Getting Parents Ready for Back to School

Are you prepared to send your child back to school?

As fall approaches, the school buses are back out on the roads again and parents are busy making sure their children are ready for back to school with new backpacks, school supplies and new clothes. As the big day approaches, here are a few other items to make certain you have in place to assure a great first day! Many districts will mail out a preregistration packet a week or two before school is in session. Review the information carefully. Make any changes to emergency contact information which gives the school permission from you to allow your child to be picked up by other adults listed on the form. Ensure all necessary phone numbers and emails are up to date on the form in case the school can not get in touch with you right away; there are other individuals who can act on your behalf if needed.

If you have recently moved but are still within the same district, make sure your address change is noted so that you are receiving all correspondence from your child’s school. Next, is your child’s physical form up to date if they intend to play a sport? What about vaccinations or is it time to call the pediatrician for a yearly exam?

Transportation is also important. If you and your ex share custody of your child(ren), does the transportation department require you to complete a joint custody form or an alternate destination request form if you both live in the district and your child splits overnights during the week at both homes? Before and after school care also plays into alternate addresses that your child might need to picked up at or dropped off to.

Lastly, are there any new allergies that your child has developed since the end of the last school year , medications or medical conditions that the school needs to be made aware of? This may require additional permission slips to administer medication or treatment in the event of an emergent situation.

Having all of your paperwork, contact information and medical necessity information up to date will help to ensure your child is ready for another successful school year.

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