Seven easy ways to make interstate moving simple

Winter in Wisconsin has a way of making you wish you were elsewhere. If you’re making that wish reality, we can help.

Moving is stressful no matter what, but there’s even more to think about if you’re moving out of state. When should you move? How can you save money? What should you bring with you?

It can get overwhelming.

Here are seven tips to make your out of state move a little simpler.

Select a smart moving date

Knowing the ins and outs of a moving company’s schedule can save you money. Prices fluctuate throughout the week, but prices are usually lower on weekdays.

Movers are also a little more flexible in the winter. This allows you to be more specific and lock down the exact date you want.

Set a budget and examine your options

There is always a cost to moving, whether you do it yourself or use professionals. Once you figure out your budget, you can decide which makes the most sense for you.

Most movers offer free quotes that will give you an estimated cost. If you’re moving out of the state, many will send an in-home consultant to your home to get a more precise estimate.

Compare these costs against renting a moving truck or loading up your own vehicle. Then weigh them against the stress and time it takes to move. Determine what is most important to you, and make your decision.

Compare movers

If you decide to use professionals, you should get multiple estimates. Interstate moving companies vary in their approach.

Some choose to keep costs down by mixing loads. This is a great way to maintain your budget, but can lead to lost items and a range of dates for delivery.

Other companies (like us), take only one load at a time. By handling each load independently, loads are delivered intact and with more precise timing.

Both methods are quality in their own right, it’s up to you to decide which best meets your needs.

Inventory your home

Getting estimates from movers will help with this process, so keep the information they send you. Before you move anything, you need to know what you have to move.

A full inventory will help determine what size of vehicle you’ll need to use as well as what you can get rid of before your move.


Speaking of getting rid of some things, an out-of-state move is an ideal time to downsize. Make a list of essentials to keep, as well as options you can discard.

Once you have your final necessities down, you can go about getting rid of the rest. Donate or sell things that have value, and get rid of things that do not.

This is a great opportunity to evaluate what is really important to you and what is not. A good starting point is the one-year rule. If you haven’t used something in the past year, you can probably get rid of it.

Start packing ASAP

Packing never fails to take longer than expected. The more you get done, the more there seems to be. Start early to ensure you have enough time to get everything you need packed up securely. An early start will also allow you to pick up extra boxes or material if needed. For more packing tips, click here.

Change your address and utilities

It’s easy to forget simple things like changing your address with the postal service. Make this change before you move to ensure you don’t miss important mail. You should also cancel memberships to local clubs and organizations that you’ll no longer be able to participate in as well.

Turn off your utilities before you move so you’re not paying for services you aren’t using. It’s equally important to make sure everything is set up in your new home when you arrive.

Happy Moving!

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