Tips for moving with pets

I love animals.

In fact, this is one my favorite times of year because people start taking their dogs into the sun for walks (compared to the bundled-up tundra-hikes we’re relegated to for months). Every time I see one of those furry bundles of joy walking around enjoying the weather, I can’t help but smile.

a couple celebrates spring after using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes to clean for springBut what happens to your pet when you have to move? When it comes to moving, you have a lot to think about. How are you going to get packed? How are you going to get everything moved over to your new place? But what about your pet? While moving can be stressful for you, it is for them too!

That’s why the professionals at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Madison are offering you tips on how to make moving day safer for your furry friends!

Vacuum ahead of time

While this one isn’t necessarily for your pet, it certainly does involve them. Movers are people, and while they may love animals, sometimes their allergies don’t. For the well-being of your items, and your movers, please vacuum ahead of time. Sneezing is certainly not an ideal activity when lifting heavy items!

Keep them safe and secured

The best practice is to keep your pet in a secured space. This helps them be at ease, and keeps them safe! Moving requires doors to be propped open, and often you’re walking backwards or have boxes or furniture blocking your view of the ground. Having a pet on the loose is dangerous not only for them, but for you as well!

Set up a playdateTwo puppies poke their heads out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving box

Letting family or friends take your pet for the day is perhaps the best option when it comes to moving with pets. This allows them to still play, relax, and be comfortable during the chaos of a move. It also allows your focus to be solely on your moving experience and helps cut down moving day stress. If you are able to schedule them a playdate with another pet, it will also help to mellow them out when they come into your new home!

Keep their food and medicine handy

Keeping essentials like medicine, food, water, and treats—of course—is crucial if your pet will be present during your move. Keep a bag with all of these necessities close by to ensure that your pet is safe and taken care of. This is especially helpful after your move. You won’t have to dig around to find these items and can spend your time getting them accustomed to their new home!
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