Safety tips for moving holiday decorations

With December on the doorstep, it’s time to think about holiday decorations. They may be beautiful when finished, but getting that far is a challenge. Working with dusty, fragile, and heavy boxes poses problems.

It doesn’t have to be that way. These tips will keep you safe and merry this holiday season.

Clear the way

Do you know where your holiday decorations are? Hidden in the back of the attic? Buried in the basement? Clearing a path to your boxes is the crucial first step.

With your hands full, any obstruction becomes especially dangerous. The last thing you want is to get tangled up and watch your decorations crash to the floor.

Have a designated spot for everything in your living space. One central area will give you access to everything you need and contain the mess.

Get help

An extra set of hands will go a long way this decorating season. If ladders are involved, having a helper to take boxes allows you to safely climb down. They’ll be vital when moving heavy or awkward boxes full of ornaments or decorations.

Their help will be especially valuable when you move your tree. Whether real or fake, they’re bulky and require assistance.

Use proper technique

Holiday decorating is time-consuming. Lifting with your legs will help keep you fresh the whole time. Not to mention you’ll enjoy those decorations more if you can stand up straight to view them.

Keep heavy boxes close to your chest to maximize your strength. Place one hand on a corner away from your body and the other tucked closer into support the weight of the box.

Slow and steady

When your hands are full, the chance of an accident increases when you move faster. Stairs get more dangerous and walls are more likely to be damaged. Take the time to give your items careful treatment.

Dust as you go

Decorating is meant to make your home beautiful, not dirty. However, that could be exactly what you’re doing when you’re moving boxes covered by a years-worth of dust.

Clean each box before bringing them into your living space, and dust every item before setting it up. This cuts down clean up and allows you to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.


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