College move-in tips: Keep it simple!


Our last blog discussed a few ways to help you move out of your college apartment or house and now, as promised, we are here to help you move back to school, whether it be to a dorm room, apartment, or house.


Know what you are getting into. Whether it be a room in a house/apartment or your dorm room, it is important to know what you are getting into. Knowing the dimensions and shape of your room will help you plan what to bring and how you would like to set things up. If you need to furnish the room as well, this is extra important.


Shop around for a mix of quality and affordability. When looking into buying furniture for your house/apartment, make sure to do some research. In our experience, furniture takes a bit of a beating during college years, so buying a used piece might save you some money and lessen the guilt when you spill your ramen noodles on it later.


Only pack items you will use. Make sure to take some time before you get ready to go to think about what items you can’t live without and what items can stay at home. If you need something that was left behind, you can always grab it the next time you visit.


Roll your clothes. For those of you who have limited space to get your things to college or even while away to college, rolling your clothes will be a lifesaver. Clothing and other items take up less room and are easier to find if they are rolled. Check out this Pinterest link for more info!


Pack items you need to keep close in our Day of the Move Box. Make sure to pack one bag with important items such as your passport or a change of clothes. You can go to a local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® store and purchase a convenient Day of the Move Box to help differentiate these items from items you might not need right away.College pictures A


Communicate with your roommates/landlord. It is a good idea to talk with your roommates about what they are bringing and when they are arriving. There is no need to have three cupcake pans but it is important that you establish who is bringing the dishes. Knowing who will arrive at the house/dorm first will also help with getting keys and move-in duties.


Wait to buy basic items until you are situated. Waiting to buy things like shampoo and bath tissue until you are moved in will not only save space but also lower stress. You are not going to save money by buying these items in advance so better to just grab them once the dust has settled.


Unpack slowly and find your organization system. It is important that when you move in you take your time and figure out an organization system that will be sustainable for the rest of the year. If you make an effort to make your move in neat, you are more likely to keep it neat. Warning, this make take some time but it will be worth it.


Be careful with your new home. Many of the dorms and houses around college campuses are quite old and fragile. Take special care not to scratch paint or break door frames. If you do not think you can get the couch in without breaking the door frame, do not hesitate to call TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® trained movers for assistance.
Moving back to college can be tedious and time consuming but with these tips your life should be made easier! We wish you good luck as you begin your next year, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® believes in you.

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