Four moving hacks to save you time and money

There’s a lot that goes into moving. The preparation, the packing, and the moving itself all takes time. While that is the inevitable nature of moving, there are ways to cut on how much it impacts two of your most precious assets: time and money. Check out these four, simple moving tips and start saving.

Get started early

Getting a good head start on your preparation is important! Take your time to decide what you want to move, and what you want to get rid of or donate.

Packing takes longer than you may think, so give yourself plenty of time to take care of it. By taking care of your preparation and packing with plenty of time to spare, you can fit it into your schedule rather than having it consume your time. It also allows you to downsize and pack more efficiently, which in turn cuts down on your load and unload times, as well as how many trips you need to make.

A woman packs up her kitchen surrounded by moving boxes from two men and a truckDownsize and donate

The longer you stay in one home, the more you’ll accumulate. Often times, you won’t even aware of how much we have.

Be reasonable with yourself when it comes time to moving everything. Create a throw-away pile for damaged and unneeded items.

By starting early, you can make multiple runs to the dump to cut down on moving day stress.

Also, set aside items that can be donated. There are many charitable organizations that could use the old household items you no longer need.

By cutting down on what you have to move, you save time during your move, and save money on the amount of gas you use going back and forth. Some charitable organizations even pick up your donation, which can save you even more time and money.

Spread out your move if possible

Instead of one big flood of activity on moving day, see if you can get into your new home early to move lighter items. By moving over lighter, non-essential items earlier, you can get an idea of how to arrange your new space and get some items set up.

Starting this process early allows you to fit these smaller moves into your schedule. Maybe stop by on your way to go shopping or get groceries. Maybe you can stop by on the way to work. Either way, these small moves can be scheduled into your existing schedule to cut down on the time it take during moving day.

If you do choose to go with professional movers, this will also save you money. If you can move all of the smaller items, professional movers can quickly take care of the heavier items and get you on your way.

Keep parking in mind

Whether you’re moving yourself, or using a professional mover, one of the simplest ways to cut down on cost and time investment is to secure nearby parking. If you don’t have a private driveway, check with your property manager or landlord about any options available before moving day. Perhaps they can block off a spot near the front door, or maybe they will allow you to park in a loading zone.

The closer you park, the less time you take and the more money you save.


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