These 7 packing mistakes could cost you big

Nobody wants to unpack after a busy move, just to discover Great Grandma’s china was damaged in transit. By taking proper care when packing, you will ensure all your belongings reach their destination intact no matter how far they have to travel.

Our top list of “don’ts” when it comes to packing:

  1. Using the wrong type of container – It may be tempting to use and old liquor box, plastic tote container, or even a grocery bag. Why take chances with your belongings? We recommend using boxes designed specifically for moving household items like our dish pack with padded walls and cell inserts, designed specifically to protect your tableware. Cost: broken items
  2. Packing boxes too heavy – Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books, and save the larger boxes for lighter things like fluffy pillows and comforters. Cost: back and neck pain and damaged belongings
  3. Leaving space in boxes/not filling boxes – The more space an item has to jostle around in transit, the more likely it is to get damaged. If you can’t fill the box because it’s too heavy or you’ve used up the allotted boxes for that specific room, fill it with lightweight packing material like bubble wrap. Cost: boxes with broken contents
  4. Packing items from different rooms together – Putting your craft beer coaster collection, pool towels, and bedroom slippers in the same box isn’t a great idea. Save time and frustration by packing same-room items together. Cost: Additional time and effort spent during the unpacking process
  5. Unlabeled boxes – Who wants to play a guessing game when unpacking in their new home? Proper labeling will also help movers know which room to put each box in. TIP: Place white labels with the room name in large print on the top of each box, and hand-write contents on the side. Bonus points if you use color-coding. Cost: Lost items, disorganization during unpacking
  6. Stacking incorrectly – Jenga is fun to play at a backyard barbecue, but not on moving day! Stacking boxes too high, or stacking heavy boxes on top of lighter ones can result in disaster. Don’t tempt fate – protect your belongings by putting the heavier items on the bottom of the pile, lighter and more fragile ones on top. Cost: Toppling during transit, crushed boxes and broken items
  7. Waiting until the last minute – As with most things, procrastination is the enemy when it comes to moving, too. But don’t despair! If you find yourself with a lot of packing left to do on moving day, our movers can pack for you, whether it’s your whole household or just a few last-minute items. Since we’re an hourly service, there are no additional fees for our packing servicesCost: mistakes 1-6 are more likely to happen if you’re in a last-minute rush

The bottom line: When packing, begin with the end in mind. How will you be unpacking? What rooms will you unpack first? What items will you need your first night and which ones can wait a week if needed? Ask yourself these questions and you will save a ton of time and frustration at the end of the moving process.

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