Five Moving Tips: For the Texas Summer!

Five Moving Tips: For the Texas Summer!

This past Saturday, I was able to catch up with multiple TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® teams in the field. There were many takeaways from my first semi ride-along, but some observations that I made from this past weekend in general went far beyond these moves. Memorial Day weekend, historically known as one of the busiest moving day of the year, gave me lots of moving insight. Here are a few tips/suggestions that I would like to pass on to others. As there are things that I was unaware of before I started working for a moving company.

  1. If you plan on moving in the summer, I’d suggest that you plan for it as far as ahead of time as possible (4-8 weeks before). While we will always try to accommodate a person’s ideal move date/time, reserving your TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Austin team before anyone else does is preferred. Moving earlier in the morning is typically suggested, as the weather will be cooler and there might not be as much Austin traffic on the roads.
  1. Be VERY honest about packing and with the information you provide our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) about what items you will be moving. The more realistic and you are with your CSRs the better they can give you an accurate quote. This will help everyone in the long run. It will provide you with a realistic amount of time/money that you will be needing to pay, along with the amount of ‘Stick-men’ strength and trucks needed to transport your items.


  1. Plan for some extra cushion of time around your move. In my time working for a moving company, I have found that many things can arise that can affect a move schedule. While we at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® strive to always meet and surpass our customer’s expectations, I suggest making sure you have some wiggle room in your schedule in the off chance that Godzilla decides to land upon our Texas Gulf and make his way to Austin to party with Ole Hippie of Lake Travis.
  1. Be nice to your movers. All I will say is that this summer our team is going to be pushed to the limits, as they are every summer season. While this is a part of our industry, I want to say that I didn’t know the extent of what a mover’s day was like until I started working for a moving company. Random acts of kindness will go a long way- like having cold water available, or respecting their need to take a reasonable break (especially in the Texas heat). We want to accomplish as many jobs as possible, and trust me- no mover wants to take longer than necessary to complete a summer move and be in the heat longer than they have to.


  1. Think about your pets! If you have a pet that will get super excited or maybe even lost in the commotion of moving, I would suggest asking a friend or family member if they would be able to watch them for a few hours or day. This will not only be better for an animal but also take a lot of unnecessary stress in your life. Who wants to worry about if a beloved companion escaped an open gate while movers are loading back and forth? Not me, that’s for sure! If you are actually looking for a place that your pooch might love, we actually have teamed up with Dog Boys Dog Ranch to offer our customers a great option when moving with a dog. Their doggie daycare and boarding services are $20 off your first visit when you mention the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® special. The perfect solution for keeping your dog stress-free during the move. Visit them at


I’d like to end this blog post saying a HUGE THANK YOU! To everyone who worked this past weekend- I think it was all of us! If you didn’t realize it with the breakfast tacos, know that everyone appreciates all the hard work that everyone gave our team these past few days.

REMEMBER: Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Check out our morning roll-out time-lapse video…. It’s pretty neat!

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Until next time, happy moving!


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