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The dos and don’ts of office Halloween celebration: A guide to ensure you don’t scare your coworkers away

Written by Rachel Christine

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re here to give you the dos and don’ts when it comes to celebrating at your office. We want to make sure you have fun, but don’t scare your workers away with your love of festivities. Involving yourself with your office’s Halloween activities builds morale and offers a chance to become closer with your colleagues – after all, office friendships increase employee job satisfaction. So we’re here to prepare you for one very exciting day during the year while making sure everything stays appropriate. Who said Halloween is just for kids anyway?


  1. Up your attire! If your company is participating in dressing up this year, go ahead and express yourself by throwing on one of your favorite costumes! A wig or cat ears are great ideas that are generally acceptable. Just make sure you aren’t going overboard. Your company wants you to have fun, but the office dress code doesn’t disappear just because it’s Halloween. Confused on what to wear? Check out this site for plenty of office -appropriate ideas!
  2. Did someone say food? No matter your title, consider bringing in a bite to share with your coworkers. Whether you spent the night prior channeling your inner Betty Crocker or picked up a bag of Twix on your way to work, your teammates will appreciate the treat. Plus, who doesn’t like free snacks? If you do bring treats, remember that food allergies are on the rise so be prepared to alert coworkers of any common allergens in your snacks.
  3. Get up and decorate! Help your colleagues when they’re setting up the cobwebs and plastic spiders throughout the office. If your company allows it, consider even adding a few decorations to your desk. This shows everyone you enjoy being involved, and it’s great way to bond with coworkers while celebrating the holiday.
  4. Have fun! Even if you’re swamped with work, try to spend at least five minutes engaging in conversation and having a few treats. People wouldn’t go through the trouble of decorating and bringing in snacks if they didn’t want their coworkers to enjoy them. Halloween is a great opportunity to spend time with others and enjoy yourself!
  5. Ask for advice. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate in your office, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor. Many workplaces allow dressing up and decorating your workspace, but make sure to stay in line with the norms at your company.


  1. Be disruptive: Halloween and decorations go hand in hand, but festivities shouldn’t get in the way of normal business operations. Depending on your office, your desk may include a small pumpkin or a jar of candy for your coworkers when they walk by, but loud sounds or flashing lights are generally a no. Blocking communal areas with large decorations is going to irritate the people around you as well. Keep the animated lurching werewolf and spooky soundtracks at home!
  2. Ignore your work: How easy would it be to spend the entire day wandering from desk to desk, chatting, and seeing who brought the best treats and decor? It may be tempting to avoid your desk on a day like this, but remember the real reason why you’re there. Also, don’t treat customers more casually than other days due to the festivities. Answering the phones with candy shoved in your mouth may turn customers away. Keep it professional!
  3. Ignore your team: Don’t be the person hiding in their office through the entire day because they aren’t amused with the festivities. Halloween may not be everyone’s favorite day of the year, but showing that you’re trying to be involved with your office will help you get to know others better and be part of the office culture.
  4. Question your costume: If you’re wondering whether the costume you’re wearing is appropriate for the office, it’s probably not! Don’t take any chances. Stray away from anything that takes the risk of offending someone. Keep it politically neutral, and don’t involve anything religious. Make sure your costume doesn’t prevent you from doing your job and always show your face!


Looking for a career opportunity with a company who takes having fun seriously? One of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s core values is “be your best and have fun” and strive to live out this core value daily! Take the first step in joining our team by applying online at careers.twomenandatruck.com.

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Benefits of investing in a workplace 401(k)

Written by Chelsea Grzegorczyk

Saving for retirement may not always seem pressing, but it’s crucial to think of the future and plan ahead. One of the best (and easiest!) ways to save for retirement is through a workplace 401(k). If your employer offers this benefit but you’re not quite ready to invest, have no fear! Check out our top benefits of investing in a workplace 401(k), and get saving in no time.

Take it with you throughout your career

Don’t plan to stay with the same employer until retirement? No problem! Most 401(k) plans can be transferred from one employer to another, so you can continue to grow your investment even if you switch jobs. If you do make a career change, learn about your new employer’s eligibility guidelines, as new hires may need to wait a period of time until they can make 401(k) contributions.

Match funds may be available

Many employers who offer a 401(k) plan also set aside match funds for plan participants. This will vary from one employer to another, but can help boost your investment so more money is available at retirement. To maximize savings, be sure to contribute at least the value of the employer match. In any 401(k) plan, be aware of the vesting period, or the time until employer-match funds are owned by the employee. The money you contribute toward a 401(k) will always be 100% yours, but employers can choose when their matching contributions belong to the employee.

Consistent and automatic savings

One of the hardest parts of saving is remembering to set money aside, but a 401(k) makes investing easy. Simply set your contribution parameters, for example 2% of each paycheck, and watch your savings grow. Investing this way not only ensures consistent contributions, but helps prioritize saving by taking money out of your paycheck before it reaches your bank account.

Also, 401(k) plans often have a much higher interest rate than a traditional savings account, allowing you to turn small contributions into meaningful gains over time.

Multiple options for taxes

Depending on the type of plan, you can reduce taxable income and liability – either in the year you make the contributions, or the year you withdraw funds. A traditional 401(k) involves pre-tax contributions, allowing you to defer paying taxes until you withdraw funds. This reduces your taxable income in the year you invest, and can even help bump you into a lower tax bracket and reduce tax liability. A Roth, however, allows you to apply taxes at the time of investment, and then withdraw funds tax-free in retirement. This is great for those who expect their tax liability to increase in the future.

Whether you picture yourself traveling the world or spending time close to home, we hope these tips help your retirement dreams come true.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has job opportunities available nationwide and in a variety of business functions – from marketing to management, and everything in between. Check out current openings online and apply today at careers.twomenandatruck.com!

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Cultivating a positive office culture

Written by Chelsea Grzegorczyk

Creating a great culture at the office is one of the most important things a business can do for their employees, and for their own success! Employees who look forward to coming into work each day will be more productive, create better relationships with coworkers, and will stay longer than employees who don’t enjoy their workplace. Wondering how to create a great culture? Here are our top five tips.

Have fun together

Tailgate lunch

Tailgate lunch for the Michigan State University vs. University of Michigan football game

Employers often think they need to plan extravagant outings to make their staff happy, but sometimes simple, more frequent events can make a bigger impact. Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we have happy hours or lunchtime barbecues biweekly throughout the summer and into the fall. Hosting a happy hour is incredibly simple, and starts by sending out an invite a few weeks in advance. On the day of the event, just set out some beverages and snacks, pull out the cornhole boards, and send a quick reminder email when it’s go time!

Outside of company-wide events, you can create other opportunities to have fun. You can organize a trip to a new restaurant in town, rent out a movie theater for your staff and families to view the new Pixar movie, or even recreate an interesting video that has been circulating online. Our Home Office team recently got in on the mannequin challenge action and had a blast – check out the results on our Facebook page!

Get mission-driven

Mission can be an incredibly powerful driver of company culture. Many companies have a mission statement, but don’t talk about it as often as they could. Highlighting your company’s mission can help get everyone the same page and working toward the same goals. This not only energizes your teams, but provides an understanding of what’s important and why. You can start small by sharing company stories on social media that show team members living out the mission, or printing cards that explain the company’s mission statement to give to new employees.

Be consistent

One of the biggest struggles with employee culture is gaining and keeping up momentum. You don’t want your efforts to falter, but rather build and get better over time. The best solution to this is consistency. Whether it’s offering a set opportunity to volunteer on the third Thursday of each month, or sending out monthly newsletters with birthdays and exciting upcoming events, consistency is key, and it will show your staff that your efforts are there to stay (just as you hope they are!).

Encourage outside activities

Sharing part of our culture - to be your best and have fun!

Sharing part of our culture – to be your best and have fun!

Not all employee culture events happen within the physical building of an office. Encouraging outside activities can allow employees to relax and connect with others in a way they may not be able to at work. One easy way to do this is offering to sponsor a recreational softball, dodgeball, or kickball team.  Not only will this help with employee appreciation, it will help support your marketing and recruiting efforts as well.

Ask for feedback

The most beneficial thing you can do for your employee culture is asking for some good, old-fashioned feedback. This can be as formal or informal as needed. Try to reach people who participate in events and initiatives as well as those who don’t, and from various departments. Ask what they like, what they don’t like, what they would change, and what excites them. Who knows, you may have 100 avid book readers who would love time and space for a book club once monthly, or three whole departments who enjoy playing the same card game.

Pro-tip: Set a goal for participation if doing a formal survey. If your goal is met, everyone gets a reward – win, win!

Two Men and a TruckOnce you’ve laid the groundwork for creating a great culture, take a step back to observe your progress. Are team members finding new ways to collaborate on projects, offering input to improve the company, or referring their friends for open positions? These are all great indicators of success!
If instead of creating a great culture you’re looking to join a great culture, look no further than TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. View open positions and apply online today at careers.twomenandatruck.com!

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Career New Year Resolutions for 2017!


Written by Erin VanPortfliet

We all know the typical New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, or begin long overdue home improvement projects, but what about career resolutions? It’s no secret that many people struggle with career-related stress. The average American spends about 30% of their life working, so feeling stressed at work can impact your entire life! But don’t worry – if there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes we just need a little help to get moving in the right direction. Use our helpful tips to develop (and stick to) your career resolutions this year!

Make a plan with actionable steps

The most important steps in kicking off a career resolution are determining your goals and developing a plan of attack! How many of us have made New Year’s resolutions and never accomplished them? I know I have! It is imperative to develop plans with practical steps and reachable goals. Ask yourself, what do you want more or less of in your career? Do you want less stress, more flexibility, or more responsibility? Once you’ve determined your resolutions, ask yourself, what are the steps I need to take to reach my goals?

For example, if your resolution is to be “less stressed” at work, what are some steps you can take to decrease stress? Can you organize your time better or schedule fewer back-to-back meetings? You can start preparing your calendar two weeks ahead of time, or look at each week in advance and reschedule any conflicting appointments. Being proactive is a great way to eliminate stress from your daily schedule.


This may seem very basic to most people, but communication with your team or manager can be one of leading causes of stress at work. It is key to make sure you understand what is expected of you. Asking for clear and concise details on new projects – such as deadlines or specific subject matter – is key to completing a successful work assignment or project. Also, feel free to communicate your career resolutions to your coworkers, manager, or mentor – you may be surprised at how others want to support your goals.

Understand your department’s goals

This is very important to being successful with your career resolutions. In order to excel and achieve greatness within your company, you must first understand the goals of your department, and what your role is in helping to get there. Are you revenue generating, support staff, or customer service focused? What is your department’s mission? The answers to these questions will help to give you a “big picture” perspective of how your personal career goals fit with your current role.

Be accountable

Bring integrity to your resolutions. Being accountable for your actions says a lot to your manager and coworkers, and should apply to career goals as well. If you make a mistake, own it and do what you can to fix it! If you say you are going to do something, do it! Simply put – be someone that you would want to work with. If it helps, write down mini-goals that can be accomplished more easily and keep you on track.

Work life balance

This one probably isn’t a new fresh idea, but it sure is an important one. You can’t expect to be happy with your job if you aren’t happy outside of work. Schedule time to do things you are passionate about, whether it is a hobby like painting, or just simply going to catch that new movie you’ve been wanting to see! Life isn’t just about working, it’s about having fun, too! Don’t forget to make time for friends and family – everyone needs a support system!

After you’ve worked toward your resolutions, if you still are not feeling a relief or seeing a change, sometimes it truly is time to start looking for a change. Check out careers with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for new opportunities and like us on Facebook to receive regular updates!

Happy New Year from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®!

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Start your new job with confidence


Written by Chelsea Grzegorczyk

Have you recently been offered a new job? If so, congratulations! You’ve probably updated your resume while applying, and made a great first impression in your interviews. All your hard work paid off when you were offered a new job, and you’re now waiting for the first day at your new employer. If you’re wondering how to be successful right off the bat, be sure to read the tips we’ve compiled to prepare you for a new role.


If you didn’t check out the company’s website, recent news stories, or Glassdoor page as part of your interview prep, now is a great time to do some research. Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, new hires meet company executives and directors as part of their orientation, and this research can spark interesting conversations and demonstrates a desire to learn more about the company. Even if you did research before your interview, it never hurts to do a quick search in case new stories are available.

Practice your commute

You probably visited the company for your interview, but did you travel during rush hour? Many interviews are scheduled in the middle of the day, so practice your new commute on a weekday before starting. This will allow you to allocate time accordingly so you’re on time (or early!) for your first day.

Get organized

Your first day will likely involve some important paperwork. If the recruiter requested you to bring certain pieces of info like a passport or a driver’s license on the first day, take some time and get organized. There’s nothing worse than running around the house the morning of your first day because your social security card wasn’t where you thought it was. It also helps to figure out in advance what tax withholdings to choose on your W-4, who to list as emergency contacts, and if you’d like your name badge to say Jon or Jonathan. This is also a great time to plan your first day attire – some companies take a headshot on a new employee’s first day, so dressing well ensures your company photo looks especially professional.

Ask questions

Reach out to the company’s recruiter for any questions leading up to your first day. Not sure where to park, if you should bring a lunch, when to arrive, or what to bring with you? The recruiter can provide these answers. Make sure to ask a few business days before you need answers in case your contact is out of the office.

With tips in hand, we wish you luck in your new role! Starting a new job is an exciting time with unknown and interesting opportunities ahead of you.

Interested in learning more about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®? Our careers website  showcases all opportunities available at our Home Office as well as over 300 franchise locations nationwide. Apply online today or learn more about us on Facebook!

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Five Tips to Revamp Your Resume


Written by Erin VanPortfliet

Have you been considering a career change? It all starts with a good resume. Many times this is the first thing a recruiter will look at, so you need to make sure you stand out in the crowd! Use these five tips when revamping your resume to ensure it won’t get lost in the vast sea of job hunters.

Keep it short

Recruiters are busy people, and many don’t have time to read a novel when searching through hundreds of applications each day. Focus on what is important and don’t get too “wordy”.

Don’t use acronyms

CRC, PDM, MAP – are any of those ringing a bell? Nope, us either! Make sure to spell out your previous titles and work experience so hiring managers understand your qualifications.

Sell! Sell! SELL!

To put it into perspective, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has had over 90,000 applications come through our system year to date! You must sell yourself in your resume. Go beyond the normal approach of just listing your previous work history and job duties. Talk about the changes you made and projects you completed at your previous jobs. Use measurable facts whenever possible! Prospective employers want to see the value you brought to your past positions and how you left your previous companies in a better place than when you started.

Get rid of irrelevant content

Again, recruiters or hiring managers may not want to take time to read about your first job out of high school (unless it’s relevant). Use the work experience that highlights the skills you have pertaining to the job you are applying for. Relevant volunteer work is great to include, but your hobbies and interests may not pertain to the job you are applying for – save that for the interview.

Add a personal branding statement

Use a short branding statement to describe who you are and the types of accomplishments you want to achieve in your new position. Craft a short, but compelling summary of who you are, what you bring to the table, and why that is beneficial to a potential employer. It’s ok to let your personality shine through a little in your resume!

Remember, there are plenty of resources out there if you need assistance with building your resume. A simple Google search will bring you to free templates, examples, and even more tips on how to create the perfect resume!

When your resume is up-to-date and you’re ready to start applying, check out TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s career site. Who knows, your dream job may just be waiting for you there … Happy job hunting!

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Workplace Tips: Keeping office attire professional during the summer months


Written by Chelsea Leser

In addition to sky-high temperatures and burgers on the grill, summer months bring along a change in wardrobe. Navigating what to wear in the office during the summer can be a tricky balancing act between maintaining a professional image and staying comfortable. For those whose jobs don’t have a set uniform, follow these simple tips to refine your professional wardrobe this summer.

If you would wear it to the beach or gym, leave it at home.

This is a great test to determine if an article of clothing is suitable for work. If you’ve lounged in it at the beach or it’s part of your regular work out attire, it likely doesn’t belong in your office rotation. For shoes, flip-flops are a summer favorite, but a more structured shoe is best for the office. Wedges or flats are great for ladies, and men can opt for loafers or dock shoes. Similar for tennis shoes, which are great for basketball but can squeak on office floors and the casual style makes them look out of place in most offices.

Attire2Layer for comfort.

Heating and cooling systems are not always perfect. Many buildings have areas that are cooler than others, and require wearing layers to minimize discomfort. Layer a sweater or blazer over a light shirt to stay warm, and this also allows the chance to remove the outer piece if you head outside. Win, win!

Ask if you’re unsure.

Some companies have a written dress code and communicate it well, and others require a bit of investigation. Before donning a questionable outfit, note what others wear and clarify any questions with your supervisor or HR department; they will both be happy to help. Asking questions is key, as many workplaces have some aspects of the dress code that you may not expect – for example, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Home Office allows staff to wear shorts on jean days, provided the shorts are of an appropriate length and cut.

Always remember …

When choosing what to wear, always keep attire clean and free of stains, wrinkles, and holes. Utilize a local tailor or find a reputable dry cleaner to maintain suits and professional separates.


Ready to put these tips to work with a career change this summer? TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is hiring! With over 300 locations nationwide and opportunities ranging from entry-level to franchise ownership, we’re sure to have the right fit for you. Apply online today at careers.twomenandatruck.com!

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