Settling into a new school after you move

So you moved this summer while school was out, and you’re getting settled into your new life, but now starting your child at a new school is creeping up. Between the move and starting at a new school, this is an exceptionally stressful time for them. How can you make the transition easier? Follow these few tips and get off on the right foot.

Practice and Play

Take your child to their new school one day this summer and let them play at the playground. Practice a school day by showing them how to get to the bus stop, and how to get back home. Get them some time to familiarize themselves with the route to school, and the playground itself. Walk through their school if possible and go from class to class just as they would during their school day. This can ease their stress getting to school and give them a start for playtime with their new classmates.

Confirm your registration status

Check in with the school to make sure you have all the requisite paperwork filled out. Do you have immunization record and medical forms turned in? How about emergency contact information? Make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed ahead of time.

Meet the teachers

Some schools offer a “meet the teacher night” to allow you and your child to get a preview of the upcoming school year. If yours does this, take advantage! If it doesn’t, reach out to the school when you find out who their teacher will be and explain that your child will be a new student and wants to get a lay of the land. Meet with the teacher to introduce your child. Have them give you a tour of the school so your child can feel comfortable about where to go. Having a familiar face and a little knowledge of the school’s layout can make the first day—and the days leading up to—more comfortable.

Talk about curriculum

Different schools have different goals and expectations, so take a chance to talk with the new teacher about the differences. Get a gauge of any gaps there may be in the difference, and educate yourself so you can help your child overcome any difficult subjects. By informing the teacher of any differences, they can better utilize their resources to make sure your child is given every chance to succeed. Together, you can make a plan to maximize your child’s education.

Make friendsTwo children play with treasure chest boxes from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

This is perhaps the toughest part of changing schools. Chances are, your child left friends behind at their old school that they will miss, and new friends can make transitioning so much easier. Get involved in the neighborhood, or get your child involved in summer camps they’re interested in. This will get them connected to potential friends with similar interests and will go a long way when school starts.

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Dorm moving tips

I remember when I first moved into college. I drove three hours, everything important to me rattling in the trailer hooked up behind my mom’s car. I went into my new dorm room, small with concrete walls and an empty dresser and desk beneath my lofted bed. From that day, to the moment you start calling it “home,” to the time I start looking for off-campus housing, those confining quarters serve a unique and special role in your life.

If you’re about to embark on this adventure, and I’m envious if you are, we’ve got a couple tips to make that transitional a little easier.

Meet your roommate in advance

We’re lucky to live in an age that allows you to meet your random roommate online, before meeting in person. Connect with them so you can get a taste for what they’re like, what you have in common, and so you can come up with a plan on what you have and what you don’t. Who has the microwave? Who has the minifridge? Coordinate what you have so you won’t have as much shopping to do when you first move in. Oh, and dorm rooms aren’t very large, so there’s no room for repeat household objects.

Sort and Organize

When I first moved into college in 2011, my mom sat me down and had me go through her typical moving ritual (which I have utilized on all of my following moves). I had three piles sprawled across my floor: one to keep, one to toss, and one to donate. She was gracious enough to let me add a fourth pile full of items to keep for when I had more space down the road. She made me think critically about what I needed and what I didn’t. You won’t have ample space, so don’t bring too much. Bring necessities, some luxuries, and some feel-good memories (you’ll need them at some point), and leave the unnecessary clutter behind.

Move in earlyA college studentss unpacks TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes in his dorm room

If there is any possible way to get into the dorms early, do it. There’s nothing worse than a long day, stressful day made longer by waiting for elevators and stairs. Getting settled early allows you to beat the rush, and get comfortable. It also lets you feel a little more comfortable with your surroundings before the campus fills up.

Keep doing things early

In a similar vein to moving in early, try to get to the bookstore early to get help. Not only will this cut down on the time you spend standing in line clinging to a heavy stack of books, but it will allow you to find them more easily. With less students vying for attention, you’ll be able to utilize the bookstore staff to help find your books and get you on your way!

Work together to decorate

You and your roommate have exchanged texts and planned out what you’re bringing, now is time to get your room set up. You have a shared space, so work together to decorate. Try to carve out a small area for both of you, this is best done on top of your dresser or on your desk. This lets you keep a sense of independence, keep your personal effects set up, and keep your sanity (a little better at least).

Get a lay of the land

You’re all moved in and have your books, now get out and explore. Find your buildings and classes, and—most importantly—the cafeteria so you’ll know where to go when classes start. Search out some spots off campus to check out, and start getting a feel for the layout of your new city. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore more, but by establishing some comfort and local staples you’ll have a good foundation to work from.

Think about hiring a moverTWO MEN AND A TRUCK movers help a student move into their dorm room

You can skip the initial stress and hire a mover to take care of getting you situated. They’re experienced in moving into college housing, and have equipment that can ease the physical toll. They also come with moving trucks, which lets you avoid renting a trailer or packing the family car until you can’t see out of the back. It’ll be amazing how quickly your move will go, and you’ll get onto your adventure even sooner.

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How to make this year’s Fourth of July party a blast

As one of the most anticipated highlights of the summer, the Fourth of July is met with ample celebration. Whether you’re hitting the lake or staying home, we’ve got tips for how to make this year special either way!


My personal favorite part of most parties is the food (I do love food), and the Fourth of July always brings about some of my favorites. The menu typically takes the form of simple standards, burgers, hotdogs, brats and the delicious sent of a grill or fire. By featuring these traditional favorites, you keep the bulk of your menu inexpensive and easily accessible for all of your guests. Supplementing these meats with chips, beans, potato salads and fruit salads keeps the buffet-style feast going and ensures all of your guests are well-plied. Chances are your party will have a number of people, so keeping costs low for food is always encouraged.


Speaking of well-plied, it’s vital to keep everyone hydrated! Summer always brings heat and humidity, but by providing a consistent flow of cold drinks—with an emphasis on the cold part—you can keep everyone safe and happy. Mix some sugary soda (or pop, whatever you want to call it), with juices and water to give people both tasty beverages and healthy ones! By boasting a variety of drinks, guests can keep things fresh and changing throughout the day. Whatever it is you’re serving, make sure it’s cold. Keep ample amounts of ice on hand and replenish coolers and dispensers often. It will be welcome to have those cool refreshments as a reprieve!


Try to keep bulk purchases such as plastic silverware, napkins, and plates white instead of the traditional red, white, and blue. The extra colors will cost more, while the plain white will still go with your theme and cost less. You can supplement these with red and blue accents to keep the American theme strong.

Work together

Make the day a group effort to save time and money while giving everyone a sense of ownership of the party. Have them bring seating options if yours are limited, or have them bring some of their favorite drinks and foods. This will guarantee that they have something they’ll enjoy, diversifies the menu, and saves you time (both in preparation and cleanup). Working together, you can also bring together a variety of yard games you may not have access to alone.


Here is another of my favorite things about summer parties: yard games. Have a couple of options available goes a long way in making sure everyone can participate. There are classics such as bean bag toss, volleyball or bad mitten, ladder golf, and even a scavenger hunt. There’s still time to look into some new games too! There are always new yard games coming out, so it’s worth looking into. Spikeball in particular is a new one (to me at least) and has been a revelation this summer!


What kind of vibe are you going for at this party? Rock and classic rock can be American classics, but country often boasts patriotic themes. Whatever your theme, have a stereo outside and pump that music! Oh, and feel free to sing—or scream—along!


Fireworks are dangerous and should be left to the professionals. There are stories every year about people losing fingers and getting seriously injured during home-based fireworks extravaganzas, don’t be one of those stories. Have fun with sparklers or small and safe options, but leave the big booms for those with experience and expertise!

Have a great, and safe, Fourth of July everyone!


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How to settle into your new city

UnpackTwo children play with treasure chest boxes from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

The first step is a simple one: unpack. The first thing to do when you finish moving is to set your home up exactly the way you want it. Then, when you come home after a tiring day of exploring, you can feel good about what you walk into. Give yourself a comfortable foundation from which to adventure out.


Hop on the computer and find some places to start. Begin with a simple search of places around you. When you find them, you can explore your new city on foot and learn even more about it! Identify which places you like early on, and search for similar locations. There are plenty of websites – or fantastically written blogs – about things to do in Madison. Do some research and get out there!

Get the kids settled inTwo men and a truck's mascot Truckie says hello to kids at a parade

While moving is tough for everyone involved, it can be especially tough for children. Get them involved immediately so they can get a new sense of home. In summer especially there are plenty of camps and fun activities that will introduce them to new friends, help them learn new skills, and make the transition simpler. Walk around town and check out some of the local parks, and walk by their new school so they can feel more connected to their new hometown.

For a full list of tips for moving with children, check out this blog.

Meet people

Start forming new relationships! Whether you meet up with coworkers outside of work, ask the neighbors to show you around or join some meetup groups to connect people with shared interests. This is the opportunity to forge a new life, with new friends. Enjoy all the opportunities!

Throw a housewarming party

Invite all of those new friends, and friends and family that may live close enough, over for a housewarming party! This gives you a chance to deepen new connections, and see what you may still need for your new home. What better way to break in your new home than good company, new friends, and laughter?

Touch base

Reach out to friends and family that are now too far away to easily visit. Set up a Skype date and use a mobile device to show them your new home. Make some time to call or email them some photos. Getting situated can take up a lot of time, and we can easily lose track of old friends as we establish new lives. Block off some time to dedicate to catching up with them. Let them know they’re still important.

Embrace your new home

Keep tabs of old friends and family, but dedicate yourself to enjoying your new city. This is your home now, make it yours. Dive into the culture and activity and start your new life!


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Beat the heat with these summer moving tips

Wisconsin’s many seasons provide a variety of weather-based moving difficulties. In winter, it is the snow, ice, and cold. On the opposite side of the spectrum, is the heat of summer. We’ve already felt the sweltering 90 degree days of summer here in early June, and we haven’t even hit July or August yet!

More heat is coming, but we’ve got you covered! Keep safe with these tips!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK professional movers walk toward their truckPrepare ways to keep cool

Is the air conditioning ready to go at your new home? If not, you’ll want to come into your move day with a plan. Have fans ready and easily accessible, and move them into your home first. Set them up to give yourself some sort of reprieve. Speaking of reprieves, keep a cooler full of cold drinks at the ready. Also, note some shady spots to retreat to when you get hot. You’ll need breaks throughout your move to escape the heat.

Start packing far in advance

While it’s always prudent to start packing early, just in case, this becomes far more important in the summer. We have many customers who are determined to pack on their own, and that’s great! However, sometimes they are unable to finish in time for their moves and call us for help. During other times of year, we can fit them into the schedule on short notice, but summer is different. Movers fill up quickly in summer, so if you need help with packing you’ll want to get it booked early on.

Beware of melting

Summer is hot. The inside of a vehicle smplifies this heat. Don’t keep things that can melt in your car. This means basic food, plastics, electronics, etc. This is even more important with your high end electronics like computers and phones. While these are on and in high heat, they can overheat and cause serious and lingering damage. Take these to a cool area before they sit out in the sun for too long.

Protect yourself

Just as you have to protect yourself from the heat, you also have to protect yourself from the sun. Use sunscreen and wear a hat to keep your skin from getting burnt. What’s worse than laying back after a long day than your skin hurting with even slight contact? Not a whole lot.

Take care when hiring moversTWO MEN AND A TRUCK professional movers shake hands with happy customers

Should you choose to hire professional movers, you’ll want to get on top of it quickly. Summer is the busiest time of year in the moving industry, so if you are looking to hire movers you will want to book well in advance. We suggest booking at least four weeks in advance of your move to ensure that you will be able to lock down the date. In addition, you will want to take care when searching for a mover. Some sketchy services sprout in summer, so be sure to select a professional mover that will take care of your move.


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Things my dad taught me

My dad is my hero.

That’s the case today, just as it has been my entire life.

In honor of Father’s Day, I would like to share some of the lessons he taught me.

I’ve always been a child pulling at his coat tails, emulating him with every action. I wore his number in football, and his favorite athletes were my favorite athletes. When he sat with his legs crossed, I sat with my legs crossed. He parted his hair in a comb over, so I parted mine the same. Whatever he did, I did.

Don’t take life too seriously

There is one childhood memory in particular that sticks out to me. I was sitting on his lap, my child-like face rubbing against his morning scruff. I asked him what he did, and he replied simply “Oh, I’m a nothing.” The ever-present, jovial twinkle in his eye betraying the humor behind the self-deprecation.

For a great deal of time, whenever a teacher or friend asked me what I wanted to be, my answer was just as simple: “I want to be a nothing!”

Life is a serious endeavor. Each of us goes through a gauntlet in our own right, and my father is no different. Yet that consistent flicker in his eye, with a broad smile as a consistent companion, always showed the world that life had bright spots as well.

He’s goofy, an unbridled childhood wonder vibrantly bubbling beneath his worn exterior. He likes what he likes, regardless the unconformity to traditional stereotypes. The silent self-assuredness he wears allowed him to own his passions and interests.

This is never truer than his interactions with children. He takes every opportunity to live out the Forest Witcraft quote on his favorite painting: “A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.” He gives as much as his heart and his time as he could, and interacted in their own way. The goofy, giddy, 60-year-old playing with his friends.

He is himself—nothing more, nothing less—and what he is, is the greatest man I have ever known.

Love with your whole heart

Just as he loves those children (he was a kindergarten Sunday school teacher during the weekend), he loves everyone in his life. Whether you’re a family, friend, or acquaintance, he is there to help on a moment’s notice.

He makes time for the children, makes time for his family, and makes time for every last person he encounters. In each of those interactions, he gives all of himself. Every action is in service, an offering of his entire heart.

That legacy is amazing.

Children still call him Mr. Bob—despite having grown—and strangers remark fondly about their time with him. All because he gives them everything he can.

There will be times that offering of yourself so freely will hurt, and people will take advantage of you. But the impact you can have, and the lives you can impact outweigh that pain.

Savor life

Perhaps the most important lesson my father taught me is a simple one: savor life. Indulge in your passions, and give freely of yourself. Constantly work to improve yourself, learn, and grow. Find joy in the mundane, and work with reckless determination.

Balance is vitally important to enjoying life, too. Work is crucial, and should be done with the utmost effort, but should not consume your life. Time with family, friends, and yourself are all equally important. Take the time to enjoy each and every one.

Life can be fleeting; savor the moments you have.


Happy Father’s Day everyone!


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Tips for enjoying a Madison summer

I love Madison.

I love summer.

When you combine the two, well it’s impossible not be excited! This weekend, in all of its sun-soaked and scorching beauty, has Madison ready for the season. So what should you do? Any number of the fun things going on in town!


Now is the time to explore all that Madison has to offer. Take advantage of the miles of bike paths, and get going. Voyage through the arboretum, cut your way around Lake Monona, and enjoy one of the best biking cities in the Midwest! Kayaking or spending time on one of the lakes can be a reprieve from the smoldering sun, and a leisurely stroll through Olbrich Gardens gives you the chance to admire the beauty of nature. Speaking of nature, don’t forget to check out Henry Vilas Zoo! It’s free!


One of my favorite things about the summer is the slow pace of life. The fresh air and sun breathe a new life into Madison, and if you’re like me, you’re more than happy to soak it in. One of my favorite spots to do so is the Memorial Union. Find yourself an iconic chair, smell the watery air, and enjoy what the night has to offer. Now might be a good time to hit up your local library and check out a book, too! This gives you something fun, productive, and entertaining to do outside!

Don’t forget one of my personal favorites: grilling! Have some friends over, dust off the grill, and make some flame-licked goodness (that’s one of my favorite parts of summer). Set up beanbag toss or any other outdoor gave and enjoy the Madison sun!


Madison is a unique and eclectic community, rich with culture just waiting for you to enjoy. This sunny season gives you the chance to do just that! Sample the variety of live music around town, including concerts on the square. If you’re more interested in the visual arts, then perhaps Chazen Museum of Art or Madison Museum of Contemporary Art are for you. Oh, and don’t forget about the food in town! With so many great restaurants, now’s the time to get out and explore the delicious fare Madison’s eateries have to offer! Want more food? Visit one of Madison’s farmers’ markets to pick up fresh meat and produce!


While the state’s major sports team may be located elsewhere, Madison is not devoid of its own athletic events. The Madison Mallards have been a staple of the summer for years, and provides a family-friendly and entertaining product. A more recent, but also entertaining, franchise is the Madison Radicals. A professional ultimate frisbee team, the Radicals are a growing presence in Madison and a great way to spend the night!


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Seven tips for apartment moves

So, you’re like the flood of apartment livers whose leases run up this summer. Well let me tell you, you’re not alone. Whether moving from your apartment to a home, changing apartments, or even just changing units within the same complex, it is a busy moving season for the legion of apartment abiders. If you’re moving yourself, or choosing a moving company, here are a few tips unique to apartment moves from Madison’s “Movers Who Care®.

Speak with your landlord

A TWO MEN AND A TRUCK truck is parked outside a high-rise apartmentTalk with your landlord to sure things are as smooth as possible. This includes talking about this like parking, logistics, and date and t ime. Moving trucks can sometimes be tough to find parking, and any long walks not only wear you out, raise the risk of damages, and just take more time in general. Ask if you can park right in front of the building, or in front of whichever door is closest to your unit. Speaking of closest to your unit, ask your landlord about the best route from the door to your room. This helps you know which paths allow for easy transportation of larger items, and help make your move as streamlined as possible. Talking about the date and time you can start moving in far ahead of time allows you to either book a moving company or make plans for moving yourself—like asking those always-eager friends and family members to help!

Make sure everything is ready

By ensuring the preparedness of your unit ahead of time, you can make your move day far more comfortable. Making sure your keys work is the first, and simplest, step. Side doors are often time closer than to your unit than the primary door, so make sure you can get in through this entrance. Check to make sure everything is clean before you move in. The last thing you want to do is move into a dirty home. Test the outlets and air conditioning before you move as well. This is especially crucial in summer, where temperatures can make moving not only uncomfortable, but dangerous as well. Turn on a fan or turn on the AC, and put some water in the refrigerator to make sure you are comfortable and safe. The same goes for utilities. Always be sure the landlord has set up utilities for your unit before you move in.

Start packing early

Whether you’ve lived there for one year or several, apartments can hold a sneaky amount of stuff. Despite having less room than your traditional home, there is still ample opportunity to acquire more than you think. This is even more pertinent when your apartment unit comes with a storage room. Often times, we forget just how much we have until it comes time to move. By starting your packing process early, you’ll have the opportunity to account for these forgotten items.

Trickle over

See if you can get into your new apartment a day or two early. This allows you to bring some of your items over in a trickle rather than have one big moving day. Not only does this trickle cut down on the time you spend on the day of your move, but it also cuts down on what you have to ask friends, family, or professionals to help you move. And that’s not even to mention the amount of stress it can cut down on moving day!

Clean your apartment

Just as you want to move into a fresh and clean new home, you should offer the same courtesy to the next person to rent your former apartment. Oh, and don’t forget that by cleaning up well you can maximize the amount of your security deposit you get back. You can use this for future rent, or to treat yourself!

Think about renter’s insurance

If you already have renter’s insurance, make sure that you call your agent and switch it over to your new unit. They should be able to walk you through the process and you’ll be taken care of right from the start! If you don’t have renter’s insurance, perhaps now is a good time to think about starting this next chapter with some protection.

Hire professional movers

If you have more than you thought, or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving again—apartment living can be quite fluid—then perhaps professional movers are for you. They are trained and equipped to get you wherever you’re going, whether it be out of town or simply up a few stories in the same building. If you don’t feel that you need moving services, but would like some help packing, we can do that too. We offer packing supplies and services to make this crucial first step quick and easy.

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Tips for moving with kids

May kicks off the busy season in the moving industry. With kids getting out of school, families find the summer to be the perfect time to move with minimal interruptions to daily life. While moving is stressful on everyone involved, it can be exceptionally difficult on children.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help with these tips for easing the transition for your kids!

Before your move

Give them a voice

Let them express themselves and their views on the homes you see. This will help them get excited, and feel more involved. When you decide on a new home, help them get excited by showing them their new room. Help them image what it will look like, and tell them about all of the possibilities for them in your new home!

Discuss the move with your child

Preparation is key to making moving day fun and easy for your kids, so set expectations for them. Explaining to them why you’re moving, and what it kind of benefits it will have to them, goes a long way before the move.

Keep them informed

Consistent communication is key when it comes to moving with kids. By refreshing the conversation with new information, or just reminding them of what’s coming, you can keep it from creeping up as a surprise and keep things calm. You should also increase communication as moving day comes closer. These conversations will also show you what your child is most nervous about, so you can help smooth out issues ahead of time.

Get essentials ready

While packing, keep a backpack full of essentials for your child. Games, entertainment, and some comforts will help keep them occupied and comfortable before, during, and after your move. This will serve as a great comfort as well during an anxious time.

During your move

Keep your child engaged

A simple start is to let them move some of their own items into their room. Make them know that this is there space, and that they can have some control of it. Keeping them involved in the move will make it go quicker, cut down on the downtime that can distract them, and can give them a feeling of home.

Make it special

Have them keep a journal of their experiences. Maybe tell them to make it an adventure, and write down their experiences as though they were on some grand quest. This can keep their minds occupied on moving forward and can also increase excitement about the next chapter.

Keep essentials handyTwo children play with treasure chest boxes from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Does this one sound familiar? It should. Make sure they have the bag you set aside for them nearby. If you get hung up on certain parts of your move that they can’t help with, having something for them to do is very important. It will also help ease any of their anxieties that may sneak up during the move.

After your move


It’s a new area for all of you, so take a walk around the neighborhood and see all that it has to offer! If your child is switching schools after your move, you could bring them to their new school and play on the playground or walk around the campus. Not only is this a welcome break or reward from moving, but it strengthens the feeling of home and family after the changes.


Make unpacking fun by visualizing the future. Let them set up their new room, or have input on some of the set up in common spaces that they’ll spend time in. Have them do some of the nuanced setup such as arranging knickknacks or movies or smaller items that need to be organized.

Check in

Ask your child about their thoughts and feelings after the move. Check in to make sure they are still feeling okay, and form a plan on how you can integrate them into their new home life and community.

Using professional movers

Choose a reputable company. Some companies don’t thorough vett or test their employees, which makes for more risk when their movers are interacting with your child. While setting up your move, inquire about any child-friendly material they can bring. For instance, we offer colloring books, journals, and a treasure chest that can make moving day more fun for them. When the movers arrive, introduce yourselves and your child to start the relationship. Our movers are trained and equipped to relate to kids and make the moving experience comfortable for every member of your family.

“Prentise and James were excellent. They were fun to work with and joked around with our kids, making the move easier.”



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Tips for moving with pets

I love animals.

In fact, this is one my favorite times of year because people start taking their dogs into the sun for walks (compared to the bundled-up tundra-hikes we’re relegated to for months). Every time I see one of those furry bundles of joy walking around enjoying the weather, I can’t help but smile.

a couple celebrates spring after using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving boxes to clean for springBut what happens to your pet when you have to move? When it comes to moving, you have a lot to think about. How are you going to get packed? How are you going to get everything moved over to your new place? But what about your pet? While moving can be stressful for you, it is for them too!

That’s why the professionals at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Madison are offering you tips on how to make moving day safer for your furry friends!

Vacuum ahead of time

While this one isn’t necessarily for your pet, it certainly does involve them. Movers are people, and while they may love animals, sometimes their allergies don’t. For the well-being of your items, and your movers, please vacuum ahead of time. Sneezing is certainly not an ideal activity when lifting heavy items!

Keep them safe and secured

The best practice is to keep your pet in a secured space. This helps them be at ease, and keeps them safe! Moving requires doors to be propped open, and often you’re walking backwards or have boxes or furniture blocking your view of the ground. Having a pet on the loose is dangerous not only for them, but for you as well!

Set up a playdateTwo puppies poke their heads out of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving box

Letting family or friends take your pet for the day is perhaps the best option when it comes to moving with pets. This allows them to still play, relax, and be comfortable during the chaos of a move. It also allows your focus to be solely on your moving experience and helps cut down moving day stress. If you are able to schedule them a playdate with another pet, it will also help to mellow them out when they come into your new home!

Keep their food and medicine handy

Keeping essentials like medicine, food, water, and treats—of course—is crucial if your pet will be present during your move. Keep a bag with all of these necessities close by to ensure that your pet is safe and taken care of. This is especially helpful after your move. You won’t have to dig around to find these items and can spend your time getting them accustomed to their new home!
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