The dos and don’ts of office Halloween celebration: A guide to ensure you don’t scare your coworkers away

October 18, 2017 chelsea 0 Comments

Written by Rachel Christine

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re here to give you the dos and don’ts when it comes to celebrating at your office. We want to make sure you have fun, but don’t scare your workers away with your love of festivities. Involving yourself with your office’s Halloween activities builds morale and offers a chance to become closer with your colleagues – after all, office friendships increase employee job satisfaction. So we’re here to prepare you for one very exciting day during the year while making sure everything stays appropriate. Who said Halloween is just for kids anyway?


  1. Up your attire! If your company is participating in dressing up this year, go ahead and express yourself by throwing on one of your favorite costumes! A wig or cat ears are great ideas that are generally acceptable. Just make sure you aren’t going overboard. Your company wants you to have fun, but the office dress code doesn’t disappear just because it’s Halloween. Confused on what to wear? Check out this site for plenty of office -appropriate ideas!
  2. Did someone say food? No matter your title, consider bringing in a bite to share with your coworkers. Whether you spent the night prior channeling your inner Betty Crocker or picked up a bag of Twix on your way to work, your teammates will appreciate the treat. Plus, who doesn’t like free snacks? If you do bring treats, remember that food allergies are on the rise so be prepared to alert coworkers of any common allergens in your snacks.
  3. Get up and decorate! Help your colleagues when they’re setting up the cobwebs and plastic spiders throughout the office. If your company allows it, consider even adding a few decorations to your desk. This shows everyone you enjoy being involved, and it’s great way to bond with coworkers while celebrating the holiday.
  4. Have fun! Even if you’re swamped with work, try to spend at least five minutes engaging in conversation and having a few treats. People wouldn’t go through the trouble of decorating and bringing in snacks if they didn’t want their coworkers to enjoy them. Halloween is a great opportunity to spend time with others and enjoy yourself!
  5. Ask for advice. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate in your office, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor. Many workplaces allow dressing up and decorating your workspace, but make sure to stay in line with the norms at your company.


  1. Be disruptive: Halloween and decorations go hand in hand, but festivities shouldn’t get in the way of normal business operations. Depending on your office, your desk may include a small pumpkin or a jar of candy for your coworkers when they walk by, but loud sounds or flashing lights are generally a no. Blocking communal areas with large decorations is going to irritate the people around you as well. Keep the animated lurching werewolf and spooky soundtracks at home!
  2. Ignore your work: How easy would it be to spend the entire day wandering from desk to desk, chatting, and seeing who brought the best treats and decor? It may be tempting to avoid your desk on a day like this, but remember the real reason why you’re there. Also, don’t treat customers more casually than other days due to the festivities. Answering the phones with candy shoved in your mouth may turn customers away. Keep it professional!
  3. Ignore your team: Don’t be the person hiding in their office through the entire day because they aren’t amused with the festivities. Halloween may not be everyone’s favorite day of the year, but showing that you’re trying to be involved with your office will help you get to know others better and be part of the office culture.
  4. Question your costume: If you’re wondering whether the costume you’re wearing is appropriate for the office, it’s probably not! Don’t take any chances. Stray away from anything that takes the risk of offending someone. Keep it politically neutral, and don’t involve anything religious. Make sure your costume doesn’t prevent you from doing your job and always show your face!


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