Be Cool…Pack for School

As summer is still in full swing for most people, college students are starting to feel the pressure as their leases end and school approaches quickly. If you’re like many busy students, your summer might be filled with internships, classes, or jobs. We know you don’t want to sacrifice the little free time you have to worry about moving out. So, look no further for some great tips on how to move out like a pro.



Begin early! You do not want to get charged an extra fee because you thought you could pack your entire house in three hours. Start a week or two in advance and do a little bit every day. It will be easier and less stressful.

Throw away any broken, obsolete, or gross things that have been hiding around your place. We recommend checking under the bed and dressers for those small items you may have forgotten about. In terms of clothing, if you haven’t worn it all year, you probably won’t wear it this year. By getting rid of old items, you will be giving yourself a fresh Collegestart when you arrive to your next place.

Purchase TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® boxes or totes from your local franchise. . Packing all of your items up will make them a lot easier to carry, protect them for getting damaged, and they will also stack nicely in your car, allowing you to maximize your space.

Create a labeling/sorting system to keep things organized. Keeping your bathroom products away from your kitchen pans and your bedspread is not only sanitary, but convenient, when you’re ready to unpack your items.

Once all of your boxes and totes have been removed, double check all drawers and closets for pieces you might have left behind. Moving out can be hectic and it is important to take a pause at the end to ensure nothing important has been forgotten in the shuffle.



Clean your room. Be sure to vacuum and pick up any miscellaneous debris on the floor. You don’t need to deep clean your entire room, but be sure to leave it how it was when you first moved in. Many management companies will charge you an additional fee if you leave a large mess behind.

Pick a day for you and your roommate(s) to clean the rest of your apartment/house. Since all of you contributed to the mess throughout the year, be sure to talk with everyone to divvy up the cleaning list, or pick a day where you can all clean together. You don’t want to be left cleaning the entire space by yourself, and you also don’t want to leave this responsibility to one of your roommates. Be sure not to forget appliances such as the fridge and microwave that often get very dirty, and may have been forgotten about during the year.

Check out Pinterest for great cleaning tips that help get your security deposit back. There are numerous accounts that give great little tips on how to easily fix things such as broken blinds, carpet stains, etc. Here is one Pinterest link we found helpful!


Fix holes. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have been allowed to hang things on your walls. If you were not allowed to use nails/screws, and did, you should buy some spackle to repair these. This is a quick and easy fix, and will be much more cost effective than incurring the extra charge.

Paint. Some management companies won’t mind if the paint is chipped or if the walls are scuffed, as a lot of them will repaint every year at no cost to you. However, if this is not the case, many stores have paint matching software that will match a swatch or paint chip to a product they sell in-store. Spending the extra $10-$15 to do some touch ups will be well worth it.

Drain-o. Use some sort of drain cleaner to clear out hair and other build up. Kitchen sinks, showers, and bathroom sinks all get neglected throughout the year. You do not want to be charged for a faulty drain if you can avoid it by simply pouring drain cleaner down it.

If something is broken, call to get it fixed at least two weeks before you move out. If your dishwasher has not ran in three months but you’ve “just been living with it”, make sure to call your landlord and have them come fix it. You will probably not be charged if it is just a maintenance call but if you leave it for them to find once you move out, they may charge you to fix it.

Move execution

Plan ahead. You will know well in advance when your move-out date is. If your vehicle is not large enough to fit all of your belongings, or you don’t want to make multiple trips, you may need to rent or borrow something larger, or use a trailer. Because move-out dates for every management company are very similar, be sure to figure out what you will need and reserve it as soon as possible.truck illustration

Storage. If you go to school out of state, or are planning on moving to your new house/apartment within the next few weeks, it may make more sense and cause less of a hassle to store your items close by, rather than taking them back to your parents’ house. Our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® location has an indoor storage facility on site. We’re able to pack up all of your items into a storage crate, keep them in our warehouse for your desired amount of time, and then deliver them to you when you’re ready to move back in.

Moving. If after reading all of these tips you’ve become overwhelmed with the thought of packing and moving all of your items, we’ve got you covered! We are a full-service moving company and would be more than happy to take the burden of moving off of your shoulders. Call in to our office, and we love to talk with you and provide you with an estimate so you can explore your options.

Check back in next week for tips on moving into your new house/apartment as school approaches!

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