How to Make Two More Box Costumes!

Two more easy box costumes you can DIY with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxes

During October, you’ll find our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK employees making tons and tons of creative “boxtumes,” or costumes made from our moving boxes.  We love boxtumes because they recycle old moving boxes, help parents avoid spending tons of money on generic costumes, and allow children to get involved in personalizing their costumes.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's boxtumes were featured on News Channel 5's midday show Talk of the Town

In the past, we’ve made everything from an aquarium costume to a Pokemon-inspired Pikachu out of boxes.  But now we want to teach you how to make two more fun “boxtumes” for your kids or even yourself!  Our local CBS station, News Channel 5, loved these costume ideas so much that they featured us on their midday show Talk of the Town!

Barbie Doll Box

The final TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Barbie boxtumeEvery kid should feel beautiful enough to be a doll–so let your daughter dress up as one of the most timeless dolls out there!  To transform into Barbie, you’ll need:

  • Your favorite, most glamorous outfit
  • A box big enough to stand in (we used a Medium box for our 3-year-old model)
  • Material for arm straps (we used ribbon)
  • A printed “Barbie” logo
  • Pink craft paper, wrapping paper, or spray paint*
  • A crafting knife*
  • Packing tape and/or hot glue*

* Spray paint, crafting knives, and hot glue should only be used by adult DIY-ers!

Step One: Mark the rectangular panel that you’ll cut from the front of your box.  Make sure you leave a couple inches on each side to help keep your boxtume intact during trick-or-treating!

Make a Barbie costume for Halloween out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxStep Two: Print and cut out your “Barbie” logo on a piece of cardstock paper.  Then trace the logo onto your box, centered near the bottom.  Make sure at least part of the logo overlaps with the bottom edge of your box, or it will be very hard to attach the “floating” section to the edge!

Step Three: Use your crafting knife to cut out the rectangular panel.  Don’t worry about cutting into your traced Barbie silhouette–we’ll reattach that later!  Once the rectangular panel is cut out, carefully cut the traced edge of your logo from the panel.  Use your packing tape to secure it back to the edge of your box from the front and back of the logo shape.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK box costumeStep Four: Prep your box for the arm straps that you’ll use to hold the box up when either you or your child is ready to get dressed.  There are many ways you can attach arm straps, but we used our craft knife made two vertical slits near the center of the back of the box.  We also kept the slits narrow so our ribbon wouldn’t slide around once we secured it inside.

Step Five: Time to wrap!  There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so long as you paper your inside with a simple pattern and the outside with a solid pink.  We did our best to minimize seams by using as few sheets of paper as possible.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's Barbie Box CostumeStep Six: Carefully poke through both layers of your craft or wrapping paper at the places where your arm strap slits lie underneath.  Then slide your straps into place and secure with packing tape or hot glue.

You can also use these steps to make a G. I. Joe, Monster High, or any other doll brand that your son or daughter might like to dress as for Halloween.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville's LEGO man boxtume featured on News Channel 5's Talk of the Town showAnother fun and easy costume is a LEGO block or person!  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A box about the size of the wearer’s torso (we used a Small box for our 4-year-old model)
  • Six or seven round objects, such as round tupperware containers or paper bowls
  • Your favorite color of craft paper, wrapping paper, or spray paint*
  • If you want to add a LEGO head to your boxtume, you’ll also need a square box that’s a little larger than the wearer’s head and some yellow craft paper, wrapping paper, or spray paint*
  • A crafting knife*
  • Packing tape and/or hot glue*

* Spray paint, crafting knives, and hot glue should only be used by adult DIY-ers!

Step One: Figure out which sides of your box will end up being the top of your boxtume, the front, and the sides.  Once you have that situated, go ahead and cut out your arm holes from the two sides.  This is much easier to do while your box is still flat!

Step Two: Tape up your box and carefully cut a large head hole in the top.  Be generous with this one, because you won’t want the wearer to have a cardboard edge against their neck all night.  Also be sure that your costume-wearer can walk easily in their boxtume by cutting off any unneeded length at the end of the sides.  (Since our wearer was a short child, we just ended up cutting off all the folding flaps at the “bottom” of our boxtume!)

Step Three: Time to wrap!  When it comes to your box, just act like you’re wrapping a giant present for Christmas.

How to make a LEGO Boxtume out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxStep Four: Next come the bowls or tupperware you’ll be using to make the little bumps found on top of a LEGO piece.  If you’re using colored paper to decorate these, you’ll want to cut out a square for each bowl, allowing your squares to have a radius about 2-3 inches wider than the bowls.  Use packing tape to adhere the smaller side of your bowl to the back side of your paper square.  Then cut your paper into a starburst shape around the bowl.  Tape the end of each strip of your paper square to the top of your bowl, so you can see the colored side of your paper start to cover the bowl on the outside.  Repeat this process until you have six round, colored bumps to add to your costume!  Attach six of these to the front of your costume with either packing tape or hot glue.

Step Five: These next steps are optional if you’d like to create a LEGO head for your costume.  Take your flat, square box and trace eyes and a mouth onto the side you’ll use as the front of your mask.  Then use your crafting knife to cut out these pieces!

Step Six: Cut off the flaps at the bottom of your square box–otherwise you won’t be able to fit your head inside!  Then tape up the rest of the box to give it shape.

LEGO box costume made out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxStep Seven: Almost done! Wrap your mask in yellow paper (or color with spray paint) the same way you did with your main boxtume body.  Then wrap your final bowl or tupperware piece with yellow paper and secure to the top of your mask.

Do you need some boxes–er, craft supplies to make your Halloween boxtume?  Call or text us at 615-248-6288 to order some!  You can also visit our website for information about our moving services.

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