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Put your best foot forward as a job seeker

Written by Chelsea Leser
Two Men and a Truck

Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK ®, our managers interview and hire for a variety of positions – customer service representatives who are the first point of contact for customers, drivers and movers who safely pack and move customer belongings, and support staff for vital functions such as bookkeeping, marketing, and human resources. As you can imagine, it’s a lot of work! In recruiting for these different positions, our managers have identified the top 5 things candidates do to show they’re perfect for the job.

Speak comfortably, but not too informally
It’s great to be comfortable in an interview, but remember to maintain a level of formality when vying for an open job. Leave too-informal language for your social life.

Dress for success
Jeans are rarely appropriate for a job interview, so stay on the safe side of dressing nicely. Do a quick mirror check before walking into an interview to make sure you look clean and polished. Taking the extra few minutes to iron a nice shirt and trousers will automatically present yourself as someone who takes the opportunity seriously.

Leave your phone in the car
Your phone is not going to get the job for you, so there’s no reason to take it into the interview. If you absolutely need to have it with you then turn it off and put it in your pocket or your purse while being interviewed. Nothing says “uninterested” more than checking your phone during an interview.

Be genuine and show interest in the job
Many job seekers practice interviewing, as it helps them feel more comfortable when it’s the real thing. When you get to an interview, be sure your answers sound genuine so your conversation flows with the managers who are interviewing you. Envision yourself in the role and ask questions about the job functions, who you’ll be reporting to, their management style, and what the company culture is like. Researching the company ahead of time will allow you to come up with more creative questions. This interest will help separate yourself from other candidates.

Tell the truth, every time
It’s ok not to know the answer to a question, but don’t make up an answer that isn’t truthful. Interviewers understand that interviews can be nerve-wracking and will often respond well if you say “I haven’t encountered that situation thus far in my career”, or “I’m having a hard time thinking of an answer. Can we revisit this question at the end of the discussion?” If you can’t be truthful during an interview how can you be truthful in the job?

For more interview tips, watch the video below!


Do these topics sound like something you practice? If so, we would love to have you on our team. Apply online today at! With more than 320 locations across the United States and expanding into new areas like Vallejo, Ca., there are always opportunities for you at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK ®.

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