Movers Who Care Meet People Who Care

Movers Who Care Meet People Who Care

This blog post is written to specifically say thank you to a wonderful woman named Heather. I had the pleasure of meeting Heather during one of my first days as a Two Men and A Truck employee. While driving around the greater Austin area picking up Two Men and A Truck Movers For Moms donation boxes, located at the various Juice Land locations, I gave my contact information to a woman who was indulging in her routine juice purchase.

Thanks to Heather’s donations, I was forced to drive what my bosses consider one of the best company investment they ever made- a 2007 white Ford E150 Van. As we tagged team loading everything in the van, Heather reminisced about all the memories she had with her kids and the toys. I learned that her father would always send a stuffed animal to her son and her daughter from every Thanksgiving from the Macy’s Parade in New York, and that most of the animal plushies were actually never played with but put on display. She shared with me her motherly tips on how to get children to put away their toys after they are done playing with them, as I was so curious as to how her son managed to keep all the pieces to the Hot Wheels race track with neon Accelerator expansion pack parts together, or how all of her daughter’s Barbies had both shoes on their feet. “The trick is to make it fun,” she said. “To make picking up toys a game you want to play and not something you have to do.”


We continued to talk about the memories we had when we were children and what our favorite toys were. I shared how I actually enjoyed setting up Barbie’s house more than actually playing with Barbie. As we exchanged toy stories, I realized the tremendous honor it was to be chosen to receive and pass along these tokens of happiness. I promised Heather that day that I would do my best to make sure that the ballerina doll would go to someone who would take care of her, and that I would make sure her shoes would stay on and not get lost in the commute to her new home, and I promised that the rare BarnabyTtwin teddy bear set would stay together, as it was meant to be passed on as one.

Secretly, I’d like to think that if Heather and I had more time that day, or if we’d had met in other circumstances, we would have spent an entire day just playing with the toys ourselves. She truly had an entire playroom worth of treasures, and I was ever so lucky to be included in the happiness that came with them.IMG_0316

The impression Heather left on my heart will never leave me. She is a reminder of why I love being a part of an organization that cares about giving back and helping others. I am going to end this blog with the snap shot of our last text exchange as a personal reminder of not only the conversations I had with Heather, but also as a reminder to others out there- we all have the ability to cause a ripple effect of kindness and care out there.



Thank you again Heather.


Until next time- happy moving!


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