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Written by Rachel Christine

Everyone has felt the pressure of opening a blank document and creating one of the most significant, single-paged documents of their lives: a résumé. It’s important to showcase your accomplishments while illustrating why you’re the right candidate for a position, which can be tough to do! We’re here to bring you some secrets to producing a résumé that will get you a few steps closer to scoring your dream job. Employers rarely take more than a few moments scanning a résumé, so it’s crucial to get it right so you can stand out. Here are a few tips to ensure you have the résumé essentials employers are looking for.

Grab the employer’s attention. The introduction part of your résumé is reviewed quickly, so including all the proper information in an orderly way is important. It should only include your name, current address, email, and phone number. Employers probably won’t be contacting you if they’re supposed to email you at harrypotterluver123@emailprovider.domain, so make sure to provide a professional email address in your intro. Also, do not include a photo of yourself! You’re looking for a job, not a date, and the experience you showcase on your résumé should be the focus.

Present your experience. Perhaps the most important section of all! This includes jobs and internships where you gained valuable, relevant experience. If you can highlight progressive growth within your roles, this will catch a prospective employer’s eye as it shows your supervisors believed you provided value and decided to promote you. Also, make every word count by using action verbs to begin each point. Rather than using phrases such as ‘responsible for’ or ‘highly qualified’, aim to use words such as directed, established, implemented, created, etc. If you have experiences you want to include that were on a volunteer basis or not relevant to the position you’re applying for, you can add second section for additional experience.

Self-promotion. If you have made achievements or received awards, these can go in an accomplishments section of your résumé. This section provides insight into who you are and what drives you to succeed. Some examples for this may be receiving an award for volunteer of the year at a local nonprofit, earning a certification in your field, or advancing your skills through attending a seminar or conference.

Tailor it to the job at hand. Keep in mind that the information you present in a résumé should be relevant to the position you’re applying for. Each job opportunity is unique, so if you’re applying to a variety of roles you may need multiple versions of your résumé to suit different opportunities.

Keep a simple layout. Nothing will get your résumé thrown to the side faster than a confusing layout. Hiring managers often review dozens of résumés at a time, so make sure yours is clear, concise, and easy to follow. A few ways to do this? Keep the document to one page, use a standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri are good options), and keep the font within a 10-12 point size. Make sure to use bullet points when describing your experience rather than lengthy sentences or paragraphs.

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