Win a Remodeling Survival Kit from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville is on the "move" with Mix 92.9!Are you getting ready to tackle a DIY remodeling, redecorating, or landscaping project in your home?  We’re raffling off some Remodeling Survival Kits with our friends at Mix 92.9 during the month of September!  Check out their event schedule to find a September event you’ll be attending, and then go find the big, blue Mix 92.9 tent.  You can fill out your registration form at their booth, plus win some other fun giveaways!