Tips for seniors on the move

I was at an open house at a new assisted living facility in Janesville over the weekend when someone told me something interesting: a lot of seniors don’t know where to look for help when it comes to moving.

An enormous contingent of the population (and one with members retiring every day), seniors moving needs are unique and consistent.

If you’re a senior, we would like to help give you a starting point.

Whether you decide on professional movers, or have family to help, these tips can make for a smooth transition as you move forward in life.

Plan ahead

While this is an important first step in any move, it is even more important when you’re moving as a senior. Chances are you’ll be downsizing, so starting early on the process of weeding out what you’ll bringing with you is crucial. This also gives you the chance to lock down a date with either the movers or family help that you’ll need. We suggest you lock in these dates early to accommodate for any changes that may arise. If you choose to use a mover, ask if they will come to your home for an estimate. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we have an in-home consultant who will come to your home (for free) and walk through with you to give you a complete picture of what your move will look like.

Pack smart

You have a lifetime worth of possessions, protect them. Clearly mark boxes as fragile, and make sure they are set aside so your family and movers can know to take extra caution. Be sure to wrap all of your items, but avoid newspaper if possible. Newspaper can leave ink stains on your belongings, so use blank wrapping paper. One other often-overlooked tip with packing is to remember a simple rule: the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Don’t overpack boxes, it could cause problems and damage.

Clean as you go

Just like everything else, you’ll want to start cleaning early. If you clean as you purge and pack, you’ll be able to cut down on the cleaning rush immediately before your move. Cutting out as much stress as possible early on will be much appreciated as you get closer to your move date.

Secure parking ahead of time

If you’re moving into a building with a building manager, communicate with them to secure the best parking you can before your move. Not only will parking as close as possible cut down on your moving time, but it will cut down on fatigue after the move. The shorter route of transit will also make using tools like carts and dollies more efficient and effective.

Set aside the essentials

Pack your essential items—medicines or other care items—separately from the rest of your household items. Keep this with you on the day of your move so it’s easy to find and access. Pack some other luxuries with it that you don’t want to search for after your move!

Confirm your move

Make sure to confirm the specific time you can move into your new home and other detail. Call your movers—whether they’re professionals or family and friends—to confirm the date and time they should arrive. Get everything confirmed so you can go into your move date with confidence.

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