Renting? Don’t forget these essential tips!

Rental living is supposed to simple, right?

There’s no yard work to do. There’s no property maintenance.

Just pay rent and enjoy!

But, did you know it’s actually quite a complex process to move in?

Of course there’s the physical piece we all think about, and the emotional piece we’ve mentioned before.

But have you thought about the first things you need to do after you move?


Yeah, I hadn’t either the first few times I moved. But now I have, and I’m here to help!

Check the utilities


Check the lights, electricity, and gas. Make sure the fridge and stove are working. Double check outlets, cable jacks, and Ethernet ports.

All of these are essential to living in and enjoying your new home, so make sure they’re up and running! By doing this promptly, you can alert management and have the requisite changes made quickly.

Check off your checklist quickly

You know that pesky checklist that you have to fill out as you inspect each room upon moving in?

Yeah, that’s important.

Before you fully unpack, make sure you thoroughly inspect each room while filling out your checklist. This will ensure you can mark all damages and scuffs while the apartment is open before you’ve covered walls and carpets with your belongings.

This can save you money when you go to move out!

Finally unpack

This is the most rewarding part of every move, when your new home goes from a vision to a reality.

Do this is soon as possible to avoid lingering clutter both in your home and in your mind!

You’ll also be able to see what you still need, and get it early on!

Take out the trash

I know, I know, chores. Gross.

But seriously, you’re going to have a mess. Between boxes, wrapping paper, tape, and whatever else you used to pack, you’ll have your hands full (literally).

Make sure you know where the trash is.

These items can take up plenty of room in your apartment, and make the unpacking process excruciatingly difficult and slow when you have to move around them.

Set up the fun!

Cable and internet. My essentials for life.

If you’re like me, this would rank way higher on this list. In fact, when I recently moved, it was one of the first things I did (yes, even before unpacking all of my items).

But regardless, get your cable and internet (or other electronic entertainment) set up early to give yourself a source of relaxation during a hectic time!

Settle in

Decorate, get out in the neighborhood, and have your first night in.

Do whatever it is to make you feel at home.

Welcome home!


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