Discover where an entry-level position with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® can take you!

February 13, 2018 chelsea 0 Comments

Written by Rachel Christine

Have you ever had a job you felt was going nowhere? You worked hard every day and waited for the promotion that never came? Well, you must not have been working at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK! We Move People Forward®, and not just our customers, but our employees, too! Some of our best team members have started their careers with us in entry-level positions and have experienced career growth and development.

Today, we teamed up with Arika Ford from our Home Office in Lansing, Mich., to find out more about where an entry-level position has taken her throughout her time with our company!

Arika’s first position with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was over four years ago as an after-hours response consultant. It was a remote position where she assisted customers after their local franchise had closed for the day, but she was soon moved to the Lansing, Mich., franchise due to the company’s continuous growth. After a few months of being on the team, she expressed to her manager she was interested in learning more, which resulted in her moving to the role of customer service representative. In this role, Arika was the first point of contact for customers – she would take their moving inventory, book their move, and support them through the moving process.

After about six months of being a customer service representative, Arika fell in even more love with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK! “I loved the Story of the Stickmen, how nice everyone was and willing to help me move forward,” she said.

She once again wanted to learn more about the opportunities the company offered so she observed positions on the training team. After learning more about it and realizing she wanted to move her career forward once again, she applied and became the new marketing and communications training specialist! There she created and updated resources for marketers all over our franchise system to use. Arika found this position to be a blast and perfect for her due to her background in education.

“I valued my leadership and the culture w ithin that department. They nurtured my desire to learn and grow,” said Arika.

Can you guess what happened next? Arika made another career move! Today, Arika works in the training and development department utilizing her education background as a training and development specialist. It’s no doubt she has experienced impressive career growth through her four years at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK! Arika notes that you must have a desire to constantly learn in order to make career choices that will benefit you in the long run.

“I’ve always had a good attitude and worked hard so many doors have opened for me here. With knowledge comes opportunity, which paired with a good attitude, strong work ethic, and fantastic leadership, the possibilities here are truly endless!”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is constantly growing, and our employees are, too. Whether moving from one position to the next, or from one franchise to another, our team members are always growing and learning new skills! If you’re interested in not only a job, but a career, we encourage you to check out opportunities near you. Find out how can begin your career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and apply today at

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