Movers Who Post

Happy Weekend  With our busy season coming up, we want to be able to consistently communicate with all of you!  So we are totally reworking our Facebook posts and Twitter feed, PLUS we’ve started this handy blog, a brand-new Pinterest, and an Instagram feed.

Here’s what we’re hoping to accomplish with each social network:

On Facebook, we’ll be hosting some contests in the near future, plus you may see some awesome packing/moving/supplies specials coming up…

On Twitter, we want to keep you updated with our totally informed and educated opinions on pretty much everything.  (What else is Twitter for?)

Our blog will be here to give you some articles on how to organize for a move (or just in general), cool new events coming up in our community, keeping you up with our community outreach projects, and just giving you a more in-depth portrait of us as an organization.

On Pinterest, we want to show you our passions, quirks, and hobbies!  The boards we have right now are about small businesses, innovative furniture (yeah, it’s a thing), taking advantage of living in Nashville, and, of course, your moving day.

And on Instagram, we want to give you our story through photos.  You can keep up with our crazy move schedule and meet all of our friendly faces.