Congratulations to Vince on His Promotion!

Vince, our new Move Supervisor

Meet Vince, who we just promoted to our Move Supervisor position!  We’re all very excited about Vince’s promotion, but Vince is, of course, more excited than any of us.  He started working for us almost exactly two years ago as a Mover, and was promoted to our Driver position three short months later.  After taking a break from Two Men and a Truck Nashville to work as a Patient Assistant with the Cumberland Heights drug and alcohol addiction recovery program, Vince decided he missed the exciting work with our company.  He came back and earned another promotion to become a Driver Lead this past March.  Now we’ve been able to reward his hard work again with another promotion to our Move Supervisor position!

If you ask Vince why he enjoys his work so much at Two Men and a Truck Nashville, he’ll tell you right away that he loves the physical aspect of the job that challenges him during moves.  “When I first started working here, I weighed 280 pounds.  After seven months, I lost 70 pounds,” he attests.  He’ll also tell you that he likes getting to do something different each day, both in the office and in the field.

“But I always tell everyone here that Two Men and a Truck Nashville gives me more than a job and money,” he says.  “I had nothing when I first started here.  I was living in a halfway house, I always looked angry and never smiled, and I was so isolated.  The Move Managers will tell you that.  This job taught me to have integrity.”

We’re honored to be a part of Vince’s past, and now to help him secure his future.  He’s a great, hard worker, but he also gives back to his community with his work at Cumberland Heights.  He’s able to empathize with the Cumberland Heights patients, and he brings that caring attitude to the Movers and Drivers he supervises at the office.  Congratulations on your promotion, Vince!  We know you’ll do great!

6 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make for Your Pet Out of Moving Boxes!

5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make for your Pet out of Moving Boxes

Halloween is coming up, and if you’re like us, you probably already have your costume picked out down to the hair dye and the elbow-length gloves you’ll be wearing!  But have you thought about your pets yet?  If not, we’ve got you covered with these super simple DIY costume ideas for Fido and Fluffy!  All you need are some inexpensive collars and harnesses, a hot glue gun, and some leftover moving boxes.

Beanie Baby and Scooby Doo Halloween costumesOur Office Manager, Donald, has two dogs.  Hersh, the black dog on the left, is sporting an easy-to-make Beanie Baby tag on his collar.  And Jax, the caramel-colored rescue dog on the right, is “dressed up” as Scooby Doo!  We made these costumes with two dog collars we found at the Dollar Tree, ribbon, printed cut-outs of the “ty” tag and the Scooby Doo dog license, and, of course, a cardboard box.  All you need to do to make your own Beanie Baby and Scooby Doo costumes is trace the cut-out of each pendant onto the surface of your box.  Then, cut along the lines with an Exact-o knife to keep your edges clean.  Finally, hot-glue the cut-out images to line up with the edges of the cardboard cut-outs.  (With Scooby Doo’s tag, we actually cut out two cardboard pieces and glued them together to add more weight to the pendant.)  Each of these costumes only took about 10 minutes total to put together.

Cat in the Hat Halloween costumeYou can thank our General Manager, Nick, for having his cat model one of our ten-minute cat costumes for you!  Chandler is sporting a Cat in the Hat costume (with the Cat in the Hat’s signature bow tie).  He unfortunately wasn’t about to let us put this Sylvester costume on him, with a cartoonishly large Tweety bird dangling from the collar.  Sylvester Halloween cat costumeWe made the Sylvester costume exactly the same way that we made the Beanie Baby and Scooby Doo costumes above!  However, we decided to just draw the Cat in the Hat tie and cut the drawing out of cardboard to save the printing and gluing steps of that costume.  Again, each of these costumes took 10 minutes or less to make.  

Looking for more of a challenge?  We spent about half an hour making this taco costume for Jax and the flower costume for Hersh.  (Unfortunately, Jax wasn’t nearly as thrilled about the taco as he was about the Scooby Doo costume…so we couldn’t get a picture without him struggling!)  Jax wearing a Taco Halloween costumeWhile we used another Dollar Tree collar for the flower costume, Jax’s taco is made with a $5 harness from Walmart.  If you really want to up your moving box costume game, try covering the cardboard cut-outs for the taco with some soft fleece.  You can also change up petal shapes and colors to make a flower that goes well with your dog’s coat color.

I hope we’ve inspired you with our pet costume ideas!  Want some ideas for human DIY costumes?  Check out our three DIY Halloween costumes we made out of leftover moving boxes!

3 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make With a Leftover Moving Box!

Patricia modeling our Mayoral Ballot Box Halloween costumeHalloween is right around the corner, and store-bought costumes are sooo five years ago.  We have your inspiration for some fun DIY costumes you can make with used moving boxes, all modeled by our lovely sales staff!

Nashville Mayoral Ballot Box Halloween CostumeThe costume above is modeled by the beautiful Patricia, who just joined our sales team this past month!  Patricia is posing as a Nashville Mayoral Ballot Box, voting for our new mayor, Megan Barry.  You can make a ballot box look any way you want, but we used a Medium-sized box and some blue wrapping paper to start making ours.  We cut out some star shapes out of another box with an Exact-o knife, and then just used a red Sharpie to complete the patriotic color scheme!  The Ballot Box costume is very culturally relevant, since we just elected our first female mayor in Nashville, and the 2016 Presidential election is coming up soon!

Matthew in a Kleenex Box Halloween costumeMatthew has our next costume!  Matthew has been with our company as a Driver in the field for almost a year and a half, and he just recently transitioned into our office staff as an Inside Sales Representative.  But this obviously isn’t his normal uniform…  This is his homemade Tissue Box Halloween costume!  We cut holes in the box for his arms and head, then glued some white tissue paper around the neck to create his tissue crown.  We picked a well-known facial tissue brand to print, added some whimsical flower-y designs, and voila!  Another easy DIY costume completed!

Chris in a Fishtank Halloween costumeAnd last but not least, Chris is modeling our Fishtank Halloween costume!  Chris was a Driver for us for about a year before he joined our sales staff with Matthew.  His costume was the most complicated, but most rewarding, DIY costume we made this year.  To create the 3D effect, we cut out an inner rectangle that we taped to one of the box flaps that was cut off the top of the box costume.  This flap served as a “floor” on which we were able to glue some fish, a dolphin, and shells.  Then we covered the empty space in front with some shiny, translucent blue gift paper to give the appearance of water behind the glass wall.  This box only took about 15 minutes to put together!  Here’s a close-up of the actual “tank” opening:

Fishtank costume close-up

Now that you have your costume ready to go, it’s time to think about your pets…  Check out our 6 DIY pet Halloween costumes for inspiration!

And if you’re getting ready to move this fall, give us a call at 615-248-6288 or visit our website for a free moving quote!

Book’em: Teaching Our Children to Read

Thank You pictures from the class

When people first find out that Two Men and a Truck’s mantra is “Moving People Forward,” they don’t usually realize how seriously we take that phrase.  As a company, we are of course dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service that we can when families decide to use our moving services.  But we also are very committed to “moving people forward” in our community–from the families of Safe Haven and Habitat for Humanity who are moving into new homes, to the homeless pets at the Nashville Humane Association who need forever families, all the way down to elementary school children who need encouragement on their path to learning to read.

Some of the books Jenni brought to her Book'em class.

That’s right:  Movers care about Nashville’s literacy rate!  We know children need to get excited about reading at an early age so they can be set up for success in their high school career, and long-term with their adult careers.  So our marketer, Jenni, has just become the newest volunteer at the local non-profit Book’em!  Once a month, Jenni will be visiting a low-income first grade class in a metro Nashville public school through Book’em’s “Reading is Fundamental” program.  With each visit, she’ll read to the students and provide them each with a new, free book to bring home.

Jenni visited her class for the first time last week, and she had a blast!  “I was so impressed by the kids’ behavior,” she said afterward.  “They were all such good listeners, and they all wanted to participate when I asked them questions during the stories.”

Jenni decided to bring two picture books about moving with her during her first visit to read to the kids: Alexander, Who’s Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move by Judith Viorst and A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.  “I wanted them to be able to understand what my company does every day when we help families move to new homes,” she explained.  “When I asked them if any of them had moved, there was only one girl who didn’t raise her hand.  It was great because we were able to talk through all the negative and positive feelings that come along with moving to a new place.”

The Village Garage

In addition to the two books about moving, Jenni also brought The Village Garage by G. Brian Karas.  “Their teacher told me the kids were currently learning about autumn, and The Village Garage was great about explaining the different types of trucks that work in the city during the different seasons.  It was awesome hearing them guess which trucks would be coming up in the next parts of the story,” she said.

Jenni had an awesome time meeting her assigned Book’em class, and she can’t wait to see them again in November.  If you’re interested in volunteering with Book’em as well, or if you have some gently used children’s books at home to donate to Book’em’s distribution to underprivileged Nashvillians, check out Book’em’s website to find out how to get involved!