Not Just Summer Hiring

Not Just Summer Hiring

This summer I have been fortunate enough to see another side of moving: Operations- hiring and training. I saw the critical aspects that all of our employees have in making a move successful. This is especially true as it pertains to the hiring and training process. If any organization rushes or neglects, even for a second, hiring the right people- it can really affect a business.

The hiring process is more than just getting warm bodies to perform a job or role. It is making sure that the new talent is a good team and culture fit. It is getting to know a person beyond face value to make sure individuals feel an organization will be invested in them. If that is achieved correctly, I believe the team will benefit, as individuals will aspire to work harder because they will have become more invested in succeeding in their role and in contribution to hitting team goals.


After you pass the phase of screening applicants and finding the right fit, comes an even more important side of hiring new employees: Training. Time and investments made in acquiring new human capitol could be considered a waste if an organization fails to not take the time to integrate them in to the team or their role correctly.


Educating others on our training practices is something that I am extremely proud to let others know about. We, at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, do take the time educating our new recruits. We have a dedicated trainer, we have ongoing training through Stick-Men University, we have experienced veterans, and we have mentors who want to make ensure that everyone is set up for success. Contrary to other’s beliefs and practices- there IS a correct and incorrect way to pack, load, and move boxes and furniture.


So if you or someone you know is looking for a job, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always looking for great new talent in the Austin Area. *Disclosure: You MUST Be available to work weekends- because if you didn’t know already– that is when most people want to move. 😉

You can fill out an application by clicking HERE!


Until next time- happy moving!


Check out our video recap from MOVERS FOR MOMS!

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Five Moving Tips: For the Texas Summer!

Five Moving Tips: For the Texas Summer!

This past Saturday, I was able to catch up with multiple TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® teams in the field. There were many takeaways from my first semi ride-along, but some observations that I made from this past weekend in general went far beyond these moves. Memorial Day weekend, historically known as one of the busiest moving day of the year, gave me lots of moving insight. Here are a few tips/suggestions that I would like to pass on to others. As there are things that I was unaware of before I started working for a moving company.

  1. If you plan on moving in the summer, I’d suggest that you plan for it as far as ahead of time as possible (4-8 weeks before). While we will always try to accommodate a person’s ideal move date/time, reserving your TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Austin team before anyone else does is preferred. Moving earlier in the morning is typically suggested, as the weather will be cooler and there might not be as much Austin traffic on the roads.
  1. Be VERY honest about packing and with the information you provide our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) about what items you will be moving. The more realistic and you are with your CSRs the better they can give you an accurate quote. This will help everyone in the long run. It will provide you with a realistic amount of time/money that you will be needing to pay, along with the amount of ‘Stick-men’ strength and trucks needed to transport your items.


  1. Plan for some extra cushion of time around your move. In my time working for a moving company, I have found that many things can arise that can affect a move schedule. While we at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® strive to always meet and surpass our customer’s expectations, I suggest making sure you have some wiggle room in your schedule in the off chance that Godzilla decides to land upon our Texas Gulf and make his way to Austin to party with Ole Hippie of Lake Travis.
  1. Be nice to your movers. All I will say is that this summer our team is going to be pushed to the limits, as they are every summer season. While this is a part of our industry, I want to say that I didn’t know the extent of what a mover’s day was like until I started working for a moving company. Random acts of kindness will go a long way- like having cold water available, or respecting their need to take a reasonable break (especially in the Texas heat). We want to accomplish as many jobs as possible, and trust me- no mover wants to take longer than necessary to complete a summer move and be in the heat longer than they have to.


  1. Think about your pets! If you have a pet that will get super excited or maybe even lost in the commotion of moving, I would suggest asking a friend or family member if they would be able to watch them for a few hours or day. This will not only be better for an animal but also take a lot of unnecessary stress in your life. Who wants to worry about if a beloved companion escaped an open gate while movers are loading back and forth? Not me, that’s for sure! If you are actually looking for a place that your pooch might love, we actually have teamed up with Dog Boys Dog Ranch to offer our customers a great option when moving with a dog. Their doggie daycare and boarding services are $20 off your first visit when you mention the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® special. The perfect solution for keeping your dog stress-free during the move. Visit them at


I’d like to end this blog post saying a HUGE THANK YOU! To everyone who worked this past weekend- I think it was all of us! If you didn’t realize it with the breakfast tacos, know that everyone appreciates all the hard work that everyone gave our team these past few days.

REMEMBER: Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Check out our morning roll-out time-lapse video…. It’s pretty neat!

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Until next time, happy moving!


Movers Who Care Meet People Who Care

Movers Who Care Meet People Who Care

This blog post is written to specifically say thank you to a wonderful woman named Heather. I had the pleasure of meeting Heather during one of my first days as a Two Men and A Truck employee. While driving around the greater Austin area picking up Two Men and A Truck Movers For Moms donation boxes, located at the various Juice Land locations, I gave my contact information to a woman who was indulging in her routine juice purchase.

Thanks to Heather’s donations, I was forced to drive what my bosses consider one of the best company investment they ever made- a 2007 white Ford E150 Van. As we tagged team loading everything in the van, Heather reminisced about all the memories she had with her kids and the toys. I learned that her father would always send a stuffed animal to her son and her daughter from every Thanksgiving from the Macy’s Parade in New York, and that most of the animal plushies were actually never played with but put on display. She shared with me her motherly tips on how to get children to put away their toys after they are done playing with them, as I was so curious as to how her son managed to keep all the pieces to the Hot Wheels race track with neon Accelerator expansion pack parts together, or how all of her daughter’s Barbies had both shoes on their feet. “The trick is to make it fun,” she said. “To make picking up toys a game you want to play and not something you have to do.”


We continued to talk about the memories we had when we were children and what our favorite toys were. I shared how I actually enjoyed setting up Barbie’s house more than actually playing with Barbie. As we exchanged toy stories, I realized the tremendous honor it was to be chosen to receive and pass along these tokens of happiness. I promised Heather that day that I would do my best to make sure that the ballerina doll would go to someone who would take care of her, and that I would make sure her shoes would stay on and not get lost in the commute to her new home, and I promised that the rare BarnabyTtwin teddy bear set would stay together, as it was meant to be passed on as one.

Secretly, I’d like to think that if Heather and I had more time that day, or if we’d had met in other circumstances, we would have spent an entire day just playing with the toys ourselves. She truly had an entire playroom worth of treasures, and I was ever so lucky to be included in the happiness that came with them.IMG_0316

The impression Heather left on my heart will never leave me. She is a reminder of why I love being a part of an organization that cares about giving back and helping others. I am going to end this blog with the snap shot of our last text exchange as a personal reminder of not only the conversations I had with Heather, but also as a reminder to others out there- we all have the ability to cause a ripple effect of kindness and care out there.



Thank you again Heather.


Until next time- happy moving!


Check out our video recap!

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Hitting Snooze On Packing

Hi Everyone!

I would just like to take a minute to introduce myself as the new content creator for this awesome blog- Erica! My goals for this blog is for it to be as interactive as possible, so please comment or just chime in to introduce yourself. I want to get to know who my readers are and what they want to hear about, as it pertains to the moving industry and Central Texas in general.

I want to also preface this blog with saying that I since 2013 I have moved 5 times. I have lived in another country, and another state before, which both have their own unique moving stories to go with (one day I will write about them).  This all being said, I have only actually paid ‘professional movers’ once, if you would call me reaching out to my cousin who just so happens to be in the moving industry. I started working as the Marketing Coordinator for Two Men A Truck of Austin in April of 2016 and hope that whoever reads this will find what I write about to be insightful, helpful, or just fun and enjoyable!

The subject for today’s post was inspired by something I came across on Facebook the other day- A Buzzfeed article entitled, 17th Truths For Anyone Thinks Moving Is The Absolute Worst. It made many excellent points about the pains of moving, and I am going to share my personal relationships with all of them, but today I will talk about the first one they mentioned:

  1. If life itself had a snooze button, moving day would be THE day to use it over and over and over again.

I will admit that through the past years, I have gotten better about this. Perhaps it is because I’ve realized my moving procrastination ‘snooze’ behavior. I now give myself a 2 week time period to pack. What does a 2 week time period to pack mean in ‘Erica Terms’ ? It means that I tell my friends, family, and co-workers that I am unavailable for any social commitments outside of work hours 2 weeks prior to any big move date.

I recently did this with my last move as to avoid packing last minute, which causes tons of unnecessary stress resulted from the need to turn in keys to a mint clean apartment at midnight. In reality what happened was the same thing that always seems to happen, unfortunately. Yet, again I found myself packing all the way up until the movers (my cousin and his crew) arrived.

Luckily enough I scheduled them to be there earlier in the day, giving me and my roommate enough time to deep clean the apartment after. Booking the movers early in the day was probably the best thing I could have ever done- apartment keys were successfully turned in before midnight to the office drop box. While my worst nightmare, (that I plan for) did come true, I thankfully scheduled my stuff to be picked up during the day. This allowed me to have enough time to clean an emptied apartment after.

Hopefully, you will will take my advice that I didn’t use and prepare for the dreadful moving day better than I have in the past or just hire Two Men And A Truck to do it all for you. All kidding aside, I truly suggest that anyone moving finish their packing as far in advanced as possible. Resist the urge to hit the “snooze” button, like I did. Another tip I have from this memory is to suggest scheduling movers or your move at least a day before the final day you have to surrender keys back to an apartment community. Having some overlap time between your old home and new home is good for nesting or cleaning purposes.

Happy Moving!



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Lend a Hand


While it may sound like an extreme statement, sometimes moving goods from point A to point B can actually alter lives. I saw first-hand this past weekend just how much truth there is in that statement! The Austin Furniture Bank works to gather pieces for homeless vets and arranges housing for them to keep the new items. When the warehouse fills, they need assistance to transport the goods from their warehouse to the new housing; this is where we assisted and by the end of the day, a dozen vets had a furnished home to call their own.


I am always thrilled to see the result of these efforts. I am the type of person who tries to be aware of every step that goes into an endeavor like this. By the time we jump in, the Furniture Bank has already started collection drives and worked to secure housing for the vets. The community has already donated the goods as well as man hours to help catalog and organize the donations. Our part was one of many and it would mean nothing without such a large amount of support! As a moving company, we are constantly relocating folks from one place to another; it is easy to lose sight of just how major these moves can be.


If you would like to assist the Austin Furniture Bank, your contributions (monetary, time or donated items) are greatly appreciated. Visit to learn more about the types of donations they are seeking. They are totally committed to the cause of assisting veterans. I can speak from personal experience that the staff and volunteers are a lot of fun and it helps make an incredible experience that much better!


Happy Moving (or Volunteering!)


Job Fair


Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK of Austin, we are always looking for hard workers with a good attitude. With a good economy often comes low unemployment and because of that, finding great candidates can be difficult! To step our recruiting efforts up a bit, we decided to participate in the City of Austin Career Expo. The event was housed at the Palmer Events Center and featured over 100 employers. I was completely blown away with not only the number of employers but also the variety! There were employers ranging from hotels to valet parking operators to tech companies and everything imaginable between.


With such a large number of employers comes a large number of eager job seekers as well. We were able to meet with several awesome people; some interested in working for us and some that just wanted to learn more about what we do. It was easy to be overwhelmed by so many employers but the candidates we talked to were excited and optimistic.


The whole experience allowed me to take a step back and appreciate not only the company that I work for but also the possibilities that exist in this city. These events are particularly interesting if you take a moment to appreciate everything that could have taken place in that room. For several people and several companies, life altering decisions were made. Someone probably found their dream job. A company may have hired someone who will eventually be their CEO. It is impossible to measure the direct impact of an event like this, but if the other employers present talked to as many wonderful people as we did, lives will surely be changed!


Happy Moving,


On the road!


Across the street or across the country. Those are the words that I use the most when I’m talking to people about what kinds of moves we offer. There seems to be a misconception about our ability to provide long distance service because we run 26 foot trucks. I’ve heard folks say that they thought that the companies with semi-trucks were the only ones that handled long distance moves. Depending on the situation, we have a variety of options for those far away moves.


The strategy that we use most often is to rent trucks on a one way agreement and load your possessions into them. This allows us to send the truck or trucks to your new home and fly our men home after they return the rental. This “door to door” service allows us to get your belongings to you as fast as possible. You will have the same crew on both ends of the move and you only wait a day or two as opposed to upwards of a month with the Van Line movers.


The other major benefit with our long distance service is that we are loading YOUR items in the truck and taking them to your new home. In the back of a Van Line truck, there may be three or four different families packed in as firmly as possible. There is always the potential that items can be confused or misplaced. For us, an empty truck means we are done unloading and there is no question who the items belong to, they are all yours!


Happy Moving,


We move careers too!


The original “Two Men” from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK began as our original movers. Three out of every four managers that work for the company began their career with us on the trucks as well. If that isn’t proof enough that we have advancement opportunities, one out of every three franchise owners started as movers as well! This type of advancement is a huge part of our identity as a company. To take the situation at the simplest form, we hire great people and reward them when we can!


Part of what makes our company so successful is that our employees know the company inside and out. Our managers know what it is like on the front lines because most of them were there at one point. This is a pretty unique part of who we are. When I began my career with the company, it was because the guy in the role I currently have was promoted. He was promoted because his boss was promoted as well! Hard work doesn’t always pay off like it should in many companies but here, we have plenty of opportunity if you are willing to put in the effort.


I tend to ramble on quite often about how amazing we are as a company but you have to realize how hard it is to be humble about this place! We care about our customers, we care about our staff and we care about doing the job right. Our employees are our best asset and we reward their commitment! We love proving to our customers what the difference is between us and the other guys in town.


Happy Moving,




We go out of our way to assure that your items arrive at your new home in the same condition that they left your old home. This is something that we pride ourselves on and that is why we always make sure to pad and shrink-wrap your items before we even carry them out the door. The process is actually pretty fascinating to watch. Our guys have their system down and they can completely cover a dresser, media cabinet, etc. before you hardly know they are doing it!


We protect more than just your items, we also do everything we can to protect your new and old home as well. We use protection for doors, elevators, floors and whatever else could possibly be damaged in the process of moving. When we treat our customers, their homes and their items with respect, the result is always success.


The last part of the equation is the crews that we hire. We make sure that they are trained correctly and that they are prepared for the job before they ever enter your home. We have a dedicated trainer who knows the ins and outs of the moving industry as well as anyone could. Learning from the best is how we keep our place at the top of our industry. We use the tagline “Movers who Care” and we live that reality every single day.


Happy Moving,



Spring is in the air!


January was wonderful and February has been pretty wonderful as well. With all the spring weather, it is easy to forget that the real spring is right around the corner! For us, spring means a few exciting things are on the horizon. The warmer (at least predictably warmer) weather, the wildflowers and the guys are thrilled that they get to break out the shorts!

For me, every time that I move, I declutter a lot. I don’t know how I manage to add so much stuff in a few years but it always happens. I take moving as an opportunity to kind of reassess everything that I have and everything that I don’t use/need. I’ve written about Habitat for Humanity and their ReStore in the past. If you have appliances or fixtures that you aren’t using, they are a wonderful organization that would be delighted to take your donations. As far as other donations (clothing, cooking utensils, etc.) there is no shortage of charities that welcome a variety of donations. Moving is a great time to take care of these tasks.

Spring is also great for doing the same thing. It may be a bit cliché to say that you are doing your “spring cleaning” but I highly recommend it. I know that getting started is the hardest part for me when it comes to major cleaning. The carrot that I dangle in front of myself is how wonderful I will feel when everything is over. There is no better feeling than sitting back and admiring a job well done!

Happy Moving,