“Stick men” Spotlight Series: Jeb

“Stick men” Spotlight Series: Jeb

When I was thinking about what content to produce for this awesome blog next, I kept finding myself wanting to go back to all the aspects I enjoy the most about my job, which includes my wonderful co-workers. So in continuing with the traditions of the blog writers before me, I give you my first installment of “Stick men” Spotlight Series and introduce to you one of my beloved teammates- Jeb, our Interstate Logistics Coordinator.

Jeb was the first person I’d say I bonded the strongest with on the Two Men And A Truck Austin team. Now, I don’t want other co-workers who happen to read this think that I don’t love them just as much or encourage Jeb’s head to get larger than it already is- we simply sat across and the nearest to another in the back office, so in a way it was almost by default. I also want to include that I feel comfortable enough with Jeb to say that he has a bighead and know that he would laughingly agree with me.

Now, I’m not going to say that all people who sit close to each other would have formed the quick and unique bond that Jeb and I share. A lot of small things contributed to this awesome co-worker relationship, like the fact that Jeb and I went to rival high schools that battled every year in The Taco Shack Bowl, or that according to recent statistics, only 12% of Austin’s current population is actually a TRUE Austinite- born and raised, and as a result we both are like rare unicorns. As Jeb and I would say, “We are the real OGs”.

In the short month that I have had the pleasure of sitting in the same vicinity of Jeb, I have learned so much not only about Two Men And A Truck but also moving industry in general. Jeb doesn’t know this, but I regurgitate his meticulous verbiage and dazzling knowledge all the time, with the hope that others will be enthralled with my vast array of moving jargon, just as I was captivated when I would overhear him sell our superior moving services to customers relocating across the country. For example, did you know that most moving companies typically fault to the Alternative Level of Liability which means that they would only be responsible for the value of an item .60 cents per pound per article because it is the most economical minimal protection by law, but that we- Two Men and A Truck- actually do the Full Value protection, which is the most comprehensive protection for items being moved, because I sure didn’t. What this translates to is that we will either replace or repair an item in a move back to the same condition as when we received it.

I also learned that we always send our in-home consultant before all interstate moves, according to Jeb, it isn’t just to figure out true evaluation of items and move time estimations but also for hazmat reasons. The conversation about interstate moving didn’t go into as much depth as I would have liked (the word hazmat had my head spinning with more questions), as Jeb was busy with calls after he came back from vacation, but the fact that I work with someone who cares to inform not only curious co-workers but potential customers as much as Jeb is willing and able to makes me happy to know he is a part of my team.

So without further ado, please meet Jeb…

Tell us a little move about you, such as family, dreams/goals, hobbies, what do you like to do for fun!?

I went to college at Texas A&M and graduated with a Business Degree and a minor in math and economics. My dad and mom are from West, Texas (Abilene and Midland). My mom is a real estate agent and my dad is a retired sales engineer. My dreams include balling outta control with hella $$$$$. My goals run in line with my dreams. For fun I enjoy binge drinking responsibly on Sixth Street, watching stand-up comedy, hearing live music. My hobbies include participating in lake activities, barbecuing /cooking, and of course Netflix and chillin’.

What has been your favorite experience at Two Men so far?

The Austin Apartment Association event at Main Event was the most fun experience, so far. Other memorable experiences include when customers call in and curse like a sailors, those calls are typically always enjoyable or when I helped a customer who was supposed to originally get moving help from her neighbor, but since he wanted ‘favors’ from her before as a form of payment, decided to call professionals. I have always really enjoyed helping solve people’s problems and that’s exactly what I get to do here.

What do you look forward to most when you come into work every day?

I look forward to coffee and seeing the awesome marketing department, but mostly I enjoy my fun coworkers and the atmosphere.

What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job, and how did you overcome that challenge?

Selling high end services for interstate movers is tough and I overcome it by creating solutions in the form of ride sharing, back hauls, lowering our margin, and being an overall G at phone sales.

If you were to walk up to a total stranger and tell them about Two Men, what would you say?

We can fit 3 men in a truck and we are the best movers in town, because we really are.

What does this company mean to you?

It means opportunity to manage a fleet of trucks while selling our services, but mostly it means I do not have to sleep under the 183 highway overpass.

As you can see folks, Jeb is truly one of a kind member of the Two Men And A Truck Austin team. After reading his interview question answers, I proceed to tell him that I loved him for his honesty and asked if he could send me any photos that he would want to include in my blog. He responded, in true Jeb fashion, “We just speed dated, and now you want pictures?” Jeb continued to inform me that he didn’t have many work appropriate photos, but I managed to find these.




I will end this blog entry with this: Don’t let Jeb’s jester like behaviors fool you, he is a wealth of valuable knowledge which has educated this chica beyond surface level information like what a USDOT number is and how they make us legit, but about the tough regulations and requirements that goes into obtaining one or about heavy haul regulations and why having trained professional movers who distribute weight correctly, like Two Men And A Truck does, is not only important but the law.

Hope you enjoyed learning as much about Jeb as I enjoy calling him a fellow “stick men”.


Until next time- happy moving!


Ps. Jeb makes really good Spotify playlists- follow him: djnojams .

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