Moving your new toys on Black Friday

Have you scoped out Black Friday deals and found a few you simply can’t resist? Electronics and home goods are common seasonal purchases, but how can you keep them safe once you leave the store?

We’ve got you covered with tips to get you, and your new toys, home safe.


TVs are one of the most common Black Friday purchases, often a purchase planned out well in advance. But have you thought about how you’re going to move that new TV once you buy it?

Keep your TV upright as much as possible. While modern TVs are designed to safely lay horizontally, this exposes them to a variety of dangers. Each bump in the road or sudden stop becomes extra dangerous when a TV is on its back.

If you have room to stand it up, make sure the screen is protected. Don’t pack sharp objects nearby, and surround it by plush or soft items if possible.

Tablets, consoles, and Computers

Tablets, consoles, and computers pose their own set of problems. They may be smaller, but don’t think that means you can just lump them in with other items. These technologies are susceptible to breaking.

Keep them protected by isolating these items where possible. Keeping a blanket in your car to wrap around them will also help keep them safe and warm.

Don’t stack anything on top of them to ensure they’re protected. They are not designed to bare weight on top of them, so make sure to stack them on top of other objects or keep them apart from the rest of your holiday haul.

Vacuums and other home goods

The key with vacuums, like other heavy items, is to carry it close to your chest. That’s where your muscle center is, so keeping it close to your core will ensure your safety and that of your item.

This concept carries over for any other heavier kitchen item you may buy like some coffee machines or other countertop devices.

Keeping these household goods close to your chest also allows for easier mobility. Black Friday often leads to tight quarters in stores, so keeping your items close will allow you to absorb—and avoid—bumps.

Be aware of your surroundings

With your hands full and people surrounding you, it’s important to move cautiously. Protect your new goodies by watching for other people and cars. Since it will be dark outside, extra care is needed.

Be patient driving

With everything you bought in the back of the car, it’s important to be patient on the road. Avoid sudden stops, starts, and turns to keep your new purchases from crashing around in the back of your car.

Don’t stress your muscles

Even if you can carry everything inside in a single trip, it’s okay to make an extra trip. Carrying too many items can lead to bags breaking, dropping vital objects, and accidental contact with walls and door frames.

Heavy items, like that TV or vacuum, warrant a separate trip. Bags should be carried at a comfortable weight. You just bought these new toys, protecting them should be as important as buying them.


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