DIY Moving Box Project: Kitty Castle

Cats love to climb and hide – and if you have some leftover moving boxes, you can easily build this fun Kitty Castle to keep them happy and playful.  Not only is it great fun for felines, it’s extremely budget-friendly and completely customizable. Just follow our easy, step-by-step tutorial.

To build our Kitty Castle, we used TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® small and medium-sized moving boxes, but you could use any size cardboard boxes and to make your own unique creation. Just ensure the boxes are large enough for your cat to freely move around in. If you don’t have any on hand, you can purchase all the boxes you need from us for under $12*.

* Each location is independently owned and operated; box pricing may vary at other locations.

Project: Moving Box Kitty Castle
Skill level: Easy
Cost: Minimal
Time commitment: 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on how elaborate you want to be


  • (1) small size moving box (16″x12″x12″)
  • (2) medium size moving boxes (18″x18″x16″)
  • Box cutter/utility knife
  • Pencil or pen
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Packing tape & tape gun
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Black permanent marker (optional)
  • Dowels or skewers (optional – for flags)

STEP 1: First, we are going to cut out all the doors and windows. Using a pencil, draw door and window openings onto the front and back of the small box as desired. This will be the center portion of your castle. Ensure there is at least one or two openings large enough for your cat to fit through. Optional: Create a ‘drawbridge’ opening by having the door open in a downward motion rather than on the side. We opted to just create a large open door for our cats. Using your box cutter, cut out the openings. Tip: Save your best door and window cutout and use it as a template for the other boxes.


STEP 2: Center your door stencil on the other 2 sides of the small box, aligning with the bottom. Trace and cut out with your box cutter.


STEP 3: Using your stencil, draw window openings onto three sides of each of the large boxes. It will look best if they all match, but they don’t have to! Using the box cutter, cut out the openings.


STEP 4: Center your stencil on the non-window sides of large boxes aligning with the bottom of the box.  This will be the ‘doorway’ to the small box. Using the box cutter, cut out the opening. We also opted to put a “2nd floor” doorway between the two towers, but it is not necessary.

NOTE: At this point you should now have (1) small box with at least 3 doors (and windows on 2 sides) and (2) large boxes with windows on 3 sides and a 1st floor doorway on one side.


STEP 5: If desired, cut out a zig zag pattern to mimic the top of a castle (this step can be skipped if you want to simplify). Tip: Use your first cutout as a stencil for the other sides.


STEP 6: Now we are going to close up our boxes! Fold in the bottom flaps of the small box and secure with hot glue. Repeat for the large boxes.


STEP 7: Fold in the top flaps of the small box and secure with hot glue. Reinforce the top of the center/small box with packing tape (inside) just for extra security for when your cats climb on the ‘roof’.


STEP 8: Now, let’s put it all together! Using hot glue, secure the large boxes to the small box as noted in the photos, lining up the interior doorway of each box. Again, you may wish to weight the boxes down to ensure they stay together while the glue sets. You should now have a completed structure!


STEP 9 (optional): After your hot glue is set and sufficiently secured, it’s time to decorate! In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the entire outside of the structure and set out until completely dry. If desired, decorate with black permanent marker. You may also wish to line the door and window openings with black duct tape for a more finished look and to smooth out any rough edges.

STEP 10 (optional): Cut out triangles from your scraps. Paint or color your “flags” and affix them to the top of the castle using hot glue or duct tape. Add pillows, stools, and toys to the inside of your kitty castle for extra fun and comfort.

STEP 11: Enjoy!


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