Summer move checklist

You’re moving. On top of the stress of family, work, your social life, and everything else going on, now you have to add one of life’s most stressful activities to your plate.

But, did you know that moving doesn’t have to be stressful? By planning ahead—and following your plan—you can take the stress out of the moving and enjoy the next step in your life right away!

Now, how do you get started on forming this plan? Well keep reading right here for a timeline from your Madison “Movers Who Care®”!

One month out:

Start calling moving companies. Oh, I know, a moving company telling you to call moving companies, what a sales pitch! But that’s not the case. We encourage you to call moving companies because they can help give you a full estimate of what your move entails from a professional point of view. It can give you a different perspective on your move, and also lets you vet potential companies should you decide to pursue one.

By starting this process this early, you can ensure that you will have everything you need. Summer is the busiest time of the year in the moving industry, so by reaching out early you can secure a spot on the schedule. It also allows you to get a head start on packing. Moving companies offer packing services and supplies that can help you get off on the right foot.

Oh, and don’t forget to start cleaning! Filter out the things you don’t want or need and either toss, donate, or sell them. Decluttering not only leaves you with less to move, but also less to distract you from the joys of your new home.

Two weeks out:

Now is the perfect time to emphasize packing. If you decide to pack yourself, make sure you’ve secured an ample amount of boxes—the number can often surprise you—as well as labels to mark your boxes. Be diligent about writing the correct room they’ll be going to in your new home; it’ll make the unpacking process much easier! And don’t worry if you start getting overwhelmed with your packing needs, professional movers can help get you packed and ready to go.

Notify magazines and regular mailing services that you’ll be changing addresses, and change the information on your accounts to that of your new home. Schedule time to disconnect utilities, and schedule connections for your new residence.

Continue the cleaning process—it can take a while—and begin to shift your focus to the essential items you’ll want with you that first night in your new home. This will become more important to solidify the closer you get to your move.

One week out:

Get out a suitcase or backpack and pack your first-night bag. Include snacks, a change of comfortable clothing, and some entertainment options. Whatever you need to make the first night simple and comfortable, pack it here. Start packing this bag now so you can go through that process on your own time.

Now is also the time to start cleaning out the fridge. Old foods should be discarded, and whatever containers they’re in should be cleaned and packed. Prepare to defrost and dry the fridge. If you have an older model or one that hasn’t been defrosted in a while, this could take some time—I know it did with the freezer at my old house—so prepare accordingly.

Then add another household item to your cleaning to-do list: the oven. Clean this thoroughly so you can pass your old home along in a great style. Finish any last minute cleaning and packing, and make sure you have everything that you need.

One day out:

Make sure you have cash on hand to cover pizza or dinner at your new home, just in case you want some that first night. Now comes the hard part: say goodbye. Enjoy your final day in your home and say goodbye to your neighbors. When my family moved from my childhood home, we were advised to take a keepsake from our home. It’s a nice notion if you’ve lived there for a while or if you have children. It will help remind them where they came from and give you something to spark memories of the life you lived in your old home.

Day of the move:

It’s as simple as pack and move, right? It’s not.

Whether you’re moving yourself, or using a professional mover, a great first step is to move all boxes and small items toward the best point of entry to your home. This speeds up the move by cutting down time spent running back and forth. It also keeps your home clean because you won’t be tracking dirt around as you or your movers go throughout the house grabbing boxes.

If you’re using professional movers, try your best to be present with the day of the move. You’ll be able to let the crew know what needs to be moved and any specific instructions. When you arrive at your new home, you’ll be able to direct the crew to where each item needs to go.

If you’re moving on your own, organize your boxes and items into various trips. You’ll likely need to make a couple of trips, even if you rent a trailer, so keeping organized will prove vital. Bring the items for specific rooms at a time, so when you unload you’ll be going to one room in particular. You’ll avoid clutter and have clean paths to walk through.

Once you have everything moved, make a final walkthrough of your old home. Lock all the windows and doors, and make sure you’ve brought everything along with you.

Now get settled into your new home, and start enjoying the next step of your life.


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