Tips for moving with kids

May kicks off the busy season in the moving industry. With kids getting out of school, families find the summer to be the perfect time to move with minimal interruptions to daily life. While moving is stressful on everyone involved, it can be exceptionally difficult on children.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help with these tips for easing the transition for your kids!

Before your move

Give them a voice

Let them express themselves and their views on the homes you see. This will help them get excited, and feel more involved. When you decide on a new home, help them get excited by showing them their new room. Help them image what it will look like, and tell them about all of the possibilities for them in your new home!

Discuss the move with your child

Preparation is key to making moving day fun and easy for your kids, so set expectations for them. Explaining to them why you’re moving, and what it kind of benefits it will have to them, goes a long way before the move.

Keep them informed

Consistent communication is key when it comes to moving with kids. By refreshing the conversation with new information, or just reminding them of what’s coming, you can keep it from creeping up as a surprise and keep things calm. You should also increase communication as moving day comes closer. These conversations will also show you what your child is most nervous about, so you can help smooth out issues ahead of time.

Get essentials ready

While packing, keep a backpack full of essentials for your child. Games, entertainment, and some comforts will help keep them occupied and comfortable before, during, and after your move. This will serve as a great comfort as well during an anxious time.

During your move

Keep your child engaged

A simple start is to let them move some of their own items into their room. Make them know that this is there space, and that they can have some control of it. Keeping them involved in the move will make it go quicker, cut down on the downtime that can distract them, and can give them a feeling of home.

Make it special

Have them keep a journal of their experiences. Maybe tell them to make it an adventure, and write down their experiences as though they were on some grand quest. This can keep their minds occupied on moving forward and can also increase excitement about the next chapter.

Keep essentials handyTwo children play with treasure chest boxes from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Does this one sound familiar? It should. Make sure they have the bag you set aside for them nearby. If you get hung up on certain parts of your move that they can’t help with, having something for them to do is very important. It will also help ease any of their anxieties that may sneak up during the move.

After your move


It’s a new area for all of you, so take a walk around the neighborhood and see all that it has to offer! If your child is switching schools after your move, you could bring them to their new school and play on the playground or walk around the campus. Not only is this a welcome break or reward from moving, but it strengthens the feeling of home and family after the changes.


Make unpacking fun by visualizing the future. Let them set up their new room, or have input on some of the set up in common spaces that they’ll spend time in. Have them do some of the nuanced setup such as arranging knickknacks or movies or smaller items that need to be organized.

Check in

Ask your child about their thoughts and feelings after the move. Check in to make sure they are still feeling okay, and form a plan on how you can integrate them into their new home life and community.

Using professional movers

Choose a reputable company. Some companies don’t thorough vett or test their employees, which makes for more risk when their movers are interacting with your child. While setting up your move, inquire about any child-friendly material they can bring. For instance, we offer colloring books, journals, and a treasure chest that can make moving day more fun for them. When the movers arrive, introduce yourselves and your child to start the relationship. Our movers are trained and equipped to relate to kids and make the moving experience comfortable for every member of your family.

“Prentise and James were excellent. They were fun to work with and joked around with our kids, making the move easier.”



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Tips for moving with pets

I love animals.

In fact, this is one my favorite times of year because people start taking their dogs into the sun for walks (compared to the bundled-up tundra-hikes we’re relegated to for months). Every time I see one of those furry bundles of joy walking around enjoying the weather, I can’t help but smile.

a couple celebrates spring after using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes to clean for springBut what happens to your pet when you have to move? When it comes to moving, you have a lot to think about. How are you going to get packed? How are you going to get everything moved over to your new place? But what about your pet? While moving can be stressful for you, it is for them too!

That’s why the professionals at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Madison are offering you tips on how to make moving day safer for your furry friends!

Vacuum ahead of time

While this one isn’t necessarily for your pet, it certainly does involve them. Movers are people, and while they may love animals, sometimes their allergies don’t. For the well-being of your items, and your movers, please vacuum ahead of time. Sneezing is certainly not an ideal activity when lifting heavy items!

Keep them safe and secured

The best practice is to keep your pet in a secured space. This helps them be at ease, and keeps them safe! Moving requires doors to be propped open, and often you’re walking backwards or have boxes or furniture blocking your view of the ground. Having a pet on the loose is dangerous not only for them, but for you as well!

Set up a playdateTwo puppies poke their heads out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving box

Letting family or friends take your pet for the day is perhaps the best option when it comes to moving with pets. This allows them to still play, relax, and be comfortable during the chaos of a move. It also allows your focus to be solely on your moving experience and helps cut down moving day stress. If you are able to schedule them a playdate with another pet, it will also help to mellow them out when they come into your new home!

Keep their food and medicine handy

Keeping essentials like medicine, food, water, and treats—of course—is crucial if your pet will be present during your move. Keep a bag with all of these necessities close by to ensure that your pet is safe and taken care of. This is especially helpful after your move. You won’t have to dig around to find these items and can spend your time getting them accustomed to their new home!
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Four moving hacks to save you time and money

There’s a lot that goes into moving. The preparation, the packing, and the moving itself all takes time. While that is the inevitable nature of moving, there are ways to cut on how much it impacts two of your most precious assets: time and money. Check out these four, simple moving tips from the pros at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Madison, and start saving!

Get started early

Getting a good head start on your preparation is important! Take your time to decide what you want to move, and what you want to get rid of or donate. Packing in particular takes longer than you may think, so give yourself plenty of time to take care of it. By taking care of your preparation and packing with plenty of time to spare, you can fit it into your schedule rather than having it consume your time! It also allows you to downsize and pack more efficiently, which in turn cuts down on your load and unload times, as well as how many trips you need to make!

A woman packs up her kitchen surrounded by moving boxes from two men and a truckDownsize and donate

The longer we stay in one home, the more we accumulate. Often times, we’re not even aware of how much we have! Be reasonable with yourself when it comes time to moving everything. Create a throw-away pile for damaged and unneeded items. By starting early, you can make multiple runs to the dump to cut down on move-day stress.

Also, set aside items that can be donated. There are many charitable organizations that could use the old household items you no longer need. If you want help locating an organization that could use donations, feel free to call us! We have many partners in the community and can direct you to an organization as best we can.

By cutting down on what you have to move, you save time during your move-day, and save money on the amount of gas you use going back and forth. Some charitable organizations even pick up your donation, which can save you even more time and money.

Move in a trickle if possible

Instead of one big flood of activity on moving day, see if you can get into your new location early to move lighter items. By moving over lighter, non-essential items earlier, you can get an idea of how to arrange your new space and get some items set up. Starting this process early allows you to fit these smaller moves into your schedule. Maybe stop by on your way to go shopping or get groceries. Maybe you can stop by on the way to work. Either way, these small moves can be scheduled into your existing schedule to cut down on your moving day time.

If you do choose to go with professional movers, this will also save you money! If you can move all of the smaller items, professional movers can quickly take care of the heavier items and get you on your way!

Keep parking in mind

Whether you’re moving yourself, or using a professional mover, one of the simplest ways to cut down on cost and time investment is to secure nearby parking. If you don’t have a private driveway, check with your property manager or landlord about any options available before moving day. Perhaps they can block off a spot the front door, or maybe they will allow you to park in a loading zone. The closer you park, the less time you take and the more money you save!


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How to make packing safe and easy

The first step in any successful move is packing. Wrapping and loading up your belongings can be daunting, but don’t worry! The professional movers at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Madison share their tips to make this crucial first step efficient and easy.

Use sturdy boxesTwo TWO MEN AND A TRUCK professional movers pack up household items

It may sound simple, but a sturdy box is a vital start. Not only does it ensure the safety of its belongings, but it also makes transporting them much simpler. Don’t let your items go crashing through the bottom of a flimsy box, or have a stack of weak boxes collapse, and don’t let your boxes become sagging and unwieldy. Sturdy boxes also make the logistics of moving simpler. They tend to be more uniformed, so stacking and arranging them is simpler.

Organize during the pack

Packing like items together is a simple way to make your move easy. Filling a box with movies, books, kitchen supplies, etc. allows you to pack your house room-by-room. Make sure to label your boxes too, as this will help make the unpacking process simpler. We know how tough packing can be, but you can utilize the time to organize and set your new home off on the right foot.

Wrap your fragile items, but be careful

Newspapers are the classic go-to wrapping material when it comes to moving. What you may not have realized is that the pages of newspapers can stain glass with their ink. Using blank wrapping paper can help keep your items safe, while also keep them from getting stained. You wrap your items to keep them safe and clean, not to get them stained!

Two Professional movers pack a picture into a designated picture boxPack a box of essentials

Unpacking after a move can be just as grueling as packing beforehand. Make sure you pack, and label, a box of essential items that you will need immediately after your move. This will help make sure you have what you need in one place right away, and will ease the transition into your new home.

Give yourself time

Packing takes time, make sure you account for it. Rushing at the end can lead to careless packing, damages, and even more stress on top of an already stressful moving experience. Starting early, taking your time, and having a plan can make the start to your move smooth.

Call professional movers

While many choose to pack themselves, sometimes there simply is not enough time in the day to devote to packing. That’s where TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® comes in. With our professional packing services, we can take care of your pack so you don’t have to. Spend time living your life and let us handle the packing. Want to pack yourself, but want to make sure you have the best material to keep your items safe? We offer an assortment of boxes, tape, and wrapping paper to ensure you have everything you need at your disposal.

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Going the distance for your long-distance move

Moving across state lines can be a daunting challenge and cause an abundance of questions. Will your load be mixed? Will it arrive on time? Will there be mixed communication between the difference crews working on my move?

Well there’s no need to worry when you hire TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for your long-distance move. We’re experienced, professional, and know how to make these stressful moves run smoothly.

Same movers throughout your move

There’s no need to worry about miscommunication or lack of performance from your movers when you use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. Our movers are professionally trained to meet the rigorous requirements of a long-distance move. The same team that picks up your items, will be the same to drop them off, ensuring timeliness and the simple communication throughout. Our consistency is especially crucial if you have any items that need to be disassembled and reassembled. The same movers that disassemble your items will be there at your knew home with the knowledge and tools to reassemble them the same way, the same day.

Guaranteed arrival time without mixing loads

Some long-distance moving companies throw your items into a mixed load, which can lead to damages or even lost items. That’s never the case at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. We ensure that your items are kept safe and intact by never mixing loads.A TWO MEN AND A TRUCK cartoon truck drives away from a big city

This also helps us avoid the time windows some companies give, sometimes up to 10 days. By keeping one crew with one load, we can guarantee pickup and arrival dates, to make sure you can get comfortable in your new home in no time at all!

“Not mixing items with others is a big selling point,” says our sales manager Heather. “Once the items are on our truck, we don’t share loads.  No chance of losing items. Plus other companies load a smaller truck, move it to a semi, then to a smaller truck to deliver.

More moving means bigger chance of damages. Also, some long-distance moving companies will just give you a window of when your items may arrive. Sometimes this window can be up to 10 days long. We tell you exactly when everything will arrive.”

Trained and flexible professionals

From our office staff to our movers, we offer training specifically geared toward making long-distance moves smooth for our customers. Call Kelli in the office to receive the personalized and flexible care as she works to customize the process to your moving needs and schedule. Our dedicated frontline crew has been extensively trained, and have interstate moving experience

“One of the main reasons we are the best is the personalized service,” Says Kelli, our interstate coordinator. “Same movers start to finish, it doesn’t take long to get your items, and we can work around your schedule.”

National support

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is America’s first and largest franchised moving company. That’s a nice marketing note, but what does it do for you? I’m so glad you asked. With a network of franchises stretching across the nation, we can pull in additional crew from one of our nearby locations. This cuts down the money you spend on having additional members from our Madison location drive to your new home.

It also means more support for you. A nearby franchise can utilize our information to help with any subsequent moving needs you may encounter and assure seamless execution at the same premium quality.

We know how stressful long-distance moving can be. But don’t worry, we’re here for you. Wherever home is, trust the professionals at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® to get you there.



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Spring cleaning made simple

Spring is still freshly sprung, so we won’t judge you if you haven’t embarked on your spring cleaning campaign yet. It can be daunting, stressful, and flat our unenjoyable.

Well we have good news for you. We’re here to help!

In case you missed it, we offered some spring cleaning tips a few weeks ago. If you are handling your own spring cleaning, or just looking for something to get you started, check out that list!

But what if you want help with the challenge, or don’t want to handle the heavy lifting at all? What if you would rather enjoy the beautiful weather than spend the day inside working?

We can help there too!

Our professional movers are trained specifically to handle the needs of in-home moves. They are supplied with the skills, knowledge, and equipment to efficiently and effectively handle your rearrangement quickly and safely.

That patio furniture hibernating in the basement? We can take care of bringing it up and arranging it so you don’t have to!A family sits on the stoop of their home with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes around them

Do the mattresses need flipping? Let us help!

Do the rugs need to be rotated so they get worn evenly? We can do that too.

Hidden away decorations, heavy umbrella stands, bulky pots, we’ll handle them all!

Whether you want assistance with everything, or just want help moving those heavy and difficult to maneuver items, we’re here for you. Don’t waste these beautiful spring days inside cleaning. Let us handle the hard work, so you can simply enjoy!

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Making a difference for mothers in need

Take a second to think about the women that have meant something in your life.

They’re impossible to forget, right?

As we get ready for Mother’s Day—which, just as a heads up, is creeping up quickly—we prepare to celebrate those foundational women of our lives.

Unfortunately, every year women—including mothers—spend this day of celebration in homeless shelters. They will be deprived of the adoration that they deserve.

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Madison, we are working to change that.

For the sixth-consecutive year, we are working with the community to make a difference for these women in need with our annual donation drive, Movers for Moms®.

A national drive that runs at all of the more than 350 TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchises in the country, Movers for Moms® raises hundreds of thousands of items
across the country every year for mothers in need.

After 83 local businesses teamed up to raise a record 20,000 items during our local drive last year, we are gearing up for our largest year yet with our 2017 drive. In fact, 120 local businesses have stepped forward to contribute to the drive as donation sites, making it not only our largest local drive to date, but the largest local drive in the nation.

How amazing is it that? Out of all of the cities and counties that will run this drive, ours has truly set itself apart.

So why is this cause so important us? Well, I’m glad you asked!

The origins are simple: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® was founded by a mother.

Mary Ellen set the tone for the country’s first (and largest) franchised moving company by donating all of the earnings from her first year to charity. Today, giving back to the community is still one of our core values.

Then, ten years ago, the Michigan TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchises banded together to make Mother’s Day more comfortable for the area’s women in need. The drive has grown year after year, raising a record 285,000 items nationally last year.

Here in Dane and Rock County, Movers for Moms® has just kicked off, with donation boxes going out to the incredible businesses that are contributing. The drive will run until Mother’s Day, with all donations going to YWCA Madison and YWCA Rock County.

A full list of Movers for Moms® donation sites, and a wish list for donations can be found here.
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Don’t let rain dampen your moving experience

Gosh it’s wonderful to see this beautiful spring weather!

Oh, what’s that? It’s been raining for a week? Well then how about some tips for moving in the rain to help brighten up your day?

Prepare inside before going outside

Minimize the amount you bring the elements inside by organizing your move close to the door nearest your vehicle. Whether an attached garage, or just the front door, bring all of your boxes to the front so you’re not tracking rain through the house while grabbing additional boxes and items. This will also help make your move go faster, and keep you dryer, as it cuts down your time both inside and outside. Also, putting a couple of extra mats down to wipe your feet will help keep the elements from coming inside.

This goes for your new home as well. Have a designated area to move your items to that is as close as possible to the door and your vehicle. Unload everything in this safe place before going inside. This allows you to clean yourself up once, and then finish the move safely (and dry)! The last thing you want to do after you move in is have to embark on a thorough clean! Minimize the effect with effective planning!

A professional mover from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK unrolls carpet protectorProtect your floors

Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we protect your floors by using floor runners and carpet shields. These secure materials allow us to walk around without tracking the elements through your home. If you’re moving yourself, place extra mats in the high-traffic areas of your home. One important note about this is to make sure that these mats have sticky bottoms or are secured to the floor. When you’re moving, especially heavy items, mats can slip and that can cause damage to your home, your item, and most importantly yourself. Your safety is paramount. This means avoiding anything that can shift under your feet and wearing anything on your feet, like protective booties, that can be exceptionally slippery.

Protect your items

What is one of the primary concerns when it comes to moving? Damage to your belongings. Well whether you’re moving with us, or moving yourself, A professional mover from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK wraps a chair for safetygetting everything safely into your new home is exceptionally important. One way to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect against the rain, is by simply wearing gloves. No matter what you do when moving in incliment weather, your hands are going to get damp. By wearing gloves—or at least keeping a spare towel to dry hands with—you prevent some dampness from transferring to your belongings and will ensure that you maintain a firm grip while moving.

One way we make sure your items are taken care of at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is to pad and wrap all of your items. While this is standard practice at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® regardless of weather, it becomes even more important when it comes to moving in the rain. Not only does this protect against dings, cracks, and scars, it also protects against the rain. If you’re moving yourself, wrapping items in blankets or towels and then wrapping them tightly with plastic wrap can help keep things safe and intact.

Protect your mattress

What feels better after a long day of moving than getting into your bed and falling asleep? Not a whole heck of a lot. Rain, however, can make that prospect far less appealing. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we encourage customers to include mattress bags with their moving services in any sort of inclement weather. These bags—we advise getting two, one for each mattress and one for each box spring—protect against the elements and make that first night’s sleep everything you dreamed.

Even if you’re not moving with us, it’s okay, we sell mattress bags separately to make sure that you get everything you need.

Go slow

One of the best ways to keep your items safe while moving in the rain is simply going slow. You may be inclined to run through your move to avoid rain, but going slow prevents against slips and damages. This tip applies to every part of your move, including transportation. While driving, it’s also important to demonstrate caution. We understand the stress of moving, and that you just want it to be over so you can enjoy the next step in your life, but take it slow on the roads. This holds especially true if you’re driving a vehicle that you’re unfamiliar with. Getting done with your move a few minutes early is not worth the risks you take speeding through the rain.

Set some comfy clothes aside

Keep a special bag with comfortable clothing or other comforts. This way, when everything is moved in, you don’t have to do a full unpack your first night in your new home. You can unpack and set up the essentials, and still have your comforts without rummaging through boxes. Enjoy your first night in your new home in comfort!


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Spring cleaning with more meaning

The days are getting warmer, the precipitation is less frozen, and our balky winter coats are getting exchanged for lighter counterparts. That’s right, it’s spring! Here are some tips from Madison’s “Movers Who Care®” shaking off the winter stupor and getting ready for the season!

A specialized moving box from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK with dividing cells to keep fragile items safeGather supplies

Yes, it’s a simple start, but make sure you have everything you need before jumping into spring cleaning. This includes not only cleaning supplies, but packing supplies as well. Standard moving boxes work great to pack up your household items, while specialized boxes can help you securely pack up smaller fragile items. Some boxes are specifically designed to house wardrobes, making them perfect for storing those heavy winter coats and snow attire. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through and realizing you’re out of material and losing the momentum you had. Make sure you’re ready to take on the cleaning before you get started.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a space open to move your items to. Starting here, with a clear plan as to where you’re moving winter’s decorations and unwanted items, is the ideal starting place for spring cleaning this year!

Tear down

Whether you’re doing one room at a time or the whole house, a good starting place is to strip everything down. Pictures off walls, clutter off tables and shelves, all of it. This gives you a chance to thoroughly clean some of the neglected areas of your home, while also giving you the opportunity to reevaluate what you have and if you want to keep it, store it, or get rid of it. Sometimes we all get lazy and look for the easy way out, but remember the reason you’re cleaning in the first place! Make sure to stay dedicated to a complete clean throughout your entire house. Remember that while this teardown is a lot of work now, it will set you up nicely to enjoy the warm weather to come!

Start organizing before putting things back

Those pictures on the table, do you want to freshen them up? Those books on the bookshelf, do you want new ones? Spring is all about change, so don’t be afraid to change with it! You may find that you no longer need or want certain items around your home, swap them out with something you do want. Brighten it up to reflect the fresh air of spring! It’s your home, make sure it’s everything you want it to be!

Don’t forget the fridge

You’ve vacuumed, dusted, washed the windows, rearranged your portraits and knickknacks, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You go to the fridge for a refreshment. When was the last time you cleaned it? When was the last time you wiped down the shelves and cleaned out the crisper? Is everything in there still fresh? Now is a great time to reevaluate what’s in your fridge and change things up and make sure you have the food you want and need.

P.S. Don’t forget to leave some sort of refreshment or snack in there. Cleaning is hard work after all.

Make a plan

Spring cleaning is inevitable, especially here in Wisconsin. The long months trapped indoors always create clutter, but now is the time to plan for next year. Maybe you want to take an hour every Sunday or one day every other week to clean. Maybe you carved out areas in your home during your cleaning frenzy, and now have places to store the oncoming clutter. Maybe you looked at your empty fridge and thought of healthy or tasty alternatives to what was in it before. Just breathe in the fresh, clean, air and make a plan for how to move forward while making next year’s cleaning mayhem simpler!

Don’t forget digital

It’s true that we live in a digital age. Whether on cell phones, tablets, personal computers, work computers we are surrounded by a multitude of mobile messaging. While shaking off the winter doldrums, don’t forget to purge these devices as well. Declutter your email by deleted unnecessary or old emails and unsubscribing from those pesky email blasts at home and at work. Delete those apps that seemed like a good idea, but you have yet to even open. A clean home can certainly reinvigorate you, but so can a cleaned out device. Keep moving and take advantage of the momentum and get your physical, and digital, life in order!

Treat yourselfa couple celebrates spring after using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes to clean for spring

You worked hard on those spring cleaning projects, now it’s time to treat yourself. Whether it’s a snack or some new decoration, a day out or some quality family time, it’s time to take a break and enjoy the progress you’ve made. Sit back in your nice clean home, open a window, and welcome the season!


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Welcome to Madison’s Movers Who Blog

As spring creeps closer, we wanted to celebrate the new season with something new of our own. That something? The new blog from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Madison!

Movers from Madison's TWO MEN AND A TRUCKThis blog will provide you with all of the news, information, and tips about moving that you could possibly want, directly from the professional and local movers at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®!

Moving is considered one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Our job is to ease that stress! Whether you choose to use a professional moving company, or are moving yourself, we want you to have all the information you need!

Need packing tips? We’re your source!

Want to know how to move in the ever-shifting weather conditions of Wisconsin? We’re there for you!

Bringing our 24 years of knowledge and experience as Madison’s “Movers Who Care®” directly to you, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is here to make your move as stress-free as possible!

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