TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® team members jump into action to assist in rollover car accident

October 31, 2017 chelsea 0 Comments

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, we put a heavy emphasis on giving back to the community and being as helpful as we can to those around us. This usually means providing top-notch customer service during a move, but sometimes, this goes beyond normal job duties.

For employees Daniel Garcia and Matthew Pennock of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Colorado Springs, Colo., franchise , their responsibility of helping others evolved into a dangerous situation on the highway, and the two had to use quick reaction times and decision making to assist those in need.

As Garcia and Pennock were on their way from Colorado Springs to Boulder for a move, a sudden roll-over accident happened right in front of their moving truck. The two were free of harm, but noticed the car ahead of them was overturned, and there was a mom with her two daughters inside. The two sprang into action immediately, and worked to do everything they could to assist. “I just wanted to make sure everyone was safe inside,” Pennock said. “We couldn’t leave without making sure they were ok.”

After the two assessed the situation and checked on the passengers, Pennock began directing traffic around the accident as Garcia assisted the mom and her two daughters out of the truck and checked to see if they were ok.

The passengers were very thankful for Pennock and Garcia’s help. It’s no surprise, however, the teamwork that was displayed by these two.

“Daniel and Matthew are two of my top guys,” said Heath Toney, the assistant manager for the Colorado Springs franchise. “These guys are always on time, and ready to go on a daily basis. This was just amazing by these guys, and it shows their willingness to go above and beyond for people they don’t even know.”

Pennock and Garcia continued to assist with the accident and direct traffic until authorities arrived on scene. Thankfully, the people involved in the rollover only suffered minor injuries, but the quick thinking by these two guaranteed they remained safe until help arrived.

The dynamic duo reflected on the company’s core values which is what the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand is built upon, and it was second nature for them to step in and help.

“I think that if you can, you should always help people in need, no matter what the situation is,” Garcia said. “We are always willing to help people and give 100 percent in everything we do on the job.”

For the Colorado Springs location management, this was just another strong example of the type of people they strive to hire, and they felt it strongly reflected who they are as a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location.

“I am very proud of these two young men and their actions,” Toney said. “This reflects so much on the character of our men and our franchise, and how we care about things like THE GRANDMA RULE® and the mission statement. Our team constantly strives to the best, to move people forward and ourselves forward.”

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