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Written by Rachel Christine

Internships through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® allow our students to receive a better understanding of the field they would like to further their career in. They develop more than just skills through the various tasks and projects they must complete throughout their time here during the summer – they also develop an understanding of their future career paths. Many interns within our company are learning they do enjoy their fields of study and are on the right track toward a career. For example, meet Jared Klann! He’s a student at Western Michigan University and his summer internship allowed him to realize the business world is the right choice for him!

Where are you from?
“I’m from Charlotte, Mich.! It’s not too far from our Home Office in Lansing.”

What’s your major and why did you choose it?
“I’m leaning toward a degree in marketing because I love the idea of collaborating with others about ways to build up a company’s name by utilizing different outlets such as advertising and social media. Having the opportunity to spread the word about something I support excites me, and would be very rewarding. I strive for the innovation and constant progression that marketing shoots for. I also like how with marketing there are no limits, and that it is encouraged to think outside the box.”

What do you love about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?
“What I love most about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the people and how the company operates around its core values. I have met some of the friendliest and most genuine people while working here, and I am so blessed to be under their direction. There has never been a time where I did not feel welcomed or supported in whatever it is I was working on. I also believe the way the company operates around its core values is a major reason why it is such a success. Numerous people have told me that working here has been the highlight of their career, and I can’t help but think to myself how lucky I am to be here.”

Describe what a typical day is like in your internship?
“I usually organize designs for our daily software updates or modification requests made by franchisees and other employees of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. I also arrange meetings with other departments called joint applicant designs, or JADs. There I get my questions answered that I have regarding updates to the system. Every day I have meetings to attend to where I listen and take notes pertaining to one of the projects I’ve been assigned and show the designs I’ve been working on. For example, right now I’m working on many different potential designs for the homepage. Other times, I complete projects for infrastructure and other areas of IT. I also document and create more accurate quick estimate cubing trends, which is how the company measures for moving. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® gives us real life projects that are actually helping the company which makes me feel important here.”

What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned so far in your internship?
“I’ve learned so much, but one of the greatest things has been how everything is a balancing act here. Each department can affect each other, especially in the business world. I’ve also learned how far a simple conversation can go.”

What are you hoping to accomplish this summer?
“I’ve already accomplished so much by determining if business is the right environment for me. Before this internship, I debated business and medical occupations. However, through my time here, I’ve learned that business is exactly what I’m looking for.

What are your goals after the internship is over?
“My goals include applying to more internships and getting as much experience as I can within the field of business in order to get an idea of how other business work since I’m sure they’re all different in their own way. I would also like to graduate with honors.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?
“I really hope I’m able to stick with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® because I love it here. I also would love to move anywhere on the west coast.”


How great is it that these interns are becoming more confident in their majors through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®? Our company does our best to make these trainees great employees one day. We’re glad to have you on the team, Jared!

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Written by Rachel Christine

With 18 interns at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Home Office this summer, we were very lucky to have had several interns returning for a second summer, and one of those returning interns is Hunter Block! Hunter is a junior this fall at Cedarville University in Ohio, continuing to study Spanish and global business while developing a better idea of what he wants to pursue as a future career. This year, Hunter got the unique experience of building off of what he worked on last summer. Welcome back, Hunter!

How has your internship this summer been different from what you did last summer?
“I am actually working in the same department as last year, which is the operations department.  A lot of the things I am doing are pretty similar, but I am learning some different sides of the business, which is really interesting. It’s awesome to build on the things I learned last year and become more knowledgeable. This summer, I’ve been designing and drafting a best practices playbook for storage and portable storage. I also worked on the playbook for college storage, and am currently working on writing one tailored toward employee culture and motivation. All of these will be distributed to franchises that want more information in those areas. I’m also completing an analysis of our main competitors in portable storage and containerized moving.”

Being a returning intern to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, what do you recommend to other interns?
“Something I would recommend is trying to get to know the people around you. As somewhat of an introvert, it is something I struggle with a little, but it is definitely worth it. I have met so many amazing people here and formed relationships that will last a lifetime. Everyone at Home Office is so kind and helpful, so don’t be shy to ask questions and get to know people. “

What made you want to return to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?
“I really liked the work environment here. There is never a dull moment, and the office is pretty lively. I have been to other businesses where that just isn’t the case, so it makes TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® a very special place to work. The projects that are given to the interns are almost always important, which gives us really good exposure and experience that interns at other companies may not get.”

What are you hoping to accomplish or learn through your internship this year?
“One thing I am hoping to learn is how the different departments in a business interact with each other. I got a taste of it last year, but it is something that I have been paying more attention to. I think it’s important to know and understand for anyone wanting to work in a company. I have already learned so much, and I’m sure that it will help me in my career someday. “

What’s next for you?
“I am currently going into my junior year at Cedarville University. I have one more class until I finish my Spanish major, and I am starting to take the bulk of my classes for my international business major. I’m just hoping to learn more, travel, and find out what I want to do some day.”


We are so glad Hunter spent a second summer interning with us at Home Office. Thanks for your contributions, and for being part of the team!

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Written by Rachel Christine

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® offers several young professionals the experience to understand how a business operates through internships at our corporate office and many local franchise locations. Today, we’re introducing Victoria Basinski, who is an intern with the human resources department at the Columbus, Ohio franchise. Welcome to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, Victoria!

Tell me a little about yourself.

“I’m from the Cleveland area and will be a senior this fall at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  My major is in supply chain management with a minor in communications. I chose my major because I love learning about the different processes that a company goes through in order to get a finished product or service. I recently added a minor in communications because I’ve learned that I love the human resources field as well. With human resources, I feel like I’m making a difference within a company and also for my co-workers. I have especially grown even more passionate about it this summer after working here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. In my free time, I love spending time outside and practicing yoga.”

What interested you about the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® internship program?

“I was very interested in all of the different core values put in place to ensure a successful and pleasant work environment. Once I saw The Grandma Rule®, I knew this was a place I wanted to work for and represent. Another core value is integrity, and our General Manager Steve Barton is the epitome of a man with integrity. He sits down with all of the new hires and talks to them about his real-life experiences in order to help guide them and show them he cares about them and their experience here as a mover. Our franchise is also always giving back to the community. For example, for the month of May we were collecting items for mothers in need through our Movers for Moms® program. Every day I walk into work, I know my coworkers are there to greet me and support me throughout the day.”

What are some of your main focuses during your internship?

“The main focuses of my job are related to hiring and recruiting new employees. I present weekly orientation classes, hold first interviews for perspective hires, and do daily tasks to recruit for our company. These are very crucial tasks that are important for the day-to-day success of our company. My daily tasks of recruiting include processing applications from prospective employees and reaching out to them via phone call in order to set up interviews. I also do recruiting out of the office by advertising different ways that we are hiring.”

What is the most important thing to you that you’ve learned so far through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?

“I have learned so many things this summer, but one thing that really stands out to me is that every individual has a story. When you’re working in human resources, you really need to take a step back and listen. I have seen managers stop whatever they were doing to listen to an employee and truly help them in any way they can. It has been so great to work with people that truly care about their employees.”

What do you recommend to an incoming intern?

“For a new intern, I would recommend asking questions and working hard at everything you are doing. It is very important you do your best and also try new things, as getting out of your comfort zone helps you learn.”

What’s next for you after the internship?

“After my internship, I am heading back to school to finish my senior year at Bowling Green State University. For my senior year, I want to continue to work hard and enjoy my last two semesters. I’m involved in quite a bit on campus, including being a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority on campus, and participating in Bikes for Tikes for Children’s Miracle Hospital for two years. I plan to make this my third year of biking 180 miles in three days to support Miracle Children all over the country. This organization is very important to me, and I want to help it succeed in any way that I can. My plans for after graduation include taking the LSAT and preparing for law school.”


We are excited to have Victoria helping one of our franchise locations this summer! Her positive attitude and drive to achieve her goals make us a better team. Thanks again for all of your hard work, Victoria!

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Written by Rachel Christine

No two days for the interns at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Home Office in Lansing, Mich., are the same. Whether they’re starting a new project or taking part in a “lunch and learn” seminar, our company is constantly striving to make them future leaders of the corporate business world. Jacob Faustyn is an intern who has joined us this summer with a desire to work within business management, and we are excited to introduce him!

What’s your major and why did you choose it?

“I am a business management major, attending Hope College in Holland, Mich., where I’ll be a junior this fall. I chose to study business because of the possibilities it gives me. On top of that, business is something that is always growing, which has always intrigued me. I love expanding and evolving my network, working with others, and solving problems that hinder growth. A business degree would put me on a career path that would allow me to do all of those things.”

What’s your main focus in your internship?

“My main focus is to get the feel of the information technology and infrastructure side of a business. With the way technology is expanding in today’s society, being proficient in technology would greatly benefit my future and my future career. I have been interested in technology since a young age, but have hardly scratched the surface. Working with the infrastructure team has allowed me to see a side of business and technology that I have never seen. While my focus lies on helping the team with whatever I can (setting up tablets, reimaging computers, and helping with whatever else possible), I have also focused on learning as much as I can about the field.”

What’s a typical day at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for you?

“A typical day puts me at the office at 8 a.m. I log into Outlook, catch up on some emails, and then I get to the task that presents itself for that day. I love working in the infrastructure department, because I am always working on something new. Rarely do I ever work on the same thing over and over, so I am always on my toes and ready for the next challenge. I sit in on meetings and calls with the technology implementation consultant and I get to experience all the work he does for the office.”

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

“If I could travel anywhere, I would probably visit Southern Italy and the Amalfi Coast. I have seen pictures of it, and it looks absolutely beautiful.”

What makes an internship through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® so great?

“Ultimately it is the people here that make the internship so great. From the first day, everyone has been beyond helpful and welcoming. The internship program through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is one of a kind. The program helps us grow and develop skills we wouldn’t otherwise. They give us a chance to see a thriving corporation in action, and that gives us a great perspective of the workforce. From the networking events to the “lunch and learn” meetings, the internship program here is very rewarding.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“It’s tough to look five years down the road and tell you exactly what I want to do, but I do know I want to get my MBA following the completion of my undergraduate program. I couldn’t tell you where I want to live or what I want to drive, but I want to enter the business world with enough experience to land myself a career where I can continue to grow. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has given me an amazing experience, and I am forever grateful for that!”


We have so many talented interns working throughout the office every day, and it’s great to be a part of a community where so many people desire to keep learning more! We can’t wait to see what the rest of this summer brings!

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Written by Rachel Christine

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® interns are offered many opportunities throughout the course of our summer internship program. From networking events to “lunch and learn” seminars, our interns experience the ins and outs of the business, and get to learn and gain skills within their chosen fields.

Meet Abi Thurman! Abi is one of our very creative interns here at Home Office in Lansing, Mich., and currently interning within the information technology team helping create graphic designs.

Tell me a little about yourself.

“I’ve been studying graphic design for years and have had a love for art my entire life. In high school, I began spending time at a career center where I did graphic communication for two years. I received an internship doing graphic design for my church, and shadowed under a very talented woman there. I’ve been interning at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for several months now, and it’s been everything I have hoped for and more! I hope to be here past this summer.”

Where are you from?

“I’m from Marshall, Mich., so I drive about an hour to and from work each day.”

What was you dream job growing up?

“When I was younger, I really wanted to be an astronaut. However, when I realized I needed to become more realistic, I dreamt of being a vet. When I learned all of the duties that being a vet entailed, I began getting involved with activities dealing with art. Graphic design was the perfect answer.”

What interested you in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?

“My dad has worked here for some time now, and is always talking about what a great company it is. Plus, the work is right up my alley. For example, I’m currently doing the artwork for a mobile game we are introducing: Mini Movers Who Care. I am also in charge of designing icons and logos for different applications. This summer, I’ve mostly been creating the artwork for Mini Movers Who Care. I have the opportunity to develop the designs and seek input from the management team to verify that they will fit into the game correctly.”

What’s a typical day like for you?

“A typical day consists of me getting into the office at 8 a.m. and reviewing the day’s meetings. I spend the day designing and talking with my coworker who codes the game. We work together to make sure my designs will correlate well. There’s always material to be created, so I’m never running out of things to do throughout the day. My favorite thing about this internship is that I’m able to do what I enjoy here and exercise my creativity in a work environment, all while making a career out of it.”

Some of the work Abi has been working on for the game, Mini Movers Who Care

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“I see myself doing graphic design full-time in five years. I would love to be here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® working my way up in graphic design. I would eventually like to try web design as well. I like how web design is a mix between graphics and coding, and coding is something I’ve always taken interest in. One day, I would love to move across the country and live in Washington. The weather in Washington is great, and makes everything looks so green. I think I could really enjoy myself in Washington, however I need to establish my career first.”

If you could have any job at Home Office, what would it be?

“I wouldn’t want any other job than mine! I’m really enjoying what I’m doing, and learning exactly what I’ve always wanted to. One of the greatest things I’m learning is how to use Adobe software, because it’s going to help me further my career. I’m also learning all the inter-mechanics of different programs we work with, which has taught me so much through this internship as well.”

What’s next for you after this internship?

“While I’m not exactly sure what’s next, I hope to turn this internship into a career. I hope I’m hired into a full-time job here doing graphic design. If not, I hope to find an opportunity as good as this internship has been so far!”

Having creative minds is what keeps our business going. We are so happy to have you, Abi!

Interested in moving your career forward with an internship at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®? Apply online today at!

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Written by Rachel Christine

It’s been great to have so many interns here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® over the past few months. Everyone brings unique and creative ideas to the table, and we’re excited to introduce another team member this summer! Isaiah Petersen is a video intern with the marketing department at our Home Office in Lansing, Mich.

Welcome to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, Isaiah!

What main projects have you been working on in your internship?

“The really big project I have been working on is an air brake check video. It’s a teaching video explaining how to perform safety checks on truck air brakes. The video is intended to teach new TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® drivers how to properly test the air brakes on the trucks. The steps that go into making this video – or any video – are that we first usually receive a request for the video with either a very specific or very vague topic. Once we get the topic, there needs to be a script. So we create the script, film the video, and then come back together to edit the footage. Once the video is revised, it’s sent out to the appropriate audience, which includes either staying internal for training purposes or possibly being posted to our social media for customers or other franchises.”

What is the greatest thing you have learned through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® this summer?

“A big thing I have been getting better at after starting here is time management.”

What’s a typical day in the office for you?

“A typical day at the office is never the same. We brainstorm video ideas, then we make a script. After the script, we need to film and edit it. I usually work with the video team, which includes the media production coordinator and video and animation specialist

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

“My favorite holiday is Tuesday, September 19, which is international talk like a pirate day. The reason why is because if you go to a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop and talk like a pirate on that day, you can get free doughnuts, with bonus points if you dress up like a pirate (or at least they did last year).”

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

“When I was younger, I really wanted to be a police officer. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, to get to drive around and catch bad guys. Then I found out it involves a lot of paperwork and less exciting tasks like writing parking tickets, and decided to pursue other things.”

What do you recommend to an incoming intern?

“Don’t worry too much – everyone here is super cool and wants to see you succeed.”

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

“In the next two years, I hope to finish up my college education. This fall, I will be a sophomore at Compass College of Cinematic Arts. In the next four to five years, I plan on moving out to either Los Angeles or Atlanta to pursue my filmmaking career. I absolutely love making films and helping out on film sets.”


There’s another positive attitude joining the team! Isaiah is constantly helping us improve our company with his innovative ideas. We can’t wait to see what else he completes for the remainder of the summer.

Are you interested in moving your career forward with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®? Apply online to one of our nationwide locations at

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Written by Rachel Christine

An internship with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Home Office in Lansing, Mich., allows the young professionals in our program to further their career paths and gain knowledge about the field they’ve chosen to pursue. With 19 interns spending their summer here, there are daily opportunities for the interns to learn and grow. An intern we are pleased to introduce today is Evan Hartle! Evan is interning this summer on the risk management team within the human resources department. Welcome to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, Evan!

What school do you go to and what’s your major?
“I’m going to be a senior at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich., in the fall, where I’m studying economics with a minor in business.”

What interested you about the internship program through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?
“My dad and older sister have both been working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for a while now and have had nothing but good things to say about their experiences here. When it was time to start looking for internships last fall, I was excited to put an application in and to see what the company was all about for myself.”

What’s a day like for you in the office?
“I get in to the office around 8 a.m., sit down at my desk, and then hustle to the coffee maker as quickly as I can. From there, it’s a mix of studying up on OSHA requirements, meeting with franchisees to discuss progress on their monthly safety assignments, and trying to wrap my mind around the ins and outs of our captive insurance program. After work, I enjoy working out and listening to music.”

If you could have any job at Home Office for a day, what would it be?
“I think it would be interesting to be CEO for the day. You get a high level perspective on the company and how every component within it is intertwined.”

What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned through your internship so far?
“I’ve learned that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is a great place to work. Everyone here is super friendly and driven to help the company become even more successful. I’ve also learned the importance of mitigating risk in any aspect of business.”

What do you recommend to incoming interns?
“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people working at Home Office that genuinely want to help you do well and grow in your career.”

What’s next for you?
“I’m heading back to Ann Arbor to finish out my senior year and hopefully line up a job for after graduation. I’m really excited to start my career and see what’s next.”


Evan has been a wonderful addition to our team this summer and we are grateful for his contribution!. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store!

Interested in moving your career forward with an internship at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®? Apply online today at!

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Written by Rachel Christine

While many TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® interns are working within our Home Office in Lansing, Mich., others have the opportunity to work directly within a franchise! One intern currently taking this route is Caitlyn Laidler! Caitlyn will be a senior this year at Central Michigan University, and is extremely dedicated to the business world. We interviewed her in order to get a better idea of what she is up to in her role and what happens inside a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise!

Tell me a little about yourself.

“I graduated from Haslett High School in 2014, which is not far from Home Office! I am now beginning my senior year of college, and am majoring in integrative public relations and minoring in recreation and event management. This summer I am working as the marketing intern at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Mt. Pleasant, Mich., franchise location.”

What was your dream job growing up?

“For a very long time I wanted to be an interior designer. That eventually changed to an event planner, which is what I began to study my freshman year at CMU. However, I changed my minor to event management, and made public relations my major because I felt it would be more employable. I have always enjoyed creating relationships and meeting new people, so it’s a perfect fit for me!”

How did you hear about the internship through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?

“My mom, Sherry Campbell, is the franchise marketing manager at Home Office, and she urged me to apply for this internship. I’m really glad she did!”

What’s your favorite thing about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® so far?

“I love that I feel like part of the team and not just an intern. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has a really awesome atmosphere and set of core values and is a company I am really proud to say I work for.”

If you could speak another language, what would it be and why?

“I have always wanted to learn American Sign Language. I’m not really sure why, but it has always been of interest to me, and I’m actually taking an introductory course next spring at CMU.”

What do you recommend to an incoming intern?

“My advice to an incoming intern is to not be afraid to make mistakes. Owning your mistakes and improving upon them is the best way to learn!”


We’re lucky to have Caitlyn to the team this summer, and glad she is able to experience working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® through eyes of a franchise! This company offers very unique opportunity in order to make our trainees to the best of their abilities. We’re so glad to have you, Caitlyn!

Interested in continuing your career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®? Apply today and see how you can begin your experience with our company at!

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Written by Rachel Christine

Within the internship program at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Home Office, not only do the interns assist and complete company tasks and projects daily, but the company also works diligently to teach key factors about working within today’s corporate business world while providing the best experience possible. We help guide these young professionals through their future career paths, and they’re able to train in the department of their choice. Matt Mullen, an intern on the national accounts team, is gaining a better understanding of how sales function within an entire franchise system. Welcome to the team, Matt!

Where are you from?
“I’m from Okemos, Mich., so not too far from our Home Office here in Lansing.”

What attracted you to an internship through TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?
“I have previously worked in warehouses, but I wanted to get involved with something closer to my major. I also wanted to get more exposure to the corporate world and everyday business.”

What is a day like for you in the office?
“I come in around 8 a.m. and start tracking sales orders that have happened overnight. Once that’s finished, I collaborate with my partner, Charles Staky. I usually spend some time working on our summer project in addition to the major projects the national accounts team works on. The summer project I’m currently working on focuses on verifying that no Value Flex® container leaves empty, called Hub to Hub shipping. I’m also working on the website where customers can enter their destination locations, upload descriptions, and then algorithms are able to identify if TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® can complete the move.”

If you could have any job at Home Office for a day, what would it be?
“Any job within the national accounts team! I like dealing with the big picture, which is a little more difficult to handle.”

What are you hoping to learn through your internship this summer?
“I’m hoping to learn as much as I can about everyday business tactics and gain tips that will help me in the long-run through my career.”

What are your favorite hobbies or activities?
“My favorite indoor activity is napping! I believe everyone should nap at least once a day. My favorite outdoor activity is any kind of sport. Whether it’s soccer, football, or volleyball, my friends and I always end up playing one sport or another. I’m a huge fan of all of them.”

What do you recommend to an incoming intern?
“I recommend for them to just enjoy their time at Home Office. There are many interesting people to meet here, as well as many unique opportunities to take advantage of.”


Matt’s hard work throughout the company is extremely appreciated, and we are very pleased to have him on the team. We’re looking forward to the rest of the summer with him!

Interested in moving your career forward with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®? Apply online today at!

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Written by Rachel Christine

It’s hard to believe summer is half way over, but that just means our interns have hard at work the last few months of their internships! According to our interns, the summer at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Home Office in Lansing, Mich., flies by because of the company culture and important tasks they tackle each day. Even Tyler Trierweiler, a returning intern, can’t believe this will be his third year here! While Tyler has had the opportunity to experience a new department each summer at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, he has spent this summer helping introduce the company’s newest program, Value Flex®. Welcome back, Tyler!

Tell me a little about yourself.
“I’m currently 22-years-old and will be a senior this upcoming year at Central Michigan University. I’m a double major in marketing and logistics. I’m originally from Grand Ledge, Mich., and attended Grand Ledge High School. My favorite sport is baseball, and I have played a ton of it! I’m a huge family guy and love spending time with mine. I have an older brother, older sister, and younger sister. This is the third summer I have interned with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and this year, I am focusing on our Value Flex® long-distance moving service. I really enjoy what I’m doing!”

What brought you back to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® for another summer?
“The people and culture here are great. Everyone I know that works for this company absolutely loves it. It’s a great place to work and spend my summer, that’s why I keep coming back! I don’t feel like just an intern here. They give me real projects and make me feel very important. It’s organized but relaxed, and everyone is so welcoming.”

What department were you in last year and how is that different from this year?
“Last year, I was dealing with more of the logistics of the company. I learned so much and they placed me somewhere that correlated with my major, which was great. This year, I am getting to experience a whole new side of the company and am working on a new service we have available called Value Flex®. It deals with containerized moving and helping us offer more options for long-distance customers in order to reduce the cost of moving. I’m working closer with franchises this year, which I find very fun. I feel very helpful to the company in this role because I’m actually assisting the franchises and directly communicating with them.”

What is the greatest thing you have learned through your internship so far?
“I have truly learned what an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job consists of. I have a better concept of what a real job is and how the real world works. I’ve gotten a great grasp of how to interact with coworkers, and have made a ton of new friends while doing it.”

What’s your favorite thing about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?
“My favorite thing is everyone within the company. Everyone is willing to go out of their way when you have a question and understands that mistakes are going to happen. No one is ever intimidating when I need a little extra help with something or have questions. The best part is they make you feel that you are important to the company, and not just an intern.”

What’s a day like for you in the office?
“No day is ever the same. I’m constantly in communication with different franchises, therefore I’m dealing with lots of different people and personalities. It’s great, because every day I’m meeting someone new and building a relationship. My main focus for my internship is to get these different franchises on board with Value Flex®. I always have constant communication with certain franchises and coworkers in the office. Right now, I’m specifically in charge of monitoring companies in order for them to become a part of Value Flex®.”

If you could have any job in the Home Office for a day, what would it be?
“If I could have any job for a day, I would want to experience the finance or accounting department. Numbers are always a key part of any business. When I was in operations, we didn’t work as close with numbers as either of those departments do, so being able to experience either of these types of jobs would show me a new side of things.”

What’s next for you?
“The first thing I plan on doing is graduating this coming spring. I really am hoping to continue my career here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® since I love it so much. They have great opportunities, and I want to be able to call this my actual career one day. I’ve been here for the past three years, and do not want to leave anytime soon!”


We are so excited to have several returning interns this summer and appreciate the hard work they provide. Tyler has been a great addition to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® family, and we’re very happy to have him here with us another summer!

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