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Looking for a new job? Here are 4 things to consider

Written by Chelsea Leser


Searching for a new job can be daunting. Once you’ve made the choice to start looking for a new job, there are dozens of online job boards available and many applications require a custom cover letter and résumé. Then there’s the interview process, which can take weeks and sometimes multiple interviews at a company before they reach a decision. It’s a lot to take in! Make your job search less stressful by carefully considering each of the four factors below to bring clarity to your search.


Two Men and a TruckThe easiest way to narrow down your job search is geographically. How far are you willing to commute? Are there any roads you want to avoid on your drive? If you walk or bike ride to work, your search radius will be considerably smaller than for those who drive a car. If you ride the bus, check out the local bus routes in advance and make note of any transfers needed. And don’t forget about terrain! Make sure there are sidewalks on your route if walking, and bike lanes or extra-wide lanes if biking. For telecommuters, your search is geographically wide, but not all jobs allow telecommuting. Many jobs sites have the functionality to filter by telecommuting, to make the narrowed search easier.


Pay and benefits are important things to consider when looking for a new job. Are you interested in making a lateral pay move, or an upward move? Are there any medical benefits you or a family member need to have available? Do you need a certain amount of paid time off to maintain your work-life balance? Are you interested in positions that are eligible to earn bonuses, incentives, or tips? Keep in mind some of this information might not be available on the job posting or company website. Meeting your interviewers in person and getting a good understanding for the company during an on-site interview allows for the opportunity to ask about benefits and compensation.


What do you want in a work environment? This is a crucial question, and the answer may guide your entire job search. Are you looking to take risks, work 60 hours per week, work from home when needed, have a flexible schedule, or have your own personal office? Many companies provide insight into what it’s like to work there through social media outlets and the company website, but the best source of information will be asking these questions and getting a sense of the company’s culture during your face-to-face interview. You will be able to see the building, observe how staff interact with one another, and learn how the company presents itself to job seekers. Ask questions to understand logistics of the opening and get to know the hiring manager’s work style, personality, and views on work-life balance.

Long-term opportunities

It can be easy to think of starting a new job by how it will impact your bank account, but try to shift to thinking about how the job can impact your life overall. Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we Move People Forward® – it’s just what we do. We extend this movement from our customers to our teams, and value upward movement as essential to our growth as a whole. Our president, Randy Shacka, started as a marketing intern 14 years ago, and over one quarter of our franchisees started in frontline positions. When interviewing for new positions, ask your interviewers about how the company values growth – after all, it can be the difference between “just a paycheck” and a lifelong career!


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