The real cost of moving


It’s a crime (I’m in a Pink Floyd mood today).

It’s a crime to take it away that is.

Like you, I like money, and I try (often unsuccessfully) to save it where I can.

With that said, there are non-monetary taxes that life takes out.

Moving is no different.

There are financial costs, whether moving yourself or choosing a professional mover, but there’s so much more.

What are they and how do you save those precious resources?

I’m here to help.


One of the worst things you could possibly waste is time. It’s a commodity you can’t get back, something that doesn’t regrow.

When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Moving can be a time suck. Between packing, loading up your car or moving truck, and transporting them to your new home are all draining.

That’s all before the process of unpacking, rearranging, and decorating.

So yeah, it’s a lot of time.

How to save:

Plan, simplify, execute.

Create a plan of how to pack, and get started early. Set aside specific blocks of time, and go through each room in an orderly fashion.

Simplify this process by downsizing what you have. A great way to do this is to cut down on the clothing you don’t need, and pare down any other no-longer needed items. Don’t pack and move what you don’t need (Need proof? Check out my experience).

Execute your plan. You put the work in to make it, and it will help you keep on track to finish your move effectively and efficiently.

A professional mover can help with this process. Not only are they trained and equipped to handle packing jobs, but you can keep living your life while they work. Spend time with family, take care of work responsibilities, or pursue your hobby (if you’re like me, simply relaxing is one of my favorite hobbies) while your movers take care of your packing and move!


Besides being something I’m running tremendously low on right now, energy is another primary form of currency you shell out during your move.

Think about moving. I’m sure you’re daunted by the physical toll it will take. As well you should be. Carrying your couches, tackling your tables, bearing bulky boxes. It’s exhausting.

But do you know what’s worse?

The mental strain.

I was talking with one of our trainers the others, Shamus (just look at that smile!) and he said something very interesting.

“It’s not the physical part that gets to you, it’s the mental.”

He’s right.

The mental toll of feeling like you’re never going to finish, of taking days off work, the stress the labor causes. It’s painful. I moved two weeks ago, and I still haven’t recovered mentally (nor has my girlfriend/move helper).

How to save:

Get as much help as you can, and get as much as you can done before your move starts. Moving day is going to be stressful no matter, but save yourself some energy by thoroughly packing (and labeling) will significantly reduce the amount of physical and mental energy you expend. And that labeling will be essential in an organized and timely unpack and setup process.

Oh, and get some help. More hands means less work (and time spent) for everyone.


Moving can get in your head. Downsizing is emotional, especially if you’re a bit of a sentimental hoarder like myself. But it’s not just the outright sentimental connection that affects you.

It’s the weeks of unease, a lingering limbo between new and old coupled with a gnawing discomfort leading up to the day of your move.

Then it peaks.

The emotional drain leaves you empty the day of your move, and can take quite some time to recover.

How to save:


It’s simple, but necessary.

If you have a hard time getting rid of things, bring in people you trust and have fun with the help ease the negativity of the process.

Their unbiased view can help you better assess whether certain items need to come along or if you can get rid of it. It’ll still be emotionally, but having someone there to help you smile through those times and sad thoughts will help.


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