A new Leash on moving!

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® we don’t just go out of our way to care for you but we also care for your furry friends as well! Moving is a big life event for you and the whole family, it can be an exciting time of change but it can also be quite stressful. When changes are made to the living environment, pets become anxious and stressed just as we do. During the packing stages you may notice your pets will seem nervous, they don’t know what is happening. Many animals, especially dogs, are known to be emotional and to have a natural fear of abandonment. They will likely react stronger to this transition if they have developed separation anxiety from past vacations where they had to be left behind. We know well how chaotic things can get right before and on the day of the move. The best thing you can do is pay special attention to pets early in the process! If possible, before the actual move take them to visit the new home to familiarize them with their new environment, this will help comfort them. According to local Pine Castle Animal Hospital experts, a few weeks before the big moving day plan a visit to take your animal to the vet. They explain that this is the perfect opportunity for a quick check-up to ensure your records are up-to-date and that your pet is in prime health for the transition. They recommend asking for a copy of the veterinary records and, if necessary, any recommendations for veterinary clinics in your new town, city, or state. Prior to moving day, pet owners who take a little extra time for their furry loved ones will have on less thing to worry about come the big day. We understand that moving is very stressful and just by being aware of your pets feelings will give them a sense of peace among all the chaos. They want to know that they’re part of the family and they will be going too. So as much affection as possible prior to the move will reassure them they are still being cared for. On the day of the move, we suggest letting your pet get to know our wonderful movers. Animals can be very territorial and can be hesitate to welcome strangers into the home. To avoid this, our movers will happily give your furry friends any treats you wish to provide. We find that is a great way to get fast acquainted with your pet, especially cats and dogs. We want to ensure the absolute safety and care for your pet, just like it is a small child. There will be much hustle and bustle going on in and outside the home. Putting animals in a blocked off area will allow them to still be a spectator of the action, which can reduce their stress, but in a safe zone out of harm’s way. Make sure that you leave plenty of room in your vehicle for your pet as well so you can all enjoy the exciting ride on your way to your new home! We hope by following these tips we help you avoid any Cat-astrophe throughout your moving experience. We are the movers who care for you and four legged loved ones!

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