How to Meet People When You’re New to Nashville, for Every Personality Type

How to meet people in Nashville

So you’re getting ready to move to Nashville?  You’re not alone!  In 2015, there were about 80 people moving here every day, and many of them moved here without having family members or a job lined up beforehand.  Moving to a new city can be intimidating if you don’t know anyone, especially if you’re shy or feel uncomfortable striking up conversations with strangers.  Not to worry–we have some suggestions for building your first Nashville friendships, no matter what type of personality you have!

Nashville is Music City!If you’re a music lover, Nashville isn’t called “Music City” for nothing!  This town has plenty of well-attended music festivals, writers’ rounds, and venues where you can meet other music enthusiasts.  Live on the Green is one of Nashville’s many music festivals, but is unique because it’s free and lasts nearly all summer long.  Nashville also offers tons of year-round open mic nights featuring up-and-coming local artists that you can meet, and Nashville Guru offers a list of the best weekly performances to check out.  And restaurants all over the city, such as 12th & Porter, pride themselves on providing top-notch music in a casual, standing-room-only setting that is perfect for meeting locals.

If you’re athletic, Nashville has plenty of fitness studios and outdoor groups to offer.  Regularly attending a specialized studio, such as Shakti Power Yoga or Climb Nashville, is a great way to make connections with people who share the same interests that you do.  Or if you want a guarantee that you’ll be around the same group of members on a regular basis, consider joining a group like Fleet Feet’s running groups.  This is a good option for more reserved Nashville newbies who would prefer to see the same people multiple times before introducing themselves!

If you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or a creative, try practicing your networking and friendship-building skills at the same time at one of Nashville’s many local coffee shops.  In this town, it’s totally normal to start chatting with the person next to you in line or sitting at the table next to yours…  Just be polite and avoid interrupting those wearing headphones or engrossed in their notebook!  Some of the most popular local spots are Edgehill and Frothy Monkey.

La'Vincent volunteering with the Nashville Humane Association during our Movers for Mutts campaignIf you’re a philanthropist, volunteer!  Becoming a regular volunteer with a Nashville non-profit almost forces you to build relationships with the other volunteers who come in at the same time that you do, because you’ll most likely be working together on a task.  Click here to check out our favorite local non-profits to work with!

If you’re in love with your dog, you definitely moved to the right city.  Nashville is a very dog-friendly city, and walking around with your fur baby is the perfect way to get people to walk over and start a conversation as they pet and love on your pooch.  If you’re not sure where to go with your dog, start with the nearest dog park!  You can also bring Fido out on a lunch or dinner date at one of Nashville’s numerous dog-friendly restaurants.

If you’re a homebody, meet people in your neighborhood by working on an exterior home improvement project, hosting a neighborhood grill-out in your backyard, or attending neighborhood functions.  Working in your front yard’s garden or trimming your tree’s extraneous branches allows you to call out a greeting to (and possibly start a conversation with) neighbors who are strolling by.  Many neighborhoods also host events, such as East Nashville’s Grassy Knoll Movie Nights, for their residents.

Finally, the Meetup app or website is a great way for every type of Nashvillian to get out of the house and find people with common interests.  From improv actors to belly dancers to moms who just need a break, you can find just about every type of group through this easy-to-use database!

No matter how you choose to put yourself out there, you’re sure to meet plenty of new friends in Nashville by being open to meeting new people!

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How to Safely Move 3 Difficult Items: an Aquarium, an Instrument, and your Houseplants

How to safely move three difficult items

Alison Stanton guest wrote this blogThis guest blog was written by writing and public relations expert Alison Stanton!  Alison Stanton has been a freelance writer for the past 14 years. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Alison enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics, but especially loves meeting interesting people and telling their stories.

You have signed the lease or the mortgage papers, and you have the keys to your new home in hand. Now all that is left is packing up your precious belongings and moving them across town or across country.

While part of the moving process can actually be fun — maybe you could channel your inner Tom Haverford and power-trip on your friends who are helping in exchange for pizza and beer — it can also be a stressful experience. You’re probably pretty good by now at packing dishes, clothes and DVDs, but you might be unsure how to transport your school of guppies from point A to B. With this in mind, the following list offers tips on how to pack three of the most challenging items.

Aquariums need special care to be moved.Aquariums

Fish tanks and their finned residents are among the trickier items to move. A lot of times fish don’t survive a move, for two reasons: They get jostled around in the tank and because it’s difficult to regulate the water temperature on a moving van. To make sure the tank and fish make it safe and sound, move your fish into some sort of holding container and then drain most of the water from the aquarium . If the tank contains live plants, put them and a bit of the aquarium water into a Ziploc bag. Take the fish and plants with you in your vehicle and, if you have the room, the mostly drained tank. In addition, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK cannot move living things so it is best to transport them in your own vehicle causing less stress on your pet.

Musical instruments

Any brass or woodwind instruments should be completely taken apart and placed in a hard case. If you don’t have one handy, then wrap each individual piece in a few layers of bubble wrap and place them in a box filled with plenty of towels and packing peanuts.

Stringed instruments like violins, cellos and guitars also need lots of TLC during packing; start by loosening the strings and, if the instrument has tuning keys, making sure the keys are parallel with the headstock. Place the instrument in its hard case and add some crumpled clean paper to the inside to prevent it from moving around. If you don’t have a hard case, carefully wrap your stringed instrument in plastic — a large clean garbage bag will do the trick. Then put the wrapped instrument into a box that is large enough to hold several inches of packing peanuts on all sides. Mark which side should be up on the outside of the box and advise the movers as to what’s inside.

Potted plants can't be packed into our moving truck or they will be damaged.Potted plants

Even the sturdiest looking philodendron can have a hard time during a move. A few weeks before your friends and/or the moving crew show up to help you pack, replant anything in ceramic pots to plastic planters — this will help make them easier to lift. You also want to prevent your houseplants from getting too hot or too cold, which means they might not be a good candidate for a ride in the back of a moving van. Take what you have room for in the back of your car and place the planters in larger boxes to keep them steady and prevent them from tipping. Once again, as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK does not move living things, it is important to make the space necessary in your own vehicle.

Finding a Babysitter in Your New City: Tips from Sarah Tortorella, the CEO of Sitting Made Simple Nashville

how to find a babysitter when you're new to Nashville

Sitting Made Simple CEO Sarah Tortorella helped us write a blog post about finding a new babysitter in a new city.If you’ve been living in Nashville for more than a few months, you’ve probably heard someone tell you how quickly our population has been growing!  In fact, Forbes listed Nashville as #20 on its 2015 list of the fastest-growing U.S. cities.  But moving to a new city, even a great one like Nashville, comes with challenges.  One of the biggest challenges that parents face when making the big move is, “How do I find a trustworthy babysitter in this new city?”  To answer this question, I spoke with Sarah Tortorella, the CEO of Nashville’s newest sitting service, Sitting Made Simple.

Sarah tells me that getting referrals from close friends is the way most parents prefer to find their sitters.  “Parents are very familiar with their neighborhood or family friends, and they use them as good sources of information about potential babysitters; friends can let them know what the kids are like.  But families who are new to town don’t have these connections to rely on.”  I totally understand how this could be a problem for parents new to Nashville.  I ask Sarah how new families usually find their babysitters, and she tells me, “They usually only get to know the high schoolers who live in their neighborhoods.”  And while it is geographically convenient for these high school students to babysit, “they have family or school limitations, so they can’t be on call.  If they have a family dinner coming up, or if they have band practice after school, it can be hard for parents to find an alternative.”

So I ask Sarah about other ways new parents can find good babysitters.  “One way is through online services like  They have a well-known name, and they’re reliable because they offer the option of requesting background checks,” she tells me.  “Daycare is also an option, and it can really engage younger kids.  And places like the YMCA offer after-school programs; some of them are even hosted at local schools.”

The biggest issue with these options is simply the convenience factor.  Certain programs and companies are very trustworthy, but have limited hours or lack transportation.  Others, such as online sitter-finding services, can help find a great individual nanny or sitter, but can’t guarantee the hours you need covered.  “That’s why I love Sitting Made Simple,” Sarah explains.  “We have a pool of sitters who are all background-checked and CPR-certified, and we guarantee that you’ll have someone cover the time period you need them.  They can also pick your kids up from school, help out with housework, and bring engaging ‘craft bags’ along with them.”

Moving to a new city with your childrenSo what are Sarah’s criteria for the best babysitting option?  Here are her top three suggestions:

1. Find a way to verify that the sitter is trustworthy.  Legitimate sitting services offer background checks and can tell you about specific certifications that their professionals may have (such as CPR or tutor certifications).  At the very least, ask around for referrals from an organization you trust, such as your church or workplace.

2. Know your babysitting needs.  Before actually searching for childcare, make a list of the specific services you need from your sitter.  Do you need her to help your kids with their homework, cook dinner, or drive your children to their after-school activities?  This way, you’ll have a checklist to help you narrow down the options.

3. Find out how your sitter will engage your children.  Every parents’ nightmare is having an apathetic babysitter or nanny.  When hiring someone who is not a member of a professional sitting service, it’s completely appropriate to ask potential sitters for some references who can attest to their willingness and ability to engage your kids in activities.

Congratulations on your plans to move to Nashville, and I hope these tips help you find the perfect babysitting service!  For information on our local Nashville moving services, give us a call at 615-248-6288 or click here to get to our website.


This blog post was written by our Marketer, Jenni Hargrove. Click here to meet the rest of our team!

Grand Opening: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Hermitage!

Happy New Year from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville!

Happy New Year, Middle Tennessee!  This morning, we celebrated the beginning of 2016 with the opening of our new office in Hermitage!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville in the Donelson-Hermitage Christmas ParadeFor over a decade, we have been active members of the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce to stay connected with our customers outside the Nashville area.  Last month, we even participated in the Donelson Hermitage Christmas Parade by decorating one of our 26″ box trucks as a gift-wrapped parade “float!”  And recently, we’ve seen a significant growth in the number of qualified employees we’ve been able to hire.  Opening this new location seemed like the most natural way for our franchise to grow and continue to serve the Middle Tennessee community at large.

Additionally, we hope this new Hermitage location will help us reach our goal of doubling our charity efforts from last year!  Through the year of 2015, our franchise was able to donate over 100 charity moving hours, totaling almost $11,000 of in-kind services, to local Nashville non-profit organizations.  We’ve been taking steps to increase our community involvement in the new year by becoming PENCIL partners with Park Avenue Elementary School and joining the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors last month.  This new location will allow us to expand the resources we have to continue to give back to those in need around Middle Tennessee.

Want to call or visit our new location?  Our phone number in Hermitage is (615) 883-3233, and the Hermitage office address is 4830 Old Hickory Blvd.  The new location will be open from 9 am-1 pm every weekday!