How to Store Holiday Decorations with Moving Supplies

how to store holiday decorations with moving supplies

We’re not just Nashville’s moving experts…  We’re also trained extensively on how to properly pack items that can be easily broken or damaged!  Let us share some of the knowledge we’ve picked up over our 20 years in business to help you pack up your Christmas decorations this year:

Dish pack boxes can be used to pack fragile ornaments.Use a dish box for your ornaments.

Our dish pack boxes are double-insulated on the outer wall, making them thicker than a regular cardboard box.  They also come with adjustable inserts that can be moved around to perfectly fit each of your ornaments.  Buying one of these boxes from us can save you the hassle of having to individually wrap each of your fragile Christmas ornaments!

Label every box in detail.

You don’t want to have to search through every box for a particular wreath or ribbon next year.  Be sure to stick a label on at least two sides of each box to remind yourself what items are inside.  You can make easy labels by writing on our packing tape with a Sharpie.  These DIY labels are easily readable on top of our white-colored boxes.

Wrap each string of lights and garland around a separate piece of cardboardKeep your lights and garlands separated.

One of the most frustrating parts of decorating each winter is having to untangle strings of lights and garland without damaging them.  Avoid this problem next year by properly storing those items this year.  You can repurpose your discarded gift wrapping supplies by carefully wrapping each string of lights and garland around a different empty gift wrap tube or piece of cardboard from a gift box.  Then create more separation by placing a sheet of our packing paper between each wrapped string as you stack them into a box.

Keep your linens fresh.

Many people keep special tablecloths and other linens just for the holiday season.  Be sure you take the time to fold them properly, and place a laundry room dryer sheet between each linen when you stack them into your box.  The dryer sheet will keep the linens smelling fresh and discourage moths from damaging them.  You should also store your linens in a waterproof box, instead of a traditional cardboard box, to keep moisture from getting in.

Create a wrapping station out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK wardrobe box!Use a dish box as a wrapping paper station.

You don’t have to buy an expensive gift wrap station from a craft store.  Our dish boxes are the perfect length for storing tubes of your holiday gift wrap, and you can arrange the inserts to the ideal size for all of your rolls!  You can also adjust the inserts to fit clothing boxes, gift bags, and bows.

Ask for help when you need it.

Give us a call at 615-248-6288 or check out our website if you need help moving and storing any larger or more delicate holiday decor pieces.  All of our movers are full-time, trained employees who handle fragile items every day, and we would be glad to give you a hand!

5 FAQs About Moving During the Winter

FAQs about moving during the winter

When we start getting closer to extremely cold temperatures and icy weather, we always get plenty of questions from customers about moving during winter conditions.  Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive:

Do movers still complete their jobs during snow/sleet/ice storms?

As long as our trucks can safely leave the parking lot, we won’t have to reschedule your move!  If the weather is causing dangerous driving conditions, we will have to keep you and our movers safe.  Don’t worry–we’ll reschedule your move free of charge according to your availability.

Will the movers continue my move if it gets really cold outside?

Yes, our movers will always show up wearing appropriate uniforms.  However, in extremely cold temperatures, we encourage our moving staff to take short breaks inside the house to keep their muscles warm and safe.  We will not charge you for the time they use for these breaks.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK always wraps your furniture to keep moisture out.How do you keep my belongings safe from the weather?

Our moving staff will pad every piece of your furniture, and then stretch wrap each piece with shrink wrap to prevent moisture from getting inside.  However, if there is a particular piece you’re worried about, please communicate that to your movers so they can take extra care with this item.  Additionally, because we can’t shrink-wrap your mattresses, we sell inexpensive mattress bags to protect them.  Your movers will be happy to place your mattresses in the bags, so you won’t have to worry about that task.

How do you keep my plants and pets safe from the cold?

We actually aren’t allowed to have anything living, including plants, inside our trucks during any type of weather.  This is because we aren’t able to guarantee that your items won’t shift slightly during the drive to your new home, and we want to keep your plants and animals safe.  Please take these in your personal vehicle to your new home!

How can I save money on my move during the winter?

The best way to save money on your move during any season is to be prepared for the movers before they arrive.  Be sure to have your vehicles out of the driveway so they can shorten the walk between your home and the truck.  You may also want to shovel and salt your driveway before the movers arrive for the safest, easiest moving conditions.  Inside your home, you can have your boxes packed before the movers arrive and even disassemble items such as bed frames.  (We will happily complete this type of disassembly for you if you would feel more comfortable letting a professional do this!)

Have we left your question off of this list?  Please give us a call at 615-248-6288 for answers to any other questions you may have before your move, and check out our website for general moving information!

Why We Support Habitat for Humanity: Adrienne’s Story

Moving Adrienne into her new Habitat for Humanity home

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville, our slogan is Moving People Forward–and not just in the literal sense!  We love supporting local non-profits that work to put Nashville families into safe homes and positions where they can succeed.  One of our most well-known non-profit partners that does an awesome job at accomplishing this goal is the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville.

Nearly everyone knows Habitat for Humanity as the organization that builds homes for deserving families in need, but we’ve been able to learn so much more about the ins and outs of their work by getting to know some of their partner families.  Today we want to share the story of Adrienne, the latest Habitat mom we were just able to move in to her new home.

Justin moving Adrienne into her new Habitat for Humanity homeAdrienne is currently a certified nursing assistant with St. Thomas Hospital, and she loves “helping others, and…helping to make the day as calm as possible.”  She lives with one of her daughters, who she says gave her a “new drive to better [themselves].”  Before working with Habitat for Humanity, Adrienne was already on the path to buying a new condominium home for her family.  Their duplex didn’t feel safe (it had been broken into two years prior), and they had been living with mold and ants.  Fortunately, one of Adrienne’s coworkers who had built her home with Habitat invited Adrienne to see her house, and suggested that she apply for the building program as well.  Adrienne says, “Terri showed me her house and it was so cute!  And she showed me all the nice things that Habitat did for her.”

After applying to become a part of the Habitat program, the Habitat staff reviews each family’s story to ensure they’re on the path to financial success.  Once Adrienne’s family was accepted into the program, the team walked her through the plan for her house build.  Adrienne went through Habitat’s HomeWORKS home ownership and financial education classes, saved the money needed for her closing costs on the house, and actually helped build her own new house on the build site!

After all of her hard work with Habitat, providing charitable moving services for Adrienne was the least we could do to reward her at the end of her journey!  Adrienne says she’s the most excited about planting her own flowers at her new house.  We wish her family all the best in their new home, and we can’t wait to meet the next Habitat family we’ll have the opportunity to move.

Adrienne moving into her new Habitat for Humanity home

How to Prep Your Home & Avoid Holiday Hosting Disasters

how to avoid holiday hosting disasters at your home

The holiday season is full of visiting family and friends, holiday parties, and huge meals.  The one thing in common with all these scenarios?  You host all of them in your home.  The last thing you want to face is a last-minute disaster, such as an unforeseen plumbing issue or suddenly losing your heat.  Here are some tips for avoiding these hosting hiccups:

Avoid: The oven won’t heat up!

Whether you’re planning to use the oven to roast your Christmas ham or just to bake some cookies for Santa, you definitely want to avoid a broken oven.  While your oven could break due to multiple reasons, you can help avoid this issue by waiting to self-clean your oven until after the holidays are over.  Self-cleaning can cause a fuse or thermostat to blow, and you’ll likely need a technician to come in and fix the problem.

Avoid: The sink clogging!

There are a few ways to steer clear of this issue.  First, never dispose of your fats and cooking oils in the kitchen sink.  Some cooks like to save old sauce jars to reuse as oil-holders as an alternate method of disposal.  Also, be sure to start running your garbage disposal before you drop food into it.  Never give your disposal fibrous or starchy foods to break down.  Finally, if your drain has already shown signs of being clogged, don’t pour drain-clearing chemicals that could further harm your pipes.  Instead, use a snake tool from your hardware store.

Avoid: The heat went out!

As a rule, try to regularly maintain your HVAC system.  Every three months, be sure to install a new furnace filter.  You should also regularly check on refrigerant lines leading into your home, and replace insulation on any lines that have missing or damaged insulation.

Avoid: The fridge isn’t cool!

An inexpensive way to regularly check your refrigerator is purchasing a thermometer for each shelf.  Be sure each thermometer always reads less than 40 degrees, and take note of any major temperature changes that occur.  You should also check to make sure the condenser coils on the back of (or beneath) the fridge unit are loose and able to freely circulate air.  Go ahead and clear off items on top of the fridge that block the coils, and clean the coils when they become dirty with dust.

From all of us here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Nashville, we wish you a happy, stress-free holiday season!  Need help staging your home for the holidays?  Give us a call at 615-248-6288 to schedule your in-home moving services, or check out our website for more information!