How to winterize your car

So you just moved and now you’re facing your first Wisconsin winter. There’s a lot to think about.

Is your home prepared for the chilly conditions? Is your wardrobe enough to combat the cold? It’s easy to forget about your car.

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we’re all too familiar with the strain winter puts on vehicles. Keep your vehicle moving this season with these vital vehicle winterization tips.

Freshen your fluids

Start with the antifreeze. It keeps your radiator fluid from freezing in the trying Wisconsin weather and helps regulate engine temperature. You’ll want to protect your view as well. Make sure your wiper fluid is freeze-resistant, and your wiper blades are capable. It’s crucial to keep your windshield clean when the winter conditions and traffic are dangerous.

Check your battery

Cold weather requires your battery to work harder to perform. It better be ready. Check for corrosion and any loose connections to make sure you’re not stranded in the cold. The last thing you want when you trudge your way to your car to go to work is for it not to start. A simple check can save you from getting stranded.

Ensure emergency items are close

Keep a blanket and some snacks on hand in case you get stuck or stranded. A flashlight and phone charger are also vital so you can call or search for help. Having a bag of kitty litter or sand can also be handy. It will give your tires a little extra traction if you get stuck.

Think about your tires
Your tires are the starting point for safety on slippery roads. You may opt for snow tires or all-season tires, which increase your traction on inclement roadways. If not, you should at least check their pressure. Air pressure will drop in the cold, which weakens the contact they make with the road. Some gas stations have free filling stations, so take advantage and get yourself set up right.

Check your oil
Some people suggest using a thinner oil in winter. This is an option, but you should consult your vehicle’s manual or a mechanic before making any changes.


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